Venus Rx Retrograde in Capricorn December 21, 2013



Venus Rx Retrograde in Capricorn

December 21, 2013 — just in time for Christmas.

Shadow: Nov 20, 2013
Rx: Dec 21, 2013 @ 28° Capricorn
Direct: January 31, 2014 @13° Capricorn
Shadow Over: March 4, 2014

This cosmic event is ushered in with the hour of Venus, day of Saturn (ruled by Capricorn). She turns retrograde at 4:53pm on the back swing with Mercury’s wings at 4:53pm EST. Mercury semi-sextile Venus (yup, makes sense!).

About Venus

  • mayan_venus_star_11

    Venus rules Taurus, and Libra. Rules the 2nd and 7th house.

  • Venus’ domain are the arts, love, sensuality, beauty, jewelry (pearls), mirrors, women, femininity, gardening, money and finances, tending to one’s growth, relationships, contracts (love & money, for example), copper (see color of Venus, above), birth & death, sweets.
  • Venus was a very important (most?) planet for the Mayans. It told them when to go to war! Afterall, the opposite of Taurus, is Scorpio (co-ruled by Mars). And Libra, is Aries (ruled by Mars).

 About Capricorn

  • Capricorn is ruled by Saturn. Some Capricorn keywords: Serious, ambitious, old, business, acquisition, steady, solid, appropriate, responsible, career minded, value, etc

About Venus Capricorn & Venus aspecting Saturn

Some keywords:

  • Old beauty
  • The love of business
  • Corporate art
  • Love of work
  • Hard working, at love
  • For the love of money
  • Long standing love
  • Responsible lover
  • Gold digger
  • Antiques
  • Valuing growth

About Retrogrades

When you think about how this cosmic event affects you, add “re” to every action you consider taking: reflect, rejuvenate, reignite, renew, recycle, repeat, redo, resolve, research, review, etc.

With the Rx (℞), you may also want to reconsider any prescriptions for physical, spiritual, financial, or mental health that relate to your love, relationships, money, beauty, etc during this Venus Rx.

You’ll also hop on the mental time machine — taking a trip back to get things finished up or sorted out, that were left behind as it relates to Capricorn themes. Expect to initiate, and possibly enjoy some closure.


venus_retrograde_rx_astrology_transit_capricornMundane Transits


Venus Rx Capricorn is applying to a non-perfected conjunction to Pluto. Venus Conjunct Pluto. Whoever obsessed just prior to and somewhat during  November 21 — will begin to be obsessed about. Turn about, is fair play. Those with Venus and Pluto aspected, are more prone to experience this non-personal (mundane) transit more personally.

A romance right before the shadow period, may not last. But one that starts during it, could.

Personal Transits

This Venus transit, may cause Love challenges for anyone with Saturn Cancer (Venus Opposition Saturn), Saturn Libra, or Saturn Aries (Venus Square Saturn).

Saturn Libra natives are really getting hit (2011 Saturn was in Libra).

This Venus transit, may cause Love bonuses for anyone who has Earth or Water planets or on your angles. You may trine or sextile this Venus Rx, harmoniously. You’ll be in for a ride, and hopefully some good loving, beauty redux, art, and money making merriment!

What to do during this Venus Rx transit

  • Review your love life, and what’s important to you.
  • Sometimes this transit accompanies pain for a love lost.
  • Reach out to a lover, friends, and crushes (past, or present), or welcome being reached out to.
  • Reconsider an old relationship but don’t start a brand new one, or it might be over once Venus goes direct.
  • Alternatively, if a new relationship begins and doesn’t end — it will be likely enduring.
  • Try not to make a decision about your relationship, or lover until AFTER the transit is over. This is a time of reflection, not decision making. You may change your mind later.
  • Any exes coming back, may leave — just as quickly, if they are not of value. Fruitless relationships are going to go bye-bye. Also because Capricorn is a cardinal sign — this is about new beginnings & fresh starts.
  • Write a list of qualities you want in a mate. What you’re willing to tolerate, and not tolerate.
  • Write love letters to your exes, and put them to rest.
  • Do you really value that friend, or foe? If not, kick ‘em to the curb.
  • Avoid new beauty treatments, or changes in style. However, go over any beauty treatments that didn’t go well in the past. If any new beauty treatments are given — they could change your look for a long time to come.
  • Say, “I love you” to someone. Especially someone you’ve been with for awhile, or who is older.
  • Get your finances in order. Go back over your budget. Look at how to increase your wealth.
  • Go to an art gallery. If you’re creative, artistic, or crafty — you’ve probably in a slump for awhile. This is your chance to get your mojo back.

Shadow: Nov 21, 2013
Rx: Dec 21, 2013
Direct: January 31, 2014
Shadow Over: March 1, 2014




Meditate with Music


Lady Gaga & The Muppets

Lady Gaga is an Aries Sun, Opposite Libra – who is co-ruled by Venus. Taurus is Gaga’s North node & True Lilith. It’s not surprising that this song is more on the martian side.





Frankie Avalon has a full Venus house — Venus aspects all the planets, in his chart. Venus is at the apex of a grande trine including Saturn & Mars! He has Venus conjunct Neptune!

Justify my Love



Peaches and Herb


The xx

Missing You

Ruff Endz


The xx

Reunion / Sunset

The xx

Ex-lovers rethinking their breakup realizing they still have feelings for each other after so much time.

Just the Reunion

The xx


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    • cstarz

      HI I guess I’m the first (gulp) well seriously I read this article and It is so amazingly ON.
      My chart puts me at 23 degree’s Libra rising with a Libra moon at 5 Degree’s 12H,Neptune in Scorpio 1H trining Venus in Pisces5H with mercury nearly conjunct the ic from the third house at 19 degrees Capricorn. My Uranus/Pluto conjunction in Virgo11 H trining that mercury at 19 near the IC when this all started I had a job working in a public place where I was often seen by customers/guests customer/guest at around the week of the 21st whom I had helped/communicated with on several occassions during the late summer months became rather attached to me I went out of my way to help him far too many times because all of a sudden he was “looking specifically for me” he seemed Obsessed he kept asking me to call him,he kept giving me his number I kept losing it or putting it somewhere where I would lose it finally one day I couldn’t handle it any more the man made me forget to breath to think or remember where I was. The closer he stood by me the harder it was to keep standing- his eyes would look at me so intensely I would start to quiver or shake…this was at work! and he even came up to me in front of one of the managers YIKES Please call me he pleaded…oh brother! I was so stupid! I texted him not called him I was doing everything at as great a distance as I could muster. He,a Taurus(no birth time just April 23rd 1953) me Aquarius with Libra rising he with Saturn in Libra at 23 degrees exactly standing on top of my Libra asc!! and Neptune right near the asc from the 12th house….get this,My Jupiter is in Aries at 15 Degrees 6th H his Venus and mercury are holding my Jupiter hostage (ha ha) Venus on one side-mercury on the other side and they are in position not exact of course but opposing his saturn and Libra on my asc.
      When he kissed me…it was the greatest kiss I had ever had in my life,I could have died in his arms…the passion was so unreal so intense I had never experienced it in my life with anyone….story gets sad…he lives far away he lives in multiple places(look where we met-at my work where many people temporarily stay and stay often times in groups or alone) He was kind and gentle and sweet but it took over two weeks before we met again after that one kiss the sadness we didn’t part happy the second time we met-I have children from a long parted relationship this I could see he couldn’t tolerate-I knew it!!! I knew it instantly-why did I text him? I have never seen him since and I embarrassingly texted him about 20 times since then…I feel stupid and yes it did a turn around where I have been obsessed but I will prevail and stop I texted him that I just have to follow through….This too will pass right?its too vague too mysterious and it must have died from the beginning but I was too over come by his seductions and his powerful kissing ability it was hard to shake off-now however I no longer work at that establishment I’ve been laid off…it all over with right? I feel like I have been on a very high roller coaster ride (I’ve even cried over him!) Venus will go direct Right on the day of my Birthday Feb 01 and everything will go back to normal….? So, all this happened while Venus was transiting pluto in my third house and it is now 2 degrees away from hitting it again Hi-and thanks this was great : ) but can someone shed light on what really happened because I was hit hard by this I have plans,he left angry and never came back (over something i regret asking my daughter in front of him) thats what the 20 texts were about trying to explain myself very badly each text made it worse.I give up and I wasnt the one who started all this(yet i continued).Anyone else have a story like this one?

      • cstarz

        me again, The taurus guy his Natal Venus IS RETROGRADE Rx. Mine is stationary.