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Abella Arthur: Toronto Astrologer, Psychic, Tarot Reader, Numerologist by PHONE and For HIRE!

Been busy trying to make a decent living doing what I love, and what I do best for others. I can blog again when my bills are paid, and I’ve got a little extra on the side. 😉 Help me out.  haha If you know more about astrology, focus on getting a tarot reading from…

Basic Introduction to Astrology For Clients

If you want to use this for your clients (or students), especially if you are just starting out, you’ll probably want to modify the About You, About Me, About Different Astrological Practices, and About Chart Consultations I Do. Because of that, for this article alone I’m offering the following license below. If you want to…

The Professional Friend: Challenge #1

What is a Professional Friend? A Professional Friend is someone who offers Intimate Services for a fee.  A Professional Friend connects with the client in a deeply personal way.  A Professional Friend can be a doctor, therapist, consultant, personal assistant, coach, GFE, etc.  A Professional Friend has something to offer you that a traditional friend…

Teacherless Teaching: The “Fortified Teaching” Method

In my world Students are Learners (who are also Teachers )and Teachers are Guides (who are also Learners).

I want Learners to view themselves as experts and an authority on a subject within minutes or hours to make complex subject matters easily accessible. This approach causes the Learner comfort in expressing their knowledge of the subject to themselves and others and strengthens the learning process.