The Alchemy of Turning a Square Into Trines (Jupiterville)!

A Square turned on its side makes a DIAMOND!  The moral of the picture is to look at things differently.

I have a belief that no such thing as good or bad exists, only difference.

What’s in a square? That which we call a trine. By any other square would smell as sweet. Oh, I think Will would get a kick out of that quote mod!

In the Wikipedia Astrological aspect article it says, “Basically, the square’s energy is similar to that of a trine but it is intensified to such an extent that the energy is said to be stressful.”  I agree.

Two triangle shapes make up a square.

Split them up, they make two triangles (squished Trines).  Put them together, they make a square.

Make your square work for you.  Reap all the rewards and benefits from a square that you are meant to have. One Square makes two triangles or Trines.  A Trine is related to Jupiter. So that means BIG luck — the Jackpot, if you can successfully turn your square/s into Trines.

The Square is a HIGHER FORM of the Trine.  The Trine is wrapped in a constricting and protective Saturnian box.  Imagine the gift, the power contained within. The Trine is lazy; the Square tense.  The Trine privileged; the Square tested.  Should you choose to accept, your mission is to blast the box off the Square to get to the Diamond Mine of Trines.  Think Indiana Jones!! :) Think Zen Warrior!  Only those who can harness the power of a Square (Pandora’s Box) will succeed in receiving more gifts than one Trine bestows.

Turning a Square into a Trine/s

The basics in turning a SQUARE into a TRINE, Triangles goes something like this:

  1. Do the exact opposite of what you would normally or want to do. Do something different.
  2. Exercise discipline rather than restrict planetary themes and influence.  You know what I’m talking about.
  3. Channel the Trine sign attributes that reside next to the Square. A Square is 3 signs apart, a Trine 2 signs apart.  So if your Square is created by the signs Sagittarius and Pisces, channel Scorpio to replace Sag. Or Aries replaces Pisces to create a Trine with Sagittarius.  It’s helpful to select a sign that’s already in Trine so you can get the most out of the transmutation process.

Visual Representations: Manifesting The Miracle


90° angle. Three signs apart.


120° angle. Four signs apart. An isosceles triangle.

Space taken up by a trine compared to a square. See the trine hidden inside the box? Also see the other two triangular spaces?
A square split in half, makes two right-angle triangles (trine-like) on either side.
Two trines back-to-back on its side.
Two trines back-to-back on its side and a square turned on its side to make the shape of a diamond or star! Once you turn the Square around, harnessing its power, you get two Trines bursting outside of the square – no longer contained!

Learn more: Astrological Contact Types in Planetary Aspect & Saturn’s Test: Astrological squares in aspect — How to overcome them and get on with it.

Fancy a bit of mind-expansion, relaxation, Opera to get you juiced up for your mission? Colour, sound, and also SHAPE express ideas!

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    • VirgoVault

      [New Post] The Alchemy of Turning a Square Into Triangles! –

    • MsFullroller

      This is an awesome post and food for thought for transforming the t-square and grand square in my chart!

      • Abella Jucy Arthur

        Hello MsFullroller!
        Thank you for the lovely comment. It’s appreciated more than you may know. :)
        Are you open about your signs? If you are, what signs are in your t-square, grand square?
        You must be a dynamic, unforgettable person!!

        • MsFullroller

          **blushing**Wow, thank you for the complement! I discovered your blog from your comments on the Astrofix blog.

          The signs for the t-square Virgo, Gemini & Pisces. The grand square’s signs are Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius & Taurus.

          • Abella Jucy Arthur

            Hello again MsFullroller!!

            Sorry it’s taken me so long to get back…
            You are so very welcome. :D I’m glad you found me.
            I haven’t had time to visit Astrofix in awhile (love the site and Michelle)…. I get bursts of time to spend blogging and then none at all… It’s really a special interest thing rather than something that makes me a living. :)

            In regards to your squares…
            Mutable and fixed! Intriguing… I have not ever come across a client with a grand square in their natal chart. What’s it been like for you? and others that come across you? :) Have you tried to transform the squares yet? Have you read this book: How to handle your T-Squares by Tracy Marks?

            I have worked on my Mars Square Saturn with much success. I’m a lot happier, allowing Saturn to slow me down so I can smell the roses, see all the beautiful colours, work on what I have already started, etc.. Life is beautiful!!


            • MsFullroller

              Basically, I always feel as though I’m being pulled apart in many different directions. Especially so in the last 7-8 years, with all the outer planets setting off those squares starting with transiting Pluto moving in to form a grand cross of the mutable t-square when it was in Sagittarius and later Uranus in Pisces then finally Saturn joining in the party while in Virgo . Neptune has just moved off my natal Venus which activated the fixed grand square.

              As far as how others see me…it’s hard for me to answer that because I feel like most don’t see me initially, if that makes sense. However, my presence is noted afterwards.

              I can be a dynamo once I set my mind to do something, often doing things that others would not even try. That’s not to say I’m a daredevil…far far from it. But if I can see the practicality of a thought whatever it is , visualize it, plan it and work the plan, I’ll generally see it through to the end. The end result is what’s seen by others which is what I meant when I said my presence is noted afterwards.

              No I had not read that book but I ordered it yesterday when I read your comment. Thank you for that because I have been looking for all the help I can get in working with this t-square & grand square. Especially now having gone through the midlife transits which have activated these big time.

            • Abella Jucy Arthur

              Just a quick pop-in. Look forward to replying to the rest of your post. :D
              I just found this and thought of you:
              Have you got the T-Square book yet?

            • MsFullroller

              Yes, I got it and and have stopped at the chapter on using the empty house to work out the tension of the t-square. Jupiter is a key planet in both as it’s at the apex of the mutable t, rules the empty house and the is natural ruler of the 9th which contains my NN. The Taurus NN is the apex or what forms the fixed grand square and if not considered, is the empty leg of that t. I’m wanting to get a better understanding of Jupiter and T.Jupiter is activating a t-square formed by some of the goddess asteroids I’ve looked at in my chart.

              Thanks for the link too!! I’ve read it and bookmarked for later reference.

    • H0p

      f*** -u´r good!

      • Abella Jucy Arthur

        I’ll take that as a compliment even if this is a spam message. ;P 


      Thank you very much. I have some hard work to do here in Brazil with my Mars square Neptune! I really appreciate it!

      • Abella Jucy Arthur

        Hi Ewerton, I’m glad you got something from this article.  This is one of my favorite articles because once I discovered the “secret of the square”, it changed my whole perspective about my own squares.

        What do you find most troubling about Mars Square Neptune?
        Let me know how you make out?