Part One: An Introduction to the 10th House, Tenth House Astrology Series

“Why fit in when you were born to stand out? – Dr. Seuss”

The tenth house is the House that shows off our public self. It is the house of our career and future.  It’s our inner depth manifested externally. It’s where truth and lies intermingle. The tenth house is where others will allow or disallow us to make a good living.  This is where they will support or obstruct, delay our financial endeavours through our daily tasks and what we are naturally good at.

The tenth house is the house of aspirations and the public self. It’s the house of  solids, the tangible that can be held, seen, factually verifiable, heard and recognized. This is the house of achievement, legacy, and what we are prepared to share with the world. The tenth house is where we find our career, what the public will encourage, support, or naturally see us doing.  This is the House of “work” to the point of success, to the point of where it can uplift and define one’s destiny. On the flip-side, it can be where we work to the point of failure and where we feel defeated.  The tenth house is what we are born to achieve and where we lead.  And we continue working towards becoming a complete success or failure, as it relates to 10th house matters, throughout our whole lives.  A marked achievement or realization of what we are here to do tends to occur after or near one’s Saturn Return (28-30) and the height of achievement generally happens between the ages of 58-60, during one’s Second Saturn Return. We have about 30 years to begin, define, and complete our social standing.  It’s an earth house that deals with known and ideal social conditions.

Facts about the 10th House.

  • Ruled by Saturn (Capricorn). An Angular house.
  • House Axis: 10 /4 Polarity
  • Aspect / Planet – Sign: (Capricorn) Saturn Opposition Moon (Cancer)
  • The JMAD Swap: Saturn Cancer /Moon Capricorn.  Our parents or male/female care-givers. Capricorn is Sextile Pisces (the 12nd house) and Scorpio (8th house); therefore, these houses stimulate and piggy-back off of each other and themes of Neptune (illusion) and Pluto (power) are at play. The 10th house is also in harmony (trine) with the 2nd and 6th house which completes the primary “internal and psychological” themes in a natives life.
  • Everyone has 10th house themes. This is the House of The Public Self or when house ownership is taken, it can be viewed as The House of Self-Actualization.
  • 10th House: See me and what I have created. (an open door) Fourth House: Don’t see me and what was created before me. (behind closed doors)
  • House Themes: Career & Aspiration, Public Image & Persona, Parents (especially father or the disciplinarian), Duty & Obligations, Social Law, Corporations
  • Midheaven:  Connected to the MC, the highest point of the zodiac wheel.

10th House Themes

  • House of Career & Aspiration:What we want to become known for.  How and why we shine. What we can get paid easily for. Who we want to serve in public.  How we want to serve others in public. Potential careers.  Type of career success we’ll have.  What we strive for.  Our highest potential.
  • House of Public Image & Persona:  Politics.  How we are perceived.  What people think about us. Status. How we are seen or not seen.  Under what conditions we may become famous or infamous.
  • House of Parents: Careers, special skills and aptitudes we inherit from our parents, mother, or father. The father or male energy is involved in this house if the planets Sun, Mercury, Mars, Saturn, or Uranus are involved. The mother or female energy is involved in this house if the planets Moon, Venus, Jupiter, or Neptune are involved. Pluto may represent male or female energy.
  • House of Duty & Obligations: Our mission. What we are compelled to do.  What we feel we owe the world or the parent(s) (that is represented by this house) to accomplish. Legacy. Contributions to society. How our karma resolves itself. Achievements that the parents made or didn’t make can be also projected onto the native in this house.  This is where the native feels they need to prove their worth and make their parent(parents) proud or where the native wants to fulfill the “new” destiny beyond 4th house roots that the parent(s) didn’t fulfill for themselves.
  • House of Social Law: How one is suppose to act.  How well we adhere to social conduct rules. How we need to operate within the world of work to find success. How we are accepted or the judgement we receive from others based on how others believe we are operating.
  • House of Corporations: Describes the type of organizations or industry we would like to or work within.  Who and what type of organization or group signs our paycheques or pays us.

I found this a hard house to connect with.  Could it be my Neptune in the 10th that’s having a problem clarifying it?  Or perhaps it’s my own lack of focused and direct success that’s making me shy away from this topic.  A weird veil being put on since I haven’t found the solution for success yet. I feel a sense that when it comes to doing the ‘signs and planets’ in this house, that I won’t be able to shut up about it.  :) Anyway, hope this is enough to chew on, for now…

Planned articles for the Tenth:

  1. Elaboration of 10th house themes.
  2. Manifestation of 10th house themes within each sign, planet.
  3. Misunderstandings from self and other within the 10th house.
  4. How-to overcome 10th house challenges.

What others say about this house

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What’s in your first and 10th house? If nothing is in it, what is in your 4th and 10th house cusp? What have you experienced as 10th house themes? Anything else you want to share about the 10th house?

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