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Venus Rx Retrograde in Capricorn December 21, 2013

Venus Rx Retrograde in Capricorn December 21, 2013 — just in time for Christmas. Shadow: Nov 20, 2013 Rx: Dec 21, 2013 @ 28° Capricorn Direct: January 31, 2014 @13° Capricorn Shadow Over: March 4, 2014 This cosmic event is ushered in with the hour of Venus, day of Saturn (ruled by Capricorn). She turns…

Part One: An Introduction to the 5th House, Fifth House Astrology Series

Photograph © Andrew Dunn, 26 June 2005. Website: The fifth house is the House of fun.  The Fun House. Its natural ruler is Leo and it’s in the chart section of “private, other”. Its opposite house is the eleventh, “public, me”. The fifth house is where we bring others into our private world.  Where…

Astrological Signs & Colour: What’s Your Color?

ZODIAC SIGNS, ELEMENTS, AND COLOUR — The following connects your zodiac sign and element with its natural colour. The best balancing or alternate colour or colours can be worn when you are finding the energy of your zodiac sign is too overpowering or underwhelming.

So say you’re a Pisces (water element) and you’re on the shy side – wearing orange can attract people to you and open your energy up. Likewise, if you’re a Leo (fire element) and your energy is too aggressive, wearing pink will encourage people to accept, understand, and welcome you. The flipside is true that when you wear a colour that balances out your energy, you will be mindful to embody more of that colour in your actions and behaviour. So the result is that you have both yourself and others working to balance you to a nice place of well-being and success.

Natal Astrology: Mercury by sign

Mercury is related to how one thinks, speaks, communicates, what one likes to talk about, how one learns, short trips, letters, mail, the type of relationship one has with their siblings, co-workers, and how they might approach their career or skills within their career.  Mercury rules the 3rd house in astrology. Mercury in Aries Quick…

Capricorn Zodiac Star Sign

Earth Saturn Responsible Mature Fears Can view a situation worst than it is Pleasure denial Successful Career oriented Appearances