Self-Development: How much pain do you need to experience to change?

Do you experience enough pain to change?
As much as you want to change and say you will change, do you experience enough pain to change?

Pain is the catalyst to doing something. Human beings do not enjoy pain that they haven’t intentionally inflicted upon themselves. We, as human beings, want to get as far away as possible from pain and will do almost anything to make that happen.

So if change is not happening in your life, ask yourself: Am I hurting enough? Do I have enough pain to want to remove myself from whatever it is that is causing the pain?

Some humans have a high tolerance to pain. I’m not certain why that is but it is. And because of that, they are willing to place themselves and stay in situations that cause them negative pain.

    Are you really giving the best? The Ego & Subconscious Cop-out

    Do you do YOUR best or do you do THE best?

    Listen to yourself and others when they talk about doing something well. Most of the time you will hear them say they will do THEIR best. However, is their best the best that can be done? I think not. I think that the “I will do my best”, is a subconscious cop-out. It allows one to make an excuse in case something one does isn’t good enough for others. It makes one feel good.

    Doing your best can be not very good at all and if you are not in a good state of success, then you may not even do as well as what you normally can do. Doing the best is pushing your ego aside, jumping out of your energy field and searching for the best way to accomplish something. In effect, it has nothing to do with you and therefore truly can be the best. The best is the best the universe can offer, teach, and show you.

    However, it requires the process of pushing your ego to the back of the line, taking responsibility, going outside of yourself, and hard work. I say, “Hop to it!”.

      Psychosis and Losing One’s Mind: Where, when, how, why does it begin?

      I came across some material on psychosis and decided to contemplate it. Could I have it? Would I have it?

      This questioning is the normal state of affairs for me. I’m someone with many planets and points in Virgo plus one Libra (8th house) and I analyze myself, others, and environment for the betterment of all.  Essentially I’m a natural depth psychologist.

      I have a theory, I have many of them, that psychosis begins when emotional pain is long standing as if in a war zone and that there are landmines or rather “triggers” that set off emotional pain, that escalate into mental pain when unresolved or feelings of complete hopelessness ensues.

      Sometimes the mental pain can lead to body pain. When body pain escalates too far, the mind may shut off or lock up without telling anyone that has happened. I believe most people that develop a psychosis have a naturally hardened appearance as if nothing gets to them. This causes people not to care for them as they are showcasing a strength that most do not have. When a person turns off their mind (and they really don’t have control over it — it’s a defense mechanism or automatic self-destruct) at that point it’s very difficult to find the key or combination lock (to bring the patient back) because the person / patient did not tell anyone that had happened. The mind was protecting the body from a perceived threat of death.

      Psychosis begins when a person / patient spends too long a time in a war zone (whether that be literal or figurative) without relief and mental resolution.

      And my hypchondriac Virgo moon has determined that, nope, I do not have a psychosis but anyone can get it at anytime from what I state above. Aleister Crowley, intentionally “caused” a psychosis. 6 is the number of man — the body and 666 is the beast — the body gone wild. 7 is the mental mind and 777 is the God-head.

        Why clumsiness / accidents occurs: A Psychic perspective

        I was asked why clumsiness occurs.
        My response to that is clumsiness, from a psychic perspective, is a result of negative thoughts.

        These negative thoughts usually are about other people or situations that one *feels* should have been — could have been — avoided. Also, it’s likely to be about not taking responsibility for one’s actions (blaming someone else) OR not expressing honest feelings. And because the feelings and thoughts are not expressed verbally, it turns into an accident.

        As humans, we have a knack for expressing things no matter the conditions and these expressions come in different shapes and forms. 🙂

        From a divination perspective, astrology tells us that an afflicted Mars, Aries, Uranus, or Aries and Mars retrograde can also cause clumsiness or “accidents”.

          Mental Health: ADD / ADHD Discoveries

          1. The cause to error and delayed goals is too much curiosity and creativity. If an ADDer just focused on the task at hand rather than being curious about “what else there is” or “what could be” they would be more likely to be accurate and reach goals in a timely manner. Therefore the ADD brain is a “futuristic” brain in that it is always looking at “what’s next” but then getting overwhelmed by that since they know they have a hard time accomplishing things so instead of focusing on the task at hand, they may decide not to get much done at all therefore in some strange way “avoiding” what’s next.


          A) Planning: However, ADDers tend to be freedom seeking people who like to live on the edge yet know the consequences of those actions are not very appealing at all and so goes a revolving cycle of hatred and self loathing of self and/or others.

          B) Distraction List: Create a list of “to do later”s when you find yourself doing something other than was planned.

          2. An ADDer’s brain is quite rebellious. It’s as if there are two people in an ADDer’s head: One wants to do the right thing — to be discplined and make the “right” choices and the other is a rebellious teenager wanting to do what he or she wants when she wants or else.

          3. It’s best for the ADDer  to choose their own strategies that work for their learning style so they will buy into and own those strategies. The best way of accomplishing that is to encourage an ADDer to create their own strategies — ones that are fun, flexible, and enjoyable.

          4. ADDers need a lot of professional support in addition to a loving partner or parent. Single or ignored ADDers are less likely to get help and are more likely to decline in mental health. Professional support includes Personal Organizers to get their home and office life in order, Life Coaches to keep their home and office life in balance, Financial Helpers to keep ADDers on track, making the most of what they got and out of legal trouble, and finally Cognitive Therapists to “retrain” the ADD brain to: 1. Discipline; 2. Strategize; 3. Structure; and 4. Socialize themselves successfully to their environment.

          5. Many ADDers have similar physical mannerisms when they are having an “episode”. Some ADDers yawn when they are bored; however, I have noticed the “exact” same type of yawn. Same goes with scratching, twitches, eye movements, and facial contortions. ADDers seem to move physically in the exact same way when experiencing an “episode”.

            Is Hobbyist a Dirty Word? Are you are professional Tarot Reader or a Hobbyist?

            By pure definition of what “professional” means, one could be considered “professional” in the way that you approach your readings in a “professional” manner but not likely a “professional reader” in the classical sense.

            What does that mean?
            Generally speaking, working your skills in a professional manner indicates you want to make a living (part time or full time) from doing what you do. It also means studying your craft, having a code you work by, having expertise, and more responsibility. Responsibility is very key.

            Definitions of “professional”.

            If we think of other “learned professionals” — doctors, lawyers, therapists, accountants — we can note that if they do work-for-free or less, it’s because the client can not afford their services and they want to help out. They generally don’t work entirely free for everyone. Instead of donations, it’s usually either entirely free or a sliding scale. Now if you are a “tip jar” kind of reader and it ends up netting you some real cash that’s financially supportive, I would say you have hooked on a great marketing and pricing technique that works for you so I wouldn’t change a thing. I go one step further in saying: Tell us your secret!!

            Donations are generally geared to people who just love doing what they do irrespective of whether they get paid or not. It’s not something they do to make sure the bills get paid so they can accept “donations”. What comes to mind when I think donations? On-line software programs, a very cool web site, outdoor play in the summer or low key theatre, etc.. Often, what they offer of their own freewill (with no strings attached) may not be appreciated by the masses but they want to do it anyway. They usually do it and hope for the best financially but if they get nothing, it doesn’t bother them because they are doing it “for the love, not a living”.

            Donations, in my opinion, can also “cheapen” and “devalue” the craft. The general public has a way with “well she did if for free or tips, why don’t you?” even though they can afford the services. *shrugs* I have come across this far too many times… human behaviour, I guess. If you can get it for nothing, then why not?!

            Hobbyists (among other things) pay to enter shows and contests, get stuff for their interest, and rarely think about making money from it until enough people tell them to make money from it or they are extremely cash strapped and they are searching for what they can get paid for — then they begin to explore making money from their hobby.

            We could say a professional pays for things like trade shows, nominations, etc.. too but it’s not the same thing because the outcome is usually not just to enjoy and potentially be recognized but to earn some future income from “expenses” incurred in offering their services and doing the/their best in their field.

            It’s like people think the word “Hobbyist” is a dirty word or something and “Professional” is somehow Queen, it isn’t.

            Professionals are usually held to a different set of standards from someone outside of themselves. I’m a CPTR, Certified Professional Tarot Reader and while on one hand I couldn’t care less about certification the other hand recognizes that I have been approved by my peers (whom I don’t know) who has said I’m a professional and therefore the general public may take me more seriously and feel more confident in my ability to read for them professionally.

            Lawyers, doctors, psychiatrists, etc.. usually have government laws and certification process they have to go through. They can not practice until someone else has “approved” their ability, skill, and has sworn in their professional conduct. This is for the safety of the general public.

            There are a lot of expenses, commitment, and responsibility to being a professional “anything” so I personally can’t understand why a reader would want to call themselves professional yet not care about earning a profit.

            There are also a few meanings of the word “professional” so this is probably “another” reason why it gets all debatable. Behaving in a professional way has nothing to do with being a professional “anything”. One is based on social standards in business and the other is based on having a code, expertise, and focused on earning a profit from the skills and knowledge learned and studied (usually for the purpose of earning a future living but not always as is the case when one goes from hobbyist to professional as a perfectly marvelous and happy afterthought!).

            Can someone who calls themselves professional but doesn’t care about profit give me some clue why that is? By many legal standards a professional is someone who is focused on earning a profit; a hobbyist does not focus on earring a profit. What do you think?

              Communication: Courtroom, lawyer, defendant, plaintfiff?

              Some people communicate as if they were in a court of law and the person they are speaking with is their judge. They feel as if they need to explain themselves, defend themselves to this perceived “judge”. What they really need to understand is that they are not being tried in a court of law; however, if they find themselves needing to explain and defend, did they do something wrong?

              If something wrong was done or if they are being blamed, it’s best to become the lawyer and not the defendant and turn that judge into a plaintiff instead. This becomes a more positive experience for both parties and the initially defendant person can become an equal in the communication process rather than give up their power to the “judge”.

              As a lawyer you can question the plaintiff and find out if there’s any truth to what they have to say. You do this by “examining” or “discovering” rather than “defending” which ultimately is unproductive and subjugates.

                Natal Astrology: Mercury by sign

                Mercury is related to how one thinks, speaks, communicates, what one likes to talk about, how one learns, short trips, letters, mail, the type of relationship one has with their siblings, co-workers, and how they might approach their career or skills within their career.  Mercury rules the 3rd house in astrology.

                Mercury in Aries

                • Quick thinker and fast talker
                • First to think of something
                • Assertive communication
                • Doesn’t hide the truth
                • Takes action on what thinks about doing
                • Doesn’t wait for others to speak up; first to complain if unhappy
                • Doesn’t think before speaks
                • Competitive thoughts
                • Enjoys talking about doing something adventurous or sporty
                • Sportscaster: communicates through physical expression

                Mercury in Taurus

                • Sensual speaking; dirty talk
                • Slow to speak up
                • Can force an opinion
                • Thinks about security and considers practical applications
                • Doesn’t like to be verbally pushed into things
                • Communicates creatively
                • Finds it hard to listen to an opinion outside of own
                • Enjoys talking and learning about history, good food, fine drink, and the arts
                • Takes time to formulate and communicate opinions
                • Sample Job Title – Real Estate Agent: communicates through expressing the physical properties of a structure

                Mercury in Gemini (Domicile)

                • Witty conversationalist
                • Curious and therefore asks a lot of questions
                • Wants to know things
                • Interesting speaker
                • Quick thinker and enjoys riddles and puzzles
                • Always has something to say
                • Vibrant use of language and big words
                • Enjoys talking about and learning new words, language, and trivia
                • Changeable thoughts
                • Likes to keep things light and above ground (superficial)
                • Ready to shed a thought for a newer, better one
                • Open-minded
                • Sample Job Title – Journalist:  communicates through what is said

                Mercury in Cancer

                • Careful about what is said
                • Wants to make people comfortable during a conversation
                • Emotional speaker
                • Relives everything connected to a family event
                • Has many memories of the past
                • Likes talking about the past
                • Supportive speech
                • Intuitive thoughts
                • Rallies everyone together and waits before taking an action or making a decision
                • Enjoys talking about feelings, dinner parties
                • Feels what the other is thinking
                • Sample Job Title – Talk Show Host:  communicates through the feelings of others

                Mercury in Leo

                • Compliments and inspires others to be their best
                • Motivational speaker
                • Creative way of speaking
                • Believes what is said is fabulous
                • Initiates conversations
                • Great seller of services and products
                • Puts on a fabulous show
                • Likes to tell other people what’s what!
                • Grandiose thoughts
                • Knows what to say to cheer someone up
                • Enjoys talking about creating stuff and buying things
                • Sample Job Title – Radio Show Host: communicates through a larger-than-life personality

                Mercury in Virgo (Domicile)

                • Analytical speaker and thought
                • Enjoys dissecting words
                • Organized thought
                • Tends to erase, re-check, re-confirm, adding to, redo, go-over what was previously communicated.
                • Wants to communicate the right message
                • Likes discussing theories
                • Likes to help people talk and express themselves clearly
                • Makes decisions quickly, effectively, and efficiently
                • Doesn’t forget what was said
                • Wants specific precise words used or will consider inaccurate
                • Enjoys talking about health (mental, physical, or spiritual)
                • Likes to find the pure truth or core essence of any problem
                • Healing conversations
                • Sample Job Title – Psychologist: communicates through objectively analyzing minute details

                Mercury in Libra

                • Enjoys one-on-one speaking
                • Charming speaker
                • Likes equal airtime; everyone gets to talk for the same amount of time
                • Consults others before taking action
                • Wants everyone to have their say
                • Likes to talk about other people
                • Smooths over arguments
                • Takes a long time, if ever to come to a decision
                • Negotiates and mediates discussions
                • Takes a look at both sides of a story
                • Doesn’t like choosing one side over another
                • Communicates a fair and balanced outlook
                • Enters into debates and rationalizes emotions
                • Enjoys quoting the words of others
                • Sample Job Title – Singer: communicates through harmony and pleasing sounds

                Mercury in Scorpio

                • Asks a lot of questions but doesn’t tell you why
                • Investigates what is said
                • Subtly extracts information without your awareness
                • Doesn’t give up much in a conversation; hides information
                • Reads between the lines
                • Forensics
                • Enjoys talking about secrets
                • Takes a longer time to come to conclusion but when does, it’s immediate
                • Delves deeply into whatever is wanted to be known
                • Tricky style of communication; interrogator
                • Detects hidden things
                • Sample Job Title – Interrogator:  communicates through extracting secret information

                Mercury in Sagittarius (Detriment)

                • Likes to philosophize and be open ended in thought
                • Very expansive in terms of what one thinks
                • Enjoys talking about traveling, spirituality, and new ideas
                • Takes the side of unpopular opinion; a bit of a Devil’s Advocate sometimes
                • Things can be exaggerated, long-winded.  Likes to tell stories.
                • May not have a fixed opinion and can be swayed by a stronger one than their own
                • Rambles on about nothing and everything, chatty
                • Quick to make a decision about something
                • Likes to share what has learned along the way
                • Talks in an optimistic and joyful way
                • Sample Job Title – Tour Guide: communicates through exploring new cultures and connections

                Mercury in Capricorn

                • Has a clear goal on what wants to achieve by the end of a conversation
                • Will not give up until a problem is solved
                • Enjoys talking about money, career, and ambitious strategies
                • Likes to find out what’s useful information and then discards the rest
                • Wants to communicate in a standardized way such intro, content, conclusion
                • Thinks about what wants to say and then makes that come true.
                • Conversations of a serious nature are had
                • Once forms an opinion or rule, very hard to change or adapt to something else
                • Has a dark sense of humour
                • Wants to think things over
                • Thoughts about society, business, politics, and being a good citizen
                • Doesn’t like fluff or trivial bits of communication
                • Sample Job Title – Keynote Speaker: communicates through providing practical information for getting ahead

                Mercury in Aquarius (Exalted)

                • Funny and humorous; stand-up comedy
                • Likes speaking to a group
                • Can speak intelligently about things
                • Enjoys talking about social and/or animal issues and advanced knowledge such as technology, medicine, and astrology
                • Appears knowledgeable
                • Enjoys unconventional dialogue
                • Doesn’t like to be boxed in
                • Will talk to strangers
                • Unconventional thoughts
                • Cites interesting facts from various sources
                • Sample Job Title – Comedian: communicates through causing laughter about man’s human condition

                Mercury in Pisces (Fall)

                • Poetic, can say lovely things on-the-fly
                • Confused thought; hard time being clear, things often jumbled
                • Fragmented thoughts.  Hard to complete full idea.
                • Enjoys talking about fantasy, games, and dreams
                • Drifts off in thought; forgets to get back to a conversation
                • Obsessive thoughts
                • Does not like to talk for long; would rather speak telepathically
                • Tires easily from talking about serious, analytical, or realistic things
                • May not return messages or keep-in-touch on a regular basis; has to be reminded
                • Sample Job Title – Healer: communicates through touch and energy

                What someone else thinks:

                What you think:

                What’s your Mercury in?  Please add your own thoughts on how your Mercury expresses itself in the comment box below…

                  The significance of 10/10/10 and getting married on that day

                  As a Numerologist, quoted as Abella Arthur, I was interviewed by the Canadian Press to comment on October 10th, 2010 due to the triple sequence of 10-10-10 that the date creates.

                  That interview snowballed into a handful of radio and TV spots.


                  • October 10, 2010 is during Libra – Venus – Mental Love (the idea of romance & love, contracts)
                  • The whole day comes to a 5 (change, movement, freedom).
                  • The 10 10 10 part comes to a 3 (expression, positivity, celebration, marriage)
                  • However, it happened during a Venus Retrograde in Scorpio, when lovers are more apt to re-evaluate their love for each other rather than make lasting committments.
                  • The Moon was Void of Course for several hours during the day when many couples got married.  Many astrologers say it’s not a good time to start something new, like getting married.  Though other astrologers are saying this period of time is of great opportunity.
                  • 10 is a number of magic, indepedence, perfection, achievement, innovation, difference, endings, beginnings, and recognition
                  • A lot of these couples waited a long time to either get married or get married on this day
                  • 10 / 10 / 10 couples are highly independent POWER couples.  In their marriage we can expect to see them desiring achievement and getting their way.
                  • Couples that got married on this day are not concerned with divine intervention as were the 7 / 7 / 7 “lucky” couples.  These couples MAKE their own magic.

                  10/10/10 YouTube Video

                    Birth of Wed, July 21, 2010 8:52 pm

                    Analysis, musings, readings, curious questions and answers about various topics such as astrology, tarot, numerology, love, relationships, career, and more.

                    Together we can help each other on this great journey called: Life.


                      Roots: Learning astrology & just plain learning — a dedication and an invitation

                      With Jupiter in Libra, 9th house, I only started serious astrological studies (May / June 2010) when I was serendipitously introduced to a friend in the UK (Sun Libra 3rd house, His Sun Conjunct My Jupiter 3rd & 9th house total merge) who was just as enamoured with learning, communicating, and delving deeply into the unknown as I was.

                      Through him I learned, with no longer a doubt, that I learn best in a one-on-one environment where there is equal footing, where we are each other’s teacher and student, together. My 8th house Uranus Libra and 7th house Sun Leo (His Sun Conjunct My Uranus) along with his 5th house Uranus in Sagittarius (My Sun Sextile His Uranus) played a part in making our studies lively and exciting!! 🙂

                      Notes: Natural house rulers: 5th Leo, 7th Libra, 9th Sagittarius, 3rd Gemini, 8th Scorpio — My Sun (7th) Sextile His Jupiter (5th).


                      I had about 50 astrology books (now 200+) when I met him but I still had surprisingly only a rudimentary understanding even though my Mercury Semi-sextile Uranus came up with some groovy astro connections. But without him, I never could have jumped a few tricky hurdles to finally learn challenging areas of astrology so deeply, quickly, and enjoyably.  Maybe his 3rd house Pluto in Libra (no stone unturned) which is an exact conjunction to my Jupiter had something to do with that too. 😉

                      Why VirgoVault?

                      Wed, July 21, 2010 8:52 pm
                      VirgoVault was started for a few reasons: 1) My 11th house Sagittarius loves bringing others into the mix too, 2) I didn’t want to lose this new-found zest of learning suddenly (Uranus), and 3) to keep sane — my brain needs a good daily dump.

                      Hubby came up with the name after suggesting my brain was like a vault with a whole bunch of yummy knowledge and with a Virgo stellium (including Mercury) in the 8th, I guess it is. 😀 — Note, Hubby said (on our first date about 8 years ago), “Your brain is beautiful”. Up until that moment, I wasn’t really paying any attention to him. Yup, I value intelligence hardcore and that was the first time anyone ever said that to me!!

                      It’s you and me Baby

                      So while I continue to delve into the unknown with my UK friend from time-to-time, maybe along the way I will meet a whole bunch of other people too that, like me, enjoy learning with others – Libra style. 😉

                      So please do comment if something said sparks a thought or feeling in you — whether it’s about the same topic or not and let us learn fascinating subjects together…

                      (This post inspired by N.S., my 8th house Virgo stellium, and my hubby)

                        Saturn’s Test: Astrological squares in aspect — How to overcome them and get on with it.

                        Laugh in the face of squares or the squares’ boss will laugh at you.

                        In astrology there are various energies (aspects) that occur when planets and points connect (at particular degrees, angles). It’s the “Hey, I see you and I’m now deciding on what I’m going to do with you”.  One of these aspects is called a Square.

                        What’s the meaning of all this?

                        When we think of a square, what comes to mind?  Perhaps hard edges, enclosed, straight and narrow, balanced, equal, flat, lifeless, stationary, professional, covering, etc.

                        And for some reason, a square visualizes into a cube for me so if that’s the case for you too, what comes to mind? Perhaps a box, containment, a holding vessel, a stepping stool, an obstacle, heaviness, etc.

                        Sometimes a square is there to keep us safe, protect us and we are NOT meant to engage the aspect without a solid idea on how it will impact other aspects and a game plan to deal with the outcome of removing the obstacle; however, most other times squares are there to challenge us.  We are supposed to remove them and they will ofer up something special if we do.

                        Could you see squares as opportunities to help you get to a higher place and to become a winner?  That squares can compel us to achieve greatness?  To me, a square says that we have loads to offer the world and others if the ego would just get over itself.

                        You are NOT at the mercy of your square. A square is a rite of passage.  Have you / can you come of age?

                        Imagine this

                        Imagine a square is like a sci-fi portal.  There are two very different sides and all you have to do is be brave, take a deep breath, do something completely different, and walk to the other side. And because it’s different over there, learning the language and customs quickly of the other is important for survival.

                        Just like life, everyone has a boss and it’s no different for the square.  To me, the planet Saturn seems to be the most likely match as the ruler of the square. While Saturn can be quite the serious chap, he can also be the trickster too.

                        When I think of Saturn (mascot, goat), I think of being tested to see if I’m worthy of the gifts that the old man will bestow upon me should I pass.  I think of a challenging momentum and not to give up, even in the face of adversity, in order to achieve success.  I see Saturn as moving cautiously, slowly but with purpose.

                        Let’s face it!

                        I see the square causing fear because the other side is unknown, doesn’t feel comfortable, not what used to, often not traditional at first glance, and possibly taboo or lacking civility in some way.  In the face of a square, some people give up and say, “It’s just the way it is and I can’t do anything about it.”  However, once we overcome our fears, get out of our comfort zone, see what the other side has to offer, and discuss / negotiate options, we can achieve all the power and abundance Saturn wants to give us.  Until then Saturn challenges us to make the unknown known, the unconventional normal, the uncomfortable comfortable, the unworkable workable…

                        What tools and strategies will you employ to pass Saturn’s Test? A hammer? Invisibility? Pretend the square isn’t there and just slide on pass? Crawl over, around? Lobby Saturn to change the test format? Say to Saturn, “Hey, Can you please move that square for me? Thanks!”.

                        Laugh in the face of the square and after you pass Saturn’s Test remember to say, “The joke’s on you!”.

                        (This post inspired by Salvador Russo, N.,  and my 7th house Sun & Mars in Leo squaring MC)

                          Life Skills: Why do relationships stop working? Why did my boyfriend or girlfriend, wife or husband break up with me? Why did I break up with them?

                          There are many reasons why relationships run their course.
                          One reason has to do with strengths, weaknesses and the lack of appreciation and awareness.

                          If you are the partner with a strength in an area and your partner has a weakness but does not appreciate your strength, that will eat away at you. If you have a strength and your partner appreciates it, you will be fine for some time but then one day it will get to you.

                          What’s ideal is that you learn your partners strength and while you are doing it, appreciate whatever efforts they make to do for you while you are learning to do for yourself.

                            Astrology Language: Aspect Delineation, Reading Aspects

                            Aspect Delineation

                            Delineation of planets aspecting each other is like creating a real-life story or short hand message from an astrological term such as Venus Square Neptune.

                            How to do it

                            The following is a simple way to delineate / read an aspect.

                            Start with the planet furthest away (from outer to inner planets); then find the contact /aspect type (i.e. Square); followed by the activated planet (from inner to outer planets). It’s like reading Arabic right to left or French (backwards, forwards).

                            When you have the hang of it, it can be read from left to right or read from the middle outwards.


                            We will read the meaning behind the term: Venus Square Neptune.

                            Neptune is furthest away (outer planet) so we will look at that planet first.

                            Like every word, there is a longer meaning or other words that can be used in its place.

                            Keywords for Neptune –> Dreams, illusions, stupors, letting go, dissolution, disillusionment, disappointment, cheating, idealizing, metaphysical, drunken, magic, thirsty, salt water, spiritual, quietness, enchanting, retreat, spas, trance, chaos, craziness, smoke & mirrors, glamorizing, subconscious, intangible, temptation, sacrifice, martyr, suffering, confusion, emotions, delusions, insincerity, hypnotic, boundless, altered reality, photographic, filmography, subversions, devotion, psychic, fantasy, deception, ghosts, visions, visionary, abstraction, secrets, the hidden, invisible, anesthetics, sponging, abuse, the psyche, alcohol, drugs, running away, disorder, silence, intoxication, unemployment, giving, steamy, blue & green, indulgence, gas, fog, merging, mystery, veil, the divine, addictions, neuroses, drowning, betrayal, evasion, helpless, acceptance, higher states of consciousness, Kundalini, escapism, vulnerability, weakness, transcendence, inspiration, imagination, the muse, hallucination, sleepiness, mysticism, secret society, subtlety, mystical creatures, otherworldly, artistry, acting, make-believe, poison, fakery, colour

                            Then we look at the Contact Type which is a Square.

                            Keywords for Square –> Challenged, blocked, tension, discomfort, conflict, needed adjustments, stubborn, irregular, hang-up, restrain, restrict, shut-off, obstruct, thwart, pressure, stress, struggle

                            Then finally we take a look at Venus, the activated and inner planet.

                            Keywords for Venus –> Love, affection, art, balance, sensuality, beauty, softness, receptivity, femininity, passivity, happiness, peace, contentment, nature, earthly pleasures, idealizing, brown & pink, tradition, co-operation, indulgence, service, devoted, the muse, kindness, compassion

                            Putting it all together

                            By choosing a keyword representing each planet and quality of connection (i.e. Square), for Venus Square Neptune we could say it can mean:

                            • Fog (Neptune) stresses (square) love (venus). i.e. Not being able to see clearly causes one to be stressed about their love.
                            • Dreams (Neptune) challenge (square) beauty (venus). i.e. The ideal beauty in one’s mind is not realized.
                            • Deception (Neptune) obstructs (square) happiness (venus).  i.e. Saying things that are untrue does not cause genuine happiness.

                            Getting More Out of Delineating


                            Planets rule one or two signs and in the case of ruling two, one sign is more at home than the other.  In fact, I would say one of the signs are a cherished guest.  All signs have their own home except for two, Virgo and Libra.  When delineating aspects I first look at the home and guest sign for that planet.

                            So with the Venus Square Neptune aspect above we have Taurus being the home (H) sign and Libra the guest (G) and Pisces being the only home sign for Neptune.  Taurus is more at home with Pisces (sextile) than Libra is (inconjunct).  So here there are TWO possible energies for this aspect and one of them is unlikely to materialize in a constructive way.

                            If the guest tells the host what to do it’s GAME OVER.  So when delineating find out whether the guest or host is calling the shots.

                            Table of Home (H) and Guest (G) signs

                            Sun – Leo (H)
                            Moon – Cancer (H)
                            Mercury Gemini (H) Virgo (G)
                            Venus – Taurus (H) Libra (G)
                            Mars – Aries (H) Scorpio (G)
                            Jupiter – Sagittarius (H) Pisces (G)
                            Saturn – Capricorn (H) Aquarius (G)
                            Uranus – Aquarius (H)
                            Neptune – Pisces (H)
                            Pluto – Scorpio (H)

                            Another example would be Mars Square Uranus. If Mars is operating as Aries instead of Scorpio and square to Uranus (causing a natural sextile) will offer a really great opportunity than the square to Scorpio.

                            Masculine or Feminine?  Cardinal, Fixed, or Mutable?

                            I also look at whether the planet, sign is masculine or feminine; its modality (cardinal, fixed, mutable).

                            What sign is in the planet or luminary?

                            Is the sign that is taken care of by the planet or luminary: at home (domicile), happy (exalted), fall (you don’t belong here), in detriment (this sucker is gonna cause you problems) or neutral (doesn’t matter one way or another)?  This will help you figure out who and how the shots are called.

                            For example, lets say Venus contacts Mars by a Square.  We will know there is going to be a lot of tension, possibly exciting given the planets involved but will it be more love or sex tension?  Well if Venus is in Taurus (domicile) and Mars is in Aquarius (Neutral), Venus is calling the shots and this aspect will be about ROMANTIC LOVE & Pleasure.  But if Mars  is in Aries (Home) and Venus is in Cancer (Fall), Mars is calling the shots and this aspect will be about HOT SEX & aggression more than anything else.

                            Get it?  Want to try?  Would love to see what you come up with, comment away!! 🙂

                              Synastry: The Fairytale Aspect – Venus Square Neptune

                              Astrologers around the world often say that one of the worst “red flag” aspects two people can have in a romantic synastry comparison is Venus Square Neptune. If you and your person of interest has this in your synastry chart are you going to choose to agree or disagree with this thought?

                              First, lets get a feel for what this aspect configuration says in a simplified way:

                              Venus –> Love, affection, art, balance, sensuality, beauty, softness, receptivity, femininity, passivity, happiness, peace, contentment, nature, earthly pleasures, idealizing, brown & pink, tradition, co-operation, indulgence, service, devoted, the muse, kindness, compassion
                              Square –> Challenged, blocked, tension, discomfort, conflict, needed adjustments, stubborn, irregular, hang-up, restrain, restrict, shut-off, obstruct, thwart, pressure, stress, struggle
                              Neptune –> Dreams, illusions, stupors, letting go, dissolution, disillusionment, disappointment, cheating, idealizing, metaphysical, drunken, magic, thirsty, salt water, spiritual, quietness, enchanting, retreat, spas, trance, chaos, craziness, smoke & mirrors, glamorizing, subconscious, intangible, temptation, sacrifice, martyr, suffering, confusion, emotions, delusions, insincerity, hypnotic, boundless, altered reality, photographic, filmography, subversions, devotion, psychic, fantasy, deception, ghosts, visions, visionary, abstraction, secrets, the hidden, invisible, anesthetics, sponging, abuse, the psyche, alcohol, drugs, running away, disorder, silence, intoxication, unemployment, giving, steamy, blue & green, indulgence, gas, fog, merging, mystery, veil, the divine, addictions, neuroses, drowning, betrayal, evasion, helpless, acceptance, higher states of consciousness, Kundalini, escapism, vulnerability, weakness, transcendence, inspiration, imagination, the muse, hallucination, sleepiness, mysticism, secret society, subtlety, mystical creatures, otherworldly, artistry, acting, make-believe, poison, fakery, colour

                              Note: Venus rules Libra and Taurus.  Neptune rules Pisces.  To get a better understanding of a planet (and vice versa) look to the attributes of the sign. Also Neptune (who is physically larger than the planet Venus) can be seen as a much lighter version of Pluto and more “internal” or “introverted” or a higher vibration of Venus.
                              As we know, anything can be spun for or against. So lets spin this aspect negatively and then positively.


                              Fake love

                              Libra Venus Activated (inconjunct to Pisces)… The Fake Love. The love that is had is not real or is unreal and this causes a tension or yearning and wanting to know if the feeling is truth or fiction.

                              Do you feel the same? (Do you even need to ask if the feelings are reciprocal, clear, and real??)

                              A lot of confusing or misty things are said and done (sometimes on purpose) and there’s a look of interest when in fact the object of affection just came off the set of a film noir and must of forget they were no longer in role.  What causes Neptune to create such a hurtful illusion? Why does Venus see something that Neptune does not? Because Neptune is the Puppet Master while Venus is the Puppet.  Didn’t think soft Neptune was capable of such manipulation? Think again. It’s the dark side of Neptune. Illusions are created and these illusions cause one to feel a sense of euphoria while the fantasy is being enacted by both audience member (Puppet) and performer (Puppeteer).  Flaws and things not to be seen are often hidden by make-up, lighting, illusion, etc..

                              You and I are the (superficial) ideal romantic leads, don’t you know? Isn’t it perfect??

                              And then there’s the feeling of getting drunk, being addicted to a drug, and finally being in a stupor — unable to concentrate on worldly matters — becoming the standard preference.  But it doesn’t feel right and in fact it feels downright unhealthy and destructive as things that were once exciting and enjoyable become drab and unimportant in comparison to the web of fantasy weaved.

                              Fin as in finished is often what is seen at the end of such movies of fantasy.  Will there be a happy ending between the Knight and his damsel in distress or the Queen and her servant?


                              Spiritual love

                              Taurus Venus Activated (sextile to Pisces)… The Grounded Love. The love had is real; however, it is beyond the scope of a normal love relationship and therefore defies description. In fact due to the lack of definition, any physical manifestation of the feelings of spiritual love shared between the couple are most often only expressed between the couple because there is no way to explain it to the outside world. The connection is magical in so far as it inspires the feeling of fatedness, eternal and timeless bonds.  It’s a perfect fit that either love more than likely has not felt before or has felt infrequently. The otherworldly feeling is often uncomfortable, it’s foreign after-all, and a desired solid footing is sought but hard to get. In fact this couple could be said to feel as if they were drifting in and around the divine heavens.  This uncomfortable spiritual love is between heavenly and earthly experience.

                              If both parties understand what is, is not, and want to enjoy a higher Aquarian form of relating, this can be a most exquisite connection between two enlightened souls.  To enjoy spiritual love, clarity and consciousness of what is happening is important.  There can not be any misty, muddled things said and done otherwise a disclaimer ought to be tagged along with it. It’s your love remember.  Don’t hurt Venus with lies for she will be hurt enough with the truth.  And in due time she will heal from that and Venus will strengthen and overcome the tests that Neptune constantly give.

                              A clear purpose can be defined, self-control enacted, a safe haven created, and an openness for each person to love others (unconditional love) because that’s more than probable if other aspects in the chart comparison or natals do not favour monogamy. Flaws are to be unearthed and spoken of with raw honesty sparing no hurt feelings.  Arriving to the destination more quickly ensures that the couple doesn’t fall asleep at the wheel. So part the fog — the veil — to reveal the true love (the divine ideal) that can and does exist between you. Do not allow a temporary ideal fantasy or romance cloud the perfect and ever-lasting love to be had.


                              Venus Square Neptune is hard for most to transmute into a positive experience.  The power and pull of Neptune is so great with society and Neptune causing a challenge for this love to be expressed in a higher setting.

                              Fake love is aroused by an addiction to love. With Venus Square Neptune, playing things up to get more and more of a high or to get a high back is the game.  Many are able to overcome this addiction and grow into grounded and inspired love; however, the potential for falling off the wagon (so-to-speak) is always present. Therefore, it’s important to watch for that and keep the lines of communication open. Face the truth, head-on.

                              If there is enough positive aspects in your synastry you may want to choose to work very hard at lessening or transmuting the damaging effects of this aspect. Otherwise, the old sage advice given is: Run, don’t walk. Close that door and don’t look back. The Venus Square Neptune aspect in synastry is NOT for the faint of heart, mind, body, or soul; however, it doesn’t have to be the kiss of death either. Having said that, if there’s not an interest or an ability to work hard at seeing through or divinely touching the other side of the veil and there isn’t enough positive, healing, and easily enjoyable aspects to soften the hard challenge of this aspect, don’t bother.  Seriously.

                              And if you are already in such a relationship or have been pulled into an abyss with a one-sided love but don’t know what to do, I’m glad to be of professional service to help you through the murky waters of love.

                              Questions, dear Reader:

                              1. Are you for or against the Venus square Neptune aspect in a love match?
                              2. How has this aspect manifested itself positively or negatively in your relationship? Did the relationship even get off the ground??
                              3. Which, do you believe is more of a romance than the other?    The type of love that makes you feel high and excited or the type of love that makes you feel content and safe?

                                Limerance, Getting Over a Break-up, How to Get Over Breaking Up, How to Heal From a Broken Heart

                                In my practice and on a regular basis I’m exposed to lovers remorse, lovers shunned, and just plain unhappy lovers. I’m no stranger to the joys and scars that loving someone can produce.
                                It’s my focus and joy to help clients see what happened, what is happening, and what will happen based on the current situation.
                                While this article is focused on limerant behaviour, the major cause for it and most importantly how to get over a fixation or misplaced love for another person, it may also be useful for anyone trying to get over someone.


                                Limerance, defined by Wiki.

                                After consulting many clients and reflecting on personal experiences it’s been found the tension of ambiguity and hope causes, develops, and sustains limerence after the LO (Love Object also referenced here as love interest) has injected some sort of “sparkle” into your life.  If there’s a sense that a perpetuating false or half-hearted involvement is occurring (unrequited limerence) and your love interest or yourself is confronted about that (so your connection may be seen for what it truly is) the healing process can begin.

                                Here’s what to do to help you get over being limerant, a break-up, heartbreak, connection:

                                1. Deeply analyze what you are or were getting out of the connection.  Whether you hash this out with your love interest; a traditional therapist; psychic coach or counselor (like myself); a close, sympathetic, and understanding friend; forum or online community group such as Tribe, etc. make sure you do it. Why? Once clarity is found, the past can be cleared, closure can be gained, forward movement with open energy can begin, and a strategy not to repeat what doesn’t work and to ignite energy into what can. Write out all your questions… all your Why’s… and then set about getting them answered to your satisfaction.
                                2. Cut-off all ties or at the very least diminish involvement or exposure to your LO, as difficult as that is. Basically invoke the no contact rule. Don’t visit your LO’s page on social media sites such as Facebook, MySpace, or LiveJournal or don’t visit the site at all if it’s hard not to. Don’t check your personal email, for a few days at a time to a week, if they happen to keep contacting you. Remove their number from your phone (you can place their number elsewhere). etc… This is an exercise in self-discipline and will give the added benefit of knowing you accomplished something difficult, when successful.
                                3. Would you be friends if you didn’t, couldn’t sleep with them?  Would you want to just hang out and not be romantic or touchy at all?  If you can say yes, they are a keeper.  If not, it’s time to cut the ties permanently.  Even if you can say yes, it’s still time to cut ties temporarily until you can reset, rebalance, and compose yourself.  However, keep in mind an LO can say or do things that will spin your world upside down no matter how much distance has taken place.  In these cases, sometimes it’s just best to find that deep and intense connection elsewhere.
                                4. Don’t put any stock in what you see or hear unless it’s something solid and clear.  Otherwise, view it as a quirk of theirs and that they just have no ability to be direct, forthright, and honest with you as they are emotionally unavailable.
                                5. If there’s anything that connects you to your love interest that you can not stop doing or having, change the connection or association.  You will need to do this consciously.  Start adding new meaning to an activity, object, etc. that is NOT connected to your LO. Remove or hide anything vaguely related to them.  Out of sight gets you to out of mind.
                                6. Take a good hard look at their flaws.  I know this is hard to do.  A lot of my clients, when asked:  What are their flaws? well, they can’t see any at first. :/ I know this is hard to do but if you don’t allow yourself to do it, it’s not going to help.  If you need an objective listener and questioner to help you see the flaws, call me.  If you find your self-esteem is low and needs a boost, call me.
                                7. What Lessons Learned were learned? What did you learn about yourself? List the good, the bad, and the ugly. After all the hurt and pain, what do you resolve to repeat or NOT repeat going forward? What did you find were your strengths? What were your challenges? My friend J.G. reminded me to remind you to remember your value and worth, that the love and strengths brought to any connection can be carried over to a new connection / relationship.
                                8. I have asked this question to limerent people and I always get quite a lame response: What do you love about your LO? If you are saying: I don’t know or It’s just something about them or something else that has nothing to do with qualities of that person you (or anyone else) would love separate and distinct from your connection to them; you do NOT love them.  You do NOT see them for who they are.
                                9. Read stories about other limerants, those who have broken up, breaking up, get community help and be involved in helping other people deal with their broken hearts and minds. It helps to know you are not alone, not crazy, and it may give more clues to what happened, what is happening, and what will happen when all is said and done. It also helps to keep reading other people’s stories especially when you are cycling back into a fantasy or hope for the relationship to be more than what it is which is, to be blunt, nothing.

                                This is what to do to bring life back into your world:

                                1. Continue to improve yourself (a side benefit of limerance) but also begin accomplishing some of your other dreams and desires that may have been dependent upon your LO reciprocating your love.  Basically “get-on” with your life.
                                2. Don’t waste your day thinking about tomorrow. Plans made today about tomorrow can then be worked today. Focus on TODAY! Thinking about a future that is out of one’s control causes anxiety. So unless a plan is being made for tomorrow, barring positive visualization and preparation tasks, just enjoy every moment, today — as it comes.
                                3. Set new goals and create new projects.  Perhaps it’s cleaning out your closet, organizing some paperwork, putting together an educational application, etc.
                                4. What was missing in your life before your love interest entered and more importantly how can you get that back from something else, someone else and in a constructive way.
                                5. Meet new people.  Yup, I know.  There’s no one better than your LO.  It’s going to be hard but just force yourself to meet new people and learn to accept that very few people are going to give you that high.  Then again, very few people are going to give you that low either.  That’s a good thing! Or how about hooking up with old friends before all this crap came crashing down upon you.
                                6. Which brings me to spirituality, faith, and religion.  Turn to it.  Buddhism is a great place if you are not sure where to go.  Philosophically or otherwise, for a lot of people, it encourages a sense of peace and non-attachment.  It’s very Pisces in many ways.  Dealing with concepts such as acceptance, compassion, and letting go.
                                7. Work out.  Eat well.  Sleep.  Take Your Vitamins. Plans things to do the night before so when you wake, you know what to do.
                                8. Keep yourself busy.  Put together pampering days for yourself.  Book a massage, spa day, or mini hotel getaway with swimming pool.
                                9. Fake it till you make it.  So you are still pining over Mr. or Ms. Wonderful.  Just keep telling yourself they aren’t and you aren’t.  Eventually it will take. 😉

                                Is there something wrong with me?

                                What I want you all to know is that a) you are NOT crazy or sick b) your LO is / was probably doing or saying something that is / was consciously or subconsciously ambiguous, undefined and giving you some sense of hope that your interest is being / would be reciprocated.  c) Yes, in some way, they DO like the attention.  However, do understand it comes from a place of self-interest or selfishness.  Your needs are not generally thought of.

                                Where do I go from here?

                                It will take some time to move forward; however, you must WANT to.  As can be read from various personal stories (see links below), some limerant people just have the nature to be limerant and quite enjoy the high and rush that comes along with it. Some like not doing anything about it due to fear of having to take responsibility for their lives again:  What’s next? However, this shows a lack in their life and they can gain pleasure and a game plan by other healthy and constructive means with a dose of soul searching.  All the best and if you need a helpful ear, 🙂

                                I have also found stories, articles, blog posts from BaggageReclaim useful for spotting and dealing with problematic and toxic people: Example —  How to Spot an Emotionally Unavailable Man –> Scroll down to the bottom for blog comments.

                                Further Learning

                                Links on Limerance

                                Videos — #1 #2
                                Wiki —
                                Article on the Power of Love & Limerance —

                                12 points of “What is Limerance” and How to get over it:
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                                More on Love & Limerance

                                  The Twelve Positions of Venus.

                                  I came across a website, Sacred Texts, and while I have read that Venus in Virgo isn’t always the best position this book by Butler says it’s right at home.  Cool.

                                  Solar Biology, by Hiram E. Butler, [1887], at

                                  CHAPTER XX.

                                  THE TWELVE POSITIONS OF VENUS.

                                  ♀ (Venus): its Function.

                                  This planet embodies the nature of pure conjugal love. It has in its composition the elements of beauty, elegance, faithfulness, and devotion. It is in the function of the pure and divine instincts, and these ennobling qualities are contributed in degree according to the receptivity of the function of the body in which the planet is found. Venus serves faithfully whatever sign or function she is united to; so if the planet is in an educational or business department, she gives her power and energy to those pursuits, even to leaving the conjugal and domestic sphere to the sway of other planetary influences; her nature being that of love, she is readily turned into the service of dominant functions, and therefore even unites in strengthening and intensifying the passions if they are controlling forces. Venus is therefore a choice gift, and, like riches and many other blessings of life, proves a benefit or injury according to the use one makes of it.

                                  Venus is accountable for many marriages through the natural attraction, produced from its presence in signs corresponding to those in which persons of the opposite sex were born, as illustrated in Mercury, as its influence on the love nature causes an appreciation and

                                  love for the corresponding principle in others. These marriages are more apt to be harmonious than those caused by the attractions of any other planet.

                                  ♀ (Venus) in ♈ (Aries).

                                  This position of Venus contributes ideality, and gives a high ideal of the love life, but frequently produces a dreamy mental state, tending away from practical, everyday life. Their ideal is so exquisite that it frequently causes disappointment and unhappiness in marriage. It intensifies conjugality, but such persons frequently live a single life from inability to find a companion who meets their ideal requirements. It contributes to the mental qualifications requisite to proficiency in music, art, poetry, novel-writing, etc.; but adaptation to such pursuits will be mainly determined by other planetary positions.

                                  ♀ (Venus) in ♉ (Taurus).

                                  This position of Venus idealizes the mind in all matters pertaining to the sensations and affections, frequently giving strong, ardent love; but, having its origin in the sensational nature, it is not always enduring, especially when the person is born in a sign or function lacking constancy. It gives a keen sense of pain and pleasure, and, if abnormal conditions exist in the nature of the person, it is apt to create morbid fancies of derangement and disease. It gives strong likes and dislikes; also a love of nature, with a disposition to the study of its phenomena and adaptation to agricultural thought and life.

                                  ♀ (Venus) in ♊ (Gemini).

                                  This position gives great love of study, scientific and scholastic, and tendencies toward materialism. It qualifies such persons for teachers, and sometimes speakers. It turns the love away from the domestic and sexual nature into the intellectual and educational spheres.

                                  ♀ (Venus) in ♋ (Cancer).

                                  This concentrates the love nature upon home, family, and children, and is apt to unite its forces with Mars and create an excessive love of home and family. It intensifies the sensitiveness of the innate nature, and is apt to give an intense love for children generally, and all the characteristics given under the sign Cancer.

                                  ♀ (Venus) in ♌ (Leo).

                                  This gives the most intense conjugal love, without any direct alliance to mere sex passion. It gives a very strong, ardent, emotional, and even zealous nature, and imparts love of beauty, harmony, and refinement to the spontaneous love attributes; but we must remember that all these good qualities may be inverted by inharmonious conditions or by the natural inclinations of a person. To illustrate, one possessing these choice qualities may meet obstacles and evil and treachery in so many ways, that the law of self-preservation would assert itself, and convert these finer and nobler qualities into their direct opposites; in which case, the greater the prior good, the more conspicuous would the evil appear.

                                  ♀ (Venus) in ♍ (Virgo).

                                  In this position Venus is at home, where her nature finds its most harmonious expression and imparts all its beautiful characteristics to the soul and intuitive nature. She gives faithfulness in love, kindness, sympathy, and devotion in all the affections, uniting them in harmonious expression, and giving intuitive knowledge of the uses and abuses of the sex and love nature. She strengthens and harmonizes the digestive organs and functions, giving a fine, harmonious, and symmetrical physique; but as this position is in the intuitive function, she may come under the influence of the passional nature, when her beautiful qualities may be led captive to the lower sensual principles.

                                  ♀ (Venus) in ♎ (Libra).

                                  This gives a strong love of sex indulgence, very fine intuitions, ripens the intellect, and forms a harmonious link between the intuitions and reasoning faculties, unless its powers are unduly turned in sex directions. It strengthens the generative function, increases ideality and love of beauty; but if other conditions incline toward sensuality, it will add its power in that direction.

                                  ♀ (Venus) in ♏ (Scorpio).

                                  This contributes its influence to the sex function, and its powers are absorbed therein and its high qualities inverted, unless other powers are sufficiently strong to control. It leaves the nature devoid of conjugality in the finer and higher sense of the term. It is apt to increase hardness, self-will, and combativeness. This

                                  position of Venus reduces the love nature to a mere animal instinct; therefore under this condition we may not expect to find very loving or harmonious companions. The position may be somewhat counterbalanced in other directions, so as to present the phase of a strong sex love, purifying the ideas concerning sex relations, yet the position is more apt to give weakness than strength to the body.

                                  ♀ (Venus) in ♐ (Sagittarius).

                                  This gives a strong, active, and expressive love nature; a love of activity; harmony and grace in movement; love of the beautiful and artistic; and disposition to express love by service to the loved one: it enhances chastity, and greatly increases conjugality; it gives a love for the invisible, and for the interior sciences and spiritual philosophies.

                                  ♀ (Venus) in ♑ (Capricorn).

                                  This gives love of business, more than of home and family, or conjugal relations.

                                  It is advisable for persons not to marry under these circumstances, unless other planetary conditions assist in creating true conjugal and domestic inclinations. It then gives power and tenacity for maintenance of home and family. Such persons’ minds are apt to be all absorbed in general business ideas. It adds, however, to the love of music, art, and the beautiful in general.

                                  ♀ (Venus) in ♒ (Aquarius).

                                  This turns the love nature into the sphere of the public, giving love of public life, being with crowds,

                                  and dealing with the many; it inclines one to the theatre, and other places of amusement, and turns the love nature away from home and family relations; it adapts one for trade or travel where they will meet the public.

                                  If other things contribute towards sexual indulgence or abuses, it will then give its whole power in that direction; but if ordinary chastity is maintained, it will add suavity, inclination to fashionable dress, approbativeness and conservativeness, and a great deal of tact in dealing with strangers.

                                  It adds harmony to the motor nerves; gives fine mechanical intuitions; love of music, with ability to compose and perform the same; and also adds somewhat to the love of nature.

                                  ♀ (Venus) in ♓ (Pisces).

                                  This gives a love of walking and of physical exercise; a love of study and of knowledge; and sometimes it takes the form of an uneasy, restless desire for something, or to go somewhere, which they cannot explain, even to themselves; and creates uneasiness and dissatisfaction in married life. Where this effect is dominant, it is always seen in the lines of the hand. The line partially surrounding the thumb will have a parallel line on the side next the thumb, but more frequently, numerous small lines will be seen running parallel with this line (which is called the life-line). Where this is seen, we may safely say that there is, or will be, a dissatisfied or confused state existing in the marital relations. Sometimes, however, these lines are produced by other combinations, and the single line expresses a

                                  single obstacle or barrier in the way of their carrying out their will or inclinations.

                                  Where there is a single parallel line, it indicates that a person will live an inner and an outer life,—one for the public and one for themselves. The length of the line around the thumb indicates the length of the life. If the parallel line runs half-way, beginning at the end next the forefinger, then this obstacle will continue till about half the life is past: thus the length of the parallel line indicates the length of time this obstacle will continue, whether it be a quarter, half, three-quarters, or the whole life. It also indicates at what time of life it will begin, and at what time it will end, by its relative position to the beginning or end of the life-line.

                                  Venus’ position in Pisces frequently produces nervousness and dyspeptic difficulties when the innate nature is of a nervous temperament. If the innate function is Aries, it will be productive of nervous headaches and restless anxiety. If in Gemini, it would be a restless, general nervousness. If in Cancer, it would be apt to create tumors and inflammation of the bowels. If in Virgo, dyspeptic difficulties, and sometimes nervous affections of the eyes. If in Libra, some liability to kidney difficulty; and if a female, affections of the womb and pains across the small of the back. In Sagittarius, it would produce general nervous derangement of the liver and all the internal organs. These derangements do not always occur under these conditions; but where there are extreme difficulties in the family and love life, such effects will be consequent. If Mercury and Venus are both in Pisces, it will occasion dissatisfaction and desire to travel.

                                    (Yahoo Answers) Can Pisces spend a lot of time away from loved ones?

                                    Jasper (my husband) answered a Yahoo Question…

                                    Q: Can pisces go for rather long periods of time without seeing/talking to the person they REALLY like?

                                    Pisces, in particular, can.

                                    Pisces needs time to recoup and gather their energy before venturing out again. When they are out wandering, Pisces has a tendency to take in everything around them and can become overwhelmed with sights, smells, tastes, feelings, and fantasies.

                                    What they sense they may add to their fantasy world further enriching their inner core. While recovering, Pisces (men) specifically are known to seek out addictions such as reading, writing, and dreaming. They are processing inner emotions of happiness, love, and romance recently experienced from someone they REALLY like. It is good to note that as the relationship continues, the time both between these escapes and their duration dwindles as the Pisces becomes more adjusted in this changed and improved world.

                                    Overtime and with some work, Pisces can learn to merge fantasy into their view of reality thereby making escape from reality a thing of the present. When this happens, they earn the ability to think clearly and respond to changing situations on the fly.

                                      Capricorn Zodiac Star Sign

                                      • Earth
                                      • Saturn
                                      • Responsible
                                      • Mature
                                      • Fears
                                      • Can view a situation worst than it is
                                      • Pleasure denial
                                      • Successful
                                      • Career oriented
                                      • Appearances

                                        Libra Zodiac Star Sign

                                        • Sweet
                                        • Sees both sides
                                        • Seeks balance
                                        • Right & Wrong
                                        • His & Hers
                                        • Give & Take
                                        • Symmetry
                                        • Equilibrium
                                        • Middle path
                                        • Soft
                                        • Smooths
                                        • Dislikes being sweaty
                                        • Dishonest
                                        • Lies
                                        • Is a mirror. Reflects you.
                                        • Romantic
                                        • Charming
                                        • Flirty
                                        • Superficial
                                        • Co-operative

                                          Cancer Zodiac Star Sign

                                          • Domestic
                                          • Kindly
                                          • Food
                                          • Moved by emotions
                                          • Depressive
                                          • Intuitive
                                          • Love of family
                                          • Clingy
                                          • Laid-back

                                            Taurus Zodiac Star Sign

                                            • Earth
                                            • Venus
                                            • Fixed
                                            • Determined
                                            • Tenacious
                                            • Head of the household
                                            • Secure
                                            • Stable
                                            • Financially inclined
                                            • Housing
                                            • Making stuff
                                            • Sensuous

                                              Aries Zodiac Star Sign

                                              Aries Zodiac Star (Sun) Sign


                                              • Mars
                                              • Sees red
                                              • Assertive
                                              • Immaturity
                                              • Fast
                                              • Blunt
                                              • Honest
                                              • Direct
                                              • Passionate
                                              • Energetic
                                              • Child
                                              • Movement
                                              • Opinionated
                                              • Physical
                                              • Enjoys sweatyness
                                              • Raw animalistic desires
                                              • Vehicles
                                              • Rough
                                              • Tough