Synastry & Natal: The Divorce Aspect – Venus Square Uranus in LOVE – Problem & Solution

Venus Square Uranus

Venus Square Uranus is an astrological aspect that  can show in a natal birth chart or it can be a combined energy that occurs between the native and someone else. This aspect is a hot and cold one in that there’s a lot of excitement and heat that can get generated instantaneously (love-at-first-sight) about something or someone but just as quickly and intensely a cold, staleness can set in making the native or pair want to either high-tail it out of a situation or cause some commotion to bring the fire and passion back in.  So if the native or pair has Venus Square Uranus in their chart, “never a dull moment” is their motto.

Venus square Uranus in Synastry Generally a relationship with this aspect between the partners has lots of excitement but little stability. You may get together in a sudden, whirlwind romance and break with each other just as quickly, unless there are other stabilizing aspects between you. The Uranus person may feel the Venus person is too clingy and emotional; the Venus person may find the Uranus person erratic, unreliable and – perhaps – a touch too eccentric or kinky. Awakening Astrology

Venus square Uranus in Natal Left-T (a Libra) from Yahoo Answers says: “This aspect always affects,one way or another, separations or problems in love affairs and relationships. This aspect brings much confusion between love [Venus] and friendship [Uranus]. You may win friends easily but you aren’t committed to them, except socially or superficially. Love, however, is more difficult, because of the demands involved and the limitations on your freedom.”

Venus rules Taurus and Libra, in different ways, and Uranus rules Aquarius.  When connected to Taurean energy there’s a natural square (Saturnian energy) between these two planets yet when Uranus (ruling Aquarius) is connected with Venus’ Libra (trine) it can get along quite well.  This means that Venus Square Uranus can be a rewarding or challenging energy but likely, given Libra is mostly a guest of Venus and has a bit of a push-pull don’t upset the apple cart with the naked truth nature already, this aspect tends to be experienced as a challenge overall — kind of like riding a bull in a crowded bar with a whole bunch of hot and sweaty lovers-to-be. Taurus’ Venus prefers her lover to be steady and sure… a warm fireplace with some fine wine after dinner but Uranus is a bit of a rocker and he’s right at home with a BBQ, burger, and beer.

The Venus Square Uranus Solution


My solution for the natal manifestation of this aspect is for the native to be aware of the need for excitement and speed and to learn how to slow down and savour that yummy bit of dark chocolate, to appreciate every bit of it, and to know that it’s going to taste just as good if not more so the next time the native gets to enjoy it.  To also be sure to alert others of antsy feelings and to offer up solutions to spice up a relationship.  Or perhaps just enjoy dating or unconventional love arrangements like you would a guilt-free dessert – it’s okay, really. The native with Venus square Uranus also has the uncanny ability to tell if love, ahead, will work out in a conventional way and therefore they might suddenly end a relationship before it has ran its course because they know it won’t work out down the road in the ideal way that is visioned and they don’t want to deal with heart-break later on.  However, consider, that most relationships are not forever and more, to enjoy every moment with the one you love now, an unconventional relationship is not a bad thing, and as long as you invested emotions and have other ties heart-break will happen anyway.  Square aspects ask you to keep it real



Synastry-wise, if a couple gets their relationship off the ground and into something traditional looking, ideally they will give each other a lot of space, freedom with date nights and weekend get-a-aways that engage other people (friends, strangers, etc.).  This aspect also works well with couples who are away from each other due to work but where one of them is the anchor (stay-at-home) i.e. a sales person or executive and stay-at-home mom or dad, a truck driver and an artist, an emergency room doctor and a 9-5′er, a retiree and a PH.D. student (of age, of course ;).  In other words there’s a reason for the distance and the distance is present at the start of the relationship. Now lets take a step back… remember sweet Libra rooming with Taurus at Venus’ place?  Well, Venus’ Libra naturally wants to soak up, ingest, and absorb everything Uranus has to offer until there’s nothing left.  That’s how this aspect can be rewarding if a) both parties or the native understand there can very well be a shelf-life to the relationship to make room for the next best thing and that’s welcome or b) the couple /native ensures that the relationship or love life stays exciting, interesting, and fresh so it never comes to a feeling or sense of “nothing left”. Finally acceptance and freedom are key working concepts when loving and being loved with the Venus Square Uranus energy.  Therefore, ensuring there’s a feeling of safety and security, before and during the inevitable distancing happens, is essential for emotional happiness and staving off jealousy and possessiveness should one of the lovers not be of a Uranian disposition natally.

Am I doomed if I / we have Venus Square Uranus?

While Venus Square Uranus in synastry is known as The Divorce Aspect for a reason, keep in mind or know that there are other aspects in a chart that can alleviate or neutralize its effect.  Then again there are other aspects that can further weaken this challenging aspect too.  Also there are reasons for this aspect existing in the first place and it’s just a test.  You are meant to jump the hurdle successfully and reap the fruits of your labour.  It’s just that you need to want it and to work for it.  But if you have always sucked at studying and failed tests because of that, this aspect isn’t going to be kind to you. You may also be interested in reading Saturn’s Test: Astrological Squares in Aspect — How to Overcome Them and Get on With It

Mini Keywords


Love, affection, art, balance, sensuality, beauty, softness, receptivity, femininity, passivity, happiness, feminine, peace, contentment, nature, earthly pleasures, money, possessions, idealizing, brown & pink, tradition, co-operation, indulgence, service, devoted, the muse, kindness, compassion


Challenged, blocked, tension, discomfort, conflict, needed adjustments, stubborn, irregular, hang-up, restrain, restrict, shut-off, obstruct, thwart, pressure, stress, struggle, testing, delay, Saturn


Change, shock, excitement, rebel, instability, youth, active, masculine, teenager, twists and turns, race car driver, fast, ignite, on-fire, arousing, unconventional, knowledge, liberation, freedom-seeker, individual, independent, chaotic, disruptions, surprises, extended family in friendships, technology, groups, networks, loose associations, ideals, goals, activism, freedom, separation, differences, the intellectual, the future

Mini Brainstorm

Love is challenged by twists and turns.  Sudden breaks in love are upsetting. A “let’s get it on nature” is hampered by a “let’s take our time” response then vice versa. The desire for affection is conflicted by a need for distance.  Shocking separations block happiness.  The masculine principle thwarts the feminine.  Long distance love affairs.  Love found through technology. Sudden awareness of love that will go wrong. Twists & turns test co-operation. Future love knowledge restricts relationship. Relationship feels unstable.  Thinking the grass is greener on the other side. Changing lovers. Sudden disconnection of contact causes tension. A two-timer. Swingers. On & off relationships.

Special note: While using the brainstorming technique is nothing new for me, this post is dedicated to astrofix who inspired me to use this technique to gain a stronger understanding of astrological aspects (I used it with Tarot in the past).  She, of course, does a better job of it than I. :)

Venus Square Uranus Videos

El Pino & The Volunteers
There’s No Cure For Stupidity

Katy Perry & Elmo of Sesame Street
Hot & Cold

Fleetwood Mac
Little Lies

What Others Have to Say!

Tribe | Yahoo Answers | Linda-Goodman ForumsCafestrology | Sasstrology | Astrology-Numerology | Sky View Zone | AstroText | AstrologyWeekly | AstrologyNotes | Elsa Elsa| Random Board | Random Q&A AstroFix (Brainstorming Astro Genius) — Given the article above and your own knowledge of square aspects, sleuth out the awesome square insights from this brainstorming delight. In other words, the AstroFix article is about Venus contacting Uranus and is a mixed-bag of contact types which can include other aspects such as a conjunction, trine, sextile, etc.

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    • JucyThought

      [New Post] Synastry & Natal: The Divorce Aspect – Venus Square Uranus in LOVE – Problem & Solution –

    • Beautifuldreamer

      Funny you mention FUTURE LOVERS…that is the theme son for me and my “new” friend…although we met about a month ago & we are much MORE than friends!!

      We have only been together physically 3 times. WE actually kissed (on the lips) withing minutes of meeting with witnesses (our friends). We though we knew each other. I thought he was with a friend but he was simply at the next table & they didnt evern know each other lol.

      This kind of thing has happened before: “love/lust/curiosity at first sight” AND ((Uranus/aquarius)) are ALWAYS  involved…his sun, JUno, & Eros, & Rising = AQUARIUS.

      My Mercury/eros/valentine =Aquarius

      His *VENUS* Pisces SQUARES my *Uranus* Saggitarius.

      • Abella Jucy Arthur

        Future Lovers by Madonna?

        That would be cool as she’s a Leo and Aquarius is Leo’s polar opposite.

        *chuckle* about the witnesses (friends). :-) I so “get” that.
        And lol on him “blending in” with friends…

        Wow, he’s a super duper Aqua Man.  Pisces, Aquarius, and Sagittarius like their freedom but Pisces is more sensitive and can appear emotionally needy compared to the aforementioned signs.

        Uranus Sagittarius will want to break suddenly when they feel crowded or boxed-in. And his Venus might feel your Uranus is too fickle and won’t want to get too deeply involved.

        But His Sun sextiles your Uranus so there’s an exciting and magnetic opportunity in your connection.  You would both feel ALIVE in each other’s presence.  I imagine you don’t have a difficult Venus-Saturn placement if you have connected live and in person.  :-) Do you?

        May I ask: What do you want out of this connection?

        And remember that whatever Uranus touches is often exciting yet temporary. But I’m a believer that there can be a series of temporary excitement. ;P Squares can be unlocked to find the trine that’s locked within…

    • Beautifuldreamer

      Hi Abella:)

      First of all, sorry for ALL the typos…I finally re-readmy original post & WOW, it looks like I am a 5 year old!! (blame my sun, venus,mars in H6, perfectionist & occasional hypochondriac streak).

      Its ironic since I am the URANUS & he is the VENUS *yet* HE seems to be the one who is cool/unpredictable. The “friend” who witnessed our first encounter also went out to lunch with us & he invited both of us to a BBQ.

      TUrns out that the company he was working for was downsized & he was one of the people to get laid off after 8 months there. The night we met, he had just finished a long presentation that he worked very hard for. To top it off it seems he is on the “rebound”.

      He has natal SATURN trine VENUS. He is trying to get over an ex who is 5 years older. I am 2 years older, for the record. Having a keen understanding of astrology – I would not reccomend anyone getting to serious before the age of 30 or 31 & PLEASE do not expect any you meet BEFORE they are 30 to be the same person afterwords (Saturn Return, anyone?)

      Yes, I love astrology – like you do – with a passion.

      To answer your question. What do I want from this relationship? Friendship. We have been intimate & it was good. Not out of this world, however, it never is the first few times & we even joked about it. There is definitely a more than friends vibe going on:

      HIs moon conj. my ASC (exact)
      HIs mars conj my venus (2 deg orb)
      Our ASC. trine (His sun/asc/eros TRINE my ASC/SAT./Jup.
      OUr Eros conj. / My Psych trines his EROS (not sure if you are into asteroids)

      THere are other good things. However, with all the air/water in both our charts there is a high level of emotional & intellectual rapport. We are very physically demonstartive no matter who is around. We feel comfortable with PDA.

      Basically, we like each other. And with my natal moon in Gemini H9, I dont mind the fact that beofre coming to NYC, where I live, he never stayed more than 6 months anywhere except when he was engaged (yea, think the LIBRA moon has something to do with that fact). He is VERY Aquarian. I was involved for 2 years with an AQUA guy, also younger, who is British (In the royal navy. He has natal jupiter/Neptune conjunction & HIs *aries* moon was on my DESC.)

      Sorry, I digress. Talking about Madonna’s “Future LOvers” that is our theme song & I do believe if we stay in touch even if he decides to move to Africa again (his mom is workng for the red cross, she is a virgo). We will reconnect in time. Hopefully AFTER he turns 30 in about 2 years!! :)

    • moon sq urnaus

      would there be a lot of similarities between uranus and moon….or even uranus and sun?

      • Abella Jucy Arthur

        Venus, in this article, relates to love: Acquiring, keeping, and leaving.

        The Moon means mean things:  It represents the mother, food, feelings, instincts, memories, emotions during a crisis, etc..

        Uranus is sudden, shocking, surprising, rebellious, untoward, futuristic, possibly juvenile, etc..

        If the Moon and Uranus were square (synastry) and we were looking at it from a square perspective, I would say something along the idea of:  Shocking emotions cause obstacles in the relationship or shocking feelings can separate the lovers suddenly.

        What do you think?  What’s your experience with this aspect?

    • bubba

      it is all true. dont get your hopes up with this aspect. better to be informed that have to face continous dissapointment and heartache. you will change you rmind over and over till there is nothing left. it will ruin everything in the process and deplete you of all you energy. save yourself the trouble and stay in any other relationship and let this go. I would say a challengin relationship with stability is better bec ause at least you are not opn this continuous off on cycle. the truth is when you love someone feelings dont get switched on and off. you work it out. that opportunity is not possible because youre alawyas running off with someone else and breaking the heart of the other person, then you come back and do it all voer again each poerson taking turns. walk away from this.