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Astrology Play: Find Your Niche or Special Offering

Astrology Play: Read your natal chart as if everything in it is for everyone else. For example, I have Moon in the 8th. I open up the psychic, emotional, and psychological pathways in others to discover. Saturn in the 4th gives others a stable and secure home base, grounds others in reality and responsibility in…

Part One: An Introduction to the 8th House, Eighth House Astrology Series

8th house Fire

The eighth house is the House that many fear. It is the house of taboos and sensitive subjects — what isn’t talked about in polite company. It’s the house of Other People’s Stuff or Your Stuff. Money, Inheritance, Business, Control, Sex, Secrets, Transformation, Mysteries, Psychology

(Yahoo Answers) Can a scorpio moon see through someone’s 12th house?

Can a scorpio moon see through someone’s 12th house? My answer was not picked for this.  I have included the one that was and the one I did.  I think both of our responses have merit. 😀 * Your Jucy thoughts?  For or against? Best Answer – Chosen by Asker I read this somewhere- “A…