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Part One: An Introduction to the 12th House, Twelfth House Astrology Series

The twelfth house is the house of the broken soul and non-self. It’s the house of fog and gases, the intangible that can not be held, seen, factually verifiable yet often heard and recognized. This is the house of soul as a *pathway*, the soul as a *conduit* to our dreams. And sometimes that soul or psyche breaks down and we need to heal and this is the house where that is taken care of. The twelfth house sets the stage for the realization that we are all “one”, all in it together. This is the House of “under-work” to the point of inertia, to the point where it can destroy one’s psyche if left unobserved. It’s a water house that deals with the arcane and the dream-world which are crucial to Neptunian ideals.

(Yahoo Answers) Can a scorpio moon see through someone’s 12th house?

Can a scorpio moon see through someone’s 12th house? My answer was not picked for this.  I have included the one that was and the one I did.  I think both of our responses have merit. 😀 * Your Jucy thoughts?  For or against? Best Answer – Chosen by Asker I read this somewhere- “A…

Best Friendships, 7th House Beginnings…

Healthy Friends

I’m not the type to have many mutually Libran 7th house “committed” & Scorpio 8th house “deep” friendships but that’s generally what I desire.

In fact, most of my friendships are the Aquarian “superficial”, “aquantaince”, “groups & networks” 11th house type that generally skim the surface and keep things light, distant, and impersonal yet topics of discussion are deep, optimistic, warm, and spiritual.

There’s nothing wrong with 11th house relationships and in fact, they are low maintanance, committment free, easy-on-the-mind, and full of learning opportunities; however, every once in awhile I yearn for something more.