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The Fixed Star Capulus: Off with their Heads, and the Male Temperament and Sexual Energy of Capulus Women!

Fixed Star Capulus 23° or 24° Taurus Last month I wrote an article titled, Fixed star Algol, Taurus: The Sexual, Emotional, & Psychological Drives of Heterosexual Men with Algol After I wrote it, I realized my question about my own involvement with Algol men had not been fully answered.  That’s when I started to take…

Mars Retrograde Rx VIRGO January 24th, 2012 until April 14, 2012

I still want to publish a 2012 blog post but I haven’t had the interest to complete it yet. And I wanted to publish it before publishing anything else but due to how many (in my mind) negative thoughts about Mars Rx (such as inactivity, lethargy, lack of motivation, accidents, standstills, etc..) that’s been said,…

The Busines of Competition. Is it All About You, Me, or We?

I’m VERY competitive. I’m very competitive with MYSELF. I want to be faster, stronger, better. Not faster, stronger, better than anyone else.

I’m Leo Sun Conjunct Leo Mars with these two planets operating as one. I’m not stuck on what I have already accomplished.

Mercury in Aspect: Communication Quality, Rewards, and Headaches

Some Mercury Facts: Masculine, mutable, dignity/ home in Gemini. Home in Virgo (I say, “more like an honoured guest”), exalted in Aquarius, Sagittarius in detriment, and Fall in Pisces. Represents communication, information, knowledge, business interactions, short distances, mail, science, quickness, siblings, detachment, clarity, etc. With the philosophy of “no better or worse, just different” as…