Part One: An Introduction to the 8th House, Eighth House Astrology Series

8th house Fire

The eighth house is the House that many fear.  It is the house of taboos and sensitive subjects — what isn’t talked about in polite company.

Facts about the 8th House.

  • Ruled by Pluto (Scorpio). 
  • House Axis: 2 /8 Polarity
  • Aspect / Planet – Sign: (Taurus) Venus Opposition Pluto (Scorpio) The JMAD Swap: Venus Scorpio / Pluto Taurus. Scorpio is also ruled by Mars. Scorpio is in Sextile with Virgo (the 6th house) and Capricorn (10th house); therefore, these houses stimulate and piggy-back off of each other.
  • Everyone has 8th house themes. This is the house of  Other People’s Stuff or when house ownership is taken, it can be viewed as Your Stuff Through Others.
  • Eighth House: To Me from You. 2nd House: From Me.
  • House Themes: Money, Inheritance, Business, Control, Sex, Secrets, Transformation, Mysteries, Psychology


8th House Themes

  • House of Other People’s Money: While this is the house of “other people’s” money, you may very well feel *entitled* for better or worse.  This can be your money through others.  Earning money from or through others such as owning a business where employees / people make money for you (they hopefully get PAID too), a spouse, parent, etc.  off the backs of others.  Taxes Withheld and Paid. Banking. Investments. Money received from inheritance, business, sex, mysteries, etc. Finances of partners. 2nd Bankruptcy.
  • House of Inheritance: Gifts and talents inherited through ancestry, roots, a mentor, powerful relationship, past lives, etc.  Money received from people passed.
  • House of Business Indicates type of industry. How one administers, accounts, markets, pays, etc. others. Self-employment.  The type of people you employ, that are employed for your business unit.  That type of people that is best to be employed for your business.
  • House of Control: Ownership. Mentorship. Obsessions. Addictions. Domination. Management,. Power struggles. Jealousy. Habits. Bullying. Intimidation.
  • House of Sex: Reproduction. Pro-creation. Fornication. Gender. Delivery of baby / death of baby. Sexual diseases. Sexual problems.  Attracting others through sex.  Who or what attracts you in a primal way. Sexual activity. Sexual Fantasies.
  • House of Secrets: Hidden agendas. Crime. Confidentiality. Embarrassing information kept under lock and key. Family secrets.
  • House of Transformation: Out with the old, in with the new.  Starting over.  Re-invention. Re-incarnation. Birth. Early childhood. Physical and Metaphorical death. Re-birth. Throwing out the trash.  Healing.   Surgery. What we abort. Spring cleanings.  Purification. Fasting.
  • House of Mysteries: Unexplained miracles, developments, and structures / buildings. Research of psychic stuff, the occult, tarot, astrology, mediumship, etc. Unknown or non-diagnosable illnesses.
  • House of Psychology: Investigation. Fears. Phobias. Trauma. Our inner workings. Nature vs. nurture. Our upbringing and how it affected us psychologically.  Mental illness. Handling the self-esteem and intense emotions of others and self.

Planned articles for the Eight:

  1. Elaboration of 8th house themes.
  2. Manifestation of 8th house themes within each sign, planet.
  3. Misunderstandings from self and other within the 8th house.
  4. How-to overcome 8th house challenges.

What others say about this house

Carmen Turner-Schott | Dane Rudhyar


What’s in your first and 8th house? If nothing is in it, what is in your 2nd and 8th house cusp? What have you experienced as 8th house themes? Anything else you want to share about the 8th house?

Self-disclosure: I have a Virgo stellium in the 8th house.  A cluster of 3 planets (two personal planets) in Virgo 2 degrees apart from each other.  Another planet in Libra is within 8 degrees of this cluster and is in the 8th house with Placidus; however, this planet is in the 9th with Koch.  Mercury Virgo conjuncts South Node in the 8th house with a distance of 15 degrees from the nearest planet in the stellium cluster. So Ruler of the 8th is in the 8th.
My 8th house is strong and when looking at vocation, the 8th house is a great place to visit to see if there are any strengths in business, research, finances, detection, etc.. and what type of industry the native might enjoy working within.
I have been self-employed for quite some time now, took business in school, and offer psychological, health, and wellness services as well as hire people to become Psychic Event Entertainers… :)

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    • MsFullroller

      Sun/Juno/Mars in Aries in the 8th. Uranus conjunct Pluto in Virgo in the 1st house. Nothing in the 2nd, Libra on the cusp.

      • Abella Jucy Arthur

        Thanks for sharing.  Have thoughts about how this plays out in your life?

        • msfullroller

          It’s a bit difficult for me to understand since the 8th is the house of other peoples resources in the sign of the individual/self. Though I can say that I have had a lot of independent action when it’s come to the affairs of this house and some support. Jupiter quintiles my Sun/Juno conjunction from the 10th. My actions have not come without it’s share of battles of will to do what I knew was right to transform the situation at hand or in preparation for the future.

          • Abella Jucy Arthur

            Hello again msfullroller…. Interesting.  Have you or are you interested in self-employment?  The 8th is also the house of business. With Uranus-Pluto in the 2nd, you may have intense and sudden changes in money you earn on your own.  Also surprising changes in what you value and in your self-esteem, self-empowerment.  The 2nd and 8th remind me of the Temperance card in Tarot — there’s such a dynamic flow between the houses. Also with Sun / Juno in the 10th and Aries on the 8th, I’m thinking you have a powerful career or business related to communication and assertive speaking — like being an activist or public relations… maybe something to do in the legal industry as it relates to advocacy // housing, finances.  You can fearlessly talk your way into getting support from others.

            • msfullroller

               Hi Jucy! No, Pluto/Uranus are tightly conjunct and conjunct my Virgo Ascendant in the 1st house. My 2nd is empty but ruled by Venus which also rules my 9th containing the NN. With Venus in Aquarius in the 6th trine Jupiter in the 10th, yes I have thought about self employment though I’ve never actually been self employed. It’s funny you mention assertive speaking because there are other chart factors (Saturn/Mercury/Chiron in Pisces in the 7th quintile MC, opposite my 1st house Uranus/Pluto, 12th house Moon) and my life experience that are so opposite of that. It’s something that I must learn to do all the time and not only when I’m angry. lol However I thank you for confirming this is where my interest in finance, and housing comes from and it’s part of what my blog is about.

            • Abella Jucy Arthur

              Oh my. That was so OFF…. *ugh*!!

              Sorry about the mix-up. I have been so tired lately — Mars Rx?! It’s been weird. It’s so far been a mix of extreme physical tiredness but ‘also’ getting a lot done when I’m not. Grrr….

              I’m also thinking I’m much better with looking at a chart as I’m a visual-verbal thinker. Having said that, it’s not a request for charts (unless it’s a professional consultation) because then I’d really have a hard time getting anything done…

              As is, I have Gemini
              on the 5th / 6th so it’s hard for me to focus sometimes… and I have
              far too many ‘projects’ on the go… someone cage me! lol

              I have never, until this moment, checked out your blog.

              I found it funny to read a blog title that has “Law” in it (referencing the legal comment) Diversity is Natural Law and the articles on becoming debt free. I’ll certainly drop by and read up!! From the looks of it, it seems quite inspirational. Thanks…


              Have you ever thought about becoming a Financial Planner? Helping others get out of debt? That’s often a self-employment opportunity.

              Perhaps ‘fearless talking’ and ‘getting support’ shows up in your bold and brave self-disclosure of personal traumatic experience (in your blog) and you can get others’ ‘buy-in’ or ‘support’ to go through the same journey? You’d be a wicked advocate for the financial distress of others… such as working for a Credit Counseling company (if not choosing self-employment).

              Often we forget that speaking and talking, is not only through our physical voice-box but also through writing, body language, etc.. Your writing and analysis is thorough and detailed.

              I’m impressed!!

    • Argison.

      I have the sun…Neptune at the end of the seventh using Koch…and in the eighth using Placidius and I have Jupiter in the eighth either way….my eighth house is capricorn….my north node is in taurus in the 12th house…and I have venus afflicted by nearly every planets except for a few asteroids….conjunct my mc in aquarius…life is at a standstill for me….not sure if I chose the right profession, accounting, or what…venus is semi square my sun in capricorn….and I have no money, and as time goes by my survivability decreases more and more….I also can’t figure out what to do with my life….I’m a gmeini ascendant….and I can’t stick to a signle routine without zoning out.

      • Abella Jucy Arthur

        Hi Argison!

        Jupiter Capricorn in the 8th suggests that you would do well making money from others.  A self-employed accountant, who has a practice that employs others, would work.  Where is Uranus in your chart? In which house?  What’s in your 2nd and 6th?

        Your 9th is an important clue to your 10th (career / vocation).
        This article may interest you:

        The 11th will show what type of ‘active’ support you’ll receive in your career.

        I work with Placidus mostly.  Koch has value to but for our purposes, I’ll consider your Neptune in the 8th, but cusping. 

        1. Avoid getting into business partnerships w/o thorough investigation,
        and 2. Neptune in the 8th can cause confusion in understanding the psychology of self and other as well as how to go about making money from the work of others.

        Is your Sun in the 8th too?

        Without seeing your whole chart, I really can’t make a proper assessment.   A difficult and complex situation, means the whole chart needs to be looked at for the solution.  Unfortunately, I don’t have the personal wealth (at this time) to do pro-bono (free) chart work.  It takes me hours (for complex cases) and I’m already stretched thin….

        However, I’m open to ‘trade’ and ‘barter’.

        Did you see my Venus Semi-Square Sun post? Do a search for it, if you like.  Search is at the top left (at this time). It’s a pretty good search feature even though the left side gets cut-off. :-)

        Also, where’s your Venus? This is where you can make money too (even if it has a square / opposition, etc.).

        Where’s 29° Aquarius in your chart?  Neptune will be moving into Pisces this year.  That critical degree can cause a standstill.  That’s not a bad thing as sometimes we do need to ‘sit’ with our thoughts before we rush forward.

        You mention Gemini ASC but routines are the domain of the 6th.  I have Gemini on the 6th, so I get not sticking to routines, nervousness, and restlessness…. :-)

        Have you looked into starting your own business and getting government assistance (if there is any)?

    • Leena

      This is a very insightful and different article from what I usually read on the eighth house. Probably because you divided it into various sections, so a lot more could be covered.
      I have Sun, Moon, Jupiter and Uranus in the 8th house in Scorpio. I have had past-life issues come up with folks. Seems like a karmic life. I am yet to settle into a profession and am trying to see if I can get trained to work in distance healing or as a psychic.
      Would you have any suggestions? Thanks! Leena

      • Earthwalker

        This is incredibly intense. Are you in a relationship now? I really feel like 8th house pluto people need partnership or at least devotional sex with a committed partner in order to feel like the other parts of their lives can flow. Pluto is loyal, deep and sex related. With Sun and Moon in the eighth it’s like your whole person(ality) needs to merge with another. Jupiter and Uranus in there automatically makes you a healer psychic type. Whatever sign it’s in will show you how exactly that profession will play out. I would just start giving readings. Can you read me? I will exchange for astrology reading if you have any questions. Email