Fixed star Algol, Taurus: The Sexual, Emotional, & Psychological Drives of Heterosexual Men with Algol

Fixed Star Algol 25° or 26° Taurus

The most evil star in the cosmos.

I have connected with many men, of importance to me, with Algol influencing them. Recently, I met another so I went to find information about the “most evil star in the heavens” [Robson*, p.124.].

I’m focusing on heterosexual men and their interest in women because that’s where I have the most intimate experience with Algol. If this applies to women with Algol or gay men with Algol, please note that in the comments field — thank you. In fact, note anything you like in the comments field — such as how you believe Algol manifests in women with the conjunction.

One of the online articles I most enjoyed reading (great delineation info in the Artists & Algol and Keywords section) was published by Marina of Darkstar Astrology. While reading her article about Algol, I remembered that during my Goth phase (I’ve got the reinvention aspect that Madonna and David Bowie have as we share similar chart signatures) I had done an art and poem piece on the beauty and strength of Medusa without knowing much more than what she looked like and that she could turn men into stone.

Since a young child I had a fascination with the Medusa Myth, without ever really studying it. My hair is naturally wild and is corkscrew curly. Innately I knew that I was more intense then most of the other children. After reading Marina’s article I realized I may have a personal connection to or I have been playing out the myth of Medusa with Algol men without really knowing it.

Update (November 25, 2012). See article The Fixed Star Capulus: Off with their Heads, and the Male Temperament and Sexual Energy of Capulus Women! about Capulus, the counterpart or partner of Algol.

Interesting to note, Jupiter returned to 25° Taurus on May, 22, 2012 (this year)! I wrote about Algol a day after I experienced an Algol influenced male (Article One, and two) and I didn’t even know Jupiter had conjunct Algol on that day! And the last blog post I did was on June 14th which is when Jupiter first entered Gemini at 0°. The cosmos are freaky!

Today, the world transits related to Algol are:

Mars and North Node at 26° Scorpio Opposite Algol
Venus is 27° Leo Square Algol

Astrologers usually only recognize the conjunction as having the greatest and/or purest impact; however, I read these transits as a time for the Algol male to clean up his act — face the truth, and heal through their own love, leadership, and warmth of self.

And considering in December 2012, Algol Conjunct SN. Algol may become a thing of the past.
I think the Algol men, of women who have experienced their lowest selves, will have their Algol ‘put to rest’ and thrown into the “pile of corpses” they once created. Healing is coming. It’s no accident I’m talking about all this during Saturn Scorpio — which I see as liberating and related to maturity rather than restriction.

Abella Arthur (c) 2001-2002

My astrology, which may be noteworthy to this article, include: Virgo the Virgin stellium in the 8th house of Scorpio (sex, death, psychology, etc). Moon, Mercury, Venus, Pluto, Vesta, and South Node. Mercury and Pluto, not conjunct, reside in the 8th. Uranus Libra straddles the 8th and 9th with Medusa conjuncting it. Minerva and Athene are in my 7th house conjunct my Sun which is conjunct my Mars. Neptune is in my 10th.Pallas is in my 2nd house in Pisces and conjunct my North Node. I have Algol, as a degree, in my 4th house. It is not conjunct anything though the closest conjunction would be with Saturn, if it were in orb.

The Medusa Myth

There are many ways that the Medusa myth is expressed. I’m sure you’ll find many versions. This is the one I’m working from:

Legend has it that “Algol [also known as the demon star or death star] represents the head of the Gorgon Medusa who was slain by Perseus. Medusa, who was the only mortal one of the three Gorgon sisters, was originally a beautiful maiden, but her hair was changed into hissing serpents by Minerva in consequence of her having become [raped and impregnanted] by Neptune [Medusa is the mother of Chrysaor and Pegasus], in one of Minerva’s temples. This gave her so fearful an appearance that everyone who looked at her was changed into stone. [Robson*, p.123.]”.

The main players in this story

  • Medusa, Virgin Priestess of Athena (Vestal Virgin) — assigned Virgo, then transformed into Scorpio
  • Neptune (aka Poseidon), Rapist or Seducer — assigned Pisces
  • Minera (aka Athena),Virgin Goddess — assigned Scorpio
  • Mother, the missing water sign — assigned Cancer

Algol, being connected to Taurus, means that the opposite sign is Scorpio. Given Scorpio is co-ruled by Vesta, the keeper of the Vestal Virgins I liken Medusa with the sign of Scorpio as well as Virgo, the Virgin (domicile of Vesta). Algol is positioned in near the third eye of Medusa’s head. Also, Medusa is connected to Minerva who is (in turn) connected to Pluto. It was in Minerva’s temple that Medusa, a Vestal Virgin, was defiled by Neptune (Pisces).

Images of Medusa (sexual, ugly, powerful, crazed, afraid, horrific, angry, innocent, deformity)

A New & Modern Interpretation: The Heterosexual Man and the Fixed Star, Algol

Finding meaning in Algol…

“Primitive female sexuality; strangulation, beheading, danger to throat and neck, murder, violence, mass catastrophe; the “Evil One”, the Demon Star; passionate; intense; hysterical. A pulsating, eclipsing double-star also associated with extreme creativity; an expression of the Dark Side…” Rob Tillet

“Some astrologers say that Algol can indicate a person who stands up and speaks out about injustice which they feel passionately about, and who attracts dificult/intense life situations but who also has the ability to handle them. Negatively it is said that Algol folks will be cruel, harsh, brutal, destructive.” Source

“The mythological beheading of Medusa symbolizes the ultimate silencing of female wisdom and expression. It is the act which stops her growth, limits her potential movement and cultural contributions. She is obliterated and her severed head is flaunted on the Acropolis and other works of art in pride of her and all women’s subjugation by violent men. She is broken and her body enslaved. Her spirit, her mind, her spiritual powers are killed. Her once honored forces of female creativity and destruction are halted. Her role as dynamic mediatrix degraded. Her life-giving, death-wielding powers and wild forces of nature are controlled, tamed, and mastered by the male order. The cycles of life and nature are made to conform to his linear perspective.” Alicia Le Van

“The young man finds Medusa on his way to virility. The threatening image of the snake woman is a metaphor of the mother figure. The growing child has to cope with and eventually to emancipate from his mother’s gaze. The separation from the mother leads to the boy’s independence and to the liberation of his sexuality. The decapitation of the Medusa can then be seen as the cutting of the umbilical cord. The mythological story hardly casts any doubt on this interpretation. Only after he has slain off Medusa’s head, Perseus is capable of liberating Andromeda from her chains to marry her.” Laurens de Vos

“I believe “Algol Conjunct Juno” relates to having a partnership ended through abuse (Juno = marriage, partnership, tough love), an abusive marriage, or severe disrespect of dominant female energy in a partnership.” Abella Arthur

Algol Keywords by Darkstar Astrology: Creating monsters, Frankenstein, splicing, plastic surgery, mutation, genetic manipulation, playing god, weird heads, unusual hair, abnormal sex drive, perversion, warped mind, exaggerated demeanor, deformities, a creation that becomes destructive to its maker, regeneration, montaging, potency versus impotence, brewers droop, striking, stunning, spine-tingling. Darkstar Astrology

Caput Algol in Taurus at 26 degrees has long been held to be the most malevolent star in the heavens, and signals beheadings. It is now considered to be a point in your chart that shows you losing your head over something or someone. An aspect of Caput Algol to your Venus could indicate a tendency to fall obsessively in love with your paramours. If you have a tendency to be a workaholic and focus all your energies in your career, that would be shown by a placement of Caput Algol directly conjunct your Midheaven, your tenth house cusp, or your sixth house cusp, which is the sector of your day to day employment. Isabelle Ghaneh

“The overarching theme of Algol is improper conduct, and Capulus natives persecute (as in, Perseus) that conduct. Some natives, that have both Algol and Capulus, persecute their own improper conduct and this impropriety often generates shame. Capulus (with or without Algol) natives also persecute Algol or Algol type behavior in others.” Abella Arthur

Diego Rivera (Neptune 25° 52′ Conjunct Algol &  Moon 20° 27′ Conjunct Capulus & Algol), & his partner Frida Kahlo (Midheaven 23° 25′ Conjunct Capulus & Algol). And while Frida’s Moon 29° 43′ is generally considered too wide to conjunct Algol, it is at a critical degree near Algol and just conjuncts Diego’s Moon.

A man with Algol in his chart fears, yet encourages the deep dark power of the woman he’s mesmerized by. He is drawn to her strength and divine beauty, yet he has something within him that wishes to see the brutality, and dark beauty in her, and he’ll draw it out by any means necessary.

He desires and admires a fiercely independent woman, especially financially and sexually (timidity being rejected as non-attractive) yet by his own unconscious actions can cause dependence, and lack of confidence that previously did not exist in her but did or does in him.

I see this as a transference. What the woman has, he wants and the only way he feels he can get it is by taking her power away and giving it to himself.

With the Algol male, he may lure the Medusa archetype in by suggesting he is benign and docile, and worships her strength, when in fact — he is not and does not. The good old unconscious bait and switch. He is a monster, and he sets out to create a monster.

The Algol man is also able to get into the mind of his woman or women of choice. He can read what motivates her, and see right through her –  to her weaknesses. In many ways this also makes him quite attractive to Medusa type women who may be difficult to understand and yearn to be known.

And he can put his woman to ‘sleep’ just as easily as he can ‘arouse’ her system.

I get a sense that something traumatic (ie emotional and/or sexual abuse) happened to these sensitive men when they were children, potentially with the most important woman of their life — their mother. The Algol man is attempting to resolve his issues (often related to a denial of independence and/or a demand to take care of Mother because Father wouldn’t, wasn’t around, or wasn’t available) with Mother through intimate and sexual encounters with women. To me, this is considered a safe shift.

Nine Inch Nails: The Perfect Drug (1997), Trent Reznor, Sun Conjunct Algol

When the Algol male feels seared by a strong woman (what he encourages through his unconscious actions and desires), he will then attempt to cut her power in a musical chair dance of emotional and often, sexual abuse.  The resulting effect is self-esteem and confidence busting and that makes the perceived and hidden inadequacies of the man more tolerable for himself yet he is generally fully aware of sabotaging the woman and the good relationship he actually wants but doesn’t know how to have.

A man with Algol is only fiercely attracted to the strongest of women. No other woman is worth his time or effort in subduing, and taming, yet encouraging her wild and beastly side at the same time. He wants to own the rabid yet innocent whore when all other men might view her as just the loyal virgin. He can not get this charge from any other woman for he could not then access his often unacknowledged deep desire for power and control of the woman. This is the same woman who would turn any other man to stone but for the Algol male, she will eventually submit and be at his mercy by averting her gaze.

You’ll find any man, not wanting to succumb to the archetypical Medusa female, will avert his gaze for fear of getting drawn in and fixated by her.

It is unfortunate that the Algol male feels he has to subjugate or tame his Medusa. But the lowering of her power is essentially due to wanting to regain his own lost power (held deeply within the woman of his desires, Medusa, aka his Mother) due to feelings of inadequacy and fear so he chooses and is most attracted to women who will ignite this dynamic so he can play out his myth.

Unfortunately, the Algol male is not ever satisfied. He is lustful in his pursuit of the whore while having the Virgin. Basically, at his command, he wants the woman to be powerful or docile. But can a truly powerful woman accept these commands? Wouldn’t she be considered submissive? This is the dichotomy of the what the Algol man wants — perhaps, a fantasy woman.

And after the Algol male defiles his woman, he secretly hopes she will turn back into the beautiful vestal virgin that she once was.

The object of the Algol male’s desire has intense sexual power over him that he fears yet is tremendously excited about. But he also feels he may be inadequate — can he live up to her and her desires? If he senses the woman might emasculate or leave him, he may begin to automatically and unconsciously behave in ways that are considered mean, destructive, evil, and ruthless in order to avoid that from happening or happening again (as it did with Mother or was threatened by her).

In reality, the Algol male is a sexual God, sex Guru, a Porn Star of the morning’s light. He is not inadequate, and has immense personal and sexual power irrespective of the object of his affection. The more the woman of his affection communicates this, it can help heal; however, the male is best to do his part in healing his infantile wounds.

The man with Algol is often seen as introverted, hidden, and/or reclusive.

The Algol man knows of his “dark passenger” and he is often drawn to horror, and hobbies that are violent, aggressive, or potentially lethal or one’s that mimic it. This is a  safe way to excercise their demons. Speed based hobbies are also notable in the Algol man.

Dexter, a TV show speech about the “dark passenger”.

Looking through the lens of Algol, with a focus on male heterosexuality — learn of Pablo Picasso (with his wife and mistresses), Paul Bernardo (with Karla Homolka), and Jean-Paul Sarte (with Simone de Beauvoir) and their women. All these men have Jupiter Conjunct Algol.

Note that the Algol man doesn’t seem as moved by the tears of the woman but he tries to understand it. Think Pablo Picasso and the horrific paintings he did of the beautiful women he bed. He put them in so much pain and then captured the pain permanently — MAJOR Algol.

Agol Mothers Speak

When I spoke with mothers of Algol men, they suggested that their sons displayed an inability to deal with their life so they dealt with life for them even in their adulthood (such as still buying their 30 year old their underwear and socks).  They said that it was their sons that couldn’t “cut the umbilical cord”. But when I witnessed their behaviour, I saw that it was the Mother who was subliminally telling the son that she needed him to depend on her so that’s what he gave or gives her.  She just can’t let go, and it’s often only in death that the son feels free of her clutches. One mother finally admitted that when she separated from her son’s father, she was worried that she was leaning on her son too much since she was so used to making decisions with her husband, who was no longer around.  It’s a twisted and complex web that is weaved but clearly both mother and son participate in the son’s downfall. And it is ultimately the son that must find the courage and conviction to separate from his mother by separating the mother from his wife, lover, or girlfriend without destroying the relationship he has with these women.

Note: Algol mothers often don’t want or can’t bare their sons making any mistakes so they make decisions for them.  Then when these boys grow up to be men, they are not equipped to make good decisions or take care of their lives, or their wives.  This is where the lover, girlfriend, wife, or partner of the Algol male takes over, and where resentment begins for the male.  He, yet again, is told how to run his life and he doesn’t like it one bit. The problem? The Algol male is attracted to what he knows in a woman — his mother. He often attracts Capulus or Algol women.

Sexual Control

Nine Inch Nails: Closer (Uncensored) (1994), Trent Reznor – Sun Conjunct Algol

Freud would find joy in me saying that even if a male with Algol doesn’t have overt sexual desires of dominance, it still lurks beneath and often rules many of his aggressive and emotional impulses towards females.

Neptune rules Pisces. When we think of Pisces, we may think of words like submissive, docile, and uncertain yet Neptune (aka Poseidon) raped Medusa and that delivered her to the fate of being turned from a beautiful, chaste, loyal, servicing, and pure woman (Virgo) into an ugly, defiled, betrayed, and rabid whore (a side of Scorpio) who has been marked with pregnancy.

Scorpio is the opposite of Taurus! Taurus is in Algol.

Algol is like Mercury or Venus in aspect to Pluto especially as a square or opposition.

“In 1940, Sigmund Freud’s Das Medusenhaupt (Medusa’s Head) was published posthumously. This article laid the framework for his significant contribution to a body of criticism surrounding the monster. Medusa is presented as “the supreme talisman who provides the image of castration — associated in the child’s mind with the discovery of maternal sexuality — and its denial.“[9] Psychoanalysis continue archetypal literary criticism to the present day: Beth Seelig analyzes Medusa’s punishment from the aspect of the crime of having been raped rather than having willingly consented in Athena’s temple as an outcome of the goddess’ unresolved conflicts with her own father, Zeus.[10]” Source

God Control & Domination

What’s intriguing is that Pisces is below Scorpio as it’s a mutable sign and Scorpio is a fixed sign. Was Neptune trying to reach (dominate) Minerva (1) through the acquiescing Medusa? If Medusa is to be considered connected to Virgo, then Medusa and Neptune were opposites (by sign) and that indicates vacillation between two extremes yet a mindful merging can sear the two together. In that way, Neptune could cross over to Minerva’s domain and merge with her. (2)

Playing Out The Myths

Do we play out the stories of the Gods? Do we live out myths and archetypes in our every-day stories? To me, each of us are magnificent beings. Our stories and psyche are incredibly intense.

Healing Algol

I don’t have all the answers. It’s through discussion and experience with Algol men, as well as learning about famous Algol men and connecting it back to my own experiences and insights, that I’ve come to understand as little as I have today.

I feel like there is something deeply psychological about Algol and how to heal it. I’m not trained in psychology so if you have the knowledge, please share the technical terms and meaning when you see it in this article. I would greatly appreciate that as it kind of feels like I’m feeling my way through the dark.


Can Algol possess or respect both the virgin and the whore in one woman without lowering her self-esteem and power? Does the Algol man reach deeply into the archetype of Medusa within the woman? Can he heal her? If he does, does he then destroy her? Does he have deep insight into what makes her tick? Is it asking too much of the woman to be loyal and gentle yet be a sexual whore and have the strength to be self-reliant all the same?

By the end of this article, I did manage to come up some suggestions…

The Algol male is a sexual God, sex Guru, a porn star of morning’s light. He is not inadequate, and has immense personal and sexual power irrespective of the object of his affection. The more the woman of his affection communicates this, it can help heal; however, the male is best to do his part in healing his infantile wounds.

If the Algol male wishes to end the cycle and heal his wounded experience with his mother or early powerful female caregiver, he can consider completing his separation of mother through taking full control of his life. Through demonstrating he can take charge of his own life, any woman in his life can destroy the role of mother and focus on being the girlfriend, lover, or wife. If the woman continues to take on the role / archetype of mother with an Algol male, she will eventually experience pain and heartache as he attempts to resolve his mother issues with them by cutting off her head or getting to cut her own head off (her ego power) so-to-speak before she castrates him with help and nurturing he can not consciously stomach even if he subconsciously desires and encourages it.

To the Algol male:  You’ve got a set of balls, USE them. Self-control or be controlled. Raise your own power without taking away the power of another.  Mother yourself, and maybe even mother your lover. Your mother or the woman you love, who engages in the Mother / Medusa archetype with you, can not let you go or allow you to be the adult you are until you prove that you’ll be safe and can go it on your own. No blame. No victimization. Claim your place as a separate and distinct adult, making your own healthy and successful decisions without pushing away the Medusa — face her head on, as an equal. And don’t cut corners, also known as being lazy.

To women attracted to Algol men:

Feeling ALIVE…

In the end, a relationship with an Algol man will be one of the deepest connections you can ever make as you represent Mother! An Algol man isn’t for the faint of heart — only the strongest of women will do for him. And he will respect you as long as you keep strong no matter how much he might try to chip away at you but we all have our breaking point!

You like to serve and are receptive to being influenced, as was the case with Medusa in the temple.  In your core, you are innocent and naive but as a child you were hurt and left alone to fend for yourself far too often — unprotected and inappropriately used by a strong and hard-to-access female figure (such as your Mother). As an adult, you’re working out the Medusa myth.

Know that the Algol male desires your nurturing, attention, and firm hand, but while that’s comforting (like being back in the womb), it can be overwhelming, intrusive, and block his man-hood.

As hard as it may be, it is incredibly important that you be his girlfriend, lover, or wife — not his Mother.

Just get out of his business, and if he cries about that — tell him that the only way you’ll get back in is if he doesn’t resist or try to control you (that which he feels you’re doing with him!). He has to stand up and face you head-on if you’re the one he really wants — no tricks (like he mirror with Medusa), and in a disciplined and strong way.

Mother yourself or as strange as it may seem, ask the Algol male to mother you — giving you both an opportunity to experience what you missed out on. You need some tenderness now and then too.  You also need some motherly direction.

While missing out on nurturing and guidance aided you to become a strong and independent woman, with the freedom to make her own strong opinions and desires, it’s left — below the surface — a woman who desires to be lead and be taken care of.

So now, due to that deficiency in yourself, you’re overcompensating by nurturing and guiding the Algol male; however, do know that while initially they find it loving and enjoy the attention, eventually they’ll turn on you — resent you — for doing it.  That’s the dichotomy. They desire to be mothered but what they really want is to grow up, and you’re holding them back — just like their mother did.

So what will they do:  Resist and subjugate you.

When Algol is involved, the myth played out between you and your person of interest is quite twisty and messy.  It can be hard to wrap one’s head around it.  It’s like a labyrinth.

If you believe the Algol male is not viable (won’t get his sheat together) in a partnership with you, is unwilling to stand up and be the strong and leading man that he truly is without having to cut you down (in the process) — it may be time to rethink being with this type of man for you’re likely only to end up destroying yourself, while loving him.

There’s also another side to being attracted to an Algol man and that’s that the woman of his affections realizes how powerful he really is.  Perhaps she wants to turn the tables too and have him mother her (as I mentioned above as a solution).  But instead of him doing that, he is self-focused on getting YOU to stop mothering him.

Quite frankly even if there are only you and the Algol male in the union, there’s a third presence (even if that presence is within you because you’re playing two roles — Mother and Lover).

Algol men have edge, and many women are attracted to dangerous men.

And these men have an ability to see great beauty in your imperfections. In fact, the Algol male often love scars, and other deformities and differences that the woman may consider ugly.

In the end, what’s in it for you?  And how can you complete your Medusa myth once and for all — with or without the Algol male you may be with at this time?

Thank you.

Please take some time, as I have, to share your experiences, insights, and knowledge of Algol. It’s the best thank you I could receive in thinking of and writing this article. And it will hopefully give you more insight when other readers see your comment and decide to post their own for all of us to benefit from.

Algol & You

Do you or your loved one have Algol? Yes, you do. Fixed stars usually have a 1-3° orb. Algol is currently at 26° and moves very slowly. Go see where on your chart 22-29° (depending on when you were born) Taurus resides. You may not have any planets, or celestial items connected to it; however, the house the degree resides will tell you about how and where Algol can manifest in your life — it isn’t all overtly sexual (as is the focus of this article). Do note that Zauruk, Capulus, and the Pleiades are the next closest stars and are currently at 24, 24, and 29°.

Sun Conjunct Algol natives seem to have integrated their Algol in a “what you see, is what you get”. There seems to be nothing hidden and they can ooze sex appeal in a strong and dominating manner. They don’t seem to make any excuses for who and what they are. They tend to celebrate their fierceness and/or intensity.

If you want me to delineate an aspect or angle that is made with Algol, please book a session. I know a lot more about Algol than I’ve written here.

Basically I just wanted to make a point with the aspect above that the native with Algol can be very aware (conscious) of their power and natural control (or influence) over others and can use it constructively and without apology.

Eye Color of Algol & Capulus natives.  I wasn’t sure where to put this as it’s a small but notable characteristic of Algol and Capulus natives that popped out at me while doing research on these fixed stars.  While the ascendant, and Sun often describe how a person will look or appear, I have found that Capulus natives tend to have very dark brown (appearing as almost black) eyes and Algol natives have light eyes in this order of frequency: Blue, Green, and Hazel (least likely, light brown) with odd flecks and coloring near the iris.  It doesn’t matter their ethnic background either.  If the native has both Capulus and Algol, eye color depends on which star is closer in orb that will determine their eye color.  Often Algol is the stronger influence so if this is the case, the Capulus (with Algol) native will often have dark blue eyes if not still dark brown. I have no idea why this seems to be the case! If you have a theory, please share it in the comments section.

Side Notes:

1. Minerva is also Athene or Athena. Athena is known to be ruled by Mars. Mars co-rules Scorpio. Isabel M. Hickey wrote of Minerva being connected to Pluto.

2. Having realized that Neptune was seeking control over Minerva (Athena, Pluto) I decided to do a search on the two of them and excitedly found this:

“Poseidon vs Athena”
Poseidon and Athena (the goddess of war) were competing with one another for the ownership/control of Athens. Both of these powerful gods strived to win control of this land. To win over the Athenians, Poseidon threw his spear at the ground and produced the spring at the Acropolis. Poseidon was sure that providing the Athenians with this spring would win them over. Poseidon’s donation to the Athenians was good, but Athena’s was better. She won over the Athenians and reigned victorious after her ingenious contribution of the olive tree. Poseidon was so angry at his loss that he flooded the Attic Plain. Eventually, the two gods came over their differences and worked together to combine their powers for the greater good. For example, Athena built the first ship which was used to sail upon the sea belonging to Poseidon.

And after finishing the article and going over some finer points, I found this:

“Pallas Athena and Poseidon had a long-standing animosity. Medusa was caught in the middle of their grudge.” Source Apparently Neptune didn’t stop at his antics with only the above. In some ways, he comes across as a whiny baby — how unbecoming of a God or is that quite expected?

This article was inspired and received enlightenment through the Piries and Sexy Beast — you know who you are! ;-)

What Others Say

Constellation of Words | Marina – Darkstar Astrology | Dr. Z on Medusa & Scorpio | Yahoo Answers | Kozmic Kitchen – Elizabeth Hazel | Kiberstar – Nick Kollerstrom | Wikipedia – Medusa | Wikipedia – Algol | Eros Astrology | Falcon Astrology | Godlike Productions | Algol through the Ages | Yasmin Boland | Diana K. Rosenberg | The Evil Eye | Classical Astrology | Science of Algol Minima | Yahoo Groups | Renaissance Astrology

Could Algol be a “necessary step in the development of the Self”. Source

Maureen .B. Roberts says “As a second parameter in the assessment of the overriding effect of pathology, placing woundedness in its mythic context, it’s worth bearing in mind, for instance, that Osiris and Dionysus were dismembered, that Psyche had to journey to the Underworld, that Prometheus had his liver repeatedly torn out by Zeus’s eagle, and that Medusa was beheaded. As well, in terms of the psyche’s ultimate goal of attaining wholeness, centredness and integration, fragmentation is a blow to the hubris of the stable ego, which must relinquish its sense of a fixed identity and must eventually step aside in order to allow the paradoxical Self to displace it as the centre of consciousness.” Source

“So here we see the fate of Medusa as a product of patriarchy and also as a process to individuation and enlightenment. If that is the case, Caput Algol in the chart may indicate an place where the scared feminine is most potent and along with her honoring can come a more complete sense of self–this isn’t benefic or malefic–it is energy, just as it is.” Source

“The name Algol, says Richard Hinckley Allen, comes from the Arabic Ras Al-Ghul, which literally means the Mischief Maker.

Bernadette Brady wrote: “This star seems to contain immense female passion and power. Algol represents a strong consuming passion that may devour you with anger and rage. If one can contain an unconscious compulsion to take revenge, and from that passion return a more productive outcome, Algol is one of the most powerful stars in the sky. Whatever planet it affects in your chart will be charged with strong, intense sexual energy that has the potential to be wonderful, of if repressed, to lead to rage or violence.” Source

“The Madonna/Whore complex and the dark side of the feminine: … the nitty-gritty, everyday issues women face when they try to own their desire and their sexuality. Patriarchy has a million and one ways to cast us either in the role of the mother or the whore, with little room in-between. How do we carve out our own space and create a more just and creative world for women in the process?” SaturnSisters

“Caput Algol in Taurus at 26 degrees has long been held to be the most malevolent star in the heavens, and signals beheadings. It is now considered to be a point in your chart that shows you losing your head over something or someone. An aspect of Caput Algol to your Venus could indicate a tendency to fall obsessively in love with your paramours. If you have a tendency to be a workaholic and focus all your energies in your career, that would be shown by a placement of Caput Algol directly conjunct your Midheaven, your tenth house cusp, or your sixth house cusp, which is the sector of your day to day employment.” Llewellyn

“The Algol placement on a chart insists upon a confrontation and assimilation of these harsh aspects of human experience in this lifetime. The polarities of bigotry or tolerance, violence or kindness, cruelty or compassion, war or peace are issues that are unavoidable and must be dealt with under Medusa.Diana K. Rosenberg Note: This, to me, is the polarity of Pisces-Virgo. Medusa was Virgo, turned into Scorpio, and raped / seduced by Pisces (Neptune).

Famous Men with Algol

Sexual predators, Artists (musicians, vocalists, actors, writers, etc), Royalty, Religious leaders, Sports figures, Psychologists, and Astrologers have shown to have Algol feature prominently in their chart.

Sun Conjunct Algol

Women shining with Algol influences: Megan Fox. Debra Winger, Janet Jackson, Ann Boleyn, Madeleine Albright, Tracey Gold, Ira Einhorn, Joan Benoit, and Deborah Houlding (Astrologer).

  • Pierce Brosnan
  • Jean Gabin
  • Swami Muktananda
  • Henry Fonda
  • Brian Eno
  • L. Frank Baum (Wizard of Oz)
  • Liberace
  • Jeff Jawer (Astrologer)
  • William Lilly (Astrologer)
  • Claude Moss (Psychiatrist)
  • Mark Zuckerberg
  • Dennis Hopper
  • Trent Reznor
  • Che Guevara
  • Ayatollah Khomeini
  • Montreal, Canada
  • Las Vegas, Nevada
  • Cambridge, United Kingdom
  • Hamburg, Germany
  • William Emerson (mathematician)
  • C.C. DeVille
  • Ferdinand Charles, Archduke of Austria
  • Marshal Applegate (Cult leader, mass suicides)

Moon Conjunct Algol

Women shining with Algol influences: Lindsay Lohan, Elle MacPherson, Kathy Griffin, Frida Kahlo, Lisa Bonet, Carrie Fisher, Sarah Brightman, Carol Burnett, Dionne Warwick, Jane Curtin, Julia Parker (Astrologer), Florence Nightingale, Elle MacPherson, Kristen Dalton (Miss USA)

  • Tommy Lee Jones
  • Jackson Pollock
  • Mick Jagger
  • Peter Sellers
  • Howard Sasportas (Astrologer)
  • Jimmy Hoffa
  • Sergey Brin
  • Lee Iacocca
  • Pope Innocent IX
  • Zomba, Malawi
  • David Crosby
  • Isaac Asimov
  • Prince Gabriel of Belgium
  • Jean-Luc Thierry
  • Tony Banks (American football)
  • San Antonio (Texas)
  • Pope Innocent IX
  • Edward Fox (actor)
  • Alexander Thynne
  • Tom Park (swimmer)
  • Diedrich Bader
  • Boo Boo Stewart
  • Culiacan (Mexico)
  • Louis Bertrand (novelist)
  • John, King of England
  • Jim Miller (outlaw)
  • Archduke Leopold Joseph of Austria (1700-1701)
  • Micah Alberti
  • Marshal Applegate (Cult leader, mass suicides)

Mercury Conjunct Algol

Brooke Shields, Joan Collins, Ella Fitzgerald, Susan Atkins, Jeanne Tripplehorn, Susan Lynch

  • Johnny Depp
  • Sigmund Freud
  • Marquis de Sade (4° orb)
  • David Beckham
  • Colin Farrell
  • Saddam Hussein
  • Kanye West
  • Mark Wahlberg
  • Jet Li
  • Dean Martin
  • Tony Curtis
  • Jay Leno
  • Gabriel Byrne
  • Hergé
  • Bruce Boxleitner
  • Norway
  • Denmark
  • Billy Cunningham

Venus Conjunct Algol

What is notable here is how many royals have Venus Conjunct Algol!

Diana, Princess of Wales, Liv Tyler, Debbie Harry, Tracy Chapman, Patti Labelle, Imelda Marcos, Oksana Kazakova, Rhea Perlman, Catherine of Siena, Princess Carolina, Marchioness of Sala, Queen Sonja of Norway

  • Johnny Depp
  • Leonardo da Vinci
  • Luka Rocco Magnotta
  • Prince William, Duke of Cambridge
  • Chris Brown
  • Michael Phelps
  • Michael Moore
  • Sid Vicious
  • Al Gore
  • Billy Joel
  • Abraham Maslow (Psychologist)
  • Louis XVII of France
  • Edward VIII of the United Kingdom
  • Jean Charest
  • Dida Diafat
  • Theo van Gogh (art dealer)
  • Edward II of England
  • Mick Fleetwood
  • Carl Lewis
  • Frank Oz
  • Leo Buscaglia
  • Jack Klugman
  • Prince Arthur of Connaught
  • Prince Henry, Duke of Gloucester
  • Lyon (France)
  • James I of England
  • Tim Berners-Lee
  • Charles XV of Sweden
  • Jean Thibaud (physicist)
  • Sweden, first Constitution
  • Ottoman Empire
  • Tibor Varga (violinist)
  • John Davidson (poet)
  • Fort Worth (Texas)
  • Salem (Oregon)
  • Manaus (Brazil)
  • Gérard Debreu
  • Taipei City, Taiwan (China)
  • Denmark
  • Henry Baker (naturalist)
  • Prince Hamzah bin Al Hussein
  • Infante Philip of Spain
  • Igor Kenk

Mars Conjunct Algol

Charlize Theron, Mina (singer), Nancy Pelosi, Louisa May Alcott, Carnie Wilson, Kelly Lynch, Jillian Michaels, Eva Herman, Anita Bryant, Elena Kopylova, Mindy Kaling, Caroline Bonaparte

  • Tom Cruise
  • Robert de Niro
  • Salvador Dalí
  • Osama bin Laden
  • James Caan
  • Abraham Maslow (Psychologist)
  • Erasmus
  • Jerry O’Connell
  • W. C. Fields
  • Rick Schroder
  • Nathaniel Hawthorne
  • Liberace
  • Dane Cook
  • Pope Paul III
  • Harvey Korman
  • Léon Bruel
  • Bob Mackie
  • John Irving
  • Prince Pieter-Christiaan of Orange-Nassau, van Vollenhoven
  • Byron White (Supreme Court justice)
  • Burundi
  • Rwanda
  • Roger Lewis (businessman)
  • François Blondel (bishop)
  • Ben (humorist)
  • Don Maloney (ice hockey)
  • John McEntire
  • John II Casimir Vasa
  • Infante Philip of Spain

Jupiter Conjunct Algol

Monica Bellucci, Sarah Jessica Parker, Virginie Ledoyen, Diane Kruger, Mary-Louise Parker, Melinda Gates, Rosie Perez, Trisha Yearwood, Princess Helena of the United Kingdom,

  • Keanu Reeves
  • Paul Bernardo
  • John Fitzgerald Kennedy
  • Pablo Picasso
  • Robert Downey Jr.
  • Rodney King
  • Clive Owen
  • Jean Paul Sarte
  • Chris Martin
  • Jean-Paul Sartre
  • Vladimir Lenin
  • Dean Martin
  • Ritchie Valens
  • Fred Savage
  • Albert Hofmann
  • James Van Der Beek
  • John Locke
  • Christopher Wren
  • Edward III of England
  • Piers Morgan
  • Cecil B. de Mille
  • Steve Bing
  • Colombia
  • Jack Dorsey
  • Frédéric Lenormand
  • John III of Portugal
  • Byron White (Supreme Court justice)
  • Norwich (United Kingdom)
  • Portsmouth (United Kingdom)
  • Munich (Germany)

Saturn Conjunct Algol

Sofia Coppola, Aretha Franklin, Princess Máxima of the Netherlands, Bridget Moynahan, Tammy Faye Messner, Linda McCartney, Vikki Carr, Twyla Tharp, Carol Hemingway, Rosa Parks (Martin Luther King had North Node Conjunct Algol), Martha Stewart, Barbara Streisand

  • John Wayne Gacy
  • Milton Black (astrologer)
  • Art Garfunkel
  • Wayne Newton
  • John Adams (politician)
  • Bela Lugosi
  • Beau Bridges
  • Jacques Perrin
  • Michael Eisner
  • Charles VIII of France
  • Edward V of England
  • Charles the Bald
  • Hans Geiger
  • Eddie Large
  • Oaxaca (Mexico)
  • Tom Fogerty
  • Toluca (Mexico)
  • Charles-Guillaume-Ferdinand de Brunswick
  • Joseph Anthony (director)
  • Michael Howard (British politician)
  • Michael Savage
  • Louis Martin (blessed)
  • Paul Tall (DJ)
  • Paul Ehrlich
  • Honolulu (Hawaii)
  • Richard Tuttl
  • Bernard Murat (film director)
  • Sterling Hitchcock
  • Joan of Arc
  • Arthur E. Powell
  • Ferdinand II, Archduke of Austria
  • Frederick, Prince of Wales

Uranus Conjunct Algol

Nikola Tesla, Raquel Welch, Julie Christie, Ann-Margret, Vivienne Westwood, Nancy Sinatra, Tammy Faye Messner, Carole King, Dionne Warwick, Princess Beatrice of the United Kingdom, Martha Stewart, Barbara Streisand

  • John Lennon
  • Bruce Lee
  • Bob Dylan
  • Muhammad Ali
  • Ringo Starr
  • Stephen Hawking
  • Genghis Khan
  • Ryan O’Neal
  • Lou Reed
  • Martin Sheen
  • Tom Jones
  • Ritchie Valens
  • Patrick Stewart
  • John Gotti
  • Richard Pryor
  • Mike Bloomberg
  • George Bernard Shaw
  • Brian de Palma
  • Pope Pius XI
  • Theo van Gogh (art dealer)
  • James Brolin
  • Winston Spencer Churchill
  • Constantine II of Greece
  • Thomas Moore (spiritual writer)
  • Michael Eisner
  • Richard Dawkins
  • Thomas of Woodstock, 1st Duke of Gloucester
  • Prince William, Duke of Gloucester
  • Alfonso XII of Spain
  • Michael Elphick (producer-director)
  • Harvey Fisher
  • Stuart Henry (DJ)
  • John Davidson (poet)
  • Terry Jennings (composer)
  • Walter Hill (filmmaker)
  • Steve Wynn (entrepreneur)
  • Willem (cartoonist)
  • Pat Stapleton (ice hockey)

Neptune Conjunct Algol

Interestingly, Neptune was not only the least aspected to Algol but also there were hardly as many recognizable celebrities that have it in their charts.

Coco Chanel, Marjorie Merriweather Post, Zena Dare, Emile Guyenot, Madame de Pompadour

  • Otto Klemperer
  • Bela Lugosi (horror film star)
  • C E O Carter (Astrologer)
  • George Patton
  • Diego Rivera
  • Ludwig Mies van der Rohe
  • D.H. Lawrence
  • Ezra Pound
  • Alfonso XIII of Spain
  • Chico Marx
  • Fatty Arbuckle
  • Jimmy Gold
  • Marcel Dupré
  • Christian Wirth
  • Tomoyuki Yamashita
  • Albert Kesselring
  • Howard Jones
  • Yram (theosopher)
  • Bernardo Alberto Houssay
  • Heinrich Hoffman
  • Paul Drouot
  • Gottfried Benn
  • François d’Astier de la Vigerie
  • Johannesburg (South Africa)

Pluto Conjunct Algol

Mata Hari, Isadora Duncan, Anna Pavlova, Elsbeth Ebertin, Elizabeth Arden, Isabella of Valois,
Madame de la Fayette, Ka’Iulani, Princess of Hawaii, Hélène Dutrieu, Laura Bullion, Louise Dresser, Elizabeth Stuart (1635-1650), Mary Eastey

  • Albert Einstein
  • Carl Jung
  • Karl Abraham (Psychoanalyst)
  • Joseph Stalin
  • Aleister Crowley (Occultist)
  • Paul Klee
  • Leon Trotsky
  • Jean Baptiste Lully
  • Guccio Gucci
  • Douglas MacArthur
  • Christopher Wren
  • Elisabeth of Bavaria (1876–1965)
  • W. C. Fields
  • P. D. Ouspensky (Occultist)
  • Portugal
  • Will Rogers
  • Ivar Kreuger
  • Aga Khan III
  • Augustus John
  • James II of England
  • Calgary (Canada)
  • André Caplet
  • Auguste Louis Fauchard
  • Llewellyn George (Occultist, Occult publisher)
  • Flagstaff (Arizona)
  • Otto Meissner
  • Guglielmo Zorzi
  • Wichita Falls (Texas)
  • Paul Faure (politician)
  • René Pottier (cyclist)
  • Rudolf Friml
  • Hartford (Connecticut)
  • Louis Trousselier
  • Saint-Georges de Bouhélier
  • Massimo Bontempelli
  • William Reid Dick
  • Aspen (Colorado)
  • Joe Mack (actor)
  • Emperor Zhongzong of Tang
  • George Matthew Adams
  • Frank Marshall (chess player)
  • Sam Crawford (outfielder)

Chiron Conjunct Algol — Luka Magnotta, accused of beheading victim in a sex crime!

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    • Ida

      Wow very intersting ! I am in love with a man whose sun mars conjunction in scorpio is opposite jupiter conjunct algol. In my chart jupiter conjunct algol too, 10th house. I was very impressed with pisces and virgo characters in the story as I am pisces sun and his moon is in virgo. I did feel emotional harrasment from him, he absolutley intrude my soul, not yet my body though

      • Abella Jucy Arthur

        Hi Ida,
        oh FINALLY my first Blog Comment on this article. :)
        I’ve just added a new section: “To women attracted to Algol men.” That may help you.

        Even though I wrote it, I find it most interesting and WOW too.  LOL
        Sometimes I think I’m just being guided by another hand, because how else could I arrive at such things?! Mind boggling.

        Well, it could have to do with the Mercury Conjunct Uranus aspect, in synastry, that I share with a special friend that inspired this post.

        Sorry to hear that you’ve experienced emotional harassment.
        Did you find that he changed over time?  Initially he was pleasant and docile — couldn’t hurt a fly, that sort of thing but then he morphed into something more diabolical or monstrous? :)

        • Ida

           Well no, I don’t think he changed the way you put it, and I think a scorpio mars has hard time not to torture people he cares about even if it is tortue for himself at the same time :)
          I read the new part and in our case absolutely is connected with the issues we both have with our mothers, it is very strong in our synastry and I am not sure we can resolve it actually.
          The truth is I realized my issues with my mom, actually find out I have them as I always thought I had issues with my dad when I tried to figure out our feelings to each other.
           I am sure he has issues with his mom and was confronted with them through our interaction. Only time will tell.

          • Abella Jucy Arthur

            Thanks for your feedback Ida.  Yes, Mars Scorpio will show up strong from the get-go.

            My connection to Algol men, reminds me of when I was working through my Mars in the 7th house. There were so many sub-plots and my mind was having a hard time accepting what was there. There might be projection happening while interacting with an Agol male too — I’m not sure. But I know there’s displacement, on the side of the male — switching his Mom for his mate, you.

            I’ve found that resolving a problem in a relationship happens best when both parties are willing to honestly face their demons, take responsibility for their own stuff, and set boundaries.

            I’ve added again to the woman’s section, as well as this:
            The Algol man knows of his “dark passenger” and he is often
            drawn to horror, and hobbies that are violent, aggressive, or
            potentially lethal or one’s that mimic it. This is a safe way to
            excercise their demons. Speed based hobbies are also notable in the
            Algol man.

            Feel free to come back now and then as I notice myself updating the article daily, tweaking, adding, etc about the fixed star Algol. and if you want to vent and possibly get some ideas on how to ‘deal with him’, feel free to comment. *Hugs*

            • Ida

               Thank you

            • Abella Jucy Arthur

               You’re welcome. :-)

    • Abella Jucy Arthur

      I couldn’t find a place to put this in my article. I’ll probably have to eventually turn it into a book or something. LOL

      My friend asked me if Serge Gainsburg Mars Opposition Neptune Square Algol could have an effect.  My reply was: 

      I imagine the square still works though most
      astrologers don’t use it. I haven’t done enough research to see the
      effects on anything other than the conjunction.

      I would want to see a few things in anything else but the conjunction, to be sure:

      1. An overbearing / too strong mother treating the son like a husband, not letting him go, and so he grows up feeling inadequate and often unable to fend for himself.
      2. Emotional and sexual abuse of a woman who was initially quite
      strong, outwardly, but who then gets cut down in size over time. 3. Dark hobbies or interests. There are other indicators, but I find those are the top three.
      French to English translation:

    • HickoryDicory

      My daughter is dating a man with Algol on the Asc, BML at 25 Leo and Mars conjunct Venus and Juno in the 12th house at 10-15 Taurus. I told her to get as far away from him as she could. He drinks alot too.

      • Abella Jucy Arthur

        Hi, Thanks for coming by. The ascendant is how we appear to others and often what we don’t want to accept about ourselves. So, he may be wearing his Algol on his sleeve but has a hard time accepting there’s a problem.  You mentioned he drinks a lot — does he have Sun or Mars Pisces, or Neptune poorly aspected?  Why did you tell her to get far away from him? Was it due to what you saw in him and/or what you read in this article? Warm regards, Abella

    • anna

      thanks for this very interesting article! I became interested in algol and astrology since I met this man half a year ago whom i am very attracted to (which is not good because i was happily married before that). But what you were writing about the relationship between algol and medusa i so well could relate to. (Plus I realised my jupiter natally conjuncts algol and my progressed mercury and moon is 2 degrees away from algol). You can say that the emoptions which are twirling in me right now very deep, dark and sexual (and I was and am very independent woman but all i wish right now that this man would just “pamper me and care about me and i would want to be totally submissive to him.) This is what you were writing about, isn’t it? He is totally under my skin. And what doesnt help the case that he is married and I am married have similar age teens. And what i sense in him the totally raw masculine energy and yet I think his wife was totally controlling and mothering him. (Altough I can see that he starts to be tired of it and kind of dtart to “rebel” against it. That proves again what you wrote about Algol that he wants to be mothered but then he gets very spiteful when that happens. (Did he know this before I do not know but sometimes I can soooo “feel Him” if you know what i mean”. It is just  in my the subconcsious. but i feel some “psychic connection with him” (which is interesting because a lot of my personal planets are in the 12th house.). Do you think is it because of “my Algol” influence? And where does that put me? Am I Medusa or Algol?
      His moon conjuncts Jupiter on Algol. 2 degree conjunction. Do you think is that good or bad?  I am telling you I was so independent upto now but I would give him everything if he would “mother” me! As you said the attraction stirs very deep emotions in me and they are just killing me! (I hope I can control some self destructive tendencies until progressed moon and mercury leaves Algol so after I just have to deal with the Natal Jupiter which is ok. I know one thing that I will never be the same after I met this man! 

      • anna

        sorry for the mistakes but i had a lot to say and i typed fast, but i think you can figure it out. The only thing what mighn’t be clear is that his moon conjuncts my jupiter on Algol.
        Do you have any advice how to deal with this constant “pain of addiction to wanting to be with him? (as I mentioned mercury, moon sun, venus, jupiter and moon are all in th my 12 house! Ah to talk about self undoing lol!

        • Abella Jucy Arthur

          Hi Anna, Yes I could follow you.  I have dyslexia and type / speak fast — I am on your ‘vibe’.  I’ve got a lot of advice. :-) Did you want to get a personal consultation?

      • Abella Jucy Arthur

        You’re welcome Anna. :-)
        Were you Really happily married? Because if you were, I don’t see how anyone else would come into your view finder.  You were missing something, intensity perhaps?! The Algol male has that in spades.

        A lot of Algol, Capulus, Schedir or other strong fixed star women connect with Algol men.  As I said to someone else:  Who else could deal with them?! or Us, for that matter. ;-P

        I’m not exactly sure how Algol plays out for women.  There’s a link under “What other people say” and it’s about Algol women.  Have you had a chance to look at that?

        A Jupiter Conjunct Algol man tends to spread his Algol seed, far and wide, or at least “wants” to.  But does it work that way for the women?! What do you think? Would you like a harem of men doing your bidding? :-)

        Re: the submissive thing — yes, that’s EXACTLY what I was writing about and more.  Their intention IS to turn you to this way of relating and then they resent that TOO. lol Why can’t you be strong and fierce, like you were at the beginning?! It goes back to Mother showing a weakness and not being strong for her boy.

    • Jean Grey

      Hi, Abella, and thank you for writing this: It describes pretty much what has happened to me in the past concerning power struggles between me, my mother and potential partners! I have moon conjunct 26 Algol 44 in 10th house of profession and social influence. I can be extremely strong-headed about my goals… and thus save myself from men who are just wanting to submit me to their sexual needs (apparently I come off as very alluring)!

      • For the ♥ of Tarot

        You’re welcome Jean. :-)
        I imagine you’re female and come off as alluring! ;-)

        Yup, the Algol (and Capulus) native will want the other to submit to their sexual needs. This is often connected to power and games of control. It’s a difficult dance, for sure.

      • Abella Jucy Arthur

         You’re welcome Jean. :-)
        I imagine you’re female and come off as alluring! ;-)

        Yup, the Algol (and Capulus) native will want the other to submit to
        their sexual needs. This is often connected to power and games of
        control. It’s a difficult dance, for sure.

    • indiaastroguru

      This solves all the problems which comes in husband-wife relation due to planets [parents, especially the mother].

      • Abella Jucy Arthur

        I wouldn’t say it solves all the problems of the husband-wife, but it does help a lot. Thank you for your support.

    • Gemilion

      I have Algol conjunct a 12th house Moon. Both of my violent ex-husbands have Nessus conjunct Algol in 8th and Pluto exactly conjunct my Venus in Virgo at 9 degrees … which I recently learned is a critical degree of “suffering”. Gee, no kidding.

      • Abella Jucy Arthur

        Hello Gemilion, I’m sorry to hear that. Your Algol Conjunct Moon in the 12th house would indicate to me, “Hidden abuse” of an Algol kind. Perhaps you may have even retaliated against your ex-husbands, secretly. Nessus Conjunct Algol in the 8th is quite the WOW. :/ …. heavy karma. And Venus Virgo is quite tough — especially on Algol types that are drawn to the “critical lover” because they, themselves, are “critical lovers”. Where are you at now in your healing? What’s your Chiron doing (transit, and solar return)?

    • Elephantasy

      My life just might be the strongest example of Algol – a female’s revenge. My North Node is in conjunct with Algol also Algol culminated and is in lower culmination with my NN. My Sun meanwhile is conjunct with Capulus and Capulus rose with my mercury and culminated with my sun.

      • Abella Jucy Arthur

        What does this say to you?

        • Elephantasy

          I dunno, I really don’t know. For 7+ years this girl and her friends made me suffer big time. What they did was totally unjustified. It could’ve been easier if it was just an allusion to “a female’s revenge” or even a similarity to it. But it isn’t, and what’s worse is I belong in the Pluto in Scorpio generation.

          • Abella Jucy Arthur

            So do you feel you’re the Algol (Medusa) being punished? Did you read the article? Sometimes it’s hard to converse through writing if a comment is personal and has a lot of unexplained back-story (as is the case with your comments). I guess I’m trying to get a handle on what you hope to get out of this article, or leaving a comment. :-) p.s. Look to Saturn (in transit) for that 7 year thing….

    • Taurusmale

      My midheaven is conjunct Algol and Capulus. My Sun and Venus conjunct Midheaven Moon trines it and Mercury and Jupiter are “in” Midheaven. I use 1° and less but if you use more almost all of these conjunct. Sun opposite Pluto. Ascendant exactly conjunct Regulus. Every intimate relationship I’ve had with women has bordered on traumatic for me. Opposite what you’ve written I feel like every woman I meet attempts to subjugate ME.

      • Abella Jucy Arthur

        Yes, that would be true — that you would feel the woman “subjugates” YOU; however, do keep in mind Medusa and Perseus (Algol and Capulus) are a pair (7th houseish, there’s a contract involved). There is a mirroring effect on each other, so what you feel or sense is not surprising. Taurus and Libra (mirror) are both ruled by Venus.

        Also, because of this sense of being subjugated — guess what you’ll do to protect yourself? Turn the tables… mirror effect.

        I would say you’re drawn to women, who are like your mother, and mother would have suppressed some things in you but since you can’t or couldn’t resolve that trauma with her — you’ll choose partners to work out that “psychodrama”. Algol and Capulus are very intense fixed stars, and natives that have these placements are incredibly dramatic or have a tendency for dark and/or dramatic relationships.

        Unfortunately I’ve received ZERO comments on my Capulus article — do you know if any of the women whom you felt subjugated you had Capulus in their chart?

    • Fiinyx

      Wow this is so so so insightful….i am completely blown away at its accuracy…judging by yr article iv been in two relationships with two algol men and by th way you describe the eye colour (blue to green to hazel) i gave birth to two very striking sons…omg means i’m a freakn algol mother…yes pls write a book…or mayb i will too and pass on my experiences to hopefully help others deal with the pain and loss … My first husband was very violent and had algol conjunct jupiter, after 17 yrs of marriage he partially decapitated himself with a rope hanging himself then after 3 yrs of grieving with hope of healing, number two algol conjunct saturn on ascendant 12th house man breezes into my life using the bait and switch physical violence..but mega supa psychological abuse…and we have a son who is almost two and his eyes are in tje green stage…omg how do i reform myself and help my sons without encouraging dependency??

      • Fiinyx

        Just thought I’d add venus in the 4th house, venus in virgo or gemini, or venus aspect to mercury, and venus in 3rd or 6th house seem to be a common thread – prominent mercury and venus signatures then add hard aspect to Pluto to the mix “jeezuz” – through the charts of my family that I have…its like a family curse (might I add that suicide seems prevalent too – at least 4 family members have gone this way through hanging) my mother in law has north node conjunct algol while me and my ex (her son) have composite psyche and Saturn conjunct algol in 12th house (my psyche is conjunct algol) and yes, definitely feel as though there is always another “force” involved in my relationships somehow….its almost epidemic…I’m calling it the Mummy’s Boy/Girl Syndrome..but is actually the domestic violence cycle…damn

    • Alex Vargas

      Finally, i have found something worth it about algol dillemma in my chart. I have IC on 26° Taurus opposited to MC 26° Scorpio. Saturn in Taurus in house 3 a t 17°. Mars in Sag 19° 11th house quincux Saturn and square Lilith. Venus in house 12 at 18° Cap and conjunct Moon at 23° Cap. Uranus in 8th house at 13° Libra, Pluto in 8th house at 29° Virgo and Lilith in 7h-8th house at 19° Virgo. My sun is 3° Pisces house 1 tight square Neptune Sag at 3° and conjunct Jup Sag at 5° house 10. Venus also rules my 9th house Libra. North node in Aquarius house 1 at 23° conjunct Mercury. Asc 13° Aquarius.

      Indeed, I´ve been dealing with mother and love issues all my life coming from my 12th house among other weird and crazy things related to self worth it, money, love, beleifs and psychic things that i wasn´t aware of. Many of my best love relationships have ended up mysteriously, like if some other “dark force” coming from parents home would be the responsible. I dont know how to explain it but has been weird the things i dreamed with some demon attacking my mind and telling me he´s the responsible. I dont know if it is my mind or something else. My father has been my worse enemy and by some reason he´s always obstructing and playing power games with me since i was a child. also being a “love rival”.

      By the way, I have dark brown eyes and people has told me that when I get furious my eyes shines like if i would be a demon. Like if some magnetic discharge that strikes people would be released and they get paralyzed. I have oscilated in my life with periods of great confidence and periods of being passive. Like if i was afraid of my own power but also like unknown to me. After reading this, I have many thing to think.

    • mcharleau .

      Abella you have outdone yourself. This article describes a huge part of my personality and my mentality regarding women to a T. I mean everything from the mother issues to the need for power and control over my partners, especially through sexual domination, and turning the tables. I have Sun in Taurus 6°15′, Midheaven in Taurus 26°18′, Moon in Taurus 28°45′, Mercury in Taurus 16°59′, Pluto in Scorpio16°41′, Saturn in Capricorn 25°17′. Then I have Moon conjunction MC, Mercury Conjunction MC, Mercury Opposite Pluto, Pluto Opposite MC, Saturn Trine MC, and Venus Sextile MC. I couldn’t believe the accuracy when I read this piece. It was remarkable. Sometimes I feel like I’m the devil, or a snake, or a wolf in sheep’s clothing; you get the drift I’m sure. But really thank you for this insightful piece.

    • artisjok

      Excellent! I love the tidbit on the eye color! My Jupiter is exactly at 26 degrees Taurus in 12th house and I have light green eyes with brown spots in my right eye and gold flecks near both my pupils.

    • Fletcher

      Great research Abella. I know this story well, with my mother’s 27 Taurus Asc sextile my Moon/ Medusa 26 Cancer, she did her best to “off with my head” throughout my life. Also have a daughter with Mars 28 Taurus square her Moon and she now at age 44 follows in my mother’s footsteps. Had two relationships with Algol men, one Sun conjunct
      Algol the other Mars27/Saturn29 Scorpio opposing Algol. This guy played out word for word the themes in your article, so I can vouch for oppositions being just as potent. The virgin/whore theme was big in this man’s psyche, so big I wrote a book about this relationship called ‘The Rusty Virgin’
      soon to be released as an e-book. He had a picture of ‘the Devil’ on his fridge when I met him, put there by another of his victims I found out much later. I eventually discovered the man was a psychopath to boot – psychopathy and Algol, a poisonous mix!

    • Guignol Millward

      Great article. Algol male here, Ascendent conjunct algol (within 1 degree!), hated women in up until my 30′s (domineering Taurus mother), in fact hated everyone, extremely manipulative in my teens and early twenties. I have always experienced ‘screaming’ in head on a cyclic basis (every 3-4 days). Aggressive personal growth regime implemented at around 26 (when my daughter was born) , resulted in severe tourettes syndrome in my early thirties, the hatred of women in general dissipated at this point, but the ‘screaming’ increased greatly. Second daughter was born, Taurus sun conjunct algol, she also experiences the ‘screaming’, to a slightly lesser degree as here sun is with 3 degrees, BIG personality none the less. Wife is and always has been my Goddess, I have always encouraged