Part One: An Introduction to the 6th House, Sixth House Astrology Series

Note: On May 18th, I decided to assign Virgo to Vesta and therefore the 6th house is ruled by Vesta.  Reading over what I wrote here back on April 15th, Vesta is very much present — much more than Mercury (in fact)!

The sixth house is the house where things are fixed and done.  It’s the house of solids, things that are tangible and that can be held, seen, factually verifiable yet often unheard and unrecognized.  This is the house of body as a *machine*, the body as a *tool* to get things done. And sometimes that body or work breaks down and we need to repair and re-build and this is the house where we take care of that.  The sixth house sets the stage for work to *begin*.  “Working tirelessly” is an oxymoron in this house.   This is the house of “over-work” to the point of exhaustion, to the point where it can destroy one’s body if left unobserved.  It’s an earthly house that deals with mundane and necessary activities which are crucial to surviving a Saturnian society.

Facts about the 6th House.

  • Ruled by *Mercury (Virgo). A Cadent house.
  • *I am not satisfied that Virgo has not been claimed by a planet of its very own yet.  Mercury co-rules Virgo; however, I think it’s better as an exalted sign instead.
  • House Axis: 6 /12 Polarity
  • Aspect / Planet – Sign: (Virgo) Mercury Opposition Neptune (Pisces) The JMAD Swap: Mercury Pisces / Neptune Virgo.  As of May 18th: (Virgo) Vesta Opposition Neptune (Pisces) The JMAD Swap: Vesta Pisces / Neptune Virgo.  (Magical work, Divine health, Sacrificial work, Submitting to service… )Virgo is in Sextile with Scorpio (the 8th house) and Cancer (4th house); therefore, these houses stimulate and piggy-back off of each other.  The 6th house is also in harmony (trine) with the 2nd and 10th house which completes the primary “career and vocational” themes in a natives life. 
  • Everyone has 6th house themes. This is the House of Working with the Body / Mind Like a Machine or when house ownership is taken, it can be viewed as Service To Self & Other.
  • Sixth House: From Me to The Universe. 12th House: From The Universe to Me.
  • House Themes: Work, Health, Comfort, Service, Duty, Esteem, Vocational Training, Pets & Small Animals


6th House Themes

  • House of Work: Types of jobs, tasks, and duties we take on and do. Who you work with and how you work (including your work ethic and habits).  Skills and talents seen and used. Hobbies that turn into professional pursuits. Losing a portion of your money to another.  Also indicates what type of employees or clients (those that serve you) will have and how well you get along with others in the workplace. Planning and organizing. This house can show the level of competency, detail, accuracy, responsibility, and efficiency that is had. Loyalty. Important and necessary work that make a difference.  Having an order to how you work.
  • House of Acute Health Focus on “mental and physical health”. Types of problems one can have with their health.  How one takes care of their health.  Being a workaholic. Financial health of self and employer. Types of foods eaten to maintain health.  Exercise and diet. Types of illness, disease, and the ways it manifests itself. The physical and mental expression of how one heals. Strain and stress on body or mind. Medical professionals. Specialists.  Imagined illness due to mental stress.
  • House of Comfort: Doing and being.  Wanting to know what is expected.  Dislike of confusion from the universe, management, employees, etc.  Keeping things the same.  A well-oiled machine. Sustenance. Routines. Rituals.  A need to be comfortable.  A tendency to complain. Wanting work to be natural and normalized.
  • House of Service: Submission.  Being a servant. Giving. Being a “civil servant”. Selflessness.  Feeling unrecognized. Being employed.  An employee. Debt owed. Karma. Imbalanced and unequal service.  Physical sacrifices and suffering through giving service erroneously. Behind-the-scenes, supporting the LEAD.  How we serve customers, clients, and even those we hire and vice versa.  Imagined slights and oversights.
  • House of Duty:  What do you feel is your duty?  How will you service humankind?  Having a sense of purpose. Having a stiff upper lip.  Your beliefs around being responsible and following-through on hard or dirty work. Doing what is “right” even if it’s not what is wanted.
  • House of Esteem: Self Esteem (Self-talk. Devaluing self. Guilt, Assuming one “has” to do something. Masochism. Denial of self. Visible Humility and Humbleness. Taking on, doing, or giving jobs that are below ability. Fear of failure. Themes around worthiness, Being of worth, Being hard on self).  Regarding work done (especially how much!!), earthly (material) arrogance / satisfaction from employees, employers, clients, or self. The Caste System. Over-working. Grooming. How you groom yourself. Status.
  • House of  Vocational Training: Types of training you may receive or give.  How you will be trained / train. What kinds of training you enjoy.  Apprentices. This house also characterizes the student and the teacher.  What will be learned, and how it will be learned.  Training one’s brain!
  • House of Pets & Small Animals: Those vulnerable and need of our constant care. Types of animals you like or what you like about animals. Animals that can be used in service.

Planned articles for the Sixth:

  1. Elaboration of 6th house themes.
  2. Manifestation of 6th house themes within each sign, planet.
  3. Misunderstandings from self and other within the 6th house.
  4. How-to overcome 6th house challenges.

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What’s in your first and 6th house? If nothing is in it, what is in your 12th and 6th house cusp? What have you experienced as 6th house themes? Anything else you want to share about the 6th house?

Self-disclosure: I have a 6th house cusp in Gemini.

Thank you Jan Bird, Lids Crhak Knox, Sophia Mattheou, Beth Turnage, and Jena Owens for some discussion on the 6th.  I’ll include what you had to say (excerpts) as it is relevant for future articles on the 6th house…. :D

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