Astrology Aspects: How the Sesquisquare Functions – Part Two

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Below is what I have come up with notes about what other astrologers have said (thanks to links supplied by readers in the original document, now called Part One and a Facebook group discussion). My theory is not exhaustive, perfect, or anything like that.  These are ideas about the Sesquiquadrate’s meaning, wrong or right, as I contemplated on the symbols and pattern. Please test it out and let me know what you think.


135º Contains smaller versions of the Square & Semi-Square both of which fit inside a full-size square.  Add 45º to the Sesquiquadrate and you arrive at the Opposition aspect (see Astrological Aspects article).

The Sesquiquadrate is not as offensive as the Opposition; however, it has a similar “disconnection” within the realm of Square types (see part 2).  And there’s a subtle similarity to the 150º Quincunx as well.

Jan Bird says: 135 degrees is also, apparently, the best body/thigh angle for sitting, for your back (not 90 degrees) to reduce strain on your back. It’s also the total number of degrees an owl can turn its head in either direction. It can almost see behind itself. So in nature, the angle itself provides a solution.

A Sesquiquadrate acts like a “square against semi-square”, Might against mini-might, that dilutes both energies.  A smaller semi-square is trying to obtain relief from the smaller square but wants to get there on its own too. There’s a feeling of some common ground but it’s uncertain, and unsure as if it’s infantile since the Square and Semi-square types are full sized (grown).

Kira Astrology says: It can represent either a physical challenge such as a genetic imbalance causing a birth defect, or a it may represent a poor or untenable choice of behaviors.

Aspect Themes

There seems to be three main themes that come out of the Sesquiquadrate: Adolescence & Maturity, Abnormal Different Ability, and Unaccepted & Unusual Awareness.

And the overall theme (for native and other), to put quite succinctly, for this aspect is:  Unaccepted difference causes an unusual disconnect – basically, ignorance, a turning off –  rebellious ignorance.

And this ignorance causes unpleasant disturbance in the native and others.

The native pushes away from assisted maturation and society’s demands for socially correct behaviour (even if that behaviour is considered unethical or limits self-expression to the native).  The solution is to accept help from others and consider what society is telling you to do to cause success and find solutions that don’t go against personal beliefs, values, and desires.

1.  Adolescence & Maturity

Problem: The Sesquisquare reminds me of Saturn (which I see represented by the square) and Uranus (which I see represented by the Quincunx or Inconjunct) squaring off.  And oddly I have a Sesquisquare in my own natal chart connected to Saturn and Uranus. So what we have here is the young adult trying to make their own way and the old man saying:  You need to respect tradition.

Solution: The semi-square wants inside or maybe it’s trying to escape but can’t quite make it.  It needs some help to fully complete tests so it may mature but there’s something holding it backMature outside support is needed whether it’s accepted or not. Alternatively maturation is necessary.

The Sesquiquadrate works best with another to resolve / combat problems to make up for the difference in size (maturity) or it needs much time to pass so it evolves on its own.

Kathy Rose says quite powerfully, clearly, and succinctly that the Sesquisquare indicates or “triggers developmental tension”.  So if the native has this aspect, it can indicate a need to develop, mature.

Another example: This aspect can be like Mom and Dad needing to maintain their COMPOSURE and wanting the native (their child) to do the same until enough time and space to “take in information”.  Your parents have trouble being overwhelmed with radical new ideas.  They need time to digest it.

Julie Demboski says: since the [Sesquisquare] is a component of the config Fist of God [Thor’s Hammer], I see them as a little harsher, generating a lot more stress than a semi-square, and a different kind of stress to a square-more emotional or erratic, perhaps.

Saturn-Uranus in disharmony, is like Authority-Rebel or Parent-Teenager or Teacher-Student. They are hashing it out and don’t see eye-to-eye.

Lua Astrology says: I think of it as a build up to an argument, a disagreement is about to happen unless the path is averted. Tension is building and something needs to be done before someone gets upset.

Leah Whitehorse, also says: ‘incorporation’ is definitely the word I think of when I think of the sesquiquadrate – needling, annoying and pushy but unsure of itself. (To me, this is the teenANGER who is unsure and immature but still attempting to assert itself in uncharted waters — Uranus!)

2.  Abnormal Different Ability

Problem: The Sesquiquadrate is like a disability (different ability) society doesn’t want to accept. It’s a special challenge. 

Solution: Another aspect can be used as a crutch (resource) to solve the question (problem) or perhaps with the aid of a specialist or helper can be armed to handle the challenges that a Sesquiquadrate presents.

So we can get that feeling of wanting to break away and do our own thing but having to face the consequences of our parents thinking we are doing something that isn’t realistic, smart, or responsible.  And that supports what Alice Portman says in her article about Thor’s Hammer “Sesiquadrates give [get?] criticism from others” .

Jan Bird and I talked about the Sesquisquare behaving in a self-destructive way.

I really think the native with a Sesquiquadrate can become self-destructive.  Having said that, the word “self-destructive” can give the impression that the person is doing it on purpose. At least, it does to me but I may be sensitive about it since I have two aspects here in my own chart and I feel I don’t want to destroy myself but see that certain actions can be destructive to progressing in society and then yes, I’m being self-destructive.

Having said that, I have found the Sesquiquadrates, in my own chart, isn’t about being self-destructive, on purpose, unless we consider that wanting to express my individuality and share a different perspective from society (popular thought) makes it so.

That’s what I’m working out. I was born different and I go against the grain…. My aspects are: Saturn Sesquiquadrate Uranus & Neptune Sesquiquadrate Chiron — Oddly enough, I intuitied that Saturn Sesquiquadrate Uranus is like a Sesquiquadrate. A rebellion against established order…  But if I keep doing that, I won’t get to where I want and am destined to go… :D

Jan Bird says: I’m picking up that they can be about behaving in a way that doesn’t “fit” with what society seems to approve of. Perhaps they’re about learning to live with that and be comfortable in the skin.

My reply: Yup, “not fitting” in to accepted norms. *nod* *nod* *nod* — For myself, I don’t want to live with it or be comfortable… with it. Why? Because I already live with it and I’m comfortable with it. hehe… Who doesn’t want to live with it or is not comfortable with it? Society… :P

I have to adjust to society while being myself. *This* is the biggest problem I find. I want to do things differently and society says: “Nope, that’s not how it goes around here, speak when spoken too, and mind your own business” and then gives me a swat.

But I’m a fighter so I come right back. But over time, that wears thin. So yes, I could just “give in, give up, blend” or I could find a creative solution to getting the needs of society met while I get my needs met too. I prefer the latter. It’s a real challenge!

What’s the solution for not “getting rid of self” to appease society (which, come to think, is self-destructive too — destroying self for authority) but also behaving in a way that is acceptable too?

Note: 3:00am April 17, 2011

Finally got around to reading a link that Jan Bird left in a comment.  It’s from the forum of the School of Evolutionary Astrology.  It’s got to be, hands-down, the best discussion on the Sesquare.  I don’t know ANYTHING about the waxing and waning that they speak of and I’m pleasantly surprised they clicked into the “society” Saturn vs. Uranus thing but no one mentioned these planets at this forum.  I STRONGLY suggest visiting this forum.

3. Unaccepted & Unusual Awareness

Problem: After a discussion, with Jan Bird as excerpted below, I found a new insight about how Sesquisquare functions alongside the idea of the aspect having Saturn-Uranus energies.  Basically, someone with a Sesquisquare can see more than society can yet society is not ready to see it at that time. (Similar to Theme #2 – Abnormal Different Ability) So the Sesquisquare native is asked to wait or rebel and either scenario causes tension.

Solution: Learn how to get your message across that honours tradition (Saturn).  Be sensitive about others not being able to see what you see.  Present what you see, that is not easily seen, by illustrating what others can readily see.

Jan Bird says: Owl behaviour is fascinating. The ability to do this relates to having their eyes so far front, and needing to check wider perspectives for hunting/being hunted. So maybe having this aspect endows its owner with a wider perspective on the world … and makes them more able to spot danger. It’s someone who covers a much wider field of view, metaphorically speaking, than your average Joe/Joanna.

My reply:  I feel I see more than what many others see (it’s plain as day to me) and it’s not until I point out all the little details that it can be seen as clearly as I do by others…

However, my impression is that what I see, is “unimportant” and “irrelevant” whereas I think it’s potentially dangerous to ignore. :/ — I do find I’m more observant than the average Joanna (though a J named person can’t really ever be *average*, says my numerology self!! :)… to the point it can make me look *paranoid*… so it’s “over noticing” perhaps…

I also find myself being “revolutionary” and wanting to break down “old worn out traditions and ways of doing and thinking about things” and well, we know that isn’t generally accepted. Having said that, I have seen others achieve *revolutionary change within a society or community* successfully and the changes are welcomed with “open arms”, so it can be done… :)

And that’s where I’m at… thinking of ways I can do this without upsetting anyone too greatly, compromising ethics, or myself… I think that’s key…

Lua Astrology says: Part of you sees what you are doing wrong but you can’t quite see how to put it right. Others may reflect back the things you know you need to change but it’s something you can’t quite take on board, something you don’t really want to see. Something needs to be adjusted, shifted, changed or incorporated. (More of Lua’s reply can be found here).

So true and this is a paradox, in my opinion.  Both sides have a hard time seeing the other.  Both sides say or rather DEMAND:  Adjust or else!  But we can only control ourselves, so we can focus on self-adjustment while not losing ourselves in the process.

To sum up the overall solution or the native’s mission / karma…

Read on: Part One & Part Three

What others say about the Sesquisquare

School of Evolutionary Astrology | Kira’s Astrology |

To gain more understanding about his aspect, please read the comments, in the series.

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    • Atlast

      Amazing post, i never quite understand thoose minor aspects, it’s the first time i read something about sesquisquare that makes sense for me, haha.

      Let me see if I got it really well: you have an ability that makes sense for you, but not for everybody, maybe because you don’t know how to use it right YET, or you’re walking with not open minded people (but that’s ok, they are the people you know). You want to be accepted, and kind of admired by thoose “qualities”, but you can’t because no one understand that quite well.

      Something I kind off realised by my own experience (I don’t know if that makes sense, but i’m kind of saying just to see your reply): What you have to do is understand that you can’t impose that to others, so you show other abilities you have that you don’t give much importance, but you see that other people like, and when you’re accepted well, you slowly show thoose sesquisquare characteristics, because slowly they won’t look so disajusted, and slowly you can learn -how- to show them well.

      I, for exemple, have a mercury jupter of this aspect (yeeeah), and when I say about my megalomaniac ideas to people I don’t know very well, they see me as totally crazy, but then I started to learn to use it in a softer way, saying just what I seen other people like, and showing that i have normal ideas too, and then I started having space to show the bigger ideas. Maybe thats a way that you don’t lost this characteristic and don’t shock society so much.

      But sometimes things go really hard for me, since one of my sesquisquare are a mars-uranus and venus-ascendat (hard to hide! I have to find another way).

      Hope you understand :) english is not my maind language, so, don’t be shy to ask anything you don’t get!