What Does An Empty House Indicate? How is an Empty House Read? (Astrology, Zodiac)

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What Do Empty Houses in a Horoscope Mean?

What is an empty house?  An empty house generally means there are no planets or nodes in the house.  For some astrologers, it means there are no planets, nodes, asteroids, points, or other celestial bodies in the house.

Having an empty house can indicate that the:

  1. house themes do not interest the native.
  2. the native might be directionless as it pertains to house activities.
  3. house themes are accepted by the native and they are happy with what is there.
  4. native feels they don’t need to do work on house themes.
  5. house themes, the native accepts, may not be accepted by those connected with the native in regards to how the native operates around them.
  6. native has nothing to prove in the areas within the house theme.
  7. native is satisfied and content and get their needs met through the sign on the cusp.
  8. native already embodies the fullness and richness of that house.  They already *do* the house well.

Empty House Myths

Often there is astrological chat that if someone has an empty 5th house, they won’t or can’t have children or in the case of an empty 7th house — they won’t get married.

This is not necessarily true.

This is what an empty 5th house can mean:

  • the native may not have a drive or overwhelming focus to have children.
  • the native might be very much a child themselves so they subconsciously choose not to have children of their own

If the empty 5th house native “won’t” have children, it’s often due to choice.  And if the native can’t have children, it’s often due to not feeling as if they can handle it.  Keep in mind, as astrologers, most of us are not trained and certified medical experts and any advice given is always with a spiritual or mental slant.  Natives ought to seek proper medical advice as required, desired.

This is what an empty 7th house can mean:

  • the native is easy-going with any rules of relationship their partner may devise.  In other words, they are flexible in serious relationships.
  • they can get into or stay out of relationships.  It’s a choice whether they commit or not.  There’s no overwhelming desire to partner.

Many empty 7th house natives fall into a serious relationship, contract, or other house related themes.  Even when they have interest in a relationship, they may not actively pursue progression of any potential partner.  They most likely won’t make effort to take anything to a serious level because wherever they are, is where they are happy to be — at all times.  Same goes for “divorce”.  You will equally find an empty 7th house native not actively being interested in divorce, once married.

How is an Empty House Read?

1.  We look at the sign on the cusp.

The cusp sign will tell us what the native needs, desires, and does to express house themes.  It’s something they tend to be “natural” at and therefore do not pay much attention to it.  This is often why the native of an empty 2nd, 4th, 6th, 8th, 10th, or 12th house can really take advantage of a vocational astrology consultation to give life to their career and job options.

2.  Which house is the natural sign ruler? What house contains that planet or luminary?

So if we have the 2nd house sign as Cancer and the Moon rules Cancer, the house theme is emotional and concerned about the past (for example).  Then find the Moon.  Which house does the Moon reside? Lets say it’s the 11th. That house is connected to the 2nd house.  It would then read as ruler of the 2nd is in the 11th.

The 2nd house is about values and money (amongst other things) and the 11th is about friends at a distance and organizations (amongst other things).  So having the ruler of the 2nd (House of Money) in the 11th (House of Friendships), we might say that our friends help us with money when we appeal to them in an emotional way.

3. What is aspecting the empty house?  Check house positions — cusp degrees, especially on the angles (Asc. IC Dsc. MC)


Synastry between two people can activate an empty house of another.  So if one native (Person A) has Venus Leo in the 3rd and the other native (Person B) has Leo on the cusp of the 7th, Person A is essentially dropping their Venus into the empty house of Person B.   And what do you think this might cause?

One thing it might activate is a feeling of serious love for Person A when that person talks about everyday things or in an everyday manner, receives an email, phone call, or letter or during any short trips they might go on together.

Person B may become unusually interested in making more of a commitment to Person A than they normally would because of this “deposit” that has suddenly brought much wealth to Person B.

What Other People Say

Donna Cunningham / Skywriter |

An empty house is one that is not occupied by any planets at the time of birth. But this does not necessarily mean that, that particular area of life represented by the house is unimportant. Lack of planets indicates an area that does not require our attention until some point of life when some transiting planets visit it. Empty houses also relate to easy or latent karma, suggesting that the area of life represented is not a required subject in the present lifetime. Many empty houses in a birth chart indicates that the person needs to concentrate just on one or two specific areas in life. Find Your Fate

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