Life Skills: Words of Wisdom #1 – Confirm Assumptions as Fact (Audio Player)

Recorded on Friday, January 04, 2008.

Audio Player – WOW#1 – Assumptions

  • Assumptions can cause misunderstandings, hurt, anger, and pain.
  • 1. Perceive. 2. Assume, and 3. Validate. Most people forget #3.
  • To assume is to think; to ASSume without checking for fact is ignorant.
  • An intelligent person assumes.  A person of intelligence exhibiting humility confirms their assumption as fact.
  • A person who is too busy, not present, looking for a short-cut forgets or does away with verifying their assumption as fact.  That non-action can turn into a grave mistake.
  • Check your assumption as fact by going outside of yourself. In this way a respect for others is shown and error is unlikely.
  • Assumption is the Conversational Introvert’s companion; Judgment is their Lover.
  • 1. Listen (hear out) 2. Acknowledge (appreciate) 3. Question (respect) and 4. solve, TOGETHER.
  • Negative arrogance comes from an ego who wants to know but does not.
  • Positive arrogance comes from an ego that knows and wants you to know too.
  • Confirm your assumptions before believing they are factual.
  • Get in the habit of asking a lot of questions. Discovery is the mother of a smooth life.
  • If someone looks at you as if you asked a dumb question, look back at them and say, “Will you be laughing if I make a mistake?”

    Ophiuchus: The 13th Sign of the zodiac?

    Picture from:

    Strange looking fellow hovers near and above Sagittarius, Scorpio, and Libra

    Ophiuchus: The 13th Sign of the zodiac? Astrologers Tell-all

    Charlie Jane Anders says: “The internet is burning up with the news that the zodiac has been rearranged. There’s a 13th sign, Ophiuchus, and people who think they’re Virgos are actually Leos. What happened here? We talked to the astronomer [Parke Kunkle] who caused the fuss. Read More” Interestingly, I’m a Leo with a Virgo Stellium.  See end of post re: Vedic astrology.

    What I Imagine

    Is Ophiuchus the 13th sign of the zodiac?  Most Western astrologers say this constellation isn’t.

    From what I get, Ophiuchus has traits that are a bit quirky, kind of Uranian like. Come to think of it, it’s not even lined-up with the other signs – unruly, I tell ya!  Could Ophiuchus be playing a joke on us since this constellation was discovered thousand of years ago and Western astrologers already ruled it out as being the 13th sign or could Ophiuchus be pulling a temper-tantrum?

    Ophiuchus, the Trickster may be saying:  “I want me some fame and fortune! Give me some space in the light! haha”  or maybe Ophiuchus, the mischievous child, combines a bit of happy Sag and dark Scorpio with a side of sassy Libra thrown into the mix!  Take a look.  Ophiuchus seems to be setting out its foot and walking down towards Sagittarius to fit between Sag and Scorpio. Cozy, isn’t it? Is Ophiuchus like a child wanting to be heard, to belong?  “Let me in, let me in…” or is Ophiuchus testing us, challenging us to look beyond what we already know?

    What do professional Astrologers say?

    There are scholars and practitioners of Astrology and some do both.  My current interest is on providing stellar personal astrological consultations.  While I’m interested in research and knowing things deeply, I’m currently less focused on knowing how things came to “be” in the Astrology world.  I’m less focused on researching mathematical, astronomical aspects of the stars right now because I have enough to work with as-is and Astrology is a life-long study.  :)  So I leave the heavy stuff to the smarter and wiser astrological folks to learn from for now… 😉

    Check out what my colleagues have to say:

    Jeff Jawer said, “There is no truth in this, Western Astrologers use the Tropical Zodiac, which is based on the seasons, not the signs. Anyone who seriously researches the subject would know that.” Read more

    Matthew Currie (a Sagittarius!): “…it turns out that “Ophiuchus” is a “Trending Topic” [on Twitter], which gives us something else to talk about..  Namely: why do you never hear anyone who actually knows astrology talk about Ophiuchus? If an astrologer made a crackpot claim about astronomy, no one would listen, so why does the reverse get all the buzz? … Read more“  Matthew also has a piece on that goes deeper into the why and why not. Also check out Matthew’s radio show tonight where he will be talking about Ophiuchus.

    Molly Hall says:  “Everyone’s talking ’bout the 13th sign today, Ophiucus, (O-phew-cuss) which is a very cool-looking constellation. To the ancients, it appeared to be a man holding two snakes — a two-part constellation pair called Serpens (Cauda) and Serpens (Caput). Its Latin name is Serpentarius — a snake handler! Astrologers already know about precession, but for thousands of years, the Western Tropical Zodiac has been aligned to the seasons (the equinoxes).  Read more

    On Twitter, AstroSHayden Suzan Hayden says:
    #ophiuchus refers to Precession which is old news.WESTERN astrologers use a different system: SIDEREAL an example of what Western Astrologers use nowadays.It’s a Sidereal Ephemeris. Western Astrology doesn’t use outdated system. We use Sidereal Ephemeris NOT #ochiuchus

    What others say wrote an article about it too.
    Interestingly, this article mentioned Leo at the get-go.  I’m a Leo and to be fair, I would be a Cancer with the Vedic Jyotish Astrology system.  I’m not sure how that fits in with Ophiuchus or Western Astrology but it’s something to look at.  As well, Chinese Astrology goes by lunar months which are 13.
    I have a belief of the Law of Proximity.  That anything close to something else can take on some of the traits of the other as well as continuing to possess unique traits. Therefore both Vedic and Western astrology, in my eyes, can work in tandem.  There are MANY regional types of Astrology (I know of at least 8) and somehow they all add meaning and are accurate!

    This is what Wikipedia has to say about Ophiuchus.

    Ophiuchus traits.

    A side-observation

    Not that it probably means anything to anyone but I find it interesting that Ophiuchus and Oprah share the Oph letters and Oprah is an Aquarius who is ruled by Uranus.  My love of numerology and patterns picks something up with that. 🙂

      VESTA: Animated Video of Asteroid / Protoplanet (WARNING: sound plays immediaely!)

      Posted on Sep 27, 2011 @ 17:53

      I have written an article on Vesta and it can be found here.  I wanted to add this video to it but it plays right away.  We all know how annoying that can be so I decided to just put it here.

      Embedded video from

      NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory California Institute of Technology

        Protoplanet Vesta: Domicile in Virgo (Vesta Virgo), Exalted in Scorpio

        File Name: Vesta_23396 Description: "Heathen Deities: Vesta"-Willson, 1859. Source: Marcius Willson, Outlines Of History: Geographical and Historical Notes and Maps; Part I. Ancient History (New York: Ivison & Phinney, 1859)23 Keywords: Jupiter, Neptune, Pluto, Mercury, Mars, Vulcan, Apollo, Diana, Minerva, Juno, Ceres, Vesta, greek, gods, Deities,  Copyright: 2009, Florida Center for Instructional Technology. File Name: vesta_23154 Description: A distinguished divinity of Rome, and regarded the goddess of fire ad of the hearth. Source: B. P. Holst The Teachers' and Pupils' Cyclopaedia (Kansas City: The Bufton Book Company, 1909)V:2025 Keywords: Vesta,


        • Domicile in Virgo
        • Exalted in Scorpio
        • Detriment in Pisces
        • Fall in Taurus

        What are your thoughts?  If you don’t agree, that’s okay; however, do leave a comment and tell me why.  Lets discuss! 😀

        For about a year now, I have been seriously pondering who Vesta (also known as Hestia) rules and who Virgo is ruled by other than by dear ‘flighty’ Mercury. Yes, it’s time for Virgo to be ruled by its very own planet or protoplanet, to be precise!

        Vulcan, Ceres, Chiron, and Vesta all crossed my mind; however, after being recently inspired by Emma Belle Donath as well as doing some personal research and contemplation– I decided I’m going with Vesta ruling Virgo and Mercury co-ruling Virgo.  And Vulcan does, in my mind, have some connection to Vesta and therefore – Virgo; however, I do not get the impression that Virgo is at home here.

        As synchronicity would have it, my Vesta and Mercury are in Virgo and parallel to each other but not conjunct. I also have a stellium in Virgo 8th house; however, Mercury stands alone while all the other planets in Virgo (including Vesta) stand together. This might be another reason I was so passionate about finding a planet to rule Mercury.

        As with what other Mercurial types have said, Mercury is best suited to Gemini. There’s just something uneasy about Mercury ruling Virgo without Virgo having a home of its very own.

        Also, with excitement I’m following Dawn’s mission which will reach Vesta in July, 2011.

        While reading through the website, I was elated to find out that Vesta is no longer considered just an asteroid or comet.  It’s technically and officially considered a minor planet and scientists prefer to think of it as a protoplanet. With research done in 2011/2012 this is likely to get further defined.

        Symbols of Vesta

        Glyph Credits:  1-4 ~ 5-8 ~ 9 ~ 10 ~ 11 ~  12 ~ 13 ~ 14 ~ 15

        Wanting to get the symbol right and being too complex?  If that isn’t Virgo’s influence — perfecting, tweaking, and complexity until it’s right — I don’t know what is!

        Oh, and for good measure, #16 with the color red symbolizing fire, passion, and strength!

        When I was ready to analyze what Emma Belle Donath had to say about Vesta, I couldn’t find her book so I decided to read up on the myth of Vesta and figure out what she sought and seeks.  And thankfully that happened because after writing all the keywords and phrases (below), I was amazed at how well it fit Virgo and a side of Scorpio.

        Scorpio is known for its sexy self but there’s another side to Scorpio, also to Vesta and Virgo.  To fully ‘get-to-know’ Scorpio, Pluto, Virgo, or Vesta, every word (logos) must be heard and investigated because their depths are often hidden.

        Scorpio, Pluto, Virgo, and Vesta are detectives of one type or another and they detect all manner of things. The Vestal Virgins detect the flame and ensure it doesn’t go out unless in ceremony once a year.  And while they do this, they are hidden.

        Because they understand and live a life of “hiding”, they can detect and see you clearly even when you think you’re not hiding too.   To meet detective-types head-on, to know them, you must be like them.  Put yourself in their shoes.  Be a detective too.

        Having said that, be sure to have integrity and a good reason for getting to know Scorpio, Pluto, Virgo, and Vesta or you might get into more trouble than expected.

        The following functions and wants are divined from the myth of Vesta.

        Vesta ‘s functions:

        1. training of initiates
        2. apprenticeship
        3. secret knowledge
        4. divinity
        5. spiritual separateness
        6. aestheticism
        7. Utopian existence
        8. innocence
        9. following regulations for safety
        10. forgiveness
        11. central nervous system (the nucleus)
        12. physical discipline
        13. conscious presence
        14. shyness
        15. severe truths
        16. vigilance
        17. having purpose
        18. feminism
        19. otherworldly
        20. physical health
        21. serving others, society
        22. paranoia or fear of becoming impure
        23. represents truth, purity
        24. right living / just causes
        25. responsible for society
        26. methodical service
        27. burning passion
        28. work over pleasure
        29. wholesome foods
        30. holy foods
        31. sustenance
        32. trusting in the process
        33. minimalism
        34. divine birth
        35. very late or never birthing
        36. obsessive work
        37. minor tasks that have a big impact

        Vesta wants:

        1. service
        2. purity
        3. dryness
        4. chastity
        5. to hide from impurity
        6. a higher mind
        7. physical sacrifice
        8. ritual
        9. severity
        10. order
        11. remembering
        12. social distance
        13. the hiding of the sexual self
        14. self-denial
        15. spiritual intercourse
        16. hard work
        17. commitment
        18. integrity
        19. rules followed
        20. attention to detail
        21. solitude
        22. devotion

        Vesta Rules the 6th house

        • Who serves us
        • How we serve others
        • How we take care of our health
        • Submission
        • Duty: Do we want to cheat on our partner or employer? Does work get in the way of good sex or fun?  Can we have fun at work? Doing what’s right even if what’s wanted is wrong.
        • Vocational training
        • Daily chores and tasks
        • Esteem
        • How we achieve comfort, feed, and take care of our bodies
        • Animals that can be used in service (the Donkey is Vesta’s totem animal — a work horse)
        • See more about the 6th house

        Thoughts, Tidbits, and Notes:

        • On May 10th, one day before Mercury was released, “Dawn Observed Vesta with Camera and Spectrometer”.
        • March 29, 1807 Vesta was discovered in the constellation of Virgo
        • Vesta’s formal name is 4 Vesta and in numerology , the number 4 represents (among other things): earth, planning, organizing, compartmentalizing, and teaching.
        • Vesta looks a bit like the shape of a brain / skull.
        • Vesta and Virgo are not asexual or lacking sexuality, in fact they have deep passion and it’s a sacrifice to cut that off until 30 years of service has passed.
        • The Vestal Virgins were High Priestesses (Scorpio) and were very much desired (Scorpio) because they were so unobtainable. Scorpio connects to the secret knowledge, spiritual intercourse, feminism, etc. of Vesta as well. Scorpio also wants the pure unadulterated truth. And there was some Vesta myth that suggested the Vestals were not Virgins at one point but rather seen as a fertility symbol.
        • Vesta is a the daughter Saturn (Capricorn) and Opis.  Opis’ children are interestingly: Jupiter & Neptune (both ruling the 12th house), Pluto (I’m attributing Scorpio as exalted in Vesta), Juno (whom I’m likely to attribute to Libra), Vesta, and Ceres (whom I’m currently connecting to Cancer and/or Taurus).  Could Opis rule or be connected to Taurus? “The Latin word ops means “riches, goods, abundance, gifts, munificence, plenty”. The word is also related to opus, which means “work”, particularly in the sense of “working the earth, ploughing, sowing”.”
        • Spends the longest
        • Pluto likes to throw out the trash. So yes, Scorpio can get polluted but it doesn’t like impurity either. That’s why Scorpio really loves the integrity and honesty of Virgo. With the myth, some Vestal Virgins had sex when they shouldn’t have and so they either got whipped or buried alive, underground (so the story goes).
        • Six (the house of Virgo) Vestal Virgins kept the eternal flame going (see also, Olympic flame).
        • While Vesta’s various symbols are to represent a hearth with fire coming out of it, it also looks like the wheat associated with Virgo the Virgin. Or at the very least the wheat can become bread through baking it (with other ingredients, of course) in the hearth. 😀
        • Vesta’s animal is the donkey, a productive work horse.
        • There are 16 symbols of Vesta that I could find.  Perfection, anyone?
        • Virgo squares Sagittarius and given Jupiter pushed Vesta out of orbit and into the asteroid belt, leading to its lack of developing into a proper planet and Jupiter sucking up the area.  It’s no doubt they are squaring.  But no worries, Virgo forgives and Sagittarius forgets.  It’s all good in the end. 😀
        • Carol Barbeau says: Vesta represents the sacred flame and high Priestess energy. She began as a worshiped energy as a Vestal Virgin energy. IN pre-Hellenic times Vesta was associated with unmarried temple priestesses who acted as channels for descent of the Moon goddess during sacred sexual rites. These priestesses healed through sexual energy as well as more traditional herbs and were thought to be the first surgeons and doctors in ancient times. The moon energy was honored for visions, psychicsm and also the energy related to prophecy as well as a time to bring down sacred healing energy. By Roman times Vesta Priestesses and this energy had shifted to the more chaste vestal virgins who foreswore their sexuality for spiritual commitment. By this time the male energy had moved into healing and much is suggested at this time that these women were still powerful but were now put behind the scenes but even more powerful.
        • Vesta’s main festival is in the sign of Gemini — Vestalia, as observed from June 7-15 — Um, how Gemini and Mercury! ;P
        • Vestalia to Vesta (Roman festival)…
          June 5 – Festival of Sancus
          June 7 – Vestalia to Vesta begins, holiday for fishermen (Pisces — more like the fishes day off!! — Opposite Virgo!)
          June 8 – Vestalia to Vesta continues, festival of good sense
          June 9 – Vestalia to Vesta continues, defeat of Crassus by the Parthians commemorated
          June 10 – Vestalia to Vesta continues
          June 11 – Vestalia to Vesta continues, Matralia to Mater Matuta, Festival of Fortuna, dedication of temple of Concord commemorated
          June 12 – Vestalia to Vesta continues
          June 13 – Vestalia to Vesta continues, Quinquatrus to Minerva
          June 14 – Vestalia to Vesta continues
          June 15 – Last day of Vestalia to Vesta, Quando Stercus Delatum (all the trash from the previous festivals is thrown into the Tiber)
        • With Taurus in fall, it would suggest that Venus couldn’t handle the austerity of Vesta. Taurus lives for pleasure, fine things, and there is very little with Vesta, except for enjoying pleasure because you are in service.
        • Any “horns” seen in a glyph or symbol are supposed to represent stylized fire.
        • “The rites of Vesta ended in 394, when the fire was extinguished and the Vestal Virgins disbanded by order of Theodosius I” from Wikipedia page.
        • Vesta is a minor planet, it didn’t get formed into a full sized planet.  With that, we might get a sense that Vesta is humble and unsure of herself.
        • Vesta will be in the constellation of Capricornus (my ASC) during my birthday. 😀
        • The signs carry out the plans of the planets.  It’s my opinion that Virgo and Scorpio do this best.
        • Tarot card: Virgo is assigned to the Hermit card and Scorpio is assigned to Death.
        • Hopefully I’ll have some time to come back and do a “mini cookbook” on Vesta through the signs.

        So, that’s my take on it.
        What’s yours?

        Artist: Wenzel Hollar (1607–1677)

        What Others Are Saying

        Dawn:  Mission to Vesta (2011) and Ceres (2015) | May 11th, 2011 News Article |  Wiki: 4 Vesta (Astronomy)  | Astro Wiki | Wiki: Vesta (Mythology) | Carol Barbeau on Vesta Virgo / Scorpio | About Vestal Virgins | More on Vestal Virgins | The Goddess Asteroids | Demetra George (.pdf file) | Vesta Ruler of Virgo | 46 Hestia | Mission to Vesta | Elsa Elsa | Anne Massey, C.A.P. | Milky Way Maid | Neeti Ray | Sasstrology | Universal Sky


        A Whiter Shade of Pale, Sarah Brightman

        A Whiter Shade of Pale, Procol Harum

          Life Skills: Life Coaching – Setting Goals

          26/8 = Power, Wealth, & Health

          In my customized psychic life coaching sessions in addition to my clients finding solutions for themselves, I also find many solutions for clients too. Recently I was asked:  How do you set goals? And the following became their homework:


          A. Set a goal that helps you with X as it regards to “x”.

          X is the Big Mamba.  That big scary thing that you have been avoiding getting done.

          x is the Little Mamba.  Very specific, controllable, S.M.A.R.T. Part 1

          B. Goals need to be S.M.A.R.T. Part 2

          Drill x down further to find your S.M.A.R.T. Part 2
          1. Specific, Simple
          2. Measurable, Manageable
          3. Achievable, Action-oriented
          4. Realistic, Results-oriented
          5. Time-specific, Trackable (set a deadline)

          C. How to set and achieve goals:
          1. Be S.M.A.R.T.
          2. Identify, specifically, what you want to accomplish.  What do you want to accomplish?
          3. What obstacles might you face?  How will you overcome them?  What are the different pieces or steps?  Prioritize and organize pieces or steps.
          4. What do you want the outcome to look like?
          5. What information and/or resources might you need to reach your goal? What kind of help might you need? Do you need to learn something new to be able to meet your goal? Will you require the help or knowledge of others?
          6. Set a deadline.  When do you want to accomplish your goal?
          7. Be S.M.A.R.T.

          I’m here for you

          Some find working with others forces them to do necessary self-work when there is a sea of other things to do.  If that’s your situation, I’m your gal,  Call Me! Others haven’t spent enough time on themselves and need to learn how.  If that’s your situation, I’m your gal,  Call Me! Still Others enjoy working with a study buddy, coach to help them reach the next level after they have been on a plateau. If that’s your situation, I’m your gal,  Call Me! Finally, if you find me or what I do intriguing and believe I can help you in some way, shape, or form I’m your gal –  Call Me!

            Life Skills: Who do you know that’s controlling, critical, bitchy, flaky, fat?

            1. Do you control yourself consciously?  Do you find yourself being critical, bitchy, flaky, fat often?
            2. Are there certain people who are too hard on you in your life? Better question:  Are you too hard on yourself?

            When you notice that someone is too picky, critical, controlling, argumentative, defensive, dominant, aggressive, [insert non-social behaviour here] do you take a moment to recognize and honour that in yourself too?  If you are not, you may be acting out a Projection or what I like to call The Like-Me Principle.

            Are you Like Me?

            The Like-Me Principle â„¢

            The Like-Me Principle â„¢ proposes that whatever you like about me, you like about yourself and whatever you don’t like about yourself, you don’t like about me. Whatever you like or dislike can be something you possessed in the past or present or something you want or wanted to possess but did not assert.

            Think about it.  We rarely see, take notice, pay attention in others what we do not see in ourselves.  How else can we know what we don’t know?  And so the saying goes:  It takes one to know one. Whether we behave in that way now or in the past, we recognize what we possess, possessed, don’t want to or want to possess (but are not asserting) in others for better or worse.

            Instead of taking notice of a dissimilarity, attempt to understand and accept not only those aspects in the other but also in yourself for better or worse. We are more alike than we remember. Through acceptance, we can begin to heal, develop, and grow and as human beings I imagine we can agree that that’s what we want for ourselves and others.

            If you are being too hard on yourself, then the other will also be hard on you too. Not because they are but because you are.  So if you think someone is judging, controlling, criticizing…  If you think the other is being too hard on you, ask yourself:  Am I judging, controlling, criticizing myself? Am I being too hard on them?

            An Astrological Perspective

            Now to blend in astrology.  My theory is that a projection is a conjunction that looks like an opposition. In fact, an opposition is a conjunction in disguise! 😉

            With an opposition, you and other are very much alike but it gets perceived as you and other being the complete opposite.

            Are you like the other (Conjunction) or against (Opposition)?  Are you like or against yourself? Or can you see the similarities and realize you are more alike than different?

            We are not always projecting but often we are.  The more conscious you are of projecting, the less likely you will be annoyed by yourself and others and project your stuff. 😉 Instead, you will start recognizing yourself in others and feel like a comrade and begin to like the other (and therefore, yourself) more.

            Projection starts in the 7th house and continues around the natal wheel in varying degrees and focus.  In the first house, we may say:  Everyone likes me, is like me, they are like me, I want them to be like me and I am like them and you may rebel against that.  And when we get to the 7th house, we may say everyone does not like me, is not like me, they are not like me, I do not want them to be like me or I am not like them and you may want to change that.

            Astrologically, projection is similar to the  Sun opposition Moon aspect which is AC Opposition DC or Self Opposition Other (Mother-figure, Emotional self…), etc… and projection often begins with Sun opposition Saturn AC or self Opposition Society, Father-figure…

            Can you recognize yourself in others for better or worse?

            Can you say: Yes I can?  If you can, that”s the first step to: having your ego-in-check, getting along better with yourself and others, understanding and accepting yourself and others, and being on a higher vibration of Jupiterian abundance!  The next step, if not already doing it, is catching yourself in the act of projection.  I’m still at this stage myself! 😉 But I’m getting better and better at spotting it!!

              Aspects: Sesquiquadrate featured w/ Square and Semi-Square – Part One

              The Sesquiquadrate is also known as: Sesquisquare, Sesquare, Square-and-a-half, Quartile-and-a-half, and/or Trioctile

              If you like this post, you may also like: Astrological Aspects

              Originally I wrote this in one big article.  Over time, I noticed other bloggers writing “series” and so I became comfortable with breaking up a very long article and separating them into parts…

              Part One (you are here) | Part Two | Part Three

              The Sesquiquadrate

              The visual representation of a Sesquiquadrate (aka Sesquisquare) is that of a reduced-in-size semi-square and square.  The symbol also looks like the back of a monitor with stand.  What could that mean?

              This aspect has six terms used to identify it.  SIX?!?  No wonder it has a “nebulous” and confusing quality to it.

              For now, lets use the term: Sesquiquadrate? How the heck do you pronounce Sesquiquadrate anyway?  It’s a mouthful!  And, to me, that translates to complex and hard to understand and that might be part of the problem.  Is it even worth delineating? To me, fortunately or not, it is!

              Other than reading that the Sesquiquadrate (inversion of a Semi-square) is less evil, I haven’t read much about it that differs it from a Square or Semi-Square. (Thank you Jan Bird for posting some links in the comments section!! I welcome more links as well)

              Many astrologers (to my knowledge) do not speak about it in regards to how it affects a chart or transit. Is that because it’s known as a “minor aspect”?

              So here’s where I have been:  I wasn’t able to find any transit or delineation of aspects on the Internet or in tons of astrology books to help me get a grasp on its meaning or even a substantial definition.

              And after seeing it in many charts and my own — I have Saturn Sesquiquadrate Uranus and Neptune Sesquiquadrate Chiron — I felt the need to make something of it.

              Since I have read little – that would suggest what type of influence a Sesquiquadrate has – and I’m not an astrological scholar, I gained most of my insight through patterns, intuition, taking a look at the other aspect symbols as well as this one, adding / subtracting, and my personal yet limited experience delineating charts with this aspect.

              Visual Representation

              Shown here, is the symbol of a Sesquiquadrate fitting inside a full-sized square with a bit of Uranian wiggle-room to the right.  The semi-square also fits inside a square.  Could this mean:  Bottled up tension even when tension is relieved? Attempts at containing rebelliousness? I think it does.

              Read on: Part Two & Part Three

              What others say

              School of Evolutionary Astrology | Kira’s Astrology |

              Please also read the comments below to get more understanding of this aspect…

                Which is it? Zodiac Sign OR Sun Sign? Astrology Term Revealed. :)

                Originally published on:

                • Mar. 7th, 2008 at 2:12 AM

                The Ecliptic Path: Image from Wikipedia

                I say: What’s your sign?
                They often say: Huh?
                I say: You know, your Sun sign?
                They often say:  What?
                I say:  What’s your birth date?  When were you born?
                They often say as they stammer about: Oh, my ZODIAC sign…. it’s…

                As a Psychic Event Entertainer I have come across a lot of people with varying astrological knowledge and I’m often perplexed that there’s a misunderstanding of what a zodiac sign is and why no one knows their “Sun sign”. Well they do, they are just calling it something other than its proper name. 🙂

                The zodiac (which means in latin, a circle of little animals) comprises a belt or band of 12 or 13 constellations (clusters of stars) depending on whether one is using the solar or lunar calendar (for example, the ancient Mayans used the lunar) along the ecliptic (the path of the sun as defined by the earth’s orbit) in which the moon and planets move very nearby.

                The Zodiac Belt - The Ecliptic Path - Click for Credits

                Your Sun sign represents the sign of the zodiac that the sun was in or covering on your birth date. A zodiac sign that gets covered by the sun is roughly between the 20th/21fst of one month to the 20th/21fst of the next on the Gregorian (western) calendar until it moves to the next zodiac sign; however, an ephemeris (astronomical table) gives exact dates.

                So in order for people or astrologers to understand what you are saying and “if” you want to continue using the term ZODIAC, it’s correct to phrase it this way: “The zodiac sign Aries is in my Sun or My Sun is in the zodiac sign of Aries”. An easier way to say it is: My Sun sign is Aries” or “I’m an Aries” with the latter not being precise as to what planet or luminous the zodiac sign Aries refers to.

                By the way, the sun is the brightest celestial object which is why it’s an important piece of astrological information about yourself. The sun sign describes your will power, ego, and personality and is the core of you.

                  Psychics Are Scam Artists: Diskeptics vs. Believers – The Truth About Psychics

                  The name I used for people who identified themselves as scientific skeptics instead of openly skeptical, was diskeptic because they were often disrespectful. I haven’t run into any diskeptics since I wrote this back in 2008. Maybe times are changing! 😉

                  Originally wrote:  January 16, 2008
                  [sc name=”Book session”]

                  The following are typical diskeptic (scientific skeptic and not just skeptical) comments and my rebuttal.

                  Diskeptic: A psychic shouldn’t charge until predictions have come true.

                  Believer: Predictions are not the only reason to go to a psychic.

                  Believer: What are the chances that someone is going to come back years later to pay the psychic or even remember that the psychic made the prediction that came true?

                  Believer: Freewill or Godwill can affect a prediction.  A prediction is based on the past and present conditions to divine the future.  It may or may not come true, and sometimes that’s a great thing!  Consider weather and sports forecasters.

                  Diskeptic: Psychic ability or tool use is not a science.

                  Believer: The information possessed is coming from ancient wisdom and heightened conscious ability.  If we are to consider the dictionary definition of “science” (the study of the natural world, a branch of knowledge using objectivity and involving observation and experimentation, etc.) to be true, then psychic ability and tools such as tarot, astrology, and numerology is a science that was honed by the ancient Peoples of the world.

                  Diskeptic: Psychics are scam artists.

                  Believer: There’s not much credibility in that statement since a lot of de-bunkers are magicians who are scamming and tricking people while telling you they are doing it! (see James Randi)

                  Diskeptic: Prove to us that what you do works.

                  Believer: Proving to others is a shadow activity.  It’s better to receive validation internally.  If you want proof, get a reading or learn how to do what we do.  From there, you have a better place to stand when making unfounded criticism.

                  Diskeptic: I don’t believe in psychic powers.

                  Believer: Neither do I.  We all have power that many have taken away from them.  Power is a self possessing ability that everyone has.

                  Diskeptic: I don’t believe psychics are gifted.

                  Believer: I believe psychics have a gift but then so does everyone else that does something well or different from the majority.  In other words, everyone has a gift.

                  Diskeptic: Psychics are scam artists.

                  Believer: While there are people out there who scam others, it can happen in every profession.  What’s important here is to be self-responsible and put these people out of business.  Be more skeptical and discerning and understand what your needs and desires are.  If it’s too good to be true and you don’t need to work for your desire, than it’s probably a scam.

                  Diskeptic: Believe includes the word “lie”.

                  Believer: This is an etymology issue.  Up until the 17th century, “Beleeve” was the common spelling.   This basically meant to be in like, love, or desire.  The Scientific Revolution understandably set out to de-bunk anything that couldn’t be proven by a certain set of criteria.  I imagine the word “beleeve” got devolved to “believe” to support reforms.

                  Diskeptic: If they were truly psychic they shouldn’t charge for what they do..

                  Believer: What psychics do is energetically demanding.  Also if they were doing something else for money, they may not have the time, energy, or ability to read for others on a professional basis anyway. And it’s senseless to me to tell someone to work at something they may be less capable of doing just because you say they shouldn’t charge for their so called “gift”.  That means a lot of people shouldn’t charge for the fine services they offer.  *senseless*

                  Diskeptic: Psychics use cold reading.

                  Believer: So do normal people.  Using cold reading is looking at someone and making judgments about that person.  When a psychic makes these judgments it’s often much more clearly defined than an average person would make which is one reason psychic readings are so fascinating.  For example:  Face reading is a form of cold reading that tells a lot about the person that much of the population is not consciously aware of nor would they be able to professionally talk to someone about their findings either.  Also professional psychics do not use cold reading as their sole form of divination or insights.  I like to do my readings by phone only as I don’t want to be distracted by facial expressions and body language that is plain as the day to me.

                  Diskeptic: Psychics use general statements that apply to everyone.

                  Believer: General statements apply to most everyone because most everyone experiences the same common experience.  However, if you are a professional psychic you are going to say some very specific things related to the past, present (and not just the past), or knowable future that only applies to the person you are reading for.   Also general paper horoscopes are not specific to an individual but rather a group of people.  It’s a horoscope for a sun sign but not an individual so it may or may not apply.  Also, some psychics need clearly defined questions because there is a lot of information that can be read.  Having a foundation question (that doesn’t include ANY or a lot of background information) helps steer a response that is more meaningful.  When I read I get symbols and pictures and words that need to be converted into something the seeker will understand.  I’m not a super human.  Knowing if a question is surrounding work, love, etc. puts things into context.  This ain’t Hollywood darlin’!

                    Aleister Crowley’s Tarot Deck & How to Pronounce Thoth

                    • Originally posted on: Mar. 7th, 2008 at 2:13 AM

                    Pronunciation – outside link

                    [ti_audio media=”384″ autoresume=”1″ repeat=”1″]

                    Aleister Crowley made a Tarot deck; however, many of us that use that deck are uncomfortable or are unclear as to whether we are pronouncing it correctly.

                    Have you ever wondered how to pronounce the deck’s name? I have, at great length.

                    For years I pronounced it: Thawth like Moth but then I got to “thinking” when I was putting together “training” materials for my “tarot” courses that maybe I wasn’t pronouncing it correctly. With an astrological birth chart that includes a load of Virgo energy, I get focused on the smallest of details and want to ensure that I’m passing on accurate information “from the get-go”.

                    Anyway, I set out to get the correct pronunciation / enunciation and noticed that I wasn’t the only person who had the same “thoughts” about whether I was saying the deck name correctly.

                    As I continued to research I found many different ways to pronounce it: Thawth, Thoot, Tot, and ThOth and the deck name is spelled T.H.O.T.H.

                    And as I meditated and drove my partner mad with different pronunciations and discussions on this “all important” one syllable word and read various books on different hermetic subjects for a number of months I had an epiphany….

                    The Egyptian Moon God of Learning & Wisdom was the inspiration for Aleister’s deck. This God was also the inventor of writing and the Scribe of the Gods (of all knowledge and information). This God was also known as Hermes Trismegistus (Hermes Thrice Great = Egyptian Hermes), with the Greek Hermes being related to the planet Mercury, knowledge and magic.  That’s when I saw the deck being representative of and associated with the English word THOUGHT or TAUGHT for the deck has much knowledge to “teach” or “tell” us as was one purpose of the Egyptian Moon God. So as mentioned that’s the reason for why I now pronounce the name of the Crowley deck more closely to these common modern English words.

                    So when I pronounce the name it sounds a lot like Thought or Taught albeit more exotic sounding, perhaps even with a slight British accent from my ear point such as THOUT OR T’HOUT.

                    After all of this research I believe the pronunciation of the Moon God is different from how I prefer to pronounce the deck’s name. Pronouncing the Egyptian God’s name is probably more like Tehuti or Tehut.

                    And in the end while I feel comfortable and finally have clarity with how and why I pronounce the decks name — Thout or T’Hout — I’m still not sure if it’s correct but heck, I can now arm my students with this information and let them decide and you now can too. 🙂

                    Audio Pronunciations of Thoth





                    Image from Wikipedia

                      Natal Astrology: Mars Square Saturn – The Phoenix Rises Aspect

                      I tweeted today:

                      Mars SQ. Saturn has a way of finding the positive in the negative. After the temper tantrums, gr8 things begin. Phoenix Rising. #astrology

                      Note: Update:– Just discovered Mars is in Capricorn 16 degrees squaring Saturn Libra 16 Exact on December 29th (today); however, on the day I wrote this, Mars was 12 degrees (4 degree diff from Saturn) and I was feeling the heat from about the 20th (9 degrees) on the day Saturn moved to 16 degrees and especially on the 22nd (10 degrees). My Mars is Leo 11 degrees Square Saturn Taurus 21 degrees.

                      Natal Mars Square Saturn

                      1. Not feeling that anyone cares, recognizes, or pays attention to you.
                      2. Feeling like your work gets ripped off and you are the only one who can or will promote yourself.
                      3. Because people think you are arrogant or bragging they don’t want to help you.
                      4. Getting upset, hurt, stamping your feet because you think nobody loves or supports you.
                      5. Feeling as if others are taking credit for what you do and being inspired by your work without giving credit.
                      6. Feeling unimportant, as if you are looked down upon or held back because you are not somebody and that they don’t want you to be somebody because they are afraid of your power and energy.
                      7. Wondering why it takes so long to get anything done or get anywhere.
                      8. Feeling like you miss opportunities because you take so long to get anywhere.
                      9. Getting down on yourself for not doing enough.
                      10. Experiencing people who don’t want you to succeed because they think you have enough success given you have a habit of promoting the good times, your achievements, etc.
                      11. Just when things are getting better, your bubble gets burst!
                      12. Loving a challenge and in fact you are not likely to back away from a challenge.  Actually you might even inspire challenge.
                      13. Erecting obstacles that misdirect your focus and take your eye off the prize.
                      14. Feeling depressed, getting over your depression and then feeling oddly re-energized and passionate about your next moves.
                      15. Finally throwing out what doesn’t work.  Finding solutions to reach goals after much time of not wanting to give up on what doesn’t work.
                      16. Having your passion re-ignited and full steam ahead!

                      Mini Brainstorm

                      I have long since used brainstorming techniques in Tarot and for other things; however, the first time I saw anyone do it was astrofix in astrology and she inspired me to do it for astrology as I was having a hard time getting a handle on delineating aspects.  I would NOT have put the two together and I thank her!

                      Fear of moving quickly causes tension. Aggression brews with delays.  Action happens when obstacles are in the way.  When we overcome delays we will succeed.  Feeling blocked when displaying one’s achievements.  Innovations are thwarted due to fear from others and possibly self.  Being tested by self or other to prove we are worthy to win. Getting shut-out from authority figures because of non-social behaviour.  Being passive and moving slowly frustrates the desire to be ahead and act quickly.


                      (Aries, Scorpio) = Aggression, sexuality, power, action, assertiveness, strategist, me first, innovation, activity, movement, courage, fighter, war-like, extroverted, more masculine than feminine.


                      (Saturn) = Challenged, blocked, tension, discomfort, conflict, needed adjustments, stubborn, irregular, hang-up, restrain, restrict, shut-off, obstruct, thwart, pressure, stress, struggle, testing, delay; inhibitions, disruption, limitations, and inner conflict (Wikipedia); WizardsNet adds crisis, difficult to integrate. Astrology3D says struggle of two forces at cross-purposes.  Obstacles which can bring growth through concentrated effort. Acts like Saturn


                      (Capricorn, Aquarius) = Fear, restriction, discipline, karma, tests, limitations, passive, withdrawn, introverted, more feminine than masculine.

                      My Personal Experiences

                      Recently I had a public outburst on the Internet.  It happens a few times a year.  Most of my planets are in the Southern hemisphere so it’s no surprise that I do this though part of me wishes I wouldn’t do that and probably because it doesn’t look good for the image (Capricorn Rising)!  The outburst was also preceded by a Mars Square Chiron transit and during a Mars Square Saturn transit as well.

                      What happens?

                      Basically I have periods of time where I don’t feel noticed or seen for who I am, what I contribute, and people are often surprised when they find out many of the things I have accomplished though I’m hard on myself and think it’s not enough. I have bigger goals that haven’t been reached, like publishing my first book on tarot (update: Done June 2011!!)!  Perhaps they are thinking:  Why are you down here, if you have done so much up there?  And I have seriously asked myself the same question too.

                      I also get bouts of feeling as if others are inspired by my work but don’t want to or forget to credit me because maybe somehow I bring them down or don’t add to their credibility.  Or maybe they oddly don’t realize or attribute what they learned from me as inspirational when it obviously was, given what gets produced.

                      I have also given freely but at some point will recognize that not much is coming back.  I don’t give with the idea of getting back but eventually I DO see that others can just take, while I give and no, I’m not happy with that.

                      The Meltdown

                      Suzan Hayden (twitter account) was introduced to me by Carrie Steirs (twitter account) when she witnessed my hissy fit about me wanting to take my tweets elsewhere! Humph!  She didn’t want me to go and understood what I was going through and somehow she knew Suzan was just what I needed, at the time, to help me deal.  It was Suzan that noted that I probably had a Mars Square Saturn natal aspect after chatting for a bit and mentioning I had a Sun Conjunct Mars aspect too.  I said, during our epic tweeting,” I will try out many different things to try to make something work but sometimes I just need to give up if working 2 hard,” and that’s when she connected all the dots…

                      [Note that I used the word “try” which means I wasn’t in a good frame of mind at the time.  I generally “do” or “do not”.  I don’t really try unless I’m feeling defeated!.]

                      That hit me and I went and researched Mars Square Saturn to get some more information on the challenge.  And I’m pretty sure that is what was causing the problem especially since Mars was transiting my Midheaven by Trine at the time.

                      What triggered the meltdown?

                      I was upset (again) that it seemed to me I was being overlooked (which I was / am) and that I can’t seem to get anywhere no matter how hard I try / work or what I accomplish. It seems that I have to beg for support and even then, it’s not what I had in mind and probably because those that do want to support me have their own troubles.  Thankfully my outburst was during a Mars Sextile Midheaven transit so I got exactly the right help and support that I needed this time around.  Thanks Dan, Jana, Suzan, Amara, and Carrie!!  Yes, It took these many amazing people to move this mountain of despair!! Thank you universe…

                      This recent Mars Square Saturn meltdown ended with me finding out that someone has got where I have always dreamed of and where few have reached.  And a part of me can’t help feeling that maybe they got inspired by me in some way given my Leo Mars is in my 7th house of open enemies along with my Sun . I had worked towards this goal for some time, spending long hard hours with many sacrifices to get there but I felt hampered by lack of resources and support which caused me to feel lethargic and depressed.  Since I’m public and generally not secretive about my actions (maybe I need to start being that way.. update: I am less inclined to discuss my successes or plans now) it isn’t far-fetched.  After-all, any “bragging” I do is liable not to be taken well by some people and it can inspire non-friendly types of competition unfortunately.  I’m still figuring out how I can let people know what I have been up to without coming off like a braggart (Update: Only those who need to know, get to know).  Maybe using covert actions like working with a Public Relations Representative. 🙂 Update: I’m now focused on local pursuits and building relationships.

                      But there’s something else that’s even bigger and somewhat odd (here’s where Aquarius is connected to Saturn!!)…  There’s not generally a specific person or people I target with my meltdown’s.  I have an issue with a mass of something but nothing I can put my finger on.  What I do find interesting though is that certain people will feel attacked by my meltdown and think it has to do with them.  I guess they were not for me like I thought they were (Saturn Opposition Neptune)!  If nothing else, this aspect draws out the people who are not actually supporting me.

                      Update: That person may have been the straw that breaks my back but it’s many straws, of similar behaviour, that causes the meltdown.  So it isn’t that one person… it’s a group of people doing the same thing that will break me down.


                      A few times a year I have my temper tantrums but one thing that always amazes me, after-the-fact, is that I come out fighting and feeling strong.  A lot of times I don’t get positive support.  Instead I get knocked down for being a cry-baby and that’s not what ANY Mars Square Saturn person needs to move past the real thing they are going through.  But no matter what, I somehow get re-inspired, dump the waste, what doesn’t work, set new goals, and visions and then get to work again BUT it takes me some time to get there (Update: The time it takes to get there is seriously cut down now.  I recognize my displeasure and then do something to solve the problem much sooner).   I kick and scream all the way before I make this change {Update: I don’t anymore).  It can take months and years for the metamorphosis to take place (Update: Not anymore).  I don’t give up easily and I will do everything I can to keep working at something to the detriment of myself and others (Update: That’s waning now).  And no, I don’t want to do that anymore (Update: So I stopped my self-defeating behaviours and honored Saturn).

                      Where do I go from here?

                      So the understandable temper tantrum and pity party are done (for now) and I’m ready to make a fresh start with my new focus.

                      And as with anything Saturn related, as we age, things do tend to mellow out and get easier.  I’m hoping and will endeavor not to experience another year of this… One of my 2011 goals is to turn my Squares into supercharged Trines.

                      Update: October 26, 2011… This aspect has been largely healed. In fact, reading this blog post feels so foreign to me.  I wonder how I could have felt this way in the first place! 🙂 I still have beefs but not about delays. I take it one day at a time now. Update: June 2011 (published first book, on tarot). Update: March 6, 2012. One of the things I did was stop fighting the establishment, Saturnian structures, hierarchy, ways of people, and the world.  And once I began working with that energy rather than against it things began to smooth out.

                      What Other People Say about Mars – Saturn Aspects

                      Random Astrology | Astrofix | Planet Waves

                      This is what says about Mars Square Saturn!

                      Seething inside


                      During this time it is necessary to proceed slowly and cautiously.  The more thoroughly and carefully you perform any task, the more chance there is that it will succeed.  This can be a very frustrating and irritating time, when all your efforts to assert yourself are blocked, more by a sense of internal inadequacy than by circumstances or other people.  However, you are not likely to take negative reinforcement lying down, even if it comes from within yourself.  The part of you that is struggling to break free from inhibitions will feel very angry at being held back.  Consequently you are likely to be irritable and easily angered, although your inner doubts make you reluctant to show your anger openly.  But no matter how you try to cover it up, everyone will be quite aware that you are seething inside. Order your Personal Horoscope at



                        The Alchemy of Turning a Square Into Trines (Jupiterville)!

                        A Square turned on its side makes a DIAMOND!  The moral of the picture is to look at things differently.

                        I have a belief that no such thing as good or bad exists, only difference.

                        What’s in a square? That which we call a trine. By any other square would smell as sweet. Oh, I think Will would get a kick out of that quote mod!

                        In the Wikipedia Astrological aspect article it says, “Basically, the square’s energy is similar to that of a trine but it is intensified to such an extent that the energy is said to be stressful.”  I agree.

                        Two triangle shapes make up a square.

                        Split them up, they make two triangles (squished Trines).  Put them together, they make a square.

                        Make your square work for you.  Reap all the rewards and benefits from a square that you are meant to have. One Square makes two triangles or Trines.  A Trine is related to Jupiter. So that means BIG luck — the Jackpot, if you can successfully turn your square/s into Trines.

                        The Square is a HIGHER FORM of the Trine.  The Trine is wrapped in a constricting and protective Saturnian box.  Imagine the gift, the power contained within. The Trine is lazy; the Square tense.  The Trine privileged; the Square tested.  Should you choose to accept, your mission is to blast the box off the Square to get to the Diamond Mine of Trines.  Think Indiana Jones!! 🙂 Think Zen Warrior!  Only those who can harness the power of a Square (Pandora’s Box) will succeed in receiving more gifts than one Trine bestows.

                        Turning a Square into a Trine/s

                        The basics in turning a SQUARE into a TRINE, Triangles goes something like this:

                        1. Do the exact opposite of what you would normally or want to do. Do something different.
                        2. Exercise discipline rather than restrict planetary themes and influence.  You know what I’m talking about.
                        3. Channel the Trine sign attributes that reside next to the Square. A Square is 3 signs apart, a Trine 2 signs apart.  So if your Square is created by the signs Sagittarius and Pisces, channel Scorpio to replace Sag. Or Aries replaces Pisces to create a Trine with Sagittarius.  It’s helpful to select a sign that’s already in Trine so you can get the most out of the transmutation process.

                        Visual Representations: Manifesting The Miracle


                        90° angle. Three signs apart.


                        120° angle. Four signs apart. An isosceles triangle.

                        Space taken up by a trine compared to a square. See the trine hidden inside the box? Also see the other two triangular spaces?
                        A square split in half, makes two right-angle triangles (trine-like) on either side.
                        Two trines back-to-back on its side.
                        Two trines back-to-back on its side and a square turned on its side to make the shape of a diamond or star! Once you turn the Square around, harnessing its power, you get two Trines bursting outside of the square — no longer contained!

                        Learn more: Astrological Contact Types in Planetary Aspect & Saturn’s Test: Astrological squares in aspect — How to overcome them and get on with it.

                        Fancy a bit of mind-expansion, relaxation, Opera to get you juiced up for your mission? Colour, sound, and also SHAPE express ideas!

                          The Gray Areas: Cusps in Astrology

                          What makes a cusp?

                          A cusp is on the edge.

                          “Mathematics A point at which a curve crosses itself and at which the two tangents to the curve coincide.”¹

                          “A transitional point or time, as between two astrological signs [or houses as in a house cusp].”¹

                          A cusp is the overlapping area between one zodiac star sign and another. Every year the start and end day of a sign can change.  The day a sign starts is often as early as the 18th and ends as late as the 24th of one month to another depending upon the month.  I consider the area on or near the day to be the cusp; however, some astrologers would say the cusp is only the first or last day of a sign, not days near it.

                          The cusp effect

                          I believe a cusp has an effect; however, some astrologers believe a cusp has no effect. is one such astrologer that says a cusp has no effect and rather it’s the Mercury, Venus, or some other planet that causes one to sense that.  Sound thought, for sure!

                          However I am not often into looking at things in a black and white way since there’s no room for anything else.  I see a lot of Grey all over the place.  Therefore, I don’t believe much in the you are either one way or another.  I believe human beings are far too complex and generally freedom seeking to be forced to stay put in a cubby hole; we like to spread!

                          Natives who are born on a cusp, often demonstrate strong traits of the sign on the cusp of their zodiac sign.

                          So say you are a Capricorn and the first day of Capricorn the year you were born was December 19th, you would also demonstrate qualities of a Sagittarius and be considered born on the cusp.  If you were born on January 20 (the last day of Capricorn that year) and January 21 was considered the first day of Aquarius, you would be a Capricorn on the Aquarius cusp displaying more Aquarius traits as Capricorn is almost phased out.  Having said that, your traits will still be distinctly Capricorn as suits your needs.

                          There will also be a dual masculine / feminine nature to the native’s self-identification.

                          Difficulty guessing sign

                          When I have a hard time guessing someone’s sun sign it’s either because of a powerful Ascendant, Moon or they are on the cusp and therefore exhibiting a confused presence.  And perhaps that’s a good thing, especially for the Scorpio cusps. 😉

                          I believe in cusps not only for the sun sign but for every luminary, planet sign and house in a chart.

                          So 0 degree Venus in Leo would actually have a Cancer-Leo love nature with behaviours and traits fluctuating and changing depending upon mood and circumstance.  Therefore a 29 degree Venus in Leo would be close in temperament to a Virgo, exhibiting both Leo AND Virgo qualities.  The degrees (which are determined based on the day the sign moved into the planetary influence) is the reason for out-of-sign planetary aspect contacts by orb.  And this is why a 2 degree Aries Sun will not trine (by orb) a 25 degree Leo Sun in synastry.  Another example: 27 degree Aries Sun and a 1 degree Gemini Sun actually become Sun Conjunct Sun even though it’s out-of-sign.

                          Choosing one sign over the other

                          Some Sun cuspies have made a decision to be one sign or the other and then play up that sign. As with anything, the more one affirms something, the more likely it is to become true.  And this is one way to better ourselves such as channeling another sign’s attributes.

                          ¹ The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, Fourth Edition copyright ©2000 by Houghton Mifflin Company. Updated in 2009. Published by Houghton Mifflin Company Added words in brackets are my words!

                            Synastry: Handling Venus Square Neptune (The Fantasy Romance)

                            Venus Square Neptune

                            To get a better understanding of a planet look to the attributes of the home and perhaps exalted sign/s it rules (and vice versa).

                            Venus rules Taurus and Libra although Venus is in the process of helping Libra find a new home.  Neptune rules Pisces.

                            Neptune & Venus can be very much compatible and live in harmony; however, it is still delicate. In fact Neptune is the higher octave of Venus!

                            To get a feel for how the Venus-Neptune aspect manifests itself, we take a look at the planetary home signs (as per above) as well as the contact type, in this case a Square.  The Square is similar to Saturn which rules Capricorn The sign Capricorn Squares Libra; however, it is in Sextile to Pisces and Trine Taurus. Libra is Inconjunct Pisces meaning they don’t understand each other very well or tend to ignore what the other is saying; however, Pisces Sextile Taurus and Capricorn.

                            Real problems happen when Venus expresses herself as Libra in the Venus-Neptune aspect by square, opposition, or inconjunct.

                            An intellectual and sometimes vain Libra Venus can not connect well with the illogical and accepting Neptune.  Many fights or square-off’s can be had when it does try. However, an instinctual Venus (Taurus) can handle an illogical Neptune (Pisces)!!…

                            “Don’t think it out, just go with your instincts”, “Lets be real”, or “Don’t let the emotions overcome you Pisces,” Taurus says. Taurus, unlike Libra, has a habit of longevity.  Taurus wants to mate for life and once they make a committment to love you, they will baring excessively bad things happening.  However, Libra can be fickle about making a decision in the first place and that is one reason limerance (being in love with love, infatuation, addictive love, etc.) can occur.

                            The Square wants to tell Neptune to keep itself in-check because it knows what havoc can be played out if it doesn’t. It tells young Neptune stories that Saturn went through to help it not make the same mistakes.  The Square contact with Venus-Neptune cautions Neptune in love (Venus).  Neptune says to Venus: My love for you is impractical. Impractical due to age, values, distance, finances, what’s right, commitment/s, etc… think Saturn in Libra. So what is it Neptune? Figure it out, even if it’s nebulous right now, and tell Venus. Maybe, together, you can figure out how to make your romance real.

                            The Lesson

                            The lesson of Venus Square Neptune is to take it slow, have discipline.  Love, being in-love, and first love feelings can be delicious; however, avoid taking the “connection” too seriously.   Everything must come from a higher solid and aesthetic state!  Avoid getting wrapped up in the mystery of your love, affection, or admiration for each other because once reality sets in you may find it was just magic, an illusion an other or self-deception.  Take your time and get the facts first.  At the same time, be compassionate, delicate, and enjoy the dream (romance) while you are having it. But also consider that love has no barriers, no bounds, and you can move mountains for true love. What are you waiting for? What’s holding you back? Stop seducing Venus, and get on with it. Get through it. Get past it. or Get out!


                            1. Are you in a long-term relationship and have the Venus-Neptune challenge aspect/s?  What has been your experience with this aspect?  How have you overcome the challenge?
                            2. Are you interested in someone but you have the Venus-Neptune challenging aspect?  What problems have you experienced?  What are your fears?  How have you approached your connection?

                            (original draft Oct 23, 2010 @ 22:19)

                            Melody Gardot has Venus square Neptune in HER natal chart. Songsters, that write such songs, come by it honestly!

                            Venus 0°20′ Aries

                            Venus Aspects
                            Venus conjunction Mars orb +0°20′
                            Venus square Neptune orb -2°17′
                            Venus trine Saturn orb +3°06′
                            Mercury sextile Venus orb -1°52′
                            Venus sextile Jupiter orb +1°14′
                            Moon square Venus orb +5°43′
                            Sun semi-square Venus orb +1°31

                              Do you have the Perfect Personality?! :)

                              What attributes make up the perfect personality? In astrology it may have to do with having the home and perhaps exalted sign ruled by the corresponding luminary or planet for EVERY placement in your natal chart.

                              So say you have a Leo Sun, that would mean your personality of being confident and creative is a perfect expression of self; however, if your emotions are Moon in Capricorn you might not easily show compassion for the feelings of others so having a ready-made perfect personality is cut-off right at the Moon.

                              Of course, aspects are not being taken into account here. If you have say a Leo Sun with a Taurus Venus (both at home), you would have (by sign) Sun Square Venus. So it’s not to say that if you have perfect home or exalted placements, that you will have a perfect or easy life but then again, that wouldn’t be any fun!

                              And, there is something to be said about a native displaying the lower less matured qualities of their sign whether it’s at home, exalted or in fall, detriment.

                              I haven’t met anyone with the perfect astrological or personality profile yet, though many have come close. And those that have lead largely a blessed life! To my knowledge, no perfect personality exists natally. However, it would be interesting to meet such a person should they exist. So if, perchance, you have the perfect personality (astrologically speaking) do send a reply.

                              Perfect Astrological Personality Placements

                              If you had the perfect personality, astrologically speaking, this is what you might be like..

                              In personality: Confident and creative. (Sun, Leo)
                              In emotion: Intuitive and caring. (Moon, Cancer)
                              In communication: Witty and succinct. (Mercury, Gemini)
                              In body & mind: Tweaks and engages. (Virgo)
                              In love: Romantic and tactile. (Venus, Taurus)
                              In mind & body: Promotes harmony and togetherness. (Libra)
                              In action: Courageous and bold. (Mars, Aries)
                              In abundance: Zest for exploring and culture. (Jupiter, Sagittarius)
                              In discipline: Goal oriented and responsible. (Saturn, Capricorn)
                              In humanity: Socially aware and connected. (Uranus, Aquarius)
                              In dreams: Accepting and original. (Neptune, Pisces)
                              In transformation: Out with the old and in with the new. (Pluto, Scorpio)

                              So how many perfect placements do you have? No worries. Everyone can channel personality perfection by striving to embody the home or exalted sign of every luminary and planet. Or perhaps channel a trine, sextile, semi-sextile, quintile, or bi-quintile of the home / exalted sign! The possibilities toward perfection are endless. *chuckle*

                              An Ode to Leo

                              You may have noticed that to have the perfect personality, by default, you would have the Sun in Leo. How fitting!! Therefore this post is dedicated to Leos everywhere!! May you continue to bask bright and bubbly in the heat of the sun!! And no, you’re not arrogant, you’re perfect! 😉 Well, at least your Leo Sun is perfect. Check above to see if everything else is in order for having the perfect personality but even then…!

                              I find it interesting that the signs are generally in order though backwards in one set and forwards in another.

                              Backwards in order — Leo, Cancer, Gemini, Taurus, Aries
                              then it jumps to…
                              Forwards in order — Sag, Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces

                              only Libra, Scorpio and Virgo are out of place.

                              In fact, since Mars is also associated with Scorpio it wouldn’t be out of place if placing the Pluto phrase below the Mars phrase, connecting it to Sag… Oh, patterns!!
                              And since no widely accepted celestial object “only” rules Virgo (co-ruled by Mercury) or Libra (co-ruled by Venus) of course, they are out of place. 😉

                                Astrological Contact Types in Planetary Aspect (now including Sesquiquadrate)

                                In astrology there’s a contact type or energy that form between planets / luminaries (Sun, Moon) and all together this creates what is called an aspect.

                                When we first meet someone, an immediate first impression forms based on a gut reaction.  We notice something similar or different about them and we instantaneously decide if we like or dislike a person.  As an astrologer, I believe this is related to how aspects make up an individual, aspects that form between two people, aspects that transit each person (native) and the combined energy of those transits overall.  In psychological astrology, aspects make up the personality and how a personality is likely to interact with another personality.

                                When planets notice each other, they react in the same ways. That reaction can be harmonious,  challenging, or neutralizing.

                                Astrology has a way of looking at the small details and nuances that we often otherwise miss.  That’s one reason I love astrology.  It’s acts like DNA and each aspect is like a DNA strand.  Depending on level of expertise, an astrologer can tell us all about why we are attracted / repelled and the purpose of our relationships as well as our personal psychological make-up.


                                As if one. Has same energy.  Overpowering urge to merge. No distinction.  Inseparable. Like the Sun.  A

                                .Astrology3D has an interesting observation that I have had :  Basically, look to the signs of the planets to understand further how the planets interact and how they fit with that planet or not.   And this is something I haven’t thought of yet: A planet strongly compatible to the sign of conjunction can dominate the energies of the other planet.  THIS is an awesome understanding, awareness, observation.  Why?  Because in the case of a Venus – Mars conjunction, for example, we can tell whether Venus or Mars is calling the shots.  Whether the conjunction will be more on the loving or sexy side. 🙂

                                Synastry Conjunction Example: Moon conjunct Moon aspect would lead to the couple being able to project emotions onto each other, be telepathic, etc. If the Moon is in Cancer or Virgo, the conjunction is likely to be nurturing and psychic.   If the conjunction is in Capricorn it is likely to be difficult, feeding off the insecurities and the sense of feeling exposed.  There’s still much to learn from ALL aspects but in the case of this conjunction, it really can put one in touch with their feelings once and for all.


                                180º A clash of wills.  A wall between.  Blind-spots. Impatient. Complementary.  Polarity. Two sides to the story. Like oil & water.  A natural inclination to separate. A separation. Attraction vs. Repulsion. Push vs Pull.  Back & Forth. Same goals but with different ways of expressing them. Think Square Opposing Square. Like Mars.  WizardsNet says complementary, balancing, strong tendency to project the polarity of one side on another.  Astrology3D says an opposition causes an awareness.


                                120º At ease with other.  Just there. Lazy. Protected. Can be boring. Friendly. Lucky. Like Jupiter. WizardsNet adds grace, good fortune.  Astrology3D says getting benefits without effort.  Lack of challenge. A Wikipedia article mentions the Trine indicates natural talent and inspiration as other key qualities.  And because a Trine causes no desire to work for something, too many trines in a chart can spell inertia.  So while it’s often said too many squares is bad, the opposite is actually true as long as the stress of the square causes the desire to reach the heights of a Trine.


                                60º Stimulating. Understanding. Fascination. Opportunity. Requires action to experience benefits. Like Venus.


                                30º Vacillates between sextile & inconjunct.  On & off but more on. Flashes.  Separate yet related. Like Neptune.   WizardsNet says mild, variable influence, similar to sextile.

                                Inconjunct also known as / Quincunx

                                150º Difference. Missed connection. Hearing something loud and clear but not sure where coming from. Ignoring.  Blind-spots. Turning away. Like clairaudience (a whisper that’s hard to hear). An itch that can’t be scratched (ref – M.Gelder.) Unsettling. Uncomfortable Rumours. Like Uranus.  WizardsNet says Paradox, riddle, destiny, need for adjustment.


                                90º Challenged, blocked, tension, discomfort, conflict, needed adjustments, stubborn, irregular, hang-up, restrain, restrict, shut-off, obstruct, thwart, pressure, stress, struggle.  Like Saturn. WizardsNet adds crisis, difficult to integrate. Astrology3D says struggle of two forces at cross-purposes.  Obstacles which can bring growth through concentrated effort. A Wikipedia article offers other keywords:  inhibitions, disruption, limitations, and inner conflict.


                                45º Vacillates between square and inconjunct (between Saturn & Uranus).  Digs. Can see both sides.  Off & on.  More off than on.  Flashes. Separate yet related. Like Pluto.


                                135º Contains smaller versions of the Square & Semi-Square both of which fit inside a full-size square.  Add 45º to the Sesquiquadrate and you arrive at the Opposition aspect (see Astrological Aspects article).  The Sesquiquadrate is not as offensive as the Opposition; however, it has a similar “disconnection” within the realm of Square types (see below) :).

                                A Sesquiquadrate acts like a “square against semi-square”, Might against mini-might, that dilutes both energies.  A smaller semi-square is trying to obtain relief from the smaller square but wants to get there on its own too.  There’s a feeling of some common ground but it’s uncertain, and unsure as if it’s infantile since the Square and Semi-square types are full sized (grown).

                                The semi-square wants inside or maybe it’s trying to escape but can’t quite make it.  It needs some help to fully complete tests so it may mature but there’s something holding it back.  Mature outside support is needed whether it’s accepted or not.  The Sesquiquadrate works best with another to resolve / combat problems to make up for the difference in size (maturity) or it needs much time to pass so it evolves on its own.

                                The Sesquiquadrate is like a disability (different ability) and another aspect could be used as a crutch (resource) to solve the question (problem) or perhaps with the aid of a specialist can be armed to handle the challenges that a Sesquiquadrate presents.  It’s a special challenge.

                                I also get a Saturn-Uranus type feel from it. A parent-teenager push/pull influence.

                                So we can get that feeling of wanting to break away and do our own thing but having to face the consequences of our parents thinking we are doing something that isn’t realistic, smart, or responsible.  And that supports what Alice Portman says in her article about Thor’s Hammer “Sesiquadrates give criticism from others” .

                                Now, I also see that the symbol can look like the back of a monitor with stand.  What would that mean?

                                Learn more about Sesquiquadrate.

                                Shadow Aspects

                                I call minor aspects SHADOW Aspects and major aspects COMMON or POPULAR aspects. ©

                                Shadow aspects are often Hidden, something that just happens rather than something that you may be conscious of; however, those that are very observant can see it clearly in others.  And the shadow aspects can be on & off, not consistent, which may cause people to overlook it. Humans LOVE consistency (maybe not in self but in others for sure), am I right? lol

                                Finer is not minor!!  Finer pinpoints areas that may have been overlooked or underdeveloped and given the chance to be nurtured would possibly result in FAME!


                                72º Similar to a conjunction but creatively or oddly different. Natural born talent that needs to be recognized and nurtured.  Inspired. A quintile can indiciate the native receives acclaim either for criminal or seedy behaviour OR divine inspiration.  Like a Sun-URANUS aspect. WizardsNet says artistry, special talents and gifts, change


                                144º Similar to an inconjunct but creatively or oddly different.  Dreamstate. Off and on. Odd or different ways of handling things. Not consistent. Like a Sun-Neptune aspect and Uranian.

                                Contact Type  > Energy > Planet

                                Conjunct > Power > Sun

                                Opposition > Polarity > Mars

                                Trine > Luck > Jupiter

                                Sextile, Quintile > Opportunity > Venus

                                Semi-Sextile, Bi-Quintile > Dreamstate > Neptune

                                Inconjunct > Difference >Uranus, Mercury

                                Square > Obstacle > Saturn

                                Semi-Square > Digging > Pluto

                                What other people say about astrological aspects!

                                Wikipedia | WizardsNet | Astrology3D | NO Aspects Minor

                                Images taken from Wikipedia article.

                                  Best Friendships, 7th House Beginnings…

                                  Healthy Friends

                                  I’ll probably come back to this post to clean it up and add to it.  It’s been sitting in drafts since November 5th and its been pleading with me to get published so here it is in its draft state. 🙂

                                  I’m not the type to have many mutually Libran 7th house committed“ & Scorpio 8th housedeep“  friendships but that’s generally what I desire.

                                  In fact, most of my friendships are the Aquarian “superficial”, “acquaintance”, “groups & networks” 11th house type that generally skim the surface and keep things light, distant, and impersonal yet topics of discussion are deep, optimistic, warm, and spiritual.

                                  There’s nothing wrong with 11th house relationships and in fact, they are low maintenance, commitment free, easy-on-the-mind, and full of learning opportunities; however, every once in a while I yearn for something more.

                                  My best and only deep and committed friend — whom I would share all my secrets, ambitions, joys, and heartache — is a husband.  He would be more than likely the only person who really knows me — even more than my biological family.  But I haven’t had a genuine friend, whom I haven’t slept with, since my late twenties (Saturn Return) when I realized that I made my own best friend and that no one else could care for my success, well-being, and love me as much as I could love myself.

                                  I also discovered that ex-boyfriends made very good friends after our break-up and I still know some of them after 15+ years.  I think the fact I can stay friends with exes is because the relationships were founded on friendship, we created a bond, didn’t compete, and were already there for each other so even though the romance was gone the friendship remained.

                                  But having a deep friendship with someone I haven’t had sex with, well, that’s been a long time.  The biggest issue I have with friendships is that of trust, dependability, vulnerability, as well as mutual Venus interests and chemistry or rather wonderful astrological aspects!

                                  With an 11th Sagittarius house cusp (no planets in the house) I don’t need committed & deep friendships to feel happy and content.  It’s just that sometimes it would be nice to know I actually had a 7th house friend that wasn’t’ a husband.

                                  What do you want out of a serious friendship?

                                  The biggest thing I want in a deep connection is a component of: productive involvement.

                                  For me to take a superficial 11th house association into a 7th/8th deep friendship we need to 1) love communicating in a big way; 2) live by a “Don’t hurt others” rule 3) determine if there’s a well-rounded “personality”, “general interest”, “values”, and “life” connection fit, and 4) want to:

                                  1. Support
                                  2. Love
                                  3. Congratulate
                                  4. Feedback
                                  5. Be Present, Show Regard
                                  6. Gift
                                  7. Continue
                                  8. Share


                                  Lets be there for each other.  In joy, sickness, health, pain, etc.  If we can help each other out, we will – in all ways.  Will we speak kindly of each other?  When we hear of something that might make the other person happy, will we readily share it?  We get involved in each other’s projects in any way we can because we want to support our friend.


                                  When we do something well, a sincere “job well done” (from a genuine friend) is life enhancing.  Encouragement to do it again, and again — whatever warranted the “congratulations” in the first place is welcomed.  And wanting to know a bit more about the success without it being a mining exploration for selfish purposes either is wonderful.


                                  I’m not perfect; no human is.  And I’m about growing and evolving.  I want a friend to feel comfortable enough to call me on my Leonine, Virgo, Cappy crap from time-to-time.  I want criticism done with love and sincere interest in wanting me to be the best I can be so I can hear the message well.  And I want to feel that my friend desires and loves the fact that I’m willing to take the time and care in giving feedback as well.

                                  Be Present / Show Regard

                                  Anyone home?  Can we remember special dates? Are we on-tap with what’s going on in our lives? Do we respect each other’s time, space, thoughts, feelings, gifts?


                                  What’s your gift?  Are you using it to bring pleasure and joy to your friend?  So many people have lovely gifts and I can generally tell a genuine friendship from a user by whether they readily present their gifts to me.  If your friend is a painter, will they paint a picture and gift it to you?  If your friend is a writer, will they offer to edit your story?  If your friend is an organizer, will they help you organizer your files?  Of course there’s something to say about people using their gifts to get something from you but that’s usually made very clear.


                                  Continuity is very important to me.  With any friendship (especially an 11th house friendship) even if we haven’t talked in years, when we meet again it will be as if no time has passed.  A lot of people have told me I’m like this and they get tickled by it.  However, to me, a genuine friendship — a 7th house – one includes an ongoing connection.  Perhaps we connect 2-3 times a week even if only by phone or email.  We keep each other up-to-date on what’s going on in our lives, ask for advice,  share our joys and failures, etc..  And if you are the type that says “nothing happens in my life for us to connect that often”, well, I don’t think we will would end up being close friends then.  It’s true that we all have busy lives and that’s why the term “best friend” is used.  We usually only have room for one, maybe two.


                                  Can mouths be kept shut?  Are you trustworthy? Can you trust yourself?  If you can’t trust yourself; than you are not trustworthy.  Can you be vulnerable?  Will you share truths about yourself without having to have the other go first?  Are you interested in getting to know and understand the “real” person behind the ASC mask?

                                  What do you not want from a serious friendship?

                                  There are certain aspects, signs, and planets in astrology that I believe cause any serious intimate friendship to become a challenge in getting off the ground and in maintenance. When the planets Venus and Mars interact with Uranus and Neptune in square and sometimes opposition there’s either walls up or a push/pull effect.  When these planets are dis-harmoniously aspected in the signs of Taurus, Libra, Aries, Pisces, and Aquarius and in or on the cusps of the 5th, 6th, 7th, or 8th houses, there can be a self-indulgent, self-interested, weakened state, or highly independent nature not conducive of a 7th H committed relationship.

                                  If these planets and signs are in challenging positions and the natives are not willing to overcome the challenge to gain the gift of intimacy, then it’s important not to become vulnerable with these people because they don’t have what it takes to offer you a fabulous long-term and deeply satisfying relationship.

                                  Talking About Houses & Friendship

                                  In regards to houses as related to interests enjoyed with friends.

                                  3rd House

                                  Chatting about nothing in a deep way.  Telling stories. Taking short trips together.  Weekend getaways.

                                  5th House

                                  Play time.  Arts and entertainment. Acting like children.  Not having a care in the world.  Total downtime, nothing cerebral.  Celebrities.  See & be seen.  Creating stuff. Flirty nature. Going to bars, dress-up.

                                  6th House

                                  Working out.  Hiking.  Wii-Fitness. Doing a project together.  A fundraiser. Spa time. Cooking a healthy meal.

                                  7th House

                                  Helping each other get somewhere.  Working as a team.  Your weakness will be covered by my strength and vice versa.

                                  8th House

                                  Delving into serious topics.  Expressing deep and true emotion, problems with others in romances, career, gossips, etc.

                                  9th House

                                  Exploring spirituality and the occult.  Talking about theories and philosophy.  Book club.  Going on long journey, physically, mentally, or emotionally

                                  11th House.

                                  House of friendship, associations, networks and networking, acquaintances, superficial connections,

                                  11th H Ruler –> Aquarius.

                                  Aquarius’ generally have a lot of friends and that’s for a good reason.  They KNOW how to be a friend.  In fact, they have won the title of  “Friend“.  They want you to have your own opinions, they don’t smother you, they give you independence and freedom to do and say what you will, they will stand up for you should you suffer an injustice, encourage your inner freak, and can talk with you about anything and everything.  They are also often too busy “doing their own stuff” to care about your personal life.

                                  I dont’ want to give the wrong impression.  Every sign, house, etc. ad nauseum has its productive and unproductive energies and while an Aquarius makes for a perfect friend it’s not the kind of “committed and deep” friendship I crave but it’s still one I deeply value.  So other than being able to unfriend you as quickly as they friended you and without a tear they’ll show you, an Aquarian friend is a delicious friend to have.

                                  (This post inspired by transiting Sun & Moon Square my Sun but sextile my Moon & Venus, Venus RX in Scorpio, Tweeters, FB Friends, Amy S., N.S., and my husband — began draft on Nov 5, 2010 8:00pm EXACT)

                                    Teacherless Teaching: The “Fortified Teaching” Method

                                    “Learning is finding out what you already know, Doing is demonstrating that you know it, Teaching is reminding others that they know it as well as you do. We are all learners, doers, and teachers.”  Richard Bach

                                    “We cannot teach people anything; we can only help them discover it within themselves.” Galileo Galilei

                                    In my world Students are Learners (who are also Teachers) and Teachers are Guides (who are also Learners).

                                    The Fortified Teachingâ„¢ Method

                                    I want Learners to view themselves as experts and an authority on a subject within minutes or hours to make complex subject matters easily accessible. This approach causes the Learner comfort in expressing their knowledge of the subject to themselves and others and strengthens the learning process.

                                    My own basic mission is to help people communicate to themselves so they may effectively communicate with others.

                                    I knock down beliefs that hamper learning and success. I have a “teachless” method. When a Learner believes they know “nothing” about the subject until they are taught by an expert, authority, or teacher — I believe that’s a waste of time and delays learning. I do not agree that a Learner knows nothing about a subject, even if it’s the first time they have been exposed to the subject.

                                    Life, daily experience, and other education counts for a lot and we all have access to universal thought and wisdom. Therefore, I empower the Learner to become the Teacher / Expert as soon as possible so they may overcome the unnecessary and time consuming obstacles in learning the subject matter.

                                    In my “classroom”, there are “two guides and two learners”. Not a teacher and a student. Not a division. It’s a shared back and forth complementary learning approach.

                                    I discharge dispowering behaviours, thoughts, and feelings.

                                    The Fortified Teaching â„¢ method is an organic method that builds people up, their confidence, their ego, sense of self and self-worth, and “can-do-it-ness” in a subtle and sincere way. Through questioning, I’m leading a Learner to a valid answer. Through discussions I’m supplying seeds to help a Learner plow and sow their own wisdom. Although I’m an expert in various subject matters, I do NOT want to be viewed as an authority or expert because it differentiates, puts me above another, and it delays a learners own learning. I want Learners to “stand on their own” right away. This is an ego-less way of teaching, in its purest form, and completely unorthodox! To the glory of life, living, and love. 🙂

                                    I like to deconstruct, simplify, and know the unknown so the mystery is REMOVED but in a way that doesn’t hurt myself, others, or industry.

                                    My obsessions are communication, solving problems, finding solutions, love, relationships, life, work, and all things divine.  I can teach anyone anything about tarot, astrology, numerology, palmistry, face reading, idea generation, love, relationships, work, etc.. guaranteed!

                                    And if there’s interest in learning my highly successful method or taking classes with me, let me know. 🙂


                                    Giving Credit Where Credit Is Due

                                    Do you believe in magic? When you learn from me, I can make learning appear as if it’s coming from you, which I believe is the BEST way to learn something but it can also set the Learner up into believing that insights and ability to reach insights came solely from their own self.

                                    I’m shy to take credit because I use a technique that extracts and encourages your own wisdom but nonetheless without that technique, a learner would most likely NOT be able to own what they learn and when guiding learners about complex subjects such as tarot and astrology, it’s essential you do own the material.

                                    I believe, to truly say that one has learned something completely by oneself they must not have access to books, guides, teachers, or anything else that is not common knowledge.  So most of us can say that someone else did teach us even if we forgot who it was that taught or inspired us to greatness.

                                    Remembering where you learned things from…

                                    Neptune Scorpio resides in my 10th house and Jupiter rules my 12th.  I also have Chiron Aries in the 3rd.  I have valuable things to say but will you remember that I taught you and will you credit me?

                                    People forget what I say, what I teach them, how I impact them, and then think it came from them. It’s a nebulous and insidious thing that happens when not consciously learning from me…

                                    Don’t be one of many who do this, thank you.  Or I may, one day, stop sharing freely (Jupiter 12th) altogether…

                                    Inspired? ©redit.

                                    While what I write about is often uncommon, I’m certain I’m not the only person to come up with what I do but if you learned it from me, got clarification or inspired by me, then give credit where credit is due… Inspired? ©redit.

                                      Life Skills: The Four Stages of Self Esteem When Trying to Accomplish

                                      Stage One – I can’t do it! (inactive)
                                      Stage Two – I’m not sure how this can be done. (passive)
                                      Stage Three – How do I do it? (passive-active)
                                      Stage Four – I can do it! (active)

                                      Notice that there is a progression from an exclamation mark (!), a period(.) to a question mark(?) then finally ending with an exclamation mark (!)? This isn’t an accident.

                                      When a person is experiencing low self-esteem they think of ways “not” to carry out things. They will mull over how things are “not” possible and “assume” too much about the situation. When a person is experiencing okay self-esteem, they will ask themselves how to get things done: What can I do to get x,y,z done? And when a person is experiencing high self-esteem, they say: I can do it! Then they go about their business.

                                      I’m the type of person that listens to/reads/hears every word, its importance to the speaker, and its relevance to me. Words, how they are phrased, and their syntax offer great meaning to the auditor if one is willing to listen beyond the obvious.

                                      Discussion about my theory is welcome.

                                      I challenge you…

                                      to catch yourself when you say words and phrases like: No, I can’t, I don’t, That’s wrong, It’s impossible, They won’t want it, I’m intruding, and I shouldn’t — because these are self-limiting beliefs that keep you away from accomplishing your dreams, everyday tasks, and difficult challenges.

                                      Catch yourself saying “negative” self-defeating words and phrases AND assuming. Verify your assumptions as fact. Give others and yourself an opportunity to “prove you WRONG!”.

                                      Question why you are saying these things and find ways to rephrase/reframe them so that the new ways of wording do good work for you.

                                      Disclaimer: If you are in survival mode — i.e. you are being attacked — “No” and any other aggressive words are quite fitting and often useful. Consider what I say in context and your own brand of common sense.

                                      (originally published in my non-psychic coaching blog June 11, 2005 12:12pm)

                                        How Needing What You *Don’t Want* Works

                                        WANTS vs. NEEDS

                                        What is a want and what is a need?

                                        Looking at some dictionary definitions we get much conflict and overlap about what “want” and “need” means. To me, it’s like this:

                                        Wants are

                                        1. desires,
                                        2. wishes or demands,
                                        3. discretionary,
                                        4. learned,
                                        5. futuristic but they feel like they are current.

                                        Needs are

                                        1. necessary,
                                        2. required,
                                        3. relieving,
                                        4. biological (survival),
                                        5. current but they are thought of in advance.

                                        Satisfying wants often cause tension, future unhappiness, and loss.  Satisfying needs relieve, stabilize, and cause contentment. And while getting your needs met are likely to satiate, wants often lead to more wanting which create a cycle of tension and addiction.

                                        Why is it important to understand the difference between wants and needs?

                                        It’s important to differentiate wants from needs so that you may remove yourself from tension and future unhappiness. By knowing wants from needs, you can be free to do things and act in ways that truly satisfy.

                                        Examples of wants vs. needs:

                                        1. A seeker *wants* to get a psychic reading in-person right away to talk about a crisis but one by phone and booked in advance is useful, frees up time, and ensures the seeker truly gets clarity from their reading.
                                        2. In another situation a seeker *needs* to get a psychic reading right away because a decision that is being made in a day or two requires some psychic insights.

                                        What are your wants? What are your needs? Having wants are part of the human experience; however, understanding what is a want (that which can be had in the future) and a need (that which is necessary to have now) can help achieve genuine pleasure and peace of mind for yourself and others.

                                        If having trouble figuring out what to do or what is your wants vs. needs, please do set up a psychic coaching session.

                                        (Originally published in a newsletter on 2009-03-20 18:09:15)

                                          The Busines of Competition. Is it All About You, Me, or We?

                                          Ready to get off the Wii Fitness balance board I decided to stay on for one last Walk It Out song.  I’m glad I did because as with so many songs, this one had a message for me too.

                                          I’m VERY competitive.  I’m very competitive with MYSELF. I want to be faster, stronger, better.  Not faster, stronger, better than anyone else.

                                          I’m Leo Sun Conjunct Leo Mars in the 7th house with these two planets operating as one. I’m not stuck on what I have already accomplished.   I’m rarely happy with what I’m doing and you’ll find me stretching to do more.

                                          I want to give my clients, guests, readers, visitors, and their co-workers the best bang for their buck and a magical experience they will remember for a lifetime.

                                          I applaud and encourage my colleagues a healthy living from their own work.  I want to raise the standards of our industry and expose the public to new thoughts and feelings about what it is we do.

                                          I’m Jupiter in LIBRA, not Jupiter in Aries.  I’m about partnership and being fair (sometimes being too generous) – no one loses (maybe I will) and everyone wins (hopefully). My 7th house has got those two juicy planets in Leo and my Leo wants you to jumpstart your own star, assert yourself, be creative, and magnificent irrespective of what I’m doing.  And I’ll root for you too, give you a little nod and say, “Dang, you’re good!!”  I also enjoy being inspired by you and give you credit for doing so.

                                          You are NOT my competition. Be your own. But if you want to be “so 2000 and late” you’re actually probably doing me a favour; however, if you are smart take it from the Black Eyed Peas and understand…

                                          you’re NO competition for me.

                                            Astrological Signs & Colour: What’s Your Color?

                                            ZODIAC SIGNS, ELEMENTS, AND COLOUR

                                            The following connects your zodiac sign and element with its natural colour. The best balancing or alternate colour or colours can be worn when you are finding the energy of your zodiac sign is too overpowering or underwhelming.

                                            So say you’re a Pisces (water element) and you’re on the shy side – wearing orange can attract people to you and open your energy up. Likewise, if you’re a Leo (fire element) and your energy is too aggressive, wearing pink will encourage people to accept, understand, and welcome you. The flipside is true that when you wear a colour that balances out your energy, you will be mindful to embody more of that colour in your actions and behaviour. So the result is that you have both yourself and others working to balance you to a nice place of well-being and success.

                                            Natural colours, taken from other elements, can also be used depending on the effect wanted. If you want to embody the supernatural essence of your element, without overpowering or underwhelming, use a combination of your natural colour and one or more of your balancing or alternate colours to create that effect. You can also mix together balancing or alternate colours to form a new colour to wear.

                                            If you never wanted to wear your natural colour, you may be going against your personality and appear in conflict to others. This causes tension and confusion and people may not react well to you. In addition, when you and others are feeling in balance and at peace with your energy, wearing your natural colour is extremely beneficial.

                                            Please note that different tones, values, shades and tints of a hue (colour) are more than welcome and in fact encouraged as a pure colour can be too dramatic.  Also, look to your sun, moon, and ascendant sign as well as checking to see if there’s a stellium in one sign as it makes you a honary member of that sign.

                                            Fire: Aries, Leo, Sagittarius

                                            Natural colours: RED
                                            Best balancing colours: PINK, WHITE
                                            Alternate balancing colour: BLUE

                                            Water: Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces

                                            Natural colours: BLUE
                                            Best balancing colours: ORANGE, RED
                                            Alternate balancing colour: GREEN

                                            Air: Libra, Aquarius, Gemini

                                            Natural colours: GREEN, BLUE GREEN
                                            Best balancing colours: BROWN, PURPLE
                                            Alternate balancing colour: GOLD

                                            Earth: Capricorn, Taurus, Virgo

                                            Natural colours: GOLD / BROWN
                                            Best balancing colours: YELLOW, SILVER
                                            Alternate balancing colour: RED

                                            (originally published 2009-03-29 19:13:43 in a newsletter)

                                            Which colour is the best for your zodiac sign to wear on…?

                                            Any sign can wear these colours on the following days to give them a little extra zoom to their day based on planet…

                                            Monday – Moon: Blues

                                            Tuesday – Mars: Reds

                                            Wednesday – Mercury: Greens

                                            Thursday – Jupiter: Pinks

                                            Friday – Venus: Browns

                                            Saturday – Saturn: Golds

                                            Sunday – Sun: Yellows

                                            What others say

                                            Random Astrology

                                              Colour Meanings 101: Colors Change The Way People Perceive You

                                              Colours are an important part of my life and work. A colour can brighten or hide a mood. A colour can tell me that someone is single or seeking out power in their life. A color can create an impression and change impressions. Today I want to share with you how colors can change the way people see you.

                                              SOCIAL COLOUR MEANINGS 101

                                              The following is not an exhaustive list of keywords for how colour affects. This list focuses on how others are perceived while wearing a certain colour and is based on my understanding and experience.

                                              Red – Warm, Extroverted, Powerful, Leadership, Courage, Endurance, Aggressive, Passionate, Ambitious, Sexy, Seductive
                                              Blue – Cool, Introverted, Emotionally Calm, Relaxed, Trustworthy, Sleepy, Passive, Reserved, Conservative
                                              Green – Warm, Extroverted, Mentally calm, Vitality, Growth, Innovation, Mature, Professional, Intellectual
                                              Gold – Warm, Extroverted, Fulfilment, Success, Highest State, Traditional Values, Wealthy, Gaudy, Boisterous
                                              Silver – Cool, Introverted, Connected, Mysterious, Sophisticated, Worldly, Refined, Classy, Flashy, Futuristic
                                              Grey — Cool, Neutral, Unassuming, Understated, Plain, Blending In, Uncertain, Lack of Confidence
                                              Yellow – Warm, Extroverted, Mentally Alert, Informative, Happiness, Warmth, Movement, Bright, Child-like, Open
                                              Orange – Warm, Extroverted, Confident, Friendly, Sociable, Extroverted, Fun-loving, Zesty, Easy-going, Confident
                                              Purple – Cool, Introverted, Inspirational, Creative, Open minded, Cool Excitement, Regal, Individual, Distinct
                                              Pink – Cool, Introverted, Seeking Love, Affectionate, Trustworthy (Innocent), Gentle, Kind, Compassionate, Caring, Naive
                                              Brown – Warm, Introverted, Grounded, Secure, Stable, Traditional Values, Steadfast, Boring, Low-key, Reliable, Surety
                                              White – Neutral, Pure, Truth, Fairness, nondescript, Harmless, Positive, Innocent, Removed, Dedicated, Determined
                                              Black – Neutral, Invisible, Powerful, Hidden, Sophisticated, Unapproachable, Executive, Quiet, Reserved, Deep

                                              APPLYING COLOURS TO YOUR LIFE AND CLOTHING

                                              • Using the above list, can you see why a grey suit, black pants or skirt, and a white shirt are some of the top clothing choices for an interview or the corporate workplace? Blue is also a great choice; why is that?
                                              • If someone wanted more love in their life, whether they be single or in a loveless relationship, which colour would bring more love into their life?
                                              • If you just got out of a relationship and wanted to see and be seen having fun with a group of friends, which colour choice would be best?
                                              • If you are presenting information to your workgroup, which colour choice would keep your audience happy and alert to your message?
                                              • When you see a yellow scarf, would it cause a happy or sad moment? What emotions and memories would come about after seeing a pair of pink or brown shoes? Would you feel closer to the person who wore the pink or the brown shoes?

                                              (originally published 2009-03-29 19:13:43 in a newsletter)

                                                When Opposites Attract… Fireworks Happen!

                                                WeFireworks have heard the phrase: Opposites attract; however, what exactly does that mean?

                                                Well, it can mean that the behaviour and attitude differences in others compels you to get closer to that which is foreign to you. It can also mean balancing an extreme trait or action such as having an introspective and quiet disposition and being attracted to someone who is expressive and talkative. We can also learn from someone who is unlike ourselves and our own limited experiences. And it might even mean *thinking* that the other person is opposite to you when in fact, they are quite like you (complementary) — for good or bad.

                                                Opposites attract can be about:
                                                * Curiosity
                                                * Balancing
                                                * Learning
                                                * Judgement

                                                During my years of professional reading I have found that we, as humans, think the world works in exactly the opposite way than it actually does. Similar to “Opposites Attract”, this thought (and the actions that follow) can cause a lot of unnecessary distress. We are instinctively attracted to exactly the opposite of what will truly give us peace and happiness.

                                                Life is Backwards

                                                This is because the world works in the exact opposite way than how many people think it does. Life is backwards. What’s hard for you is good; what’s easy for you is likely to cause problems. Opportunity is found in challenge. You are your own lottery ticket.

                                                I believe one reason we get ourselves in life jams is because we are curious, want to learn, judge erroneously, and want to bring into our lives what we think is missing. I strongly believe many of us approach our desire to be happy in ways that don’t serve us.

                                                (This article originally published in a newsletter dated 2009-03-14 18:17:53, BEFORE learning in-depth astrology. This post is very much related to the opposition aspect, first, fifth, seventh, and eleventh houses in astrology.)

                                                Paula Abdul’s Music Video Opposites Attract

                                                  Synastry & Natal: The Divorce Aspect – Venus Square Uranus in LOVE – Problem & Solution

                                                  Venus Square Uranus

                                                  Venus Square Uranus is an astrological aspect that  can show in a natal birth chart or it can be a combined energy that occurs between the native and someone else. This aspect is a hot and cold one in that there’s a lot of excitement and heat that can get generated instantaneously (love-at-first-sight) about something or someone but just as quickly and intensely a cold, staleness can set in making the native or pair want to either high-tail it out of a situation or cause some commotion to bring the fire and passion back in.  So if the native or pair has Venus Square Uranus in their chart, “never a dull moment” is their motto.

                                                  Venus square Uranus in Synastry Generally a relationship with this aspect between the partners has lots of excitement but little stability. You may get together in a sudden, whirlwind romance and break with each other just as quickly, unless there are other stabilizing aspects between you. The Uranus person may feel the Venus person is too clingy and emotional; the Venus person may find the Uranus person erratic, unreliable and – perhaps – a touch too eccentric or kinky. Awakening Astrology

                                                  Venus square Uranus in Natal Left-T (a Libra) from Yahoo Answers says: “This aspect always affects,one way or another, separations or problems in love affairs and relationships. This aspect brings much confusion between love [Venus] and friendship [Uranus]. You may win friends easily but you aren’t committed to them, except socially or superficially. Love, however, is more difficult, because of the demands involved and the limitations on your freedom.”

                                                  Venus rules Taurus and Libra, in different ways, and Uranus rules Aquarius.  When connected to Taurean energy there’s a natural square (Saturnian energy) between these two planets yet when Uranus (ruling Aquarius) is connected with Venus’ Libra (trine) it can get along quite well.  This means that Venus Square Uranus can be a rewarding or challenging energy but likely, given Libra is mostly a guest of Venus and has a bit of a push-pull don’t upset the apple cart with the naked truth nature already, this aspect tends to be experienced as a challenge overall — kind of like riding a bull in a crowded bar with a whole bunch of hot and sweaty lovers-to-be. Taurus’ Venus prefers her lover to be steady and sure… a warm fireplace with some fine wine after dinner but Uranus is a bit of a rocker and he’s right at home with a BBQ, burger, and beer.

                                                  The Venus Square Uranus Solution


                                                  My solution for the natal manifestation of this aspect is for the native to be aware of the need for excitement and speed and to learn how to slow down and savour that yummy bit of dark chocolate, to appreciate every bit of it, and to know that it’s going to taste just as good if not more so the next time the native gets to enjoy it.  To also be sure to alert others of antsy feelings and to offer up solutions to spice up a relationship.  Or perhaps just enjoy dating or unconventional love arrangements like you would a guilt-free dessert – it’s okay, really. The native with Venus square Uranus also has the uncanny ability to tell if love, ahead, will work out in a conventional way and therefore they might suddenly end a relationship before it has ran its course because they know it won’t work out down the road in the ideal way that is visioned and they don’t want to deal with heart-break later on.  However, consider, that most relationships are not forever and more, to enjoy every moment with the one you love now, an unconventional relationship is not a bad thing, and as long as you invested emotions and have other ties heart-break will happen anyway.  Square aspects ask you to keep it real



                                                  Synastry-wise, if a couple gets their relationship off the ground and into something traditional looking, ideally they will give each other a lot of space, freedom with date nights and weekend get-a-aways that engage other people (friends, strangers, etc.).  This aspect also works well with couples who are away from each other due to work but where one of them is the anchor (stay-at-home) i.e. a sales person or executive and stay-at-home mom or dad, a truck driver and an artist, an emergency room doctor and a 9-5’er, a retiree and a PH.D. student (of age, of course ;).  In other words there’s a reason for the distance and the distance is present at the start of the relationship. Now lets take a step back… remember sweet Libra rooming with Taurus at Venus’ place?  Well, Venus’ Libra naturally wants to soak up, ingest, and absorb everything Uranus has to offer until there’s nothing left.  That’s how this aspect can be rewarding if a) both parties or the native understand there can very well be a shelf-life to the relationship to make room for the next best thing and that’s welcome or b) the couple /native ensures that the relationship or love life stays exciting, interesting, and fresh so it never comes to a feeling or sense of “nothing left”. Finally acceptance and freedom are key working concepts when loving and being loved with the Venus Square Uranus energy.  Therefore, ensuring there’s a feeling of safety and security, before and during the inevitable distancing happens, is essential for emotional happiness and staving off jealousy and possessiveness should one of the lovers not be of a Uranian disposition natally.

                                                  Am I doomed if I / we have Venus Square Uranus?

                                                  While Venus Square Uranus in synastry is known as The Divorce Aspect for a reason, keep in mind or know that there are other aspects in a chart that can alleviate or neutralize its effect.  Then again there are other aspects that can further weaken this challenging aspect too.  Also there are reasons for this aspect existing in the first place and it’s just a test.  You are meant to jump the hurdle successfully and reap the fruits of your labour.  It’s just that you need to want it and to work for it.  But if you have always sucked at studying and failed tests because of that, this aspect isn’t going to be kind to you. You may also be interested in reading Saturn’s Test: Astrological Squares in Aspect — How to Overcome Them and Get on With It

                                                  Mini Keywords


                                                  Love, affection, art, balance, sensuality, beauty, softness, receptivity, femininity, passivity, happiness, feminine, peace, contentment, nature, earthly pleasures, money, possessions, idealizing, brown & pink, tradition, co-operation, indulgence, service, devoted, the muse, kindness, compassion


                                                  Challenged, blocked, tension, discomfort, conflict, needed adjustments, stubborn, irregular, hang-up, restrain, restrict, shut-off, obstruct, thwart, pressure, stress, struggle, testing, delay, Saturn


                                                  Change, shock, excitement, rebel, instability, youth, active, masculine, teenager, twists and turns, race car driver, fast, ignite, on-fire, arousing, unconventional, knowledge, liberation, freedom-seeker, individual, independent, chaotic, disruptions, surprises, extended family in friendships, technology, groups, networks, loose associations, ideals, goals, activism, freedom, separation, differences, the intellectual, the future

                                                  Mini Brainstorm

                                                  Love is challenged by twists and turns.  Sudden breaks in love are upsetting. A “let’s get it on nature” is hampered by a “let’s take our time” response then vice versa. The desire for affection is conflicted by a need for distance.  Shocking separations block happiness.  The masculine principle thwarts the feminine.  Long distance love affairs.  Love found through technology. Sudden awareness of love that will go wrong. Twists & turns test co-operation. Future love knowledge restricts relationship. Relationship feels unstable.  Thinking the grass is greener on the other side. Changing lovers. Sudden disconnection of contact causes tension. A two-timer. Swingers. On & off relationships.

                                                  Special note: While using the brainstorming technique is nothing new for me, this post is dedicated to astrofix who inspired me to use this technique to gain a stronger understanding of astrological aspects (I used it with Tarot in the past).  She, of course, does a better job of it than I. 🙂

                                                  Venus Square Uranus Videos

                                                  El Pino & The Volunteers
                                                  There’s No Cure For Stupidity

                                                  Katy Perry & Elmo of Sesame Street
                                                  Hot & Cold

                                                  Fleetwood Mac
                                                  Little Lies

                                                  What Others Have to Say!

                                                  Tribe | Yahoo Answers | Linda-Goodman ForumsCafestrology | Sasstrology | Astrology-Numerology | Sky View Zone | AstroText | AstrologyWeekly | AstrologyNotes | Elsa Elsa| Random Board | Random Q&A AstroFix (Brainstorming Astro Genius) — Given the article above and your own knowledge of square aspects, sleuth out the awesome square insights from this brainstorming delight. In other words, the AstroFix article is about Venus contacting Uranus and is a mixed-bag of contact types which can include other aspects such as a conjunction, trine, sextile, etc.

                                                    Are you good or bad? Naughty or Nice? Whose to say?

                                                    I may be fat but I ain’t no Santa.

                                                    Some people think I’m evaluating their goodness or badness when in fact I’m evaluating whether something works or not and whether there’s hurt or not.

                                                    To evaluate good or bad is to evaluate a belief system based on parental, familial, personal and/or societal values and opinions.  I can not see how I could do that with a straight face because belief systems are subjective and open to a wide variance.

                                                    No, I comment on whether something serves the greater good and I get agreement for the facts.  And that makes me wonder why some people think I’m deciding on whether they are good or bad when I’m not.

                                                    I do not deny someone their feelings because it’s personal and I expect that agreed upon facts or my personal feelings will not be denied or disregarded either.

                                                    My personal code of ethics include one simple thing:  Am I hurting anyone? If I’m not alerted (with sincerity) to doing that, then I go ahead with care.  So ’tis true that if I feel someone is stomping on me, others, themselves or the businesses we run, I will comment on it.

                                                    I comment on what doesn’t work and get an agreement.  It’s not about being good or bad, right or wrong.  My wish is to engage in a neutral problem-solving and resolution activity.

                                                    So lets push the ego aside and get to the heart of the matter or I may end up labelling you naughty afterall…

                                                      Lazy Eye or Psychic Eye? Crossed Eyes? Theory About Eyesight Differences

                                                      I know someone who has what is known as Lazy Eye or Amblyopia.  They are an adult, wear glasses, and have had this since childhood.  There is no vision loss in that eye though they do say their other eye is dominant.  When I first met him I noticed one of his eyes drifted to the side sometimes and he told me he had Lazy Eye.  I didn’t notice it happen again for a long time until he met an ex-boyfriend of mine for the first time.

                                                      After awhile I realized that this Lazy Eye is more apt to be called a Psychic Eye after another psychic remarked that this person had the Psychic Eye like them. Psychic Eye’s size up people, places, and things visually and very quickly. They seem to reach a powerful part or point of the brain that many of us may not.  His eye doesn’t always drift off. It only happens under certain thought conditions such as when he is sizing someone up, what they are saying ,etc.  It comes out at NO OTHER time.  Therefore, I do not see the Psychic Eye as a defect but rather a different way of accessing information that is comfortable to the person doing it.

                                                      Crossed eyes or Strabismus. A person who has crossed eyes, from a spiritual standpoint, is someone who doesn’t want to see what’s going on. They are blurring out the intensely distasteful visions in front of them. Since they are not blind and are awake, when they are in situations that they don’t want to see they just cross their eyes. This happens a lot with children because children don’t often have the tools or ability to get out of situations that are causing them distress. Crossed eyes can be alleviated by placing a child in a relaxed, loving, and balanced environment which encourages the handling of negative visual information as these children are very sensitive and often prefer joyful environment.

                                                      DISCLAIMER: I do not have medical science training.  I am cool with people using medical science to correct problems which cause distress and lack of life enjoyment. I’m posting my theory to help those who have tried medical solutions and it’s still failing them, to offer a different alternative perspective and potential option in resolving these differences, and to share my philosophy on eyesight. Use the best, leave the rest. Do not follow ANY advice or philosophy blindly!

                                                        8th House Virgo Stellium, 12th House Survivors: Helping Those Who HIDE From Themselves

                                                        I have had a knack all my life for helping people who won’t, can’t, not-sure-how, or don’t help themselves.  They are the honey; I’m the bee.  I’m naturally attracted to 12th house characters who often have the greatest difficulty in resolving their issues.  Just as quickly as a problem or solution is identified, it can be forgotten. :/ And these personalities are exceptionally strong, mysterious, love holding on to the past (comfort zone), and are resistant to change.

                                                        When I was 12 I wished upon that birthday cake for a troubled future lover whom I could heal.  At 12!! I asked for that.  I’m a strange bird.  And wow, the universe does deliver so careful what you wish for.

                                                        Because I took in my fair share of injured animals, I was delayed in getting to the point where I could have a long term marriage with someone who could function in a partnership.  Someone who had enough health to stand on their own two-feet.

                                                        I want to help people release their demons (releasing the devil from within) and I even once witnessed a cry so loud and deep that it vibrated my insides, literally.  In fact, a lot of people shed “release tears” around me and I’m just the kind of person who can handle that and many times encourage it.  I’m an intense person and can handle intensity more than the average bear.  Unfortunately neither myself or the other person have had the professional training or tools to do anything with that so it’s often like poking around in the dark hoping you don’t bump into something and hurt yourself.  So while I’m a natural depth psychologist and a happy dappy 3 life path person, a demon is a demon!!

                                                        People often complain to me that they didn’t get this and that from family, ex-lover, friend.  For some strange reason I want to be that person who gives them what they always wanted — to release that old wound once and for all. Perhaps it’s that 8th house stellium in Virgo or my Cancer on the 7th house cusp because I certainly have the strength (ah, not so much anymore) and nurturing desire to handle 12th house issues.  Or maybe it’s some twisted way for them to get some relief by unleashing their demon on to me, tucking it back in, and then being off on their merry way again until they can’t take it anymore again.  Has anyone else had this happen to them?  However, helping people express their emotions when a) they didn’t ask for direct help (just complaining) or b) they have no constructive outlet for it (no matter what strategies I give) is unhealthy.

                                                        A wounded animal is often more dangerous.

                                                        I don’t believe in suppression, especially driven parentally; however, I’m starting to believe that (for some) suppression or 12th house behaviours are a necessary evil.  Some people do need to be locked up for their own good and for the good of others because I have often discovered VERY GOOD reasons for why there’s been a restriction that either was not explained well enough by those that restricted or where there’s an inability or refusal to accept the reason on the part of the restricted.

                                                        I grew up with a fair amount of freedom but when I reflect on where I was held back it was in communication (talking) and I believe there is a reason for that too.  Being authentic and just saying what’s on your mind can be very dangerous for yourself and others if not appropriately censored as necessary.  I didn’t always have the mindset to do this and it’s still a struggle today.

                                                        Sometimes it’s for the best that someone doesn’t get all their wants met unless they are of the type to accept the result of their actions.

                                                        I have had a bad habit of falling for stray cats, emotionally unavailable or immature people and I really want no more of that unless it’s in a paid situation where the other is invested in the process of healing just as much as I or they demonstrate (which also includes asking) that they want help and can do something with that help.

                                                        Often I think of becoming a psychologist because it’s naturally something I’m good at.  I also feel anyone who sees a psychologist or someone like me, invests their time, money, and energy to take in what I can do for them and to self-heal through that process.

                                                        Anyway, I do love a good mystery as long as it has a happy (solved) ending.

                                                          Mercury in Aspect: Communication Quality, Rewards, and Headaches

                                                          Some Mercury Facts: Masculine, mutable, dignity/ home in Gemini. Home in Virgo (I say, “more like an honoured guest”), exalted in Aquarius, Sagittarius in detriment, and Fall in Pisces.

                                                          Represents communication, information, knowledge, business interactions, short distances, mail, science, quickness, siblings, detachment, clarity, etc.

                                                          With the philosophy of “no better or worse, just different” as well as not keeping signs in mind, I reflected upon Mercury’s interactions with other planets and itself:

                                                          Communication: Planet Mercury in aspect


                                                          Pulls things in (attracts). When in harmony, nets high degree of pattern recognition, connecting the dots and being quick at solving problems with unusual solutions. If in conflict, causes to miss out in arrogance and lack of intellectual respect for self or others.

                                                          • Mercury to itself (natal) or Mercury / Mercury (synastry) – Connected or Removed
                                                          • Mercury / Uranus – Inventive or Wild card


                                                          Issues to resolve / challenges ego (repels). When in harmony, nets the sweet spot of enlightened experience. If in conflict, causes mental pain and discomfort.

                                                          • Mercury / Mars – Assertive or Aggressive
                                                          • Mercury / Saturn – Responsible or Restrictive
                                                          • Mercury / Pluto – Penetrating or Invasive


                                                          Anything goes (attracts). When in harmony, nets riches beyond your wildest imagination. If in conflict, causes immense loss and embarrassment.

                                                          • Mercury / Jupiter – Expansive or Exaggerated
                                                          • Mercury / Neptune – Higher Mind or Lower Mind


                                                          Emotional (repels). When in harmony, nets telepathic, healing, and harmonious connections. If in conflict, causes mental fatigue and messy interactions.

                                                          • Mercury / Venus – Subdues or Bitchy
                                                          • Mercury / Moon – Telepathic or Confused
                                                          • Mercury / Sun – Warm or Cold

                                                          Please note: See page about VirgoVault

                                                          Have your say!

                                                          Leave a remark below OR ask questions like, “What the heck are you talking about?” :)or “How did you arrive at this?”

                                                            Work: How to Enjoy it more and have Success

                                                            When you do a job or a task consider these three principles to work by:

                                                            1. Enjoy it for yourself

                                                            If you are bored, how can you make it more fun? Can it be played like a game? What parts do you like about it? Can you do more of that? Listen to the music; find the music within the work, the flow. Talk or write about the work, in a productive way, to people. Take initiative; own your job.

                                                            2. Excel at it and be the best

                                                            Can you make your job more efficient and productive? Is there something that you can do to your job to make it better than anyone thought it ever could? Can you run a seminar, write a column, become an expert? Excelling at your job means you can move on to more enjoyable activities of your own choosing.

                                                            3. Better it for others

                                                            Tweak and document processes and procedures so you can have someone take over your job (with ease) once you have reached excellence. This is very helpful for when you want to move on to bigger and better things quickly — onwards and upwards.

                                                            Please note: Do NOT use these suggestions if you want to perform in a mediocre way or do a job just for the money because by following this will result in excellence and acquired passion for everything you do. 🙂