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Natal & Synastry Astrology: The Solution to Venus Square Saturn in Love – Part Two

The lesson of Venus Square Saturn is to be responsible, discipline enthusiasm, yet care about the feelings of others and yourself. Let the love grow slowly and deeply yet nurture it all the same. Love, being in-love, and first love feelings can be delicious; however, if your or the other person’s heart is not open to love, it won’t happen or it will happen with a lot of tension.

Part One: An Introduction to the 7th House, Seventh House Astrology Series

House Themes: Giving & receiving, projection & ownership of self, self & other development, committed & withdrawn relationships, conflicts & co-operation, contracts & obligations, and finally attraction & retraction.

Life Skills: Who do you know that’s controlling, critical, bitchy, flaky, fat?

When you notice that someone is too picky, critical, controlling, argumentative, defensive, dominant, aggressive, [insert non-social behaviour here] do you take a moment to recognize… Now to blend in astrology. My theory is that a projection is a conjunction that looks like an opposition…

Synastry: Handling Venus Square Neptune (The Fantasy Romance)

Venus Square Neptune To get a better understanding of a planet look to the attributes of the home and perhaps exalted sign/s it rules (and vice versa). Venus rules Taurus and Libra although Venus is in the process of helping Libra find a new home.  Neptune rules Pisces. Neptune & Venus can be very much…

When Opposites Attract… Fireworks Happen!


We have heard the phrase: Opposites attract; however, what exactly does that mean? Well, it can mean that the behaviour and attitude differences in others compels you to get closer to that which is foreign to you. It can also mean balancing an extreme trait or action such as having an introspective and quiet disposition…

Are you good or bad? Naughty or Nice? Whose to say?

I may be fat but I ain’t no Santa. Some people think I’m evaluating their goodness or badness when in fact I’m evaluating whether something works or not and whether there’s hurt or not. To evaluate good or bad is to evaluate a belief system based on parental, familial, personal and/or societal values and opinions. …

8th House Virgo Stellium, 12th House Survivors: Helping Those Who HIDE From Themselves

I have had a knack all my life for helping people who won’t, can’t, not-sure-how, or don’t help themselves.  They are the honey; I’m the bee.  I’m naturally attracted to 12th house characters who often have the greatest difficulty in resolving their issues.  Just as quickly as a problem or solution is identified, it can be…

The significance of 10/10/10 and getting married on that day

As a Numerologist, quoted as Abella Arthur, I was interviewed by the Canadian Press to comment on October 10th, 2010 due to the triple sequence of 10-10-10 that the date creates.

That interview snowballed into a handful of radio and TV spots.

Life Skills: Why do relationships stop working? Why did my boyfriend or girlfriend, wife or husband break up with me? Why did I break up with them?

There are many reasons why relationships run their course. One reason has to do with strengths, weaknesses and the lack of appreciation and awareness. If you are the partner with a strength in an area and your partner has a weakness but does not appreciate your strength, that will eat away at you. If you…

Synastry: The Fairytale Aspect – Venus Square Neptune

Astrologers around the world often say that one of the worst “red flag” aspects two people can have in a romantic synastry comparison is Venus Square Neptune. If you and your person of interest has this in your synastry chart are you going to choose to agree or disagree with this thought? First, lets get…

Limerance, Getting Over a Break-up, How to Get Over Breaking Up, How to Heal From a Broken Heart

In my practice and on a regular basis I’m exposed to lovers remorse, lovers shunned, and just plain unhappy lovers. I’m no stranger to the joys and scars that loving someone can produce.

It’s my focus and joy to help clients see what happened, what is happening, and what will happen based on the current situation.

While this article is focused on limerant behaviour, the major cause for it and most importantly how to get over a fixation or misplaced love for another person, it may also be useful for anyone trying to get over someone.