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Aspects: Sesquiquadrate featured w/ Square and Semi-Square – Part One

Sesquiquadrate? How the heck do you pronounce Sesquiquadrate anyway? It’s a mouthful! And, to me, that translates to complex and hard to understand and that might be part of the problem. Is it even worth delineating? To me, fortunately or not, it is!

Other than reading that the Sesquiquadrate (inversion of a Semi-square) is less evil, I haven’t read much about it that differs it from a Square or Semi-Square. (Thank you Jan Bird for posting some links in the comments section!! I welcome more links as well)

Many astrologers (to my knowledge) do not speak about it in regards to how it affects a chart or transit. Is that because it’s known as a “minor aspect”?

Which is it? Zodiac Sign OR Sun Sign? Astrology Term Revealed. :)

Originally published on: Mar. 7th, 2008 at 2:12 AM I say: What’s your sign? They often say: Huh? I say: You know, your Sun sign? They often say:  What? I say:  What’s your birth date?  When were you born? They often say as they stammer about: Oh, my ZODIAC sign…. it’s… As a Psychic Event…

Natal Astrology: Mars Square Saturn – The Phoenix Rises Aspect

I tweeted today: Mars SQ. Saturn has a way of finding the positive in the negative. After the temper tantrums, gr8 things begin. Phoenix Rising. #astrology Note: Update:– Just discovered Mars is in Capricorn 16 degrees squaring Saturn Libra 16 Exact on December 29th (today); however, on the day I wrote this, Mars was 12…

The Alchemy of Turning a Square Into Trines (Jupiterville)!

A Square turned on its side makes a DIAMOND!  The moral of the picture is to look at things differently. I have a belief that no such thing as good or bad exists, only difference. What’s in a square? That which we call a trine. By any other square would smell as sweet. Oh, I…

The Gray Areas: Cusps in Astrology

What makes a cusp? A cusp is on the edge. “Mathematics A point at which a curve crosses itself and at which the two tangents to the curve coincide.”¹ “A transitional point or time, as between two astrological signs [or houses as in a house cusp].”¹ A cusp is the overlapping area between one zodiac…

Synastry: Handling Venus Square Neptune (The Fantasy Romance)

Venus Square Neptune To get a better understanding of a planet look to the attributes of the home and perhaps exalted sign/s it rules (and vice versa). Venus rules Taurus and Libra although Venus is in the process of helping Libra find a new home.  Neptune rules Pisces. Neptune & Venus can be very much…

Do you have the Perfect Personality?! :)

What attributes make up the perfect personality? In astrology it may have to do with having the home and perhaps exalted sign ruled by the corresponding luminary or planet for EVERY placement in your natal chart. So say you have a Leo Sun, that would mean your personality of being confident and creative is a…

Astrological Contact Types in Planetary Aspect (now including Sesquiquadrate)

In astrology there’s a contact type or energy that form between planets / luminaries (Sun, Moon) and all together this creates what is called an aspect. When we first meet someone, an immediate first impression forms based on a gut reaction.  We notice something similar or different about them and we instantaneously decide if we like…

Best Friendships, 7th House Beginnings…

Healthy Friends

I’m not the type to have many mutually Libran 7th house “committed” & Scorpio 8th house “deep” friendships but that’s generally what I desire.

In fact, most of my friendships are the Aquarian “superficial”, “aquantaince”, “groups & networks” 11th house type that generally skim the surface and keep things light, distant, and impersonal yet topics of discussion are deep, optimistic, warm, and spiritual.

There’s nothing wrong with 11th house relationships and in fact, they are low maintanance, committment free, easy-on-the-mind, and full of learning opportunities; however, every once in awhile I yearn for something more.

The Busines of Competition. Is it All About You, Me, or We?

I’m VERY competitive. I’m very competitive with MYSELF. I want to be faster, stronger, better. Not faster, stronger, better than anyone else.

I’m Leo Sun Conjunct Leo Mars with these two planets operating as one. I’m not stuck on what I have already accomplished.

Astrological Signs & Colour: What’s Your Color?

ZODIAC SIGNS, ELEMENTS, AND COLOUR — The following connects your zodiac sign and element with its natural colour. The best balancing or alternate colour or colours can be worn when you are finding the energy of your zodiac sign is too overpowering or underwhelming.

So say you’re a Pisces (water element) and you’re on the shy side – wearing orange can attract people to you and open your energy up. Likewise, if you’re a Leo (fire element) and your energy is too aggressive, wearing pink will encourage people to accept, understand, and welcome you. The flipside is true that when you wear a colour that balances out your energy, you will be mindful to embody more of that colour in your actions and behaviour. So the result is that you have both yourself and others working to balance you to a nice place of well-being and success.

When Opposites Attract… Fireworks Happen!


We have heard the phrase: Opposites attract; however, what exactly does that mean? Well, it can mean that the behaviour and attitude differences in others compels you to get closer to that which is foreign to you. It can also mean balancing an extreme trait or action such as having an introspective and quiet disposition…

Synastry & Natal: The Divorce Aspect – Venus Square Uranus in LOVE – Problem & Solution

Venus Square Uranus Venus Square Uranus is an astrological aspect that  can show in a natal birth chart or it can be a combined energy that occurs between the native and someone else. This aspect is a hot and cold one in that there’s a lot of excitement and heat that can get generated instantaneously…

8th House Virgo Stellium, 12th House Survivors: Helping Those Who HIDE From Themselves

I have had a knack all my life for helping people who won’t, can’t, not-sure-how, or don’t help themselves.  They are the honey; I’m the bee.  I’m naturally attracted to 12th house characters who often have the greatest difficulty in resolving their issues.  Just as quickly as a problem or solution is identified, it can be…

Mercury in Aspect: Communication Quality, Rewards, and Headaches

Some Mercury Facts: Masculine, mutable, dignity/ home in Gemini. Home in Virgo (I say, “more like an honoured guest”), exalted in Aquarius, Sagittarius in detriment, and Fall in Pisces. Represents communication, information, knowledge, business interactions, short distances, mail, science, quickness, siblings, detachment, clarity, etc. With the philosophy of “no better or worse, just different” as…

Psychosis and Losing One’s Mind: Where, when, how, why does it begin?

I came across some material on psychosis and decided to contemplate it. Could I have it? Would I have it? This questioning is the normal state of affairs for me. I’m someone with many planets and points in Virgo plus one Libra (8th house) and I analyze myself, others, and environment for the betterment of…

Why clumsiness / accidents occurs: A Psychic perspective

I was asked why clumsiness occurs. My response to that is clumsiness, from a psychic perspective, is a result of negative thoughts. These negative thoughts usually are about other people or situations that one *feels* should have been — could have been — avoided. Also, it’s likely to be about not taking responsibility for one’s…

Natal Astrology: Mercury by sign

Mercury is related to how one thinks, speaks, communicates, what one likes to talk about, how one learns, short trips, letters, mail, the type of relationship one has with their siblings, co-workers, and how they might approach their career or skills within their career.  Mercury rules the 3rd house in astrology. Mercury in Aries Quick…

The significance of 10/10/10 and getting married on that day

As a Numerologist, quoted as Abella Arthur, I was interviewed by the Canadian Press to comment on October 10th, 2010 due to the triple sequence of 10-10-10 that the date creates.

That interview snowballed into a handful of radio and TV spots.

Birth of Wed, July 21, 2010 8:52 pm

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Together we can help each other on this great journey called: Life.

Roots: Learning astrology & just plain learning — a dedication and an invitation

With Jupiter in Libra, 9th house, I only started serious astrological studies (May / June 2010) when I was serendipitously introduced to a friend in the UK (Sun Libra 3rd house, His Sun Conjunct My Jupiter 3rd & 9th house total merge) who was just as enamoured with learning, communicating, and delving deeply into the unknown as I was.

Saturn’s Test: Astrological squares in aspect — How to overcome them and get on with it.

Laugh in the face of squares or the squares’ boss will laugh at you. In astrology there are various energies (aspects) that occur when planets and points connect (at particular degrees, angles). It’s the “Hey, I see you and I’m now deciding on what I’m going to do with you”.  One of these aspects is…

Astrology Language: Aspect Delineation, Reading Aspects

Delineation of planets aspecting each other is like creating a real-life story or message from an astrological term such as Venus Square Neptune.

It can be as simple as starting with the planet furthest away (Neptune); then moving to the connection / aspect (square), followed by the activated planet (Venus).

Synastry: The Fairytale Aspect – Venus Square Neptune

Astrologers around the world often say that one of the worst “red flag” aspects two people can have in a romantic synastry comparison is Venus Square Neptune. If you and your person of interest has this in your synastry chart are you going to choose to agree or disagree with this thought? First, lets get…

The Twelve Positions of Venus.

I came across a website, Sacred Texts, and while I have read that Venus in Virgo isn’t always the best position this book by Butler says it’s right at home.  Cool. Solar Biology, by Hiram E. Butler, [1887], at CHAPTER XX. THE TWELVE POSITIONS OF VENUS. ♀ (Venus): its Function. This planet embodies the nature…

(Yahoo Answers) Can Pisces spend a lot of time away from loved ones?

Jasper (my husband) answered a Yahoo Question… Q: Can pisces go for rather long periods of time without seeing/talking to the person they REALLY like? A: Pisces, in particular, can. Pisces needs time to recoup and gather their energy before venturing out again. When they are out wandering, Pisces has a tendency to take in…

Capricorn Zodiac Star Sign

Earth Saturn Responsible Mature Fears Can view a situation worst than it is Pleasure denial Successful Career oriented Appearances

Libra Zodiac Star Sign

Sweet Sees both sides Seeks balance Right & Wrong His & Hers Give & Take Symmetry Equilibrium Middle path Soft Smooths Dislikes being sweaty Dishonest Lies Is a mirror. Reflects you. Romantic Charming Flirty Superficial Co-operative

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