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Part One: An Introduction to the 7th House, Seventh House Astrology Series

House Themes: Giving & receiving, projection & ownership of self, self & other development, committed & withdrawn relationships, conflicts & co-operation, contracts & obligations, and finally attraction & retraction.

Life Skills: Who do you know that’s controlling, critical, bitchy, flaky, fat?

When you notice that someone is too picky, critical, controlling, argumentative, defensive, dominant, aggressive, [insert non-social behaviour here] do you take a moment to recognize… Now to blend in astrology. My theory is that a projection is a conjunction that looks like an opposition…

Natal Astrology: Mars Square Saturn – The Phoenix Rises Aspect

I tweeted today: Mars SQ. Saturn has a way of finding the positive in the negative. After the temper tantrums, gr8 things begin. Phoenix Rising. #astrology Note: Update:– Just discovered Mars is in Capricorn 16 degrees squaring Saturn Libra 16 Exact on December 29th (today); however, on the day I wrote this, Mars was 12…

Best Friendships, 7th House Beginnings…

Healthy Friends

I’m not the type to have many mutually Libran 7th house “committed” & Scorpio 8th house “deep” friendships but that’s generally what I desire.

In fact, most of my friendships are the Aquarian “superficial”, “aquantaince”, “groups & networks” 11th house type that generally skim the surface and keep things light, distant, and impersonal yet topics of discussion are deep, optimistic, warm, and spiritual.

There’s nothing wrong with 11th house relationships and in fact, they are low maintanance, committment free, easy-on-the-mind, and full of learning opportunities; however, every once in awhile I yearn for something more.

When Opposites Attract… Fireworks Happen!


We have heard the phrase: Opposites attract; however, what exactly does that mean? Well, it can mean that the behaviour and attitude differences in others compels you to get closer to that which is foreign to you. It can also mean balancing an extreme trait or action such as having an introspective and quiet disposition…