Part One: An Introduction to the 11th House, Eleventh House Astrology Series


What kind of friend are you? What type of friends do you like? Do your friends help you? Are you into politics and activism? What are your hopes and dreams? You’ll find it in the 11th house. Sounds interesting but don’t know what this article is all about? Book a session: :)

‘The Eleventh house is the House of our public camaraderie, friendship, hopes & dreams, social & political influence, networks, and associations. It is the house of friendly and detached relating. For the people, by the people!

The Eleventh house is the House that connects others in non-intimate ways Having planets in this house makes the native more influential and aspects to and from this house shows whether that influence is harmonious or disharmonious. This house shows your influence upon others (public me section of the horoscope) and how it can help or hinder your worldly connections and aspirations. It’s also the place where we connect to the masses, to group-think.  How much or little you do this, depends on what’s in or not in your eleventh house. Will you follow the trend or will you go your own way? This is the house of teenagers too as Uranus represents youth and rebellion but group rebellion that you agree with. Being friendly with Aries and the first house, this house is also where a movement or trend can originate and spread. While the tenth is how others see you, your highest point that you can achieve, the eleventh (and ninth) will help you get there If you don’t have anything in the tenth, look to the eleventh to help you reach your highest self in the public eye.

Facts about the 11th House.

  • Ruled by Uranus & Saturn (Aquarius).
  • A Succedent house (second placement, second place).
  • Motto: I know
  • House Axis: 11 /5
  • Aspect / Planet – Sign: (Aquarius) Uranus Opposition Sun (Leo)
  • The JMAD Swap: Uranus Leo /Sun Aquarius.  Aquarius is sextile to Sagittarius — 9th house (the higher mind, philosophy, religion, education, law, culture, long-distance travel) and Aries — 1st house (self, physical expression and health, initiative, winning & attracting, and how we enter and exit).  These houses stimulate and piggy-back off of each other. The 11th house is also in harmony (trine) with the 7th (Libra / Juno — committed and legal partnerships, aesthetics, domination & submission, attraction and detraction, etc.) and the 3rd (Gemini — the lower mind, those that surround us, short trips such as marches).  
  • Everyone has 11th house themes. This is the House of  Many for One or when house ownership is taken, it can be viewed as The House of One for Many.
  • 11th House: Mass Creation & Procreation  Fifth House: Singular Creation & Procreation
  • House Themes: Friendship, Associations, Networks, Outside Support, Hopes & Dreams, Dissemination of Information, Activism & Politics

The Georgia State Capitol building

11th House Themes

Who, what, why, where, when, and how?

  • House of Friendship: Where camaraderie reigns. The types of friends you like. Who your friends are and how they benefit you. Your allies. Like minded people.  Simpatico. Also Aquarius and Uranus is quirky and this is where differences are more accepted as friendships are distant and more detached.  You don’t have to spend all day and all night with your friends and sometimes an occasional quirk adds something to the friendship.
  • House of Association: Co-operatives and co-operative housing. Political delegates.  Being a member of something. Who or what you want to associate with.
  • House of Networks: Social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Google +, Livejournal, etc. Networks also can relate to your relationship with technology, phones, the Internet, etc. How you use technology to connect with a wide and diverse group of people.
  • House of Outside Support: The type of help you’ll get.  Who will help you.  How they will help you. How much help you’ll get. What type of support and affection is given to you.
  • House of Hopes & Dreams: It tells how well the 10th house has served you.  It also tells of what else you want to accomplish or do beyond what you have done in the 10th house. It can also speak of what you earn from 10th house activities since Saturn is the co-ruler of this house and your friends can help you further your dreams.  “It’s not what you know, it’s who you know.” But it’s actually both in this house.
  • House of Dissemination of Information: How you like to share what you know.  How others will or will not share what you know.
  • House of Activism & Politics: Your beefs and how you get others engaged in them.  Rallies. Your political interest and type of party you align with and why. With whom and how you connect with the issues of the world at-large as well as your own issues.

The Star Tarot Card. Ruled by Aquarius. It often represents one's hopes and wishes (amongst other things).

About Me

I have Sag on the cusp of the 11th.  The house is ruled by Jupiter and Jupiter is in my 9th. I have no planets in the 11th house.
I’m very independent and a free-spirit. I don’t need friends to define me and I like to spend a lot of time alone too.  Sometimes groups or group conversation can be overwhelming if done for too long and when I’m in a group, I tend to hang back and let others lead the way but I’m not too entirely happy with that scenario.

I like friends who give me as much space as I need and I give them space too.  I like to talk about all things Jupiter Libra in the 9th: Art, fashion, photography, philosophy, justice (what’s right and wrong), relationships, long distance travel, fitness, religion & spirituality, and culture. These kinds of things make me incredibly happy to talk about with my friends. I also love sharing knowledge with friends and can be a bit of a ‘teacher’ but I like being a ‘student’ too so it comes from a well-intentioned place.

I tend to welcome everyone in and I won a sash that says:  Little Miss Multi-cultural. Well, not really but I used to joke about that as a kid because I don’t have one strong ethnicity or race that I identify with.  I’m mixed! And so I just take in everything as a possibility…

What type of friends do I make?  Generally long-distance ones with other free-spirits and I tend to be one-on-one. I’m now getting that that makes a lot of sense.  It’s like I say to people who get into relationships: If you are in a long-distance one, you probably aren’t ready for an in-your-face one.

So long distance friends are probably the barrier I create so I can logically have my space.  Of course, for various reasons this distance can either annoy them, me, or both.  It’s unlikely I’ll meet any long distance friend any time soon.  In fact, I don’t like to get ‘too involved’ with my friends (this isn’t the seventh house, after-all).  And I don’t want this to be a brush-off either because I do love my friends.

And, of course, not being so invested in friends (or wanting them to be too invested in me in an attached way) is a problem when I’m seeking support and dissemination of information that I would like a mass amount of people to obtain. In other words, I’m no social media guru. But I do care about all my friends so when they don’t help when I’m in need, I do get a bit sullen about that.

Many-a-friend seem to desire more out of me in this house and they can desert me if they don’t get what they want.  That is upsetting.  I love my friends but I’m just so busy being me (and that’s a me that does for many others) that I can’t have that type of intense connection going on unless it’s with one or two people (7th house).

I’m a whatever happens happens kind of girl in the world of the 11th house.

What type of friends do I like? I like positive, happy, thoughtful or generous, and expansive friends who stand for something.  Friends who like to go their own way and do their own thing and we meet back up to talk about what we did and said — expanding our knowledge and experience through the other. But sometimes we do it together.  We like to go out and experience all the world has to offer and we like to share that with others. And I also like to share my friends. Why?  Because they make me happy and I hope they’ll bring some starshine to you too.

Politics? I vote, sometimes, but I don’t think my vote will count.  I’m liberal or rather a fence-sitter. I’m not far right or left. I believe in freedom, innovation, cleansing and protecting the earth, democracy, personal choice, and not hurting others with our personal choice.  I guess I’m status quo. I’ll listen to others talk about politics but it doesn’t interest me much because I don’t think I can affect it in any great way and well, I don’t have any planets in the 11th so that’s likely to be the case.

I will spread the word about a movement or cause but I probably won’t attend a rally or march and get too involved even though the thought will cross my mind. I leave that up to other people.  Then again, there was a time when I worked very hard at putting together a show where underrepresented people (who normally don’t vote) could come.  It was going to be a show that had a multi-media component that made it ‘enjoyable’ to get involved in politics.  Because frankly, I didn’t and still don’t find it entirely joyful to participate in.  So that’s probably coming back to Jupiter ruling my 11th house.  Politics ain’t [sic] no fun for me!

And when it came to sports, I was interested in individual ones more than team sports but I did both.  However,  I naturally make a great partner player because I have planets in the 7th. I enjoy playing Tennis, Frisbee, Badminton, biking, and other sports that can be done with one other.  Partnership and 7th house relationships is something I do… :)

Transits activate anything it touches and transits are especially important for natives with empty houses, especially stellium natives (like me) who are ‘doing’ their stellium far more than anything else in their life.

North Node Sagittarius has been transiting my 11th house since April 19th, 2011 and it will run until fall of 2012.   For me, this meant reaching out to organizations and people (that ‘I’ shunned before) to help support my goals, dreams, and aspirations and being supported by these people because of that (you know who you are… thank you!). I finally found a sense of community . This experience  is also helping me understand what I need to become successful in my work.  Who my friends are and are not, who wants to help me reach my goals, what I stand for, and who I stand behind.

Generally, I just make friends and I don’t think about how they can benefit me.  In fact, I have thought about how I could benefit them.  And I have chosen friends based on enjoyment rather than how they can further my goals. But I’m now becoming more discerning in my choices.

Okay, well that was unexpected (how 11th house?! hehe).  Hopefully no one minds this narcissistic exposé!! *chuckle*

(A comment left by myself on Astrofix‘s article about the 11th house: Guess I’m not popular nor an icon nor will I become one. Oh well! haha I have an empty house.  At the end of the day, would I want to be famous? Probably not, unless I can do it without anyone knowing it’s me. But then my Leo Sun might get annoyed with having its Sun eclipsed. Oh, nothing is perfect but my Virgo side does try. :D

I’m also incredibly uncomfortable being perceived as a ‘guru’ type and yet I want to spread spiritual truths… What gives? How annoying, eh?! Can I have it both ways? )

Notable People with Planets in the Eleventh

  • Angelina Jolie
  • Marilyn Monroe
  • Johnny Depp
  • Brad Pitt
  • Barack Obama
  • Nicole Kidman
  • Mary Kate Greer
  • 14th Dalai Lama
  • Abbé Pierre (Henri Antoine Grouès)
  • Elvis Presley
  • Jodie Foster
  • Coluche (Michel Colucci)
  • Martin Luther King

Planned articles for the Eleventh:

  1. Elaboration of 11th house themes.
  2. Manifestation of 11th house themes within each sign, planet.
  3. Misunderstandings from self and other within the 11th house.
  4. How-to overcome 11th house challenges.

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Mythic Notes:

“Uranus or Father Sky was the son and husband of Gaia, Mother Earth. Saturn was the son of Uranus.” About Uranus (Myth)


What’s in your eleventh house? If nothing is in it, what is in your 11th house cusp? What have you experienced as 11th house themes? Who represents the 11th house sign cusp in your past or present life?  This sign is likely someone you get along with really well under the domain of the 11th house.  Or look to the ruler of the house.  Where is that ruler? That will also tell you a little more about your friendships and other 11th house themes. Anything else you want to share about the 11th house?



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