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Part One: An Introduction to the 6th House, Sixth House Astrology Series

The sixth house is the house where things are fixed and done. It’s the house of solids, things that are tangible and that can be held, seen, factually verifiable yet often unheard and unrecognized. This is the house of body as a *machine*, the body as a *tool* to get things done. And sometimes that body or work breaks down and we need to repair and re-build and this is the house where we take care of that. The sixth house sets the stage for work to *begin*.

Life through the houses: The 6th House of Service, Work, Duty, Health & Well-Being

The 6th House Type of work, how you work, who you work with or for, kind of work you do on a daily basis, who you might like at work. This list is NOT exhaustive and is a work-in-progress… 😀 Aries (Mars) – Lots of movement, fast, innovative, leaders or innovators, with men, competitive, lots…