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Venus Rx Retrograde in Capricorn December 21, 2013

Venus Rx Retrograde in Capricorn December 21, 2013 — just in time for Christmas. Shadow: Nov 20, 2013 Rx: Dec 21, 2013 @ 28° Capricorn Direct: January 31, 2014 @13° Capricorn Shadow Over: March 4, 2014 This cosmic event is ushered in with the hour of Venus, day of Saturn (ruled by Capricorn). She turns…

(Astrology: Third & Ninth House, 3rd & 9th House) Vocational & Educational Planning, Teaching & Learning

Mercury-Jupiter, Gemini-Sagittarius, 3rd-9th axis. Mutable-Cadent. Air-Fire, Masculine How Do You Learn?  What Do You Want To Learn? What Type of Teachers Do Like Best? Do you enjoy long-term, higher mind studying or would you rather take a couple of weekend workshops and gain a certificate?  The third and ninth houses tell us about our learning…

(Yahoo Answers) What can you say about ones with Virgo Moon?

What can you say about ones with Virgo Moon? Additional Details Virgo: Critical, Precise, Nit-picky, Rational, Calm Cancer: Sensitive, Moody, Emotionally-drivenI’m Cancer Sun with Virgo Moon.How does that work out? T.T Best Answer – Chosen by Asker There’s so much to say but I’ll just say this and hopefully it’s enough to chew on. :DVirgo…

Sun Sign Zodiac: What does my friend, lover, family member, boss want me to notice about them?

I am Aries. Notice my boldness, courage, innovations, strength, adventurousness… I am Taurus. Notice my sensuality, zest for living, tenacity, resourcefulness, stability… I am Gemini. Notice me being witty, factual, versatile, flexible, mentally playful… I am Cancer. Notice my caring, family spirit, home decorations, food and drink choices, tribal leadership… I am Leo. Notice me being creative, delightful, fierce, confident, warm, generous, protective… I am Virgo. Notice me helping you, being clear minded, health conscious, organized, progressing, bettering…

Part One: An Introduction to the 5th House, Fifth House Astrology Series

Photograph © Andrew Dunn, 26 June 2005. Website: The fifth house is the House of fun.  The Fun House. Its natural ruler is Leo and it’s in the chart section of “private, other”. Its opposite house is the eleventh, “public, me”. The fifth house is where we bring others into our private world.  Where…

(Yahoo Answers) Can someone explain this to me? Libra Astrology.?

Can someone explain this to me? Libra Astrology.? “As Libras get to know someone, nasty little traits like jealousy can rear their ugly heads and make them duck for cover. They can’t bear the dark side of human nature so they run whenever a Medusa or Cyclops shows up, and don’t they always?” For some…

(Yahoo Answers) What does Venus in Aries in 10th house mean?

by Abella *Jucy* Arthur Member since: May 11, 2006 Total points: 820 (Level 2) Best Answer – Chosen by Asker It can mean so much.For an accurate and rich delineation, the whole birth chart is necessary. A natal chart takes into account so much. For example, knowing how Venus aspects other planets, points, and house…

Lessons learned from Pluto Water. Pluto “America’s Physic” or is that “Psychic”? “When Nature Won’t, Pluto Will.”

Facts about Pluto Water Was available for purchase from 1919 and possibly earlier… Made in French Lick, Indiana  (sounds sexy!), water source was Pluto Springs Slogans: “Not Really Sick ~ and still not really well”, “When Nature Won’t, Pluto Will.”, “Pluto never fails!”, “Keep fit”, “Pluto water is different.”, “Pluto Made a Lamb Out of…

(Yahoo Answers) What are the physical traits of a leo rising and do i have the physical traits of a leo rising?

What are the physical traits of a leo rising and do i have the physical traits of a leo rising? I have a friend with both sun and rising in leo and the description i read of leo risings fits her so much, the broad shoulders, the dramatic style etc. But i am not sure…

(Yahoo Answers) Can a scorpio moon see through someone’s 12th house?

Can a scorpio moon see through someone’s 12th house? My answer was not picked for this.  I have included the one that was and the one I did.  I think both of our responses have merit. 😀 * Your Jucy thoughts?  For or against? Best Answer – Chosen by Asker I read this somewhere- “A…

Which is it? Zodiac Sign OR Sun Sign? Astrology Term Revealed. :)

Originally published on: Mar. 7th, 2008 at 2:12 AM I say: What’s your sign? They often say: Huh? I say: You know, your Sun sign? They often say:  What? I say:  What’s your birth date?  When were you born? They often say as they stammer about: Oh, my ZODIAC sign…. it’s… As a Psychic Event…

Do you have the Perfect Personality?! :)

What attributes make up the perfect personality? In astrology it may have to do with having the home and perhaps exalted sign ruled by the corresponding luminary or planet for EVERY placement in your natal chart. So say you have a Leo Sun, that would mean your personality of being confident and creative is a…

Best Friendships, 7th House Beginnings…

Healthy Friends

I’m not the type to have many mutually Libran 7th house “committed” & Scorpio 8th house “deep” friendships but that’s generally what I desire.

In fact, most of my friendships are the Aquarian “superficial”, “aquantaince”, “groups & networks” 11th house type that generally skim the surface and keep things light, distant, and impersonal yet topics of discussion are deep, optimistic, warm, and spiritual.

There’s nothing wrong with 11th house relationships and in fact, they are low maintanance, committment free, easy-on-the-mind, and full of learning opportunities; however, every once in awhile I yearn for something more.

The Busines of Competition. Is it All About You, Me, or We?

I’m VERY competitive. I’m very competitive with MYSELF. I want to be faster, stronger, better. Not faster, stronger, better than anyone else.

I’m Leo Sun Conjunct Leo Mars with these two planets operating as one. I’m not stuck on what I have already accomplished.

Astrological Signs & Colour: What’s Your Color?

ZODIAC SIGNS, ELEMENTS, AND COLOUR — The following connects your zodiac sign and element with its natural colour. The best balancing or alternate colour or colours can be worn when you are finding the energy of your zodiac sign is too overpowering or underwhelming.

So say you’re a Pisces (water element) and you’re on the shy side – wearing orange can attract people to you and open your energy up. Likewise, if you’re a Leo (fire element) and your energy is too aggressive, wearing pink will encourage people to accept, understand, and welcome you. The flipside is true that when you wear a colour that balances out your energy, you will be mindful to embody more of that colour in your actions and behaviour. So the result is that you have both yourself and others working to balance you to a nice place of well-being and success.

Natal Astrology: Mercury by sign

Mercury is related to how one thinks, speaks, communicates, what one likes to talk about, how one learns, short trips, letters, mail, the type of relationship one has with their siblings, co-workers, and how they might approach their career or skills within their career.  Mercury rules the 3rd house in astrology. Mercury in Aries Quick…

The significance of 10/10/10 and getting married on that day

As a Numerologist, quoted as Abella Arthur, I was interviewed by the Canadian Press to comment on October 10th, 2010 due to the triple sequence of 10-10-10 that the date creates.

That interview snowballed into a handful of radio and TV spots.

Capricorn Zodiac Star Sign

Earth Saturn Responsible Mature Fears Can view a situation worst than it is Pleasure denial Successful Career oriented Appearances

Libra Zodiac Star Sign

Sweet Sees both sides Seeks balance Right & Wrong His & Hers Give & Take Symmetry Equilibrium Middle path Soft Smooths Dislikes being sweaty Dishonest Lies Is a mirror. Reflects you. Romantic Charming Flirty Superficial Co-operative

Cancer Zodiac Star Sign

Domestic Kindly Food Moved by emotions Depressive Intuitive Love of family Clingy Laid-back

Taurus Zodiac Star Sign

Earth Venus Fixed Determined Tenacious Head of the household Secure Stable Financially inclined Housing Making stuff Sensuous

Aries Zodiac Star Sign

Aries Mars Sees red Assertive Immaturity Fast Blunt Honest Direct Passionate Energetic Child Movement Opinionated Physical Enjoys sweatyness Raw animalistic desires Vehicles Rough Tough