Venus Rx Retrograde in Capricorn December 21, 2013



Venus Rx Retrograde in Capricorn

December 21, 2013 — just in time for Christmas.

Shadow: Nov 20, 2013
Rx: Dec 21, 2013 @ 28° Capricorn
Direct: January 31, 2014 @13° Capricorn
Shadow Over: March 4, 2014

This cosmic event is ushered in with the hour of Venus, day of Saturn (ruled by Capricorn). She turns retrograde at 4:53pm on the back swing with Mercury’s wings at 4:53pm EST. Mercury semi-sextile Venus (yup, makes sense!).

About Venus

  • mayan_venus_star_11

    Venus rules Taurus, and Libra. Rules the 2nd and 7th house.

  • Venus’ domain are the arts, love, sensuality, beauty, jewelry (pearls), mirrors, women, femininity, gardening, money and finances, tending to one’s growth, relationships, contracts (love & money, for example), copper (see color of Venus, above), birth & death, sweets.
  • Venus was a very important (most?) planet for the Mayans. It told them when to go to war! Afterall, the opposite of Taurus, is Scorpio (co-ruled by Mars). And Libra, is Aries (ruled by Mars).

 About Capricorn

  • Capricorn is ruled by Saturn. Some Capricorn keywords: Serious, ambitious, old, business, acquisition, steady, solid, appropriate, responsible, career minded, value, etc

About Venus Capricorn & Venus aspecting Saturn

Some keywords:

  • Old beauty
  • The love of business
  • Corporate art
  • Love of work
  • Hard working, at love
  • For the love of money
  • Long standing love
  • Responsible lover
  • Gold digger
  • Antiques
  • Valuing growth

About Retrogrades

When you think about how this cosmic event affects you, add “re” to every action you consider taking: reflect, rejuvenate, reignite, renew, recycle, repeat, redo, resolve, research, review, etc.

With the Rx (℞), you may also want to reconsider any prescriptions for physical, spiritual, financial, or mental health that relate to your love, relationships, money, beauty, etc during this Venus Rx.

You’ll also hop on the mental time machine — taking a trip back to get things finished up or sorted out, that were left behind as it relates to Capricorn themes. Expect to initiate, and possibly enjoy some closure.


venus_retrograde_rx_astrology_transit_capricornMundane Transits


Venus Rx Capricorn is applying to a non-perfected conjunction to Pluto. Venus Conjunct Pluto. Whoever obsessed just prior to and somewhat during  November 21 — will begin to be obsessed about. Turn about, is fair play. Those with Venus and Pluto aspected, are more prone to experience this non-personal (mundane) transit more personally.

A romance right before the shadow period, may not last. But one that starts during it, could.

Personal Transits

This Venus transit, may cause Love challenges for anyone with Saturn Cancer (Venus Opposition Saturn), Saturn Libra, or Saturn Aries (Venus Square Saturn).

Saturn Libra natives are really getting hit (2011 Saturn was in Libra).

This Venus transit, may cause Love bonuses for anyone who has Earth or Water planets or on your angles. You may trine or sextile this Venus Rx, harmoniously. You’ll be in for a ride, and hopefully some good loving, beauty redux, art, and money making merriment!

What to do during this Venus Rx transit

  • Review your love life, and what’s important to you.
  • Sometimes this transit accompanies pain for a love lost.
  • Reach out to a lover, friends, and crushes (past, or present), or welcome being reached out to.
  • Reconsider an old relationship but don’t start a brand new one, or it might be over once Venus goes direct.
  • Alternatively, if a new relationship begins and doesn’t end — it will be likely enduring.
  • Try not to make a decision about your relationship, or lover until AFTER the transit is over. This is a time of reflection, not decision making. You may change your mind later.
  • Any exes coming back, may leave — just as quickly, if they are not of value. Fruitless relationships are going to go bye-bye. Also because Capricorn is a cardinal sign — this is about new beginnings & fresh starts.
  • Write a list of qualities you want in a mate. What you’re willing to tolerate, and not tolerate.
  • Write love letters to your exes, and put them to rest.
  • Do you really value that friend, or foe? If not, kick ’em to the curb.
  • Avoid new beauty treatments, or changes in style. However, go over any beauty treatments that didn’t go well in the past. If any new beauty treatments are given — they could change your look for a long time to come.
  • Say, “I love you” to someone. Especially someone you’ve been with for awhile, or who is older.
  • Get your finances in order. Go back over your budget. Look at how to increase your wealth.
  • Go to an art gallery. If you’re creative, artistic, or crafty — you’ve probably in a slump for awhile. This is your chance to get your mojo back.

Shadow: Nov 21, 2013
Rx: Dec 21, 2013
Direct: January 31, 2014
Shadow Over: March 1, 2014




Meditate with Music


Lady Gaga & The Muppets

Lady Gaga is an Aries Sun, Opposite Libra – who is co-ruled by Venus. Taurus is Gaga’s North node & True Lilith. It’s not surprising that this song is more on the martian side.





Frankie Avalon has a full Venus house — Venus aspects all the planets, in his chart. Venus is at the apex of a grande trine including Saturn & Mars! He has Venus conjunct Neptune!

Justify my Love



Peaches and Herb


The xx

Missing You

Ruff Endz


The xx

Reunion / Sunset

The xx

Ex-lovers rethinking their breakup realizing they still have feelings for each other after so much time.

Just the Reunion

The xx


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    • This is the starting month for the sign of Sagittarius and we are still in the sign of Scorpio, third decan. The third decan for Scorpio begins on the 11th! November 11 to November 21

      The Third Decan of Scorpio is also known as the Cancer Decante and the “Week of Charm.” The influence of the Moon (this Decan’s secondary ruling Planet) lends these natives the ability to become exceptional nurturers and financial wizards. Generally speaking, a person governed by this Decante will enjoy a strong and lifelong bond with his or her mother…which is a good thing unless it results in an eventual lesser bond with the chosen mate. These individuals tend to be somewhat haughty by nature, but are fair-minded and blessed with remarkable energy. Still, they can be unyielding to the extreme. With a tendency to make sure they are right, those ruled by this Third Decan then decide that whatever they do must be on point. Subject in part to the caprices of the ever-changing Moon can create problems here. However, these natives are usually well-liked and harbor a fondness for pleasure and amusement. These are souls who desire to leave a legacy to loved ones and favorite causes. Money, privacy, loyalty and property are of supreme importance. A skilled keeper of secrets, these individuals will carry mysteries and resentments to their graves. Because they have remarkable memories and sensitive hearts, they will hang on to sorrow for an inordinate length of time. An aura of enchantment tends to surround those governed by this Decante. They are caring, abiding and more domesticated than other Scorpio natives. Canny, subtle and adaptable, to say nothing of being blessed with stunning powers of concentration, these are persons who can charm their way to worldly success…and into the heart of a chosen mate. The motto of the Third Decan of Scorpio is “Manifestation.” Novareinna, Constellation Chamber

    • Some keywords for Sagittarius are: bluntly honest, truth seeker, philosopher, traveler, bohemian, fine artist or a massive appreciation of the arts, educated, justice-oriented often fighting for the underdog, religious or spiritual, culturally aware, connecting to foreign people, places, and things.
    • Some keywords for Scorpio are: desirous of the truth, investigative, mass appreciation for transformation and death of what is no longer is to survive, intense, deep, strategic & tactical, dominant, directorial, boiling water.
    • The number eleven is connected to Aquarius, Sagittarius, the 11th and 9th houses.
    • The number eight is connected to Capricorn, Scorpio, 10th and 8th houses
    • This day falls on a Friday which is representative of Venus.  Venus is the day of love, beauty, money, and the arts. Venus soothes.

    Current Events

    • Remembrance / Veteran’s Day
    • The collapse of the economy and current banking practice  (Pluto Capricorn)
    • Proposed censorship of the Internet, lobbied by music and movie organizations (Upcoming Neptune Pisces)
    • OWS — Occupy Wall Street (Uranus Aries)
    • A World Revolution (Uranus Aries)
    • Ousting leaders of government, banking, & corporation leaders and systems (Pluto Capricorn)
    • The Dow plummets on November 9th

    Possible Outcomes (Predictions)

    I’ll take the predictions used for the numerology article and transpose it here.  They really shouldn’t be much different.

    • This day is generally about initiating progress about money, love, spirituality, and illusions.
    • World wealth is likely to see a change, for the better. Dow Jones could see a rise. The economy could bounce back having weathered recent storms.
    • A marked change or display in civil disobedience and diplomacy
    • Frustrations around difficulty in manifesting financial peace, initiating powerful inspiration and vision.
    • Exciting, and sudden spiritual and humanitarian changes are likely.
    • World leaders coming together to discuss world issues or beginning talks about plans to implement 8 type themes (see above)
    • Justice and judgement are likely to be made.  This causes many to feel elated and successful.
    • Initiating, and manifesting spiritual business and wellness.

    Astrologers’ Section

    I could spend hours, weeks, months, and years on a chart so I’ll pick two themes for the day and take a look… I’ll probably come back to this.  I’m not feeling it much right now and mundane astrology isn’t my “Happy Spot” to spend a lot of playtime. Hopefully you’ll add your insights to the comment section.


    The strongest Money planets include Venus and Pluto.  Saturn, Uranus, and Jupiter can tell us how that manifests and maintains itself.  The money houses are the 2nd and 8th house.  We can look at how the 9th, 10th, and 11th houses connect to these houses.

    In the Toronto, Canada chart for this day: Venus is in the 5th house.  Jupiter in the 9th (at home). Saturn is in the 3rd.  Uranus in the 8th.


    I’m only posting the following Venus aspects; however, I’m scanning the other planetary configurations as well.

    • Mercury Conjunct Venus – Powerful financial communication occurs on a daily basis.  Something is being done about the economy.
    • Venus Binovile Chiron – Financial healing through a marriage or partnership.  A fix which has been a long time coming.
    • Venus Biseptile Mars – Gaining an understanding of how to merge money from different places.
    • Venus Biquintile Jupiter – Creatively causing an expansive flow of money through different places.  Taking a risk via use of other people’s money.
    • Venus Conjunct North Node – Powerful financial future is ahead.
    • Venus Ascension* Pluto – Enlightened financial transformation.

    * This is a degree / aspect type I have made up based on my observations of what this kind of contact creates.


    The strongest Spirituality planets include Neptune and Jupiter.  The spiritual houses are the 12th and 9th. Supporting houses include the 4th, and 8th. Neptune can be deception and Jupiter optimistic.

    In the Toronto, Canada chart for this day: Neptune is in the 7th house of partnerships, contracts, and commitments.  Jupiter in the 9th (at home) of foreigners and foreign affairs, spirituality, justice, amongst other things.

    I’m only posting the following Neptune aspects; however, I’m scanning the other planetary configurations as well. Also, I’m only posting personal to transpersonal information in addition to points, angles, Chiron.

    • Nep    Square     Mon – Spiritual and emotional obstacles and conflicts.  It can be difficult to reconcile what is felt.
    • Nep    TrUn    Sun – Spiritual identity along with the connection that psychic gifts become known and belong to many. Technology plays a part.
    • Nep    Opposition – Mar – An aversion to or extreme use of spiritual warfare.
    • Nep    Conjunt     Chi – Powerfully healing spiritual ills.
    • Nep    Quntile     Nod – Creatively reaching towards a spiritual and psychic future.
    • Nep    Opposition   Asc –  Spiritual first impressions causes a push / pull reaction. Some people not ready to move in that direction yet.
    • Nep    BiNovile     MC – Spiritual business, artistic business, and all other types of metaphysical businesses experience a growth spurt.

    Other Stuff

    The North Node is also something to consider as it relates to destiny and one’s future.  I’ll also look at the MC, the highest point and most visible ‘news’, as well as the AC — what the general public may see in the news, at first glance.  And since Jupiter and the 8th house are overlapping elements, I’ll pay extra special attention that too.


    The following Mundane charts can be used to connect world transits to what may happen in your own country.  I’m from Canada and most of my blog visitors are from the United States so I’m including these charts.

    The World Mundane Chart

    November 11, 2011 11:11am UTC

    [chart date=”November 11, 2011 11:11am UTC” size=”400″ asc=”150″ name=”Astrologer, Abella Arthur”]

     United States Mundane Chart

    July 4, 1776, 5:10 pm LMT, Philadelphia, PA

    Canadian Mundane Chart

    Jul 1, 1867 at, 12:00 am LMT, in Ottawa, ON

    A note by Liz Greene, about the National Chart of Canada  

    One day in Toronto, Canada

    Chart for 12 am Canada EST

    Transits on this day!


    If the following looks like a foreign language or unexplainable shorthand to you, just ignore it.  This section is for astrologers who know how to read the short hand. Also note that I work with harmonics so the aspects are listed as such! Harmonics are also very much connected to numerology.  The number 11 is connected with the Undecile so I’ll be looking for that aspect and the Septile (the 7th / 14th harmonic) is also considered a highly divine / spiritual number. I’ll also take a look at the Octile (8th / 16th harmonic) which is close to the ‘square”.

    Aspects of Sun
    Sun    Opp     Mon    3°58′ S        Sun    BNv     Mar    1°34′ A        Sun    QiUn    Jup    1°27′ A        Sun    A    Sat    1°39′ A Sun    QaUn    Ura    1°38′ A        Sun    TrUn    Nep    1°30′ A        Sun    SSq     Plu    2°12′ A        Sun    BSpt    Chi    0°39′ S Sun    A    Nod    0°38′ S        Sun    Opp     MC    0°22′ A        Sun    Cpl     MC    0°06′ A

    Aspects of Mon
    Mon    Opp     Sun    3°58′ S        Mon    TrUn    Mar    0°35′ S        Mon    Qnx     Sat    1°08′ A        Mon    Spt     Ura    0°00′ S Mon    Sqr     Nep    5°42′ A        Mon    Sqq     Plu    1°46′ S        Mon    Cpl     Plu    0°59′ S        Mon    QNv     Nod    1°54′ A Mon    Sqr     Asc    3°31′ S        Mon    Cnj     MC    4°21′ A

    Aspects of Mer
    Mer    Cnj     Ven    0°11′ S        Mer    BQnl    Jup    1°15′ S        Mer    A    Plu    1°39′ S        Mer    BNv     Chi    0°09′ S Mer    Cnj     Nod    3°32′ A        Mer    BSpt    Asc    1°59′ A

    Aspects of Ven
    Ven    Cnj     Mer    0°11′ S        Ven    BSpt    Mar    1°53′ A        Ven    BQnl    Jup    1°26′ S        Ven    A    Plu    1°50′ S Ven    BNv     Chi    0°20′ S        Ven    Cnj     Nod    3°20′ A        Ven    Pll     Nod    0°15′ S

    Aspects of Mar
    Mar    TrUn    Mon    0°35′ S        Mar    BNv     Sun    1°34′ A        Mar    BSpt    Ven    1°53′ A        Mar    Tri     Jup    3°31′ A Mar    Qnx     Ura    0°58′ A        Mar    Opp     Nep    1°52′ S        Mar    Cpl     Nep    0°30′ A        Mar    Tri     Plu    5°38′ A Mar    Opp     Chi    0°37′ A        Mar    BSpt    Nod    1°27′ A        Mar    Cnj     Asc    4°03′ A        Mar    Pll     Asc    0°16′ S Mar    BSpt    MC    0°54′ S

    Aspects of Jup
    Jup    QiUn    Sun    1°27′ A        Jup    BQnl    Mer    1°15′ S        Jup    BQnl    Ven    1°26′ S        Jup    Tri     Mar    3°31′ A Jup    SSx     Ura    2°33′ A        Jup    BiUn    Nep    0°02′ S        Jup    Tri     Plu    2°06′ S        Jup    Sxt     Chi    2°54′ A

    Aspects of Sat
    Sat    Qnx     Mon    1°08′ A        Sat    A    Sun    1°39′ A        Sat    Tri     Nep    4°33′ A        Sat    Qnt     Plu    0°05′ A Sat    Spt     Nod    0°40′ S        Sat    Sxt     Asc    2°22′ S        Sat    TSpt    MC    1°12′ A

    Aspects of Ura
    Ura    Spt     Mon    0°00′ S        Ura    QaUn    Sun    1°38′ A        Ura    Qnx     Mar    0°58′ A        Ura    SSx     Jup    2°33′ A Ura    SSx     Nep    2°51′ A        Ura    Sqr     Plu    4°40′ S        Ura    SSx     Chi    0°20′ A        Ura    SqQn    Nod    1°20′ A Ura    BQnl    Asc    0°57′ S

    Aspects of Nep
    Nep    Sqr     Mon    5°42′ A        Nep    TrUn    Sun    1°30′ A        Nep    Opp     Mar    1°52′ S        Nep    Cpl     Mar    0°30′ A Nep    BiUn    Jup    0°02′ S        Nep    Tri     Sat    4°33′ A        Nep    SSx     Ura    2°51′ A        Nep    Spt    Plu    1°02′ A Nep    Cnj     Chi    2°30′ A        Nep    Qnt     Nod    1°48′ S        Nep    Opp     Asc    2°11′ A        Nep    Cpl     Asc    0°13′ A Nep    BNv     MC    0°03′ A

    Aspects of Plu
    Plu    Sqq     Mon    1°46′ S        Plu    Cpl     Mon    0°59′ S        Plu    SSq     Sun    2°12′ A        Plu    A    Mer    1°39′ S Plu    A    Ven    1°50′ S        Plu    Tri     Mar    5°38′ A        Plu    Tri     Jup    2°06′ S        Plu    Qnt     Sat    0°05′ A Plu    Sqr     Ura    4°40′ S        Plu    Spt     Nep    1°02′ A        Plu    Sqq     MC    2°35′ A

    Aspects of Chi
    Chi    BSpt    Sun    0°39′ S        Chi    BNv     Mer    0°09′ S        Chi    BNv     Ven    0°20′ S        Chi    Opp     Mar    0°37′ A Chi    Sxt     Jup    2°54′ A        Chi    SSx     Ura    0°20′ A        Chi    Cnj     Nep    2°30′ A        Chi    Opp     Asc    4°41′ A

    Aspects of Nod
    Nod    QNv     Mon    1°54′ A        Nod    A    Sun    0°38′ S        Nod    Cnj     Mer    3°32′ A        Nod    Cnj     Ven    3°20′ A Nod    Pll     Ven    0°15′ S        Nod    BSpt    Mar    1°27′ A        Nod    Spt     Sat    0°40′ S        Nod    SqQn    Ura    1°20′ A Nod    Qnt     Nep    1°48′ S        Nod    SqQn    Asc    0°22′ A        Nod    TSpt    MC    0°32′ A

    Aspects of Asc
    Asc    Sqr     Mon    3°31′ S   Asc    BSpt    Mer    1°59′ A        Asc    Cnj     Mar    4°03′ A        Asc    Pll     Mar    0°16′ S Asc    Sxt     Sat    2°22′ S        Asc    BQnl    Ura    0°57′ S        Asc    Opp     Nep    2°11′ A        Asc    Cpl     Nep    0°13′ A Asc    Opp     Chi    4°41′ A        Asc    SqQn    Nod    0°22′ A        Asc    TrUn    MC    0°18′ S

    Aspects of MC
    MC    Cnj     Mon    4°21′ A        MC    Opp     Sun    0°22′ A        MC    Cpl     Sun    0°06′ A        MC    BSpt    Mar    0°54′ S MC    TSpt    Sat    1°12′ A        MC    BNv     Nep    0°03′ A        MC    Sqq     Plu    2°35′ A        MC    TSpt    Nod    0°32′ A MC    TrUn    Asc    0°18’ S

    Closest Transits

    Sorted by Orb – Maximum Aspect Orb 1°00′

    Mon    Spt     Ura    0°00′ S        Mer    Cnj     Ven    0°11′ S        Nod    SqQn    Asc    0°22′ A        Sun    BSpt    Chi    0°39′ S
    Jup    BiUn    Nep    0°02′ S        Asc    TrUn    MC    0°18′ S        Nod    TSpt    MC    0°32′ A        Sat    Spt     Nod    0°40′ S
    Nep    BNv     MC    0°03′ A        Ven    BNv     Chi    0°20′ S        Mon    TrUn    Mar    0°35′ S        Mar    BSpt    MC    0°54′ S
    Sat    Qnt     Plu    0°05′ A        Ura    SSx     Chi    0°20′ A        Mar    Opp     Chi    0°37′ A        Ura    BQnl    Asc    0°57′ S
    Mer    BNv     Chi    0°09′ S        Sun    Opp     MC

    Set for 11:11am Toronto, Canada

    Sat    Qnt     Plu    0°02′ A         Chi    Spt     Asc    0°14′ A        Ven    Dec     MC    0°34′ S        Ura    BQnl    MC    0°50′ A

    Mon    QiUn    Nod    0°03′ S        Ura    SSx     Chi    0°20′ A        Mer    BNv     Chi    0°41′ S        Ven    BNv     Chi    0°55′ S

    Jup    BiUn    Nep    0°06′ S        Mar    Opp     Chi    0°23′ A        Mar    Qnx     Ura    0°43′ A        Sun    QiUn    Jup    0°55′ A

    Mon    Sqr     Nep    0°07′ A        Mar    BiUn    MC    0°26′ S        Sat    Spt     Nod    0°44′ S
    Mer    Cnj     Ven    0°13′ S        Plu    Sxt     MC

    Fixed Stars

    Set for 12 am Toronto, Canada EST

    Aspects to Mer            10°Sg47        -24°42′
    Cnj     09°Sg55         ANTARES *** Success which can be obsessive

    Aspects to Mar            00°Vi00        +13°08′
    Cnj     29°Le59         REGULUS*** Success if revenge is avoided.

    Aspects to Sat            23°Li34        -07°02′
    Cnj     24°Li23         ARCTURUS A different approach

    Cnj     24°Li00         SPICA*** The potential for brilliance.

    Set for 11:11 am Canada EST

    Aspects to Sun            18°Sc54        -17°26′
    Cnj     19°Sc32         ZUBEN ELSCHEMALI– Negative social reform

    Aspects to Mar            00°Vi15        +13°04′
    Cnj     29°Le59         REGULUS*** Success if revenge is avoided.

    Aspects to Sat            23°Li37        -07°03′
    Cnj     24°Li23         ARCTURUS A different approach
    Cnj     24°Li00         SPICA*** The potential for brilliance.

    Aspects to Asc            08°Cp58        -23°08′
    Cnj     08°Cp28         FACIES — Ruthlessness or the victim.


    What do you see in the charts for this day?

      Part One: An Introduction to the 3rd House, Third House Astrology Series

      The third house is the house of everyday communication, siblings, close neighbours, co-workers, your immediate environment, short distance travel, short duration education, the lower mind, church, lower truths.

      Mercury is related to how one thinks, speaks, communicates, what one likes to talk about, how one learns, short trips, letters, mail, the type of relationship one has with their siblings, co-workers, and how they might approach their career or skills within their career. Mercury naturally rules the 3rd house.

      Stuff about the 3rd House.

      • Ruled by Mercury (Gemini, co-ruling Virgo).
      • House Axis: 3 /9
      • Aspect / Planet – Sign: (Gemini / Virgo) Mercury Opposition Jupiter (Sagittarius) The JMAD Swap: Mercury Sagittarius / Jupiter Gemini. Virgo is also ruled by Mercury. Gemini is in Sextile with Leo (the 5th house) and Aries (1st house); therefore, these houses stimulate and piggy-back off of each other. The third house is also in harmony with the 11th (Aquarius) and 7th (Libra).
      • Mercury Conjunct Jupiter is very powerful because they are the natural ruling planets of their respective opposite house…
      • Everyone has 3rd house themes. This is the house of The Superficial or Lower Mind or when house ownership is taken, it can be viewed as The Mind of Thorough Knowledge & Deep Truths.
      • Third House: Lower Mind. Close to self. 9th House: Higher Mind. At a distance.
      • House Themes: Everyday communication, siblings, close neighbours, co-workers, your immediate environment, early development, short distance travel, short duration education, the lower mind, church, lower truths.

      3rd House Themes

      • House of Everyday Communication: The Lower Mind. Lower truths. How you speak, converse, dialogue. What you think about. What makes you curious. How you think. The type of words you use. The speed in which you process information. The type of mind games enjoyed. What you talk about with someone you just met. Current events and what’s in the news. Business memos and letters. Direct marketing. Email, snail mail, voice mail messages and the type you get and send. Secrets. Trade secrets. Rumours. The Post Office. The phone. The Radio. News on the telly. Newspapers. The Dailies. Chats with neighbours, the store clerk, etc. Light-weight conversation. Small talk. Text messaging. Deliver style. Twitter. Instant messaging. Unconscious / automatic / rote thought.
      • House of Siblings: Neighbours residing in the same neighbourhood. Sisters and Brothers. Cousins, etc. Co-workers working for the same parent company. How it was to be raised or live with your siblings. How your siblings communicated to or about you.
      • House of Travelling Short Distances and Connections: Going to work. Weekend getaways. Short term affairs and connections. The subway. Biking.
      • House of Short Term Study and Mind Games: Continuing education. Kindergarten. Daycare. Weekend workshops. Reading books. The type of books you like to read. Recess. The type of mind games you may play. Certifications. Learning facts. Dictionaries. Encyclopedias. How-to’s. Instruction booklets. Repair manuals. Learning how to do simple tasks. Comedy. Bathroom humour.
      • House of Church: Sunday School. The bible. Bible study. Door-to-door Mormons and Jehovah’s Witness recruiting.

      The outer planets in the third may indicate early contact with transpersonal thought, ideas and messages. This may have been confusing for the child, but may eventually lead to an ability to communicate archetypal concepts through writing, speaking and acting as well as through the arts. Both Al Gore and George W. Bush have Neptune in the third.Neptune can equate to a tendency to inflate and glamorize ones ideas and ideals – a polite was of saying: a prevaricator. ~ Eleanor Buckwalter

      Many astrologers have Pluto in the third house.

      Notable People with Third House energy

      I succeeded by saying what everyone
      else is thinking. -Joan Rivers

      I’m being honest, I say what I think.
      – Boy George

      Stevie Nicks

      Talk To Me

      Sun, Mercury Conjunct Uranus Gemini in the 3rd house

      Planned articles for the Third:

      1. Elaboration of 3rd house themes.
      2. Manifestation of 3rd house themes within each sign, planet.
      3. Misunderstandings from self and other within the 3rd house.
      4. How-to overcome 3rd house challenges.

      Britney Spears

      Sun, Mercury, Uranus, Neptune, Black Moon Lilith in Sagittarius 3rd house


      Neil Armstrong

      Pluto in Cancer in the 3rd house

      “One small step for man, one giant leap for mankind.”

      What others say about this house

      Dana Gerdhardt | | Bob Marks | | Astrologically Speaking | Terry Nazon | Astrology In-Depth | Vedic | Astrology Club


      What’s in your 3rd house? If nothing is in it, what is in your 3rd house cusp? What have you experienced as 3rd house themes? Anything else you want to share about the 3rd house?

      I have Aries on the 3rd house cusp. Mars is the ruler of the house. I’m an autodidact (self-learner). I learn quickly. I speed-read. Maybe I miss the details sometimes when I’m reading. I tend to be an aggressive communicator; however, I’m working on Venus soothing up my communications with others. I take the lead. If there’s an uncomfortable pause, I’ll fill in the space. I like to write quickly. One reason why I like Twitter dumps…

      Note to self: First began this series on Apr 11, 2011 @ 0:37

        Astrology: The Jucy Method of Aspect Delineation (JMAD) – Introduction to Interpreting Aspects – Step #1

        When I told Astrology by Kingsley that I would be calling my method of delineating aspects:  The Jucy Method of Aspect Delineation, he promptly retorted with “The JMAD“! <3

        The JMAD is my way of interpreting the essence and influence of an astrological aspect whether that be related to a natal (birth), synastry (compatibility between two or more people), composite (the purpose of the relationship), solar return (month by month predictions for the upcoming year from your birthday on), etc..

        Aspect delineation is one small step of many steps to synthesize and interpret a chart or horoscope — chart delineation.  Chart delineation, reading your chart, is different from aspect delineation.

        Step #1

        To start delineating know what the planets, signs, houses, and aspects represent and their attributes.

        1. Know and understand astrological aspects.  The aspects are the WHY or rather two or more planets getting together (for or against). This conversation, fight, or love-in, in the sky, is about us and what the big Dudes want us to do.  Aspects also connect two or more planets and tell us a lot about the chemistry created in a person, people, event, and so-on.
        2. Basic delineation: As per reading on Michael Starr’s website, “the planets are WHAT energy needs to be expressed or understood, a psychological function or objective.”  Also, to me, the planets make plans for us to carry out.
        3. Intermediate delineation: As Michael Starr says, “the signs are HOW it manifests as drives or personal style, its method or mode of operation, or strategy. “Also, to me, this is the style or way in which the plans are carried out.  If a sign is in fall of a planet, they might not do a very good job at carrying out the plans of that planet.  However, if the sign is in domicile (at home), it will carry out the plans with ease and great skill.
        4. Advanced delineation:  Again, as Michael Starr says, “the houses are WHERE it manifests as situations or events.  Its area of application, or its terrain.” Also, to me, the houses indicate what area the planet what’s its plans to be carried out.  The houses represents activities and areas of interest.

        Intermediate to Advanced Tip

        One of the things I think is important, for any consultant or serious student of astrology to do, is to create their very own book on delineated aspects minus the house and sign as that would likely be too much to tackle in even one lifetime.  Yes, it does take a lot of work and time to create your own list of basic delineated aspects, but it’s well worth it.   I also suggest this to students and professionals of tarot.

        Go to Step 2 | 3 | 4

        Abella, nicknamed Psychic Jucy, is available for consultations with a special focus on: love, relationships, career, work, finances, money, self-development, and manifestation of dreams and goals. Wait time: 1-2 weeks; make your request now.


          Part One: An Introduction to the 7th House, Seventh House Astrology Series

          About the 7th House.

          • Ruled by Venus / Juno
          • House Axis: 1 /7  Polarity: Aries Mars Opposes Libra Venus. The JMAD Swap: Venus Aries / Mars Libra requires awareness, a walk in the other person’s shoes, and togetherness to feel / be whole.
          • Everyone has 7th house themes. This is the house of Self through OTHER or when house ownership is taken, it can be viewed as house of Other through SELF .
          • Seventh House: You, Other, us. First House: Me, Self, I.  Not owning house themes: Self through other – Projected – e.g. I learn about me through you.  You tell me what’s going on.  My actions are seen through your actions.  If I do this, you have done this.  Owning house themes: Other through self  – Reflective – e.g. I learn about you through me. I tell you what’s going on. If you do this, I have done this.
          • House Themes: Giving & receiving, projection & ownership of self, self & other development, committed & withdrawn relationships, conflicts & co-operation, contracts & obligations, and finally attraction & retraction.
          • 1/7 Axis Themes: Is it you or me? Mirror reflection. Me vs. We / Us ~ Independence vs. Co-dependence /Interdependence ~ Individual vs. Partner ~ Separate vs.  Together ~
          • When it’s inconvenient or doesn’t suit needs of self or other, the 7th house often makes attempts to deny house themes.

          7th House Themes

          • House of Committed & Withdrawn Relationships: Anyone you intently focus upon and who requires serious and committed attention. Examples:  Romantic, husband-wife, girlfriend-boyfriend, family, parent-child, best friends, business, employer / employee, client-service provider, doctor-patient, co-workers, declared enemies, competitors, adversaries, and opponents.
          • House of Contracts  & Obligations: Agreements drawn up with those you have a committed relationship.  Give & take.  Just and fair resolutions.
          • House of Projection & Ownership: Here’s where whatever you think other is doing or has done, you are also of similar action and temperament for better or worse.  Recognizing we possess what we get is ownership of house themes. The shadow “projected” side is the “opposition” sign and #1 House of Self. We often project the stuff we don’t like about ourselves onto others.  On the flip-side, we recognize what do we like and inspire others with
          • House of Giving & Getting: Gifts.  New gifts.  Re-gifted gifts. Here you will get things from people and give things to people.  Sometimes the gift is a stinker. Serious giving and taking that’s ultimately transformational and intense (the 8th).
          • House of Attraction & Retraction:  Marriage vs. Divorce.  Whatever was given can be taken back, just as quickly.  Example.  Sun in the 7th gives confidence boosts; however, it can easily deflate other or stop the boosts altogether if the Sun is disrespected or goes unappreciated, reciprocated.  One positive 7th house action is reciprocation. If you don’t get it, don’t give it.  And if you give it, make sure you get it.  Finding a balance between give & take.
          • House of Conflict & Co-operation: Getting or obstructing needs being met.  Negotiating vs. Fighting. Enemies developed through competitive or in-your-face action.
          • House of Domination and Submission: Situated between the sextiled and opportunity filled connection of houses 6 (Virgo, submission) and 8 (Scorpio, domination), themes within the 7th can touch upon being used and using. In its ideal — equality.
          • House of Self & Other Development:  Growing of self and other through partnership. Your self-development and other paves the way to the 8th house “ends and starts”, new beginnings.

          Planned articles for the Seventh:

          1. Elaboration of 7th house themes.
          2. Manifestation of 7th house themes within each sign, planet.
          3. Misunderstandings from self and other within the 7th house.
          4. How-to overcome 7th house challenges.

          Being Erica, Season 4, Episode 1 – Dr. Who

          About mirrors, projections, partnerships, and client-patient relationships

          What Other People Say

          Levi Fuentes, Juno


          What’s in your first and 7th house?  If nothing is in it, what is your Ascendant and 7th house cusp?  What have you experienced as 7th house themes? Anything else you want to share about the 7th house? 😀

          Self-disclosure. Placidus: Leo Sun Conjunct Mars in the 7th.  My 7th house cusp is Cancer.  No planets in the first.  Intercepted AC so I would like to say I have a bit of an Aquarius rising as well – a Double Ascendant (Cap & Aqua), if you will.  My POF is Aquarius. Koch gives me Aqua on the 2nd.

            Part One: An Introduction to the 8th House, Eighth House Astrology Series

            8th house Fire

            The eighth house is the House that many fear.  It is the house of taboos and sensitive subjects — what isn’t talked about in polite company.

            Facts about the 8th House.

            • Ruled by Pluto (Scorpio). 
            • House Axis: 2 /8 Polarity
            • Aspect / Planet – Sign: (Taurus) Venus Opposition Pluto (Scorpio) The JMAD Swap: Venus Scorpio / Pluto Taurus. Scorpio is also ruled by Mars. Scorpio is in Sextile with Virgo (the 6th house) and Capricorn (10th house); therefore, these houses stimulate and piggy-back off of each other.
            • Everyone has 8th house themes. This is the house of  Other People’s Stuff or when house ownership is taken, it can be viewed as Your Stuff Through Others.
            • Eighth House: To Me from You. 2nd House: From Me.
            • House Themes: Money, Inheritance, Business, Control, Sex, Secrets, Transformation, Mysteries, Psychology


            8th House Themes

            • House of Other People’s Money: While this is the house of “other people’s” money, you may very well feel *entitled* for better or worse.  This can be your money through others.  Earning money from or through others such as owning a business where employees / people make money for you (they hopefully get PAID too), a spouse, parent, etc.  off the backs of others.  Taxes Withheld and Paid. Banking. Investments. Money received from inheritance, business, sex, mysteries, etc. Finances of partners. 2nd Bankruptcy.
            • House of Inheritance: Gifts and talents inherited through ancestry, roots, a mentor, powerful relationship, past lives, etc.  Money received from people passed.
            • House of Business Indicates type of industry. How one administers, accounts, markets, pays, etc. others. Self-employment.  The type of people you employ, that are employed for your business unit.  That type of people that is best to be employed for your business.
            • House of Control: Ownership. Mentorship. Obsessions. Addictions. Domination. Management,. Power struggles. Jealousy. Habits. Bullying. Intimidation.
            • House of Sex: Reproduction. Pro-creation. Fornication. Gender. Delivery of baby / death of baby. Sexual diseases. Sexual problems.  Attracting others through sex.  Who or what attracts you in a primal way. Sexual activity. Sexual Fantasies.
            • House of Secrets: Hidden agendas. Crime. Confidentiality. Embarrassing information kept under lock and key. Family secrets.
            • House of Transformation: Out with the old, in with the new.  Starting over.  Re-invention. Re-incarnation. Birth. Early childhood. Physical and Metaphorical death. Re-birth. Throwing out the trash.  Healing.   Surgery. What we abort. Spring cleanings.  Purification. Fasting.
            • House of Mysteries: Unexplained miracles, developments, and structures / buildings. Research of psychic stuff, the occult, tarot, astrology, mediumship, etc. Unknown or non-diagnosable illnesses.
            • House of Psychology: Investigation. Fears. Phobias. Trauma. Our inner workings. Nature vs. nurture. Our upbringing and how it affected us psychologically.  Mental illness. Handling the self-esteem and intense emotions of others and self.

            Planned articles for the Eight:

            1. Elaboration of 8th house themes.
            2. Manifestation of 8th house themes within each sign, planet.
            3. Misunderstandings from self and other within the 8th house.
            4. How-to overcome 8th house challenges.

            What others say about this house

            Carmen Turner-Schott | Dane Rudhyar


            What’s in your first and 8th house? If nothing is in it, what is in your 2nd and 8th house cusp? What have you experienced as 8th house themes? Anything else you want to share about the 8th house?

            Self-disclosure: I have a Virgo stellium in the 8th house.  A cluster of 3 planets (two personal planets) in Virgo 2 degrees apart from each other.  Another planet in Libra is within 8 degrees of this cluster and is in the 8th house with Placidus; however, this planet is in the 9th with Koch.  Mercury Virgo conjuncts South Node in the 8th house with a distance of 15 degrees from the nearest planet in the stellium cluster. So Ruler of the 8th is in the 8th.
            My 8th house is strong and when looking at vocation, the 8th house is a great place to visit to see if there are any strengths in business, research, finances, detection, etc.. and what type of industry the native might enjoy working within.
            I have been self-employed for quite some time now, took business in school, and offer psychological, health, and wellness services as well as hire people to become Psychic Event Entertainers… 🙂

              Part One: An Introduction to the 1st House & the Ascendant, First House Astrology Series

              The first house is the house of self. It’s the house of Me, myself, and I Inc. What I want, what I can do on my own, what I might not see about myself (blind-spot) but others see.  This house is attached to the angle called the Ascendant, ASC, or AC. This angle is our entrance into this world, how we make an – our entrance, first impressions, physical expression, how we look physically — facial expression, mannerisms, body shape, etc.

              Unlike its opposite 7th house, the 1st house projects an image that the native may not readily accept, pay attention to, or recognize in themselves or others.

              The first house is what the native puts out there, extroverts but doesn’t take back in (reflect back). The native doesn’t care whether you do their first house or not.  Others are seen as separate and distinct. The native does what they do and others do what they do and while it could be the same, there’s no meshing in the native’s mind.

              The ascendant protects the native. Once the native understands their chart, they can interact with others strategically and in a way that helps them succeed in life.

              Going against one’s ascendant and sharing the Sun or Moon can set up the native for attacks, abuse, or misuse. This isn’t the seventh house, it’s the FIRST. However, it’s this astrologers opinion, that the ultimate goal is that the native blends their Sun, Moon, and Ascendant with discernment.  And that all chart oppositions, in this case — the  first and seventh houses are also blended.

              On the other hand, without a solid understanding and activation of their ascendant, letting anyone into the inner world (from the first house) can prove unfortunate. This is why a harmonious trine aspect from the Sun & Moon to the Ascendant proves fortunate.  Why?  Because lets say the native is a Sun Gemini and their ascendant is a Libra. They are still exhibiting ‘air-like’ qualities and they are also exhibiting many of the inner Sun qualities without giving it all away.

              So for protection and worldly success, think of the ascendant as a virtue, your chastity — abstinence from intimacy, imbuing civility, enacting temperance.

              But if the goal is to be intimate with another / others, the native will want to release their inner self (Sun, Moon) if it’s disharmonious from their outer self (the ascendant) or if they haven’t managed to blend the 3 major parts of themselves with discernment.  If they don’t share their inner self in this situation, down the road a lot of confusion or dislike from others feeling as if the native has misrepresented themselves is likely to occur. But remember it’s best that intimacy is shared in the 7th and not in the 1st. So the native will want to make a conscious decision on who they want to bring into their inner circle (the Sun being the center of the chart!) and it’s helpful if they do this on the sidelines, out of harm’s way.

              About the 1st House.

              • Ruled by Mars (Aries, Scorpio). An angular house.
              • House Axis: 1 /7 Polarity
              • Your Ascendant becomes your chart ruler and it touches everything, for better or worse, in your chart.
              • Aspect / Planet – Sign: (Aries, Scorpio) Mars Opposition Venus (Libra, Taurus) The JMAD Swap: Mars Libra / Taurus ~ Venus Aries / Scorpio. In fall. Aries is in Sextile with Gemini (the 3rd house) and Aquarius (11th house) — detached friendships and separate communication.  These houses stimulate and piggy-back off of each other. The 1st house is also in harmony (trine) with the 5th (non-committal dating and re/pro-creation) and 9th house (the higher mind, philosophy, etc.).  Animals of Mars:  Woodpecker and Wolf
              • Everyone has 1st house themes. This is the House of Self or when house ownership is taken, it can be viewed as Self for Other. 
              • 1st House: Me, Self, I. Seventh House: You, Other, Us. 
              • House Themes: Outer Appearance, Initiative, Self-relationship, Self-development, Physical Expression, Physical Strength, Attracting & Winning.

              1st House Themes

              • House of Outer Appearance: Your act.  What’s your act? What’s your outer modus operandi? How you look.  What your energy or aura gives off. Your hair, face and body features. What you don’t or didn’t readily accept about yourself even though it is / was blatantly obvious to others. The first impression, first sparks fired. What you feel comfortable in showing even if you don’t want to. How you protect your love nature, soft side, inner core, inner self, vulnerabilities. This theme is also connected to the 2nd house.
              • House of Initiative: Areas where you like to take initiative. What you can start on your own. How hard or easy it is for you to move forward and activate your desires. What you will fight for. The actions we take to cope and deal with what we perceive is our life.
              • House of Self-Relationship: What you do for yourself and why. How you focus on and look after yourself. How you spend your time alone. What interests us.  How self-interested you are. Your selfishness.
              • House of Physical Expression: How you dress.  The types of clothes or fashion styles you like. Your facial expression and body language.
              • House of Physical Strength: Vitality. How one withstands pressures on one’s body. This theme is also connected to the 12th house and indicates how healthy you are, and were upon entrance into and your exit out of the world.
              • House of Self-Development: What you do.  The types of careers or employment that attracts you. What you concern yourself about. Behaviors used to work towards your Sun sign. What you need to move away from to reach wholeness.  A caregiver’s Sun sign or element (especially as related to your chosen career, educational pursuits, or self-development) might be found in your rising sign.  This theme is also connected to the 4th house.
              • House of Winning & Attracting: Areas where you can succeed and can win with force or overwhelming action. What, how, and where you attract those you pursue. Dynamic and sparkling attributes you possess. This theme is also connected to the 10th house. What you need to act, and succeed.

              Planned articles for the First:

              1. Elaboration of 1st house themes.
              2. Manifestation of 1st house themes within each sign, planet.
              3. Misunderstandings from self and other within the 1st house.
              4. How-to overcome 1st house challenges. (This was addressed a bit in the opening paragraphs. Idea: Ask to see their chart or what their Sun or Moon is in, for example, and check that against how they are presenting themselves in the world.)

              What others say…

              Molly Hall | Dana Gerdhardt | Ares, Greek God of War | Mars, Roman God of War | Yahoo Answers

              Aries-Scorpio side note: “Mars’ festivals were held in March, the month named for him (Latin Martius), and in October, which began and ended the season for military campaigning and farming.” and “Mars was the son of Juno alone. Jupiter had usurped the mother’s function when he gave birth to Minerva ( Isabel Hickey alluded in her book, Cosmic Science, that Pluto could also be called Minerva “Pluto or Minerva, the Choice is Yours“.  And apparently staff of the Flagstaff observatory suggested Cronus and Minerva in addition to Pluto) directly from his forehead (or mind); to restore the balance, Juno sought the advice of the goddess Flora on how to do the same. Flora obtained a magic flower (Latin flos, plural flores, a masculine word) and tested it on a heifer who became fecund at once. She then plucked a flower ritually using her thumb, touched Juno’s belly, and impregnated her. Juno withdrew to Thrace and the shore of Marmara for the birth.” and “The bird of Mars also guarded a woodland herb (paeonia) used for treatment of the digestive or female reproductive systems; those who sought to harvest it were advised to do so by night, lest the woodpecker jab out their eyes.”.  Source.  These points would indicate Aries ruled by Mars with Mars co-ruling Scorpio . 🙂

              Questions: What’s in your first house? If nothing is in it, what is in your 1st house cusp? What have you experienced as 1st house themes? Anything else you want to share about the 1st house?

              PERSONAL NOTES:
              This post was very hard for me to write.  It’s been in draft for awhile now, with me adding bits and pieces to it over the last month or so.  I have an intercepted rising (1st house) in Capricorn but I feel like I have an Aquarius rising too.  Chart ruler is Saturn and at times Uranus. And even though I have my Sun & Mars in Leo and therefore Aquarius does shine through those signs as well from time-to-time, I have an empty 11th house and only a Part of Fortune in Aquarius.  Therefore, I feel confident that an intercepted sign acts similar to a sign or house cusp.  So I have both Aquarius and Capricorn first house themes; however, I would say that Capricorn generally wins out.


              My chart is Public Other so I have a bad habit of not thinking about myself enough and my own self-development as it relates to me.  I have historically concerned myself with how I can better myself for others (Sun/Mars in the 7th). And how I can become more well-liked.  With Sun Inconjunct Ascendant, my outer projection does not reflect my inner truth so that often leads to confusion and dislike when I attempt to share both.  It’s not currently a good blend!


              I’m learning to share less, more often until I sync up my stuff.  Hopefully that will help and writing this article opened my eyes to what I was doing incorrectly. Also when I finished writing up my article, I was delighted to see the house that Dana G. had in her article.  I had already picked mine months ago and it was a nice “on the right track” feeling. The Lighthouse is a good pick but after what I have learned contemplating this house more deeply, I wonder if there might be a better ‘house’ to represent the first house.  Time will tell…


              I’m sure I could and hopefully will write more about the first house after reading these three books dedicated to The Ascendant by Jodie Forrest, The Ascendant, Your Karmic Doorway by Martin Schulman, and The Rising Sign, Your Astrological Mask by Jeanne Avery. I look forward to being further inspired!

              Update (not due to reading the above books) — October 4, 2011:

              Having a discussion in a group about the ascendant.  My ascendant is Capricorn.

              For me… I now know I AM serious, hard-working, achievement oriented, and concerned about appearances (more-so before I accepted this about me) but these are not *preferred* ways of being. I did own my interest in business.  Heck, I went to school for business and I’m the daughter of a business-man.

              I have managed other people’s businesses and I have founded and operated my own. But I prefer being a happy, dappy, artsy Leo. When I worked corporate and I was heading off for a break or leaving to go home, people thought I was “just starting work”.  I didn’t have the look of “off duty”. When I was younger, I looked older and now I look younger.  When I was younger, my Sun shone through a lot more.

              The problem is that my world (as an adult) doesn’t support my Sun — at least not right now. For example, if others wouldn’t think they could get away with things — then I wouldn’t have to pull the ‘strict’ card.  Or if others would be responsible and not just think about themselves, I wouldn’t desire to enact some sort of ‘disciplinary’ action that I have the right (ie contract agreements) to enact.

              I want others to self-manage, self-discipline, self-reflect, self-motivate, self-regulate, etc… but if they won’t… who do you think is going to take care of business?  My warm, playful, inspirational Leo Sun or the strict, stern, business-minded Capricorn ascendant? 🙂

              Of course, as I grow to accept and understand my ascendant more… I will hire and surround myself around more people who reflect my goals and desires — my ascendant, so I don’t have to DO my ascendant.  And that’s one more reason why astrology rocks — the opportunity to *know* what’s going on and tools and knowledge to fix what isn’t working.

              So I feel our ascendant is what we need or believe we need to survive and protect ourselves in this Saturnian world. Then again, my chart is Saturn ruled so I might have some bias here. But what most people see about me, IS correct — at least on the surface.  It just wasn’t something I owned at some point, is not the whole truth, nor likely what I want to project.

              To add, my Leo can be bossy and take the lead with confidence… in other words, I know how to tell people (those that have agreed to take direction from me) what to do and with ease (even if I rather not) but that isn’t the same as being strict and disciplinarian which is (in my mind) very much my Capricorn ascendant.

                Part One: An Introduction to the 12th House, Twelfth House Astrology Series

                Note: On May 18th, I decided to assign Virgo to Vesta and therefore the 6th house is ruled by Vesta and is opposite the 12th house.  Reading over what I wrote here back on April 29th, I can see how Vesta is the 12th house’s counterpart / opposite!

                The twelfth house is the house of the broken soul and non-self, the secret or magical self. It’s the house of  fog and gases, the intangible that can not be held, seen, factually verifiable yet often heard and recognized. This is the house of soul as a *pathway*, the soul as a *conduit* to our dreams. And sometimes that soul or psyche breaks down and we need to heal and this is the house where that is taken care of. The twelfth house sets the stage for the realization that we are all “one”, all in it together.  This is the House of “under-work” to the point of inertia, to the point where it can destroy one’s psyche if left unobserved. It’s a water house that deals with the arcane and the dream-world which are crucial to Neptunian ideals.

                Facts about the 12th House.

                • Ruled by *Neptune (Pisces). A Cadent house.
                • House Axis: 12 /6 Polarity
                • Aspect / Planet – Sign: (Pisces) Neptune Opposition Mercury (Virgo) The JMAD Swap: Neptune Virgo / Mercury Pisces.  Update – May 18th: (Pisces) Neptune Opposition Vesta (Virgo).  Pisces is in Sextile with Taurus (the 2nd house) and Capricorn (10th house); therefore, these houses stimulate and piggy-back off of each other. The 12th house is also in harmony (trine) with the 4th and 8th house which completes the primary “internal and psychological” themes in a natives life.
                • Everyone has 12th house themes. This is the House of The Secret Self or when house ownership is taken, it can be viewed as The House of the Higher or Magical Self.
                • 12th House: From The Universe to Me. Sixth House: From Me to The Universe.
                • House Themes: Unconscious & Hidden Secrets, Chronic Health & Healing, Institutions That Confine, The Non-Self & Self-Sabotage, Gestation & The Psyche, Humanity, Larger Pets & Animals


                12th House Themes

                • House of  Unconscious and Hidden Secrets: Enemies that we don’t know exist.  Things we don’t want anyone, including ourselves, to know about.  Not knowing what’s not working.  Secrets that make us sad. Subconscious yearnings or desires. Unacknowledged or spoken fears. Deceiving self. Guardian angels, watchers, helpers, benefactors, philanthropists. Hidden talents, desires, and strengths. What one represses.  What one forgets yet is very important to remember and often quite traumatic. What others fear or do not like in us but won’t often tell us. How we take care of the secrets others tell us. Skeletons in the closet.
                • House of Chronic Health & Healing Places where serious mental and physical illness and disease occurs.  Healing the dis-ease in others. Nebulous or undiagnosed health issues. Universal pain. Alternative healing that doesn’t or hasn’t responded to traditional healing.  Reiki.  Re-birth therapy. Types of long term and on-going health issues. How dis-ease manifests. Types of fluids one enjoys or needs for better health. The types of illnesses. Psychosomatic illnesses.  Empathic illness.  The type of toxic environments that can cause chronic illness. Internal, deep, and difficult to express and release pain. Agoraphobia.
                • House of Institutions That Confine: Prisons. Hospitals. Zoos. Asylums. Boarding schools. Libraries. Storage Units. Nursing Homes. Hospices. Bondage. Halfway Houses. Abuse Shelters. Being restrained due to choices made, karma, or social drop-out. Represents the type of locks that are had depending on house ruler and planets residing in the house?  Examples: a heart (moon) lock, a mental (mercury) lock, a sun (self) lock, etc. One *institution* that confines in the 12th house is the “soul of the brain”. Imprisonment.
                • House of The Non-Self & Self-Sabotage: Eradication of self. Suffering. Forgiving. Being compassionate.  Offering “listening” therapy. What people feel comfortable telling you about. Slavery. Guilt. Shame. Karma. Selflessness. Giving to others.  Self-destructive non-action.  Inertia. Hidden understanding of self. Not being seen, felt, heard, or understood. What is unknown about us. Chemical Addictions. Being a martyr, victim. How we serve and focus on others. Poverty.  How or what you let others take care. The area others want to help or bind you.  How we can get out of the way of our egos and let loose.
                • House of Gestation & The Psyche: Dreams. Contemplation.  Meditation. Ideas that are born seemingly out of nowhere. Getting ready and preparing for being an individual. Formulating and deciding upon what one will use or not use in one’s personality. Training the psyche. Expression of the Psyche through art and intuitive insights.  What we enjoy dreaming about. Reflection and Quietness. Isolation. Hermit. Spiritual development. Enlightenment through sacrifice. House of gestating and percolating — great place for received inspired wisdom.
                • House of Humanity: Forgiveness. Compassion. Volunteering. Universal Consciousness.  Spirituality. Being on welfare. Creating co-dependence so one is taken care of. Past, present, and future lives. Collective Conscious.  Dying and paying for the sins of humanity. How one views other human beings. Prejudices experienced.  How we accept others. The karma we carry.
                • House of Larger Pets & Animals: Human beings. The Hunted and Trapped.  Reflects the wild and expansive nature, if only within dreams. Types of animals you like such as horses.  Types of human beings / personalities you like subconsciously (humans are mammals).

                Houses of the 12th

                There were so many houses to illustrate the 12th house that it was hard to just show one of them, so here the other ones are…

                Planned articles for the Twelfth:

                1. Elaboration of 12th house themes.
                2. Manifestation of 12th house themes within each sign or house ruler and planet.
                3. Misunderstandings from self and other within the 12th house.
                4. How-to overcome 12th house challenges.

                What others say about this house

       | Astrology Club | Astrology In Depth | Terry Nazon | Astrology Zine | Levi Fuentes


                What’s in your first and 12th house? If nothing is in it, what is in your 6th and 12th house cusp? What have you experienced as 12th house themes? Anything else you want to share about the 12th house?

                Self-disclosure: I have a 12th house cusp in Sagittarius, Jupiter rules the house (Placidus, Koch, Equal, Porphyry).

                  Part One: An Introduction to the 10th House, Tenth House Astrology Series

                  “Why fit in when you were born to stand out? – Dr. Seuss”

                  The tenth house is the House that shows off our public self. It is the house of our career and future.  It’s our inner depth manifested externally. It’s where truth and lies intermingle. The tenth house is where others will allow or disallow us to make a good living.  This is where they will support or obstruct, delay our financial endeavours through our daily tasks and what we are naturally good at.

                  The tenth house is the house of aspirations and the public self. It’s the house of  solids, the tangible that can be held, seen, factually verifiable, heard and recognized. This is the house of achievement, legacy, and what we are prepared to share with the world. The tenth house is where we find our career, what the public will encourage, support, or naturally see us doing.  This is the House of “work” to the point of success, to the point of where it can uplift and define one’s destiny. On the flip-side, it can be where we work to the point of failure and where we feel defeated.  The tenth house is what we are born to achieve and where we lead.  And we continue working towards becoming a complete success or failure, as it relates to 10th house matters, throughout our whole lives.  A marked achievement or realization of what we are here to do tends to occur after or near one’s Saturn Return (28-30) and the height of achievement generally happens between the ages of 58-60, during one’s Second Saturn Return. We have about 30 years to begin, define, and complete our social standing.  It’s an earth house that deals with known and ideal social conditions.

                  Facts about the 10th House.

                  • Ruled by Saturn (Capricorn). An Angular house.
                  • House Axis: 10 /4 Polarity
                  • Aspect / Planet – Sign: (Capricorn) Saturn Opposition Moon (Cancer)
                  • The JMAD Swap: Saturn Cancer /Moon Capricorn.  Our parents or male/female care-givers. Capricorn is Sextile Pisces (the 12nd house) and Scorpio (8th house); therefore, these houses stimulate and piggy-back off of each other and themes of Neptune (illusion) and Pluto (power) are at play. The 10th house is also in harmony (trine) with the 2nd and 6th house which completes the primary “internal and psychological” themes in a natives life.
                  • Everyone has 10th house themes. This is the House of The Public Self or when house ownership is taken, it can be viewed as The House of Self-Actualization.
                  • 10th House: See me and what I have created. (an open door) Fourth House: Don’t see me and what was created before me. (behind closed doors)
                  • House Themes: Career & Aspiration, Public Image & Persona, Parents (especially father or the disciplinarian), Duty & Obligations, Social Law, Corporations
                  • Midheaven:  Connected to the MC, the highest point of the zodiac wheel.

                  10th House Themes

                  • House of Career & Aspiration:What we want to become known for.  How and why we shine. What we can get paid easily for. Who we want to serve in public.  How we want to serve others in public. Potential careers.  Type of career success we’ll have.  What we strive for.  Our highest potential.
                  • House of Public Image & Persona:  Politics.  How we are perceived.  What people think about us. Status. How we are seen or not seen.  Under what conditions we may become famous or infamous.
                  • House of Parents: Careers, special skills and aptitudes we inherit from our parents, mother, or father. The father or male energy is involved in this house if the planets Sun, Mercury, Mars, Saturn, or Uranus are involved. The mother or female energy is involved in this house if the planets Moon, Venus, Jupiter, or Neptune are involved. Pluto may represent male or female energy.
                  • House of Duty & Obligations: Our mission. What we are compelled to do.  What we feel we owe the world or the parent(s) (that is represented by this house) to accomplish. Legacy. Contributions to society. How our karma resolves itself. Achievements that the parents made or didn’t make can be also projected onto the native in this house.  This is where the native feels they need to prove their worth and make their parent(parents) proud or where the native wants to fulfill the “new” destiny beyond 4th house roots that the parent(s) didn’t fulfill for themselves.
                  • House of Social Law: How one is suppose to act.  How well we adhere to social conduct rules. How we need to operate within the world of work to find success. How we are accepted or the judgement we receive from others based on how others believe we are operating.
                  • House of Corporations: Describes the type of organizations or industry we would like to or work within.  Who and what type of organization or group signs our paycheques or pays us.

                  I found this a hard house to connect with.  Could it be my Neptune in the 10th that’s having a problem clarifying it?  Or perhaps it’s my own lack of focused and direct success that’s making me shy away from this topic.  A weird veil being put on since I haven’t found the solution for success yet. I feel a sense that when it comes to doing the ‘signs and planets’ in this house, that I won’t be able to shut up about it.  🙂 Anyway, hope this is enough to chew on, for now…

                  Planned articles for the Tenth:

                  1. Elaboration of 10th house themes.
                  2. Manifestation of 10th house themes within each sign, planet.
                  3. Misunderstandings from self and other within the 10th house.
                  4. How-to overcome 10th house challenges.

                  What others say about this house

                  Dana Gerhardt | Aquamoonlight Astrology | Terry Nazon


                  What’s in your first and 10th house? If nothing is in it, what is in your 4th and 10th house cusp? What have you experienced as 10th house themes? Anything else you want to share about the 10th house?

                    Part One: An Introduction to the 6th House, Sixth House Astrology Series

                    Note: On May 18th, I decided to assign Virgo to Vesta and therefore the 6th house is ruled by Vesta.  Reading over what I wrote here back on April 15th, Vesta is very much present — much more than Mercury (in fact)!

                    The sixth house is the house where things are fixed and done.  It’s the house of solids, things that are tangible and that can be held, seen, factually verifiable yet often unheard and unrecognized.  This is the house of body as a *machine*, the body as a *tool* to get things done. And sometimes that body or work breaks down and we need to repair and re-build and this is the house where we take care of that.  The sixth house sets the stage for work to *begin*.  “Working tirelessly” is an oxymoron in this house.   This is the house of “over-work” to the point of exhaustion, to the point where it can destroy one’s body if left unobserved.  It’s an earthly house that deals with mundane and necessary activities which are crucial to surviving a Saturnian society.

                    Facts about the 6th House.

                    • Ruled by *Mercury (Virgo). A Cadent house.
                    • *I am not satisfied that Virgo has not been claimed by a planet of its very own yet.  Mercury co-rules Virgo; however, I think it’s better as an exalted sign instead.
                    • House Axis: 6 /12 Polarity
                    • Aspect / Planet – Sign: (Virgo) Mercury Opposition Neptune (Pisces) The JMAD Swap: Mercury Pisces / Neptune Virgo.  As of May 18th: (Virgo) Vesta Opposition Neptune (Pisces) The JMAD Swap: Vesta Pisces / Neptune Virgo.  (Magical work, Divine health, Sacrificial work, Submitting to service… )Virgo is in Sextile with Scorpio (the 8th house) and Cancer (4th house); therefore, these houses stimulate and piggy-back off of each other.  The 6th house is also in harmony (trine) with the 2nd and 10th house which completes the primary “career and vocational” themes in a natives life. 
                    • Everyone has 6th house themes. This is the House of Working with the Body / Mind Like a Machine or when house ownership is taken, it can be viewed as Service To Self & Other.
                    • Sixth House: From Me to The Universe. 12th House: From The Universe to Me.
                    • House Themes: Work, Health, Comfort, Service, Duty, Esteem, Vocational Training, Pets & Small Animals


                    6th House Themes

                    • House of Work: Types of jobs, tasks, and duties we take on and do. Who you work with and how you work (including your work ethic and habits).  Skills and talents seen and used. Hobbies that turn into professional pursuits. Losing a portion of your money to another.  Also indicates what type of employees or clients (those that serve you) will have and how well you get along with others in the workplace. Planning and organizing. This house can show the level of competency, detail, accuracy, responsibility, and efficiency that is had. Loyalty. Important and necessary work that make a difference.  Having an order to how you work.
                    • House of Acute Health Focus on “mental and physical health”. Types of problems one can have with their health.  How one takes care of their health.  Being a workaholic. Financial health of self and employer. Types of foods eaten to maintain health.  Exercise and diet. Types of illness, disease, and the ways it manifests itself. The physical and mental expression of how one heals. Strain and stress on body or mind. Medical professionals. Specialists.  Imagined illness due to mental stress.
                    • House of Comfort: Doing and being.  Wanting to know what is expected.  Dislike of confusion from the universe, management, employees, etc.  Keeping things the same.  A well-oiled machine. Sustenance. Routines. Rituals.  A need to be comfortable.  A tendency to complain. Wanting work to be natural and normalized.
                    • House of Service: Submission.  Being a servant. Giving. Being a “civil servant”. Selflessness.  Feeling unrecognized. Being employed.  An employee. Debt owed. Karma. Imbalanced and unequal service.  Physical sacrifices and suffering through giving service erroneously. Behind-the-scenes, supporting the LEAD.  How we serve customers, clients, and even those we hire and vice versa.  Imagined slights and oversights.
                    • House of Duty:  What do you feel is your duty?  How will you service humankind?  Having a sense of purpose. Having a stiff upper lip.  Your beliefs around being responsible and following-through on hard or dirty work. Doing what is “right” even if it’s not what is wanted.
                    • House of Esteem: Self Esteem (Self-talk. Devaluing self. Guilt, Assuming one “has” to do something. Masochism. Denial of self. Visible Humility and Humbleness. Taking on, doing, or giving jobs that are below ability. Fear of failure. Themes around worthiness, Being of worth, Being hard on self).  Regarding work done (especially how much!!), earthly (material) arrogance / satisfaction from employees, employers, clients, or self. The Caste System. Over-working. Grooming. How you groom yourself. Status.
                    • House of  Vocational Training: Types of training you may receive or give.  How you will be trained / train. What kinds of training you enjoy.  Apprentices. This house also characterizes the student and the teacher.  What will be learned, and how it will be learned.  Training one’s brain!
                    • House of Pets & Small Animals: Those vulnerable and need of our constant care. Types of animals you like or what you like about animals. Animals that can be used in service.

                    Planned articles for the Sixth:

                    1. Elaboration of 6th house themes.
                    2. Manifestation of 6th house themes within each sign, planet.
                    3. Misunderstandings from self and other within the 6th house.
                    4. How-to overcome 6th house challenges.

                    What others say about this house

                    SkyWriter | AstroTheme | Gryphon Astrology | Holistic Astrologer Blog | Dane Rudhyar | Astrologically Speaking | Yahoo Answer


                    What’s in your first and 6th house? If nothing is in it, what is in your 12th and 6th house cusp? What have you experienced as 6th house themes? Anything else you want to share about the 6th house?

                    Self-disclosure: I have a 6th house cusp in Gemini.

                    Thank you Jan Bird, Lids Crhak Knox, Sophia Mattheou, Beth Turnage, and Jena Owens for some discussion on the 6th.  I’ll include what you had to say (excerpts) as it is relevant for future articles on the 6th house…. 😀

                      Part One: An Introduction to the 11th House, Eleventh House Astrology Series


                      What kind of friend are you? What type of friends do you like? Do your friends help you? Are you into politics and activism? What are your hopes and dreams? You’ll find it in the 11th house. Sounds interesting but don’t know what this article is all about? Book a session: 🙂

                      ‘The Eleventh house is the House of our public camaraderie, friendship, hopes & dreams, social & political influence, networks, and associations. It is the house of friendly and detached relating. For the people, by the people!

                      The Eleventh house is the House that connects others in non-intimate ways Having planets in this house makes the native more influential and aspects to and from this house shows whether that influence is harmonious or disharmonious. This house shows your influence upon others (public me section of the horoscope) and how it can help or hinder your worldly connections and aspirations. It’s also the place where we connect to the masses, to group-think.  How much or little you do this, depends on what’s in or not in your eleventh house. Will you follow the trend or will you go your own way? This is the house of teenagers too as Uranus represents youth and rebellion but group rebellion that you agree with. Being friendly with Aries and the first house, this house is also where a movement or trend can originate and spread. While the tenth is how others see you, your highest point that you can achieve, the eleventh (and ninth) will help you get there If you don’t have anything in the tenth, look to the eleventh to help you reach your highest self in the public eye.

                      Facts about the 11th House.

                      • Ruled by Uranus & Saturn (Aquarius).
                      • A Succedent house (second placement, second place).
                      • Motto: I know
                      • House Axis: 11 /5
                      • Aspect / Planet – Sign: (Aquarius) Uranus Opposition Sun (Leo)
                      • The JMAD Swap: Uranus Leo /Sun Aquarius.  Aquarius is sextile to Sagittarius — 9th house (the higher mind, philosophy, religion, education, law, culture, long-distance travel) and Aries — 1st house (self, physical expression and health, initiative, winning & attracting, and how we enter and exit).  These houses stimulate and piggy-back off of each other. The 11th house is also in harmony (trine) with the 7th (Libra / Juno — committed and legal partnerships, aesthetics, domination & submission, attraction and detraction, etc.) and the 3rd (Gemini — the lower mind, those that surround us, short trips such as marches).  
                      • Everyone has 11th house themes. This is the House of  Many for One or when house ownership is taken, it can be viewed as The House of One for Many.
                      • 11th House: Mass Creation & Procreation  Fifth House: Singular Creation & Procreation
                      • House Themes: Friendship, Associations, Networks, Outside Support, Hopes & Dreams, Dissemination of Information, Activism & Politics

                      The Georgia State Capitol building

                      11th House Themes

                      Who, what, why, where, when, and how?

                      • House of Friendship: Where camaraderie reigns. The types of friends you like. Who your friends are and how they benefit you. Your allies. Like minded people.  Simpatico. Also Aquarius and Uranus is quirky and this is where differences are more accepted as friendships are distant and more detached.  You don’t have to spend all day and all night with your friends and sometimes an occasional quirk adds something to the friendship.
                      • House of Association: Co-operatives and co-operative housing. Political delegates.  Being a member of something. Who or what you want to associate with.
                      • House of Networks: Social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Google +, Livejournal, etc. Networks also can relate to your relationship with technology, phones, the Internet, etc. How you use technology to connect with a wide and diverse group of people.
                      • House of Outside Support: The type of help you’ll get.  Who will help you.  How they will help you. How much help you’ll get. What type of support and affection is given to you.
                      • House of Hopes & Dreams: It tells how well the 10th house has served you.  It also tells of what else you want to accomplish or do beyond what you have done in the 10th house. It can also speak of what you earn from 10th house activities since Saturn is the co-ruler of this house and your friends can help you further your dreams.  “It’s not what you know, it’s who you know.” But it’s actually both in this house.
                      • House of Dissemination of Information: How you like to share what you know.  How others will or will not share what you know.
                      • House of Activism & Politics: Your beefs and how you get others engaged in them.  Rallies. Your political interest and type of party you align with and why. With whom and how you connect with the issues of the world at-large as well as your own issues.

                      The Star Tarot Card. Ruled by Aquarius. It often represents one's hopes and wishes (amongst other things).

                      About Me

                      I have Sag on the cusp of the 11th.  The house is ruled by Jupiter and Jupiter is in my 9th. I have no planets in the 11th house.
                      I’m very independent and a free-spirit. I don’t need friends to define me and I like to spend a lot of time alone too.  Sometimes groups or group conversation can be overwhelming if done for too long and when I’m in a group, I tend to hang back and let others lead the way but I’m not too entirely happy with that scenario.

                      I like friends who give me as much space as I need and I give them space too.  I like to talk about all things Jupiter Libra in the 9th: Art, fashion, photography, philosophy, justice (what’s right and wrong), relationships, long distance travel, fitness, religion & spirituality, and culture. These kinds of things make me incredibly happy to talk about with my friends. I also love sharing knowledge with friends and can be a bit of a ‘teacher’ but I like being a ‘student’ too so it comes from a well-intentioned place.

                      I tend to welcome everyone in and I won a sash that says:  Little Miss Multi-cultural. Well, not really but I used to joke about that as a kid because I don’t have one strong ethnicity or race that I identify with.  I’m mixed! And so I just take in everything as a possibility…

                      What type of friends do I make?  Generally long-distance ones with other free-spirits and I tend to be one-on-one. I’m now getting that that makes a lot of sense.  It’s like I say to people who get into relationships: If you are in a long-distance one, you probably aren’t ready for an in-your-face one.

                      So long distance friends are probably the barrier I create so I can logically have my space.  Of course, for various reasons this distance can either annoy them, me, or both.  It’s unlikely I’ll meet any long distance friend any time soon.  In fact, I don’t like to get ‘too involved’ with my friends (this isn’t the seventh house, after-all).  And I don’t want this to be a brush-off either because I do love my friends.

                      And, of course, not being so invested in friends (or wanting them to be too invested in me in an attached way) is a problem when I’m seeking support and dissemination of information that I would like a mass amount of people to obtain. In other words, I’m no social media guru. But I do care about all my friends so when they don’t help when I’m in need, I do get a bit sullen about that.

                      Many-a-friend seem to desire more out of me in this house and they can desert me if they don’t get what they want.  That is upsetting.  I love my friends but I’m just so busy being me (and that’s a me that does for many others) that I can’t have that type of intense connection going on unless it’s with one or two people (7th house).

                      I’m a whatever happens happens kind of girl in the world of the 11th house.

                      What type of friends do I like? I like positive, happy, thoughtful or generous, and expansive friends who stand for something.  Friends who like to go their own way and do their own thing and we meet back up to talk about what we did and said — expanding our knowledge and experience through the other. But sometimes we do it together.  We like to go out and experience all the world has to offer and we like to share that with others. And I also like to share my friends. Why?  Because they make me happy and I hope they’ll bring some starshine to you too.

                      Politics? I vote, sometimes, but I don’t think my vote will count.  I’m liberal or rather a fence-sitter. I’m not far right or left. I believe in freedom, innovation, cleansing and protecting the earth, democracy, personal choice, and not hurting others with our personal choice.  I guess I’m status quo. I’ll listen to others talk about politics but it doesn’t interest me much because I don’t think I can affect it in any great way and well, I don’t have any planets in the 11th so that’s likely to be the case.

                      I will spread the word about a movement or cause but I probably won’t attend a rally or march and get too involved even though the thought will cross my mind. I leave that up to other people.  Then again, there was a time when I worked very hard at putting together a show where underrepresented people (who normally don’t vote) could come.  It was going to be a show that had a multi-media component that made it ‘enjoyable’ to get involved in politics.  Because frankly, I didn’t and still don’t find it entirely joyful to participate in.  So that’s probably coming back to Jupiter ruling my 11th house.  Politics ain’t [sic] no fun for me!

                      And when it came to sports, I was interested in individual ones more than team sports but I did both.  However,  I naturally make a great partner player because I have planets in the 7th. I enjoy playing Tennis, Frisbee, Badminton, biking, and other sports that can be done with one other.  Partnership and 7th house relationships is something I do… 🙂

                      Transits activate anything it touches and transits are especially important for natives with empty houses, especially stellium natives (like me) who are ‘doing’ their stellium far more than anything else in their life.

                      North Node Sagittarius has been transiting my 11th house since April 19th, 2011 and it will run until fall of 2012.   For me, this meant reaching out to organizations and people (that ‘I’ shunned before) to help support my goals, dreams, and aspirations and being supported by these people because of that (you know who you are… thank you!). I finally found a sense of community . This experience  is also helping me understand what I need to become successful in my work.  Who my friends are and are not, who wants to help me reach my goals, what I stand for, and who I stand behind.

                      Generally, I just make friends and I don’t think about how they can benefit me.  In fact, I have thought about how I could benefit them.  And I have chosen friends based on enjoyment rather than how they can further my goals. But I’m now becoming more discerning in my choices.

                      Okay, well that was unexpected (how 11th house?! hehe).  Hopefully no one minds this narcissistic exposé!! *chuckle*

                      (A comment left by myself on Astrofix‘s article about the 11th house: Guess I’m not popular nor an icon nor will I become one. Oh well! haha I have an empty house.  At the end of the day, would I want to be famous? Probably not, unless I can do it without anyone knowing it’s me. But then my Leo Sun might get annoyed with having its Sun eclipsed. Oh, nothing is perfect but my Virgo side does try. 😀

                      I’m also incredibly uncomfortable being perceived as a ‘guru’ type and yet I want to spread spiritual truths… What gives? How annoying, eh?! Can I have it both ways? )

                      Notable People with Planets in the Eleventh

                      • Angelina Jolie
                      • Marilyn Monroe
                      • Johnny Depp
                      • Brad Pitt
                      • Barack Obama
                      • Nicole Kidman
                      • Mary Kate Greer
                      • 14th Dalai Lama
                      • Abbé Pierre (Henri Antoine Grouès)
                      • Elvis Presley
                      • Jodie Foster
                      • Coluche (Michel Colucci)
                      • Martin Luther King

                      Planned articles for the Eleventh:

                      1. Elaboration of 11th house themes.
                      2. Manifestation of 11th house themes within each sign, planet.
                      3. Misunderstandings from self and other within the 11th house.
                      4. How-to overcome 11th house challenges.

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                      House related thoughts to ponder

                      Occupy Wall Street | About Saturn | About Uranus (Herschel) | About Saturn (Myth) | About Uranus (Myth)

                      Mythic Notes:

                      “Uranus or Father Sky was the son and husband of Gaia, Mother Earth. Saturn was the son of Uranus.” About Uranus (Myth)


                      What’s in your eleventh house? If nothing is in it, what is in your 11th house cusp? What have you experienced as 11th house themes? Who represents the 11th house sign cusp in your past or present life?  This sign is likely someone you get along with really well under the domain of the 11th house.  Or look to the ruler of the house.  Where is that ruler? That will also tell you a little more about your friendships and other 11th house themes. Anything else you want to share about the 11th house?



                        Part One: An Introduction to the 4th House, Fourth House Astrology Series

                        The fourth house is the House where we find our roots and comfort. It is the house of family, extended family, family resources, our past and our future, and it represents long term memory.

                        The fourth house is also the house of our childhood and our parents childhood and so-on.  It represents the circle of life and size. It’s the house of what makes us into who we are as adults and it’s our past that we like to keep private.  This is where we can find “Skeletons in the closet“.  It represents resources used to rear us.  Often it is where we blend into what everyone else wants of us.  We are not heard or recognized as individuals who have separate and distinct aspirations. This is the house of family, extended family, and family we don’t know about.  This is the House of “non-work” as we develop our psyche and make choices about what we want to become or settle into. It’s a water house that deals with the mother, emotions, instinct, food, housing, and sustenancebasic needs!

                        Within Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs the 4th house covers Physiological, Safety, and part of one’s Love/Belonging needs.  This is a serious house dealing with security, responsibilities, and emotional well-being.

                        The 4th house is where we get nurtured so that we can become a success out in the big and difficult world (10th house).  This house shows how we were nurtured until our early 20’s (3rd Saturn Square & Uranus Squares Saturn).  Once we have proven our success away from our early conditions and family support or non-support, we go back to become an elder or mentor after we have self-acutalized and received public recognition in the 10th house.  This happens around 60 years old and this is when you make way and support the 20, 30, and 40’s in leaving their legacy and imprint on the world.

                        Facts about the 4th House.

                        • Ruled by Moon (Cancer). An Angular house.
                        • House Axis: 4 /10 Polarity
                        • Aspect / Planet – Sign: (Cancer) Moon Opposition Saturn (Capricorn)
                        • The JMAD Swap: Moon Capricorn / Saturn Cancer.  Our parents or male/female care-givers. Cancer is in Sextile with Virgo (the 6th house) and Taurus (2nd house); therefore, these houses stimulate and piggy-back off of each other. The 4th house is also in harmony (trine) with the 12th and 8th house which completes the primary “internal and psychological” themes in a natives life.
                        • Everyone has 4th house themes. This is the House of Ancestry (past) or when house ownership is taken, it can be viewed as The House of Nurture (present).
                        • 4th House: Don’t see me and what was created before me. (behind closed doors) Tenth House: See me and what I have created. (an open door)
                        • House Themes: Our Roots, Family & Parents or Care-takers, Heritage, Beginning and End of Life, Housing & Land or Farming, Food & Produce, Resources & Resourcefulness, Archetypes & the Universe


                        Personal note: I’m a psychic and occultist, by trade (Scorpio planet in the 10th).  My mother is a water sign and was involved with tarot and the occult and I come from a long line of occultists on my mother’s side who practiced in secret. My father is of an earthy and logical temperament with a conservative heritage who is /was focused on public / career success.  He was / is a business man and I went to school for business. My parents split when I was young so I was reared mainly by my father (unusual for the times). I have Saturn in the 4th — Saturn co-rules Aquarius!  If it were not for my father, I wouldn’t have turned my occult abilities into a business.  And if it weren’t for my mother, I wouldn’t have had the psychic DNA in my blood.  The 4th house contains information about both of your parents, as does the 10th.  As a side-note, I was raised on a farm for a good number of years and this very much relates to my earthy Saturn in the 4th placement. 😀

                        4th House Themes

                        • House of Our Roots: heritage, ancestry, where we came from. What we know about our roots.  What is hidden about our roots when we are young.  What we find out about our roots when we are much older. What we own or is passed on to us as it relates to the family, such as photos, heirlooms, and real estate.  Burial grounds or places where the native can find relics of the past or where their relics will be stored.
                        • House of Family & Care-takers:  The parents but specifically the Mother or Nurturer and what she / they pass on to you.  The quality of care received.  The size of the family and the reason for the size.  How you were nurtured.  The first house is nature and 4th house is nurture.  The role your father played in the home.  The kind of family you have. Siblings whom one is not close with due to adoption, out of wedlock birth, previous marriage / family of parents and their emotional and psychological temperament as related to the native’s parents (siblings are in the 3rd).  Siblings whom one does not know.
                        • House of Beginning & End: Childhood and old age. How we begin our lives and how our lives end.  Before 20 and after 60. The quality of our life when we are young and much older. 
                        • House of Housing & Land (Farming, Water, What’s at or below the horizon): The quality, size, and appearance of one’s parental home and what one might possess in adulthood.  The type of building one spends most of their time in.  What the land looks like in the area of one’s home.
                        • House of Food & Produce:  Food secured.  How one purchases their food and what one eats.  Why the native eats emotionally.   The types of foods we ate and will get to eat.
                        • House of Resources & ResourcefulnessHow your family and how you cope when in crisis.  The resources available to you to provide comfort and sustenance. How resources are used.
                        • House of Archetypes & the Universe: What we do not know but what is inherently known about all there is to know. The archetypes we are most exposed to when developing and during retirement.


                        Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs

                         Planned articles for the Fourth:

                        1. Elaboration of 4th house themes.
                        2. Manifestation of 4th house themes within each sign, planet.
                        3. Misunderstandings from self and other within the 4th house.
                        4. How-to overcome 4th house challenges.

                        What others say about this house

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                        What’s in your 4th and 10th house? If nothing is in it, what is in your 4th and 10th house cusp? What have you experienced as 4th house themes? Anything else you want to share about the 4th house?


                          Part One: An Introduction to the 2nd House, Second House Astrology Series

                          The second house makes 8th house themes tangible.  It’s the house where spirit becomes or turns into matter. Where the 8th house contains the “Janitor of the Universe”, the 2nd house contains the “Janitor of the Earth“.  It’s where you can take your 11th house Aquarius (another fixed sign) dreams, shine them up, and manifest them. The second house is in your face, life on earth stuff. Money and Power. All-consuming physical expressions of sensuality. Your material possessions. The values that have become tradition and a solid part of what makes YOU.

                          Stuff about the 2nd House.

                          • Ruled by Venus (Taurus, co-ruling Libra).
                          • House Axis: 8 /2
                          • Aspect / Planet – Sign: (Taurus) Venus Opposition Pluto (Scorpio) The JMAD Swap: Venus Scorpio / Pluto Taurus. Scorpio is also ruled by Mars. Scorpio is in Sextile with Virgo (the 6th house); therefore, these houses stimulate and piggy-back off of each other.
                          • Everyone has  2nd house themes. This is the house of  Your Stuff for Self or when house ownership is taken, it can be viewed as Your Stuff for Others.
                          • Second House: From Me. 8th House: To Me from You.
                          • House Themes: Money & Resources, Talents, Value, Self-esteem, Sensuality, Art & Beauty, Gardens, Possessions

                           2nd House Themes

                          • House of Money & Resources: Money you make through your own efforts and ingenuity. Makes concrete whatever it touches. How your investments and stocks fair and the degree of stability. How you spend your money.  The type of earning potential you have.
                          • House of Talents: Talents that you have that can earn you a living or give you immense pleasure and fulfillment. Where we not only inspire ourselves but inspire others through our own talents.  Libra connects well with Taurus (both ruled by Venus, 2nd house) here in that there’s a partnership or bouncing off in this house and a mirror reflection with a twist.  It’s where one can look at the other, see a similarity and then create or be inspired to make something else out of it. To use their own talents that progresses your talent offered but in their own way. So it’s likely you’d never do or wouldn’t have done whatever they get inspired to achieve. Venus enchants, incites, and attracts others to your talents so others may see your talents before you do.
                          • House of Value: What you value.  What is worth it for you. The kind of value you place on things and people. What’s important to you. What are your values that you can turn into substance?  As a Pisces NN in the 2nd, I have Virgo SN in the 8th.  Some of my values are accuracy, knowledge, quality, communication (Virgo SN conjunct Mercury 8th) camaraderie, compassion, understanding, acceptance (2nd house Pisces NN) of self AND other.  These values are spiritual at this point.  Turning them into substance may look like this: I like to speak the truth or my truth as it were and I value others doing this too.  I value speaking one’s truth. I like to hug people when they are in distress, if I think that’s appropriate.  I value physical expression. I accept and understand different styles of dress. I value clothing and how it tells the story of our body, and physical presence. On the subject of food (4th house, Moon), the 2nd house is where you like to eat out — the type of restaurant that you enjoy. It also reflects the type of drink you enjoy and for what reason. It also relates to the culinary arts.
                          • House of Self-esteem: Self esteem is often wrapped up in what you do to earn a living and what you own.  Because of that, we find self-esteem in the 2nd house (as well as the 8th house, on a deeper and less superficial level).
                          • House of Sensuality: This is the house where sex is a physical, and tangible experience. It’s where your sense of touch as well as sight, sound, smell, and taste come into the picture. How you want physical sex to play out.  How you express your sensuality. Physical sexual experiences that are memorable. How you get in the mood for sex. The 8th house is related to spiritually and psychologically intense, higher mind, and intangible sex.
                          • House of Art & Beauty: What type of beauty, art, or things you enjoy. A love of physical art:  Performance, pottery, canvas, etc.. How you view old art. How do you want to appear?  Do you wear a lot of make-up or none at all? Are you have a classic or futuristic look? What type of clothing makes you look your best? The Culinary Arts… Arts of any sense pleasure…
                          • House of Gardens: Material growth.  Your secret garden materialized. What you find beautiful and nurture or nourish. How your body, hair, face, etc ages. The outcome of cosmetic surgery.
                          • House of Possessions: What you own.  What you are known for owning. The types of things you BUY for pleasure and to earn a living. Stuff bought here can be used for hobbies in the 5th house and with enough intensity and obsession (8th house) turn into a career (1oth house) or make you infamous / famous for it. How you treat and view old furniture, antiques, and stuff. Are you a packrat (hoarder) or do you collect and then disseminate? Do you lose your stuff or do you have it very organized?

                          Notable People with Second House energy

                          Jean Gabin

                          Sun, Mercury, Venus, Mars Taurus in the 2nd house
                          A deep, sensual, husky, Venusian male voice

                          French Version

                          Jane Brody

                          Sun, Saturn, Jupiter, Uranus Taurus, 2nd house
                          Jane really understands what life and death is all about from a 2nd house perspective.  Her Sun is conjunct Jupiter with less than a 1° orb.  She has no planets in Scorpio / 8th house.

                          Elvis Presley

                          Sun, Venus, Mercury Capricorn in 2nd house – North Node Aquarius, 2nd house

                          Blue Suede Shoes

                          Viva Elvis- Blue Suede Shoes

                          Well, it’s one for the money
                          Two for the show
                          Three to get ready
                          Now go, cat, go

                          But don’t you
                          Step on my blue suede shoes
                          Well, you can do anything
                          But lay off of my blue suede shoes

                          Well, you can knock me down
                          Step in my face
                          Slander my name
                          All over the place

                          Well, do anything that you want to do, but uh-uh
                          Honey, lay off of my shoes
                          And don’t you
                          Step on my blue suede shoes
                          Well, you can do anything
                          But lay off of my blue suede shoes

                          Well, you can burn my house
                          Steal my car
                          Drink my liquor
                          From an old fruit jar

                          Do anything that you want to do
                          But uh-uh, honey, lay off of my shoes
                          And don’t you
                          Step on my blue suede shoes
                          Well, you can do anything
                          But lay off of my blue suede shoes

                          Well, it’s one for the money
                          Two for the show
                          Three to get ready
                          Now go, go, go

                          But don’t you
                          Step on my blue suede shoes
                          Well, you can do anything
                          But lay off of my blue suede shoes

                          Well, it’s blue, blue blue, suede shoes
                          Blue, blue, blue suede shoes
                          Yeah, blue, blue, blue suede shoes
                          Baby, blue, blue, blue suede shoes

                          Well, you can do anything
                          But lay off of my blue suede shoes

                          Eric Snow on Lebron James / High Performers

                          Sun Conjunct Venus in the 2nd house


                          Sun Taurus, Gemini Venus, Mercury, Part of Fortune in the 2nd house

                          Frank Capra

                          Sun, Venus, Black Moon Lilith Taurus in the 2nd house

                          Being Erica, Season 5 Sins of the Father

                          Besides Capricorn, Taurus often acts as the ‘other’ traditional Father Figure. The father that spends more time acquiring things, making money, and not spending as much time with family though when he’s successfully blended pleasure with making money, he can be quite the family man — loving his spouse and children.  A father can be a he or a she.  A Taurus can be a he or a she.  Here, I speak of the ‘traditional’ male Taurus, the Bull (Wall Street), role.

                          Planned articles for the Second:

                          1. Elaboration of 2nd house themes.
                          2. Manifestation of 2nd house themes within each sign, planet.
                          3. Misunderstandings from self and other within the 2nd house.
                          4. How-to overcome 2nd house challenges.

                          What others say about this house

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                          What’s in your 2nd house? If nothing is in it, what is in your 2nd house cusp? What have you experienced as 2nd house themes? Anything else you want to share about the 2nd house?

                          I have Pisces NN and depending upon house system used, POF Aquarius in the 2nd.  I have a huge spiritual library and spiritual nick knacks (crystal balls, skrying mirors, tarot cards, etc.).  I consider these re-salable assets as well as items that can help earn me a living.  In fact, many of them do.  I have had nightmares of ‘losing’ these things when I wasn’t feel secure in my life.  At the time, I didn’t know enough about astrology to understand the connection — now I do.


                            Part One: An Introduction to the 5th House, Fifth House Astrology Series

                            Photograph © Andrew Dunn, 26 June 2005. Website:

                            The fifth house is the House of fun.  The Fun House. Its natural ruler is Leo and it’s in the chart section of “private, other”. Its opposite house is the eleventh, “public, me”. The fifth house is where we bring others into our private world.  Where we connect with others for private pleasure.

                            Why is the Sun Under the Horizon?

                            A lot of people wonder why the Sun (the King or Queen of the zodiac) is at the bottom of the chart, under the horizon — under the radar. Well, it’s not really.  The astrological natal chart works in an unusual way.  The chart used by many astrologers, for natal interpretations, is called a geocentric chart.  This places the Earth in the middle of the chart rather than the Sun and the Earth represents you.  However, the way it really works is that the Sun is in the center and all planets revolve around it. This type of chart is called Heliocentric and why your Sun sign is the most important and talked about luminary (aka, a planet) in the public.  Because… You, my friend, are a Star!  And everything, every planet and house, is modified or gets touched and warmed up (or cooled down) by your Sun’s rays, power, and strength.

                            Further touching upon this subject… Because the Earth is in the center of most natal charts, the Sun casts its shadow differently and the top of the chart is the South and the bottom of the chart is the North.  Therefore, the Sun or the 5th house is in the North — which would make it on top.  And if we flipped the chart — the Sun would be near the 10th house,  or rather straddling the MC, the highest point of the chart. That’s why I say that although Capricorn is inconjunct Leo, they can get along in many ways. While one wants fame, wealth, and prestige (Capricorn), the other wants the perks that go along with that — celebrity, jet setting life, and wealth to have fun (Leo).

                            Going back to the topic of why the Sun is under the horizon… well, the Sun — like all fire signs — are me, myself, and I oriented.  They are about themselves and what they want to do. They have the confidence not to care much what others think of them (whereas Capricorn does, the natural sign ruler for the 10th house).  The 10th house relates to your image, how the public views you, your honor, etc.  Leo couldn’t care less.  Leo is here to take it all in and be whatever they want to be. It’s plainly no fun doing what others want Leo to do, following rules others set out for them (Heck, no! They’ll be telling you what to do).  Plus, Leo is a playful and self-directed sign. It doesn’t have the need to care about the public in that way.  The public, after all, LOVES Leo so nothing needs to be worked at there. 😉 They have already arrived! They are already at the top!

                            Facts about the 5th House.

                            • Ruled by Sun (Leo).
                            • A Succedent house (second placement, second place).
                            • Motto: I create
                            • House Axis: 5 /11
                            • Aspect / Planet – Sign:  Sun (Leo)  Opposition  (Aquarius) Uranus
                            • The JMAD Swap: Sun Aquarius. Uranus Leo.  Leo  is trine to Sagittarius — 9th house (the higher mind, philosophy, religion, education, law, culture, long-distance travel) and Aries — 1st house (self, physical expression and health, initiative, winning & attracting, and how we enter and exit).  These houses are in harmony and connected to each other.  The 3rd and 7th house stimulates and piggy-back off the 5th house.  The 7th (Libra / Juno is about committed and legal partnerships, aesthetics, domination & submission, attraction and detraction, etc.), and the 3rd (Gemini — the lower mind, chit-chat, those that surround us, short trips such as marches).  So the 5th house is where we meet dates through friends, neighbours, co-workers, social networks, etc. with the outcome of dating and sexual activity often leading to marriage, a long-term commitment, and children or projects the romancers give birth to.  The types of activities the lovers and creators may enjoy include 9th and 1st house activities and the romancers or creators are driven by first impressions and the promise of creating new and exciting manifestations of delight.
                            • Everyone has 5th house themes. This is the The House of One for Many  or when house ownership is taken, it can be viewed as House of  Many for One .
                            • 5th House:  Singular Creation & Procreation Eleventh House: Mass Creation & Procreation
                            • House Themes: Recreation, Creation & Procreation, Dating & Relationships, Arts & Hobbies

                            5th House Themes

                            Who, what, why, where, when, and how?

                            • House of Recreation: What pleasures us to do during our time off. Taking risks. Gambling. Arts & Crafts. What you like to do in your down-time.  Entertainment and drama. Very personal friendships that are intimate but not necessarily consummated as opposed to impersonal friendships that occur in the 11th house. A connection with this type of friend may revolve around a beloved shared activity or interest; however, this kind of friendship may not be long lasting. Holidays and special events.
                            • House of Creation & Procreation: Children you may or may not have. Sex for fun. Projects you create out of a seed, egg, small amount of supplies and resources.  Conditions surrounding getting pregnant and pregnancy. The type and condition of children you can have.  How you’ll have your children.  Think of children as anything you made and that requires a lot of nurturing and that you will probably need to take care of for many years.  Creations such as a business or a long-term project.
                            • House of Dating & Romance: How you like to date.  Who you like to date.  How and who we flirt with. Where dating leads you.  Who you date. What you consider romantic. Your ideal kind of date. What zodiac sign attracts you. What zodiac sign makes laugh, and brings you fun and play into your life.  Lets say you are with someone you love and are attracted to and they are a Scorpio but you have Taurus on your 5th house cusp.  They are may have another aspect that will emulate Taurus on the 5th such as Sun Conjunct Venus or heavy Venus contacts.
                            • House of Arts & Hobbies: The type of art or hobbies we enjoy, create, or do. What you are talented at. Childhood talents that may not have seen the light of day as an adult.

                            Eleanor Buckwalter says, A strong fifth house can produce statesmen and politicians as well as athletes, educational and spiritual leaders, and fine artists. The correlation of politics, art and theatre explains why actors can become successful politicians and why politicians possess the skills of actors, for they need dramatic art to hold the public’s interest through an ability to entertain, interest, or excite and incite.

                            This also makes sense to me because the 11th house (opposite to the 5th and therefore connected) is a political one and many politicians have planets in that house.

                            Notable People with 5th house energy

                              • Louis Armstrong
                              • Charlie Sheen
                              • Wilt Chamberlain
                              • Dorothy Hamill
                              • David Crosby
                              • Rose Kennedy
                              • Leo Guild
                              • Zipporah Dobyns
                              • Diamond Jim Brady
                              • The creation of Donald Duck
                              • John West
                              • Slobodan Milosevic
                              • Philippe Habert
                              • Percy Bysshe Shelley
                              • Joseph di Mambro
                              • Rodolphe d’Autriche
                              • Louise Brown
                              • Jim Reeves
                              • Arthur Janov
                              • Lina Accurso
                              • Don Murray
                              • Georges Carnus
                              • France Nuyen
                              • Benjamin Harrison
                              • Jean Carrière
                              • Amy Shapiro
                              • Kenneth Waters
                              • Boyer Coe
                              • Takanohana
                              • Marisabel Lomba
                              • Michèle Alfa
                              • Harry Heltzer
                              • Régis Bulot
                              • Miguel Esteves Cardoso
                              • Gary Beban
                              • Nicola Giuliani
                              • Giovanni Meneghini
                              • Evan Shelby Connell
                              • Philippe Mestre
                              • Matthijs Maris
                              • Marshall Field
                              • Jean Knight
                              • Roman Gabriel
                              • Alexei Panshin
                              • Zsa Zsa Gabor
                              • Thierry Sabine
                              • Edgar Rice Burroughs
                              • James Mitchum
                              • Pietro Mennea
                              • Mae Marsh
                              • Mae West
                              • Roger Walkowiak
                              • Don Paul
                              • Sidney Sonnino
                              • Marnix Gijsen


                            Mae West. I’m in the Mood for Love

                            You’ll notice something soon enough.  I embedded a lot of Louis Armstrong‘s songs here.  First, I found out what famous person had a strong 5th house and Louis came out on top and I recalled he sang.  So I looked up his songs on Youtube and I couldn’t believe how much 5th house magic I was listening to.  If you ever wonder what the 5th house sounds like, listen to Louis!

                            White Christmas, Louis Armstrong

                            Spooks (Halloween Song), Louis Armstrong

                            When You’re Smiling, Louis Armstrong

                            What a Wonderful World, Louis Armstrong

                            La Vie En Rose, Louis Armstrong

                            Planned articles for the Fifth:

                            1. Elaboration of 5th house themes.
                            2. Manifestation of 5th house themes within each sign, planet.
                            3. Misunderstandings from self and other within the 5th house.
                            4. How-to overcome 5th house challenges.

                            What others say about this house

                            AquaMoonlight  | Astrology Zine*Daily Horoscope | * Astrology Club | My Astrology Charts | Astrology Works | Skyscript


                            What’s in your fifth house? If nothing is in it, what is in  your 5th house cusp? What have you experienced as 5th house themes? Anything else you want to share about the 5th house?  What type of fun do you like? Where do you have fun? Who attracts you? Where can you let loose? It’s all in your 5th house, 5th house cusp!!

                            This house was actually enjoyable to do.  Perhaps that’s because I have my Sun and Mars in Leo and Gemini on my 5th house cusp. 😀 It was easy-breezy.


                              Basic Introduction to Astrology For Clients

                              If you want to use this for your clients (or students), especially if you are just starting out, you’ll probably want to modify the About You, About Me, About Different Astrological Practices, and About Chart Consultations I Do. Because of that, for this article alone I’m offering the following license below. If you want to alter it further, please contact me with the changes.  Thank you.

                              Creative Commons License
                              This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.

                              Basic Introduction to Astrology For Clients
                              by © Abella Jucy Arthur

                              About Astrology

                              Astrology (star study) looks at what celestial objects and points (Sun, Moon, Planets, Asteroids, Constellations, Zodiac Signs, etc) are doing and where they are positioned based on the the time of your birth or a specific time of an event (such as a marriage date, question about something, a move, weather conditions), etc.) and how that affects and influences Earth and its inhabitants.

                              About You

                              Your complete horoscope / various charts (i.e birth/natal and progressed) contain your personal fingerprints, DNA, blueprint. It is a private and unique documentation of your whole life from beginning to end, before (reincarnation) & beyond!

                              Often, clients want to know about what’s happening now or in the recent past or future. I do not currently predict death, illnesses, or accidents (I may be able to provide a referral on who can) and do not work with matters of the body such as health. My focus is on psychological / personality understanding about yourself and those you care about, your daily activities that better or worsen your emotional-mental life, and opportunities and challenges you have, are, or might face.

                              About Me

                              You may find a more knowledgeable astrologer; however, I feel my strengths are in delivering accurate, helpful interpretations and solutions that are uplifting, meaningful, accessible, and quick. I love what I do. I LOVE helping you.

                              About Different Astrological Practices

                              There are many regional kinds of astrology such as Western, Eastern, Chinese, Mayan, Native-American, Arabic, Celtic, etc.. as well as methods such as Traditional, Modern, Hellenistic, Uranian, and areas of practice such as psychological, locational, geological, and types of charts or rather analytical focus to draw up such as Natal, Synastry, Composite, Solar return (what I currently practice), Horary, Health, and Forensic.

                              I practice western modern astrology focused on your personality, psychology, transits and how that hinders or helps your life with yourself and those around you. To assist with this focus, I draw up natal (birth AND progressed), synastry, composite, and solar return charts.

                              Types of Chart Consultations I Currently do

                              • Natal & Progressed Chart Analysis (Based on your birth & growth): Personality & Psychology
                              • Personal Transits: Predictions and insight about what was, is, or will be.
                              • Compatibility (Synastry): What attracts and repels you to a person of interest and vice versa.
                              • Composite: What is or will be the purpose of your relationship or connection.
                              • Solar Return (Birthday Reading): What can you expect to happen this year in your life?

                              About Consultations

                              The bulk of an astrological session is interpreting your aspects (how celestial objects and points interact with each other) that provide solutions or answer your questions.

                              As you receive your consultation I may be heard saying any number of these terms.

                              Basic Astrology Terms

                              * Transits: How the luminaries and planets are reacting to your natal or progressed luminaries, planets, and points. There are personal and world transits.
                              * Planet: A celestial object that orbits around the Sun, is of a large enough size, doesn’t have other objects (other than a Moon/Moons) nearby, and is mostly (if not) round. Though this can be debated since Pluto and other ‘planets’ would no longer be classfied as a planet!  And for simplicity, many astrologers and everyday people will refer to the lights (Sun and Moon) as planets.  But they are not planets.
                              * Dwarf Planet: A celestial object that orbits around the Sun, a smaller size, has other objects (other than a Moon/Moons) nearby, and is mostly (if not) round. Though this can be debated.
                              * Asteroid: A celestial object that orbits around the Sun, is a smaller size, has other objects (other than a Moon/Moons) nearby, and is often not round.  Though this can be debated.
                              * Star: It’s a ball of hydrogen and helium that emanates light and burns energy.
                              * Zodiac Sign: Any one of the 12 signs of the zodiac (part of the animal belt). See below.
                              * Sun Sign: This is what many people think is their zodiac sign.  And it is one of the zodiac signs but to be accurate, your Sun sign is the sign that that was in at the time of your birth.
                              * Cusp: Is the point between two signs or houses.  A sign or house cusp is generally 5°.  So if you were born at 25° Leo, you would be on the cusp of Virgo as well.
                              * Degrees: There are 30° in each sign.  The zodiac wheel contains 360°, a complete circle and almost the same as the number of days in a year. Every ° means something and it could be viewed as similar to the weather, in that each degree gives us something different — a different feel, vibe, and information on how to ‘dress’.
                              * Aspects: I also like to call these ‘contacts’.  It’s when one planet contacts the other within a certain number of degrees or ‘orb’. See below what orb means.
                              * Chart: Your chart includes the zodiac wheel which is a visual representation of your planets, points, etc.  A symbolic chart of your aspects. Includes degrees and other interesting bits.
                              * Mercury Rx: When communication, thinking, electronics get muddled, confused, in need of repair. Also relates to the past and going over things.  Any word that starts with ‘re’ will get you in touch with this transit.  Repair, renew, reduce, recycle, etc..

                              In astrology, planets, luminaries, and asteroids have metaphysical and psychological properties.

                              Brief Overview of Signs

                              * Aries: Fire, Masculine, Cardinal, Leader, Courageous, Bold, On-the-move
                              * Taurus: Earth, Feminine, Fixed, Determined, Stability, Security
                              * Gemini: Air, Masculine, Mutable, Follows & Leads, Mental, Chatty
                              * Cancer: Water, Feminine, Cardinal, Leader, Tribal, Family, Domestic
                              * Leo: Fire, Masculine, Fixed, Determined, Creative, Protective, Showy
                              * Virgo: Earth, Feminine, Service Oriented, Analytical, Methodical, Perfecting
                              * Libra: Air, Masculine, Other Oriented, Just, Fair, Composed, Sweet, Art, High-life
                              * Scorpio: Water, Feminine, Determined, Intense, Investigative, Private
                              * Sagittarius: Fire, Masculine, Follows, Expansive, Knowledgeable, Hedonistic
                              * Capricorn: Earth, Feminine, Leader,Executive, Solid, Material Manifestation
                              * Aquarius: Air, Masculine, Determined, Quirky,Humanitarian, Open-minded
                              * Pisces: Water, Feminine, Psychic, compassionate, sensitive, impressionable, accepting

                              Brief Overview of Luminaries & Planets

                              * Sun – Self – Masculine, Personality, Interests, Future
                              * Moon – Heart – Feminine, Emotions, Needs, Mother, Past
                              * Mercury – Mind – Masculine, Thoughts, Present
                              * Venus – Relaxation – Love – Feminine, Receptive, Artistry, Sensuality, Luxury
                              * Mars – Activity – Passion (hate, aggression included), Masculine, Assertive, Sexuality
                              * Saturn – Tests – Discipline,Feminine, Responsibility, Delays, Fears
                              * Jupiter – Expansion – Masculine, Luck, Excessive, Optimism
                              * Uranus – Excitement – Masculine, Shocks, Surprises, Suddenness, Alternative, Wild
                              * Neptune – Soul – Feminine, Illusions, Magic, Spirituality, Dreams
                              * Pluto – Depth – Feminine, Power, Destruction, Rebirth, Clearing, Cleaning, Throwing Out


                              In brief: Houses tell us about how we experience our human and not-so-human condition and what has, is, and might happen to us.

                              * 1st – Masked self – What you show people you don’t know or don’t feel comfortable around – Present – Physical appearance and expression.
                              * 2nd – Money – What you value – Resources you have At your disposal – What you earn on your own
                              * 3rd – Lower mind – Superficial communications – Siblings – Mental play – Short trips – Close yet casual friendships – Personal networks – Before 18 years old school
                              * 4th – Home – Ancestors – Roots – Upbringing – Other people’s beliefs – Past
                              * 5th – Creation, Pro-creation, & Recreation – Play – Romance – Children – Upbringing – Dating
                              * 6th – Duty, Service & Health – How, who, and what you work with – How hard you work – Ease or difficulty in getting work – Health issues & concerns – How, what, and who you heal / help
                              * 7th – Co-operation & Opposition – Partnerships – Contracts – Intimate relationships and friendships, Open enemies, Competition
                              * 8th – Business – Inheritance – Your deep psyche – Physical, spiritual, emotional, mental death & rebirth
                              * 9th – Higher mind – Philosophical & spiritual communications – Foreigners (including strangers & strange places) – Post-secondary education
                              * 10th – Public self – Career – How you are seen by others or what you are known for by people who don’t know you – Hobbies – Volunteer work – Talents & gifts
                              * 11th -Friendly self – Community, Public networks, Distant yet integrated friendships. Politics. Popularity.
                              * 12th -Secret self -Sacrifices, higher states of consciousnesses or subconsciousness, secrets,what areas co-dependence can occur


                              * Ascendant (ASC) – Rising – Entrance – Waking – Influential care-giver – Physical appearance – Overall health – Conditioning – Upbringing – Mask – Shield or Guard – Defense mechanism – Your own life is most important
                              * Descendant (DSC) – Falling – Departure – Sleeping – Where we let our guard down – Our most intimate self – The lives of others are most important-
                              * Imum Coelii (IC) – Nadir – Bottom of the Sky – Beneath the Earth – Your lowest self – Past – What you inherited from your Father – Youth – Internal – Weaknesses – Roots (family, ancestory, etc)
                              * Medium Coeli (MC)– Midheaven – Top of the Sky – The Heavens – Above the Earth – Your highest self – Future – Maturity – External – Strengths – Soul (your star, other stars) – What you inherited from your Mother


                              * Orb – The distance between two signs based on degrees.
                              * Wide Orb – The distance considered too far apart by most standards but could still make an impact. Generally +9-15°
                              * Tight Orb – The distance is considered very close. 0-3°
                              * Exact Orb – There is no distance between objects. 0°

                              Aspect Types or Contact Types

                              * Conjunction – very much the same approach with the same goals. Powerful.
                              * Opposition – extremely different approaches but with the same goals. Asking you to look at the other side. Powerful.
                              * Square – a lot of tension and challenge
                              * Sextile – a lot of stimulation and opportunity
                              * Trine – a lot of harmony and ease
                              * Semi-Square – off and on tension and challenge
                              * Semi-Sextile – on and off stimulation and opportunity
                              * Sesquidrate – tension due to needing help, disability
                              * Quintile – like a conjunction but with a distinct difference or edge, creative
                              * Bi-Quintile – on and off Quintile

                                Protoplanet Vesta: Domicile in Virgo (Vesta Virgo), Exalted in Scorpio

                                File Name: Vesta_23396 Description: "Heathen Deities: Vesta"-Willson, 1859. Source: Marcius Willson, Outlines Of History: Geographical and Historical Notes and Maps; Part I. Ancient History (New York: Ivison & Phinney, 1859)23 Keywords: Jupiter, Neptune, Pluto, Mercury, Mars, Vulcan, Apollo, Diana, Minerva, Juno, Ceres, Vesta, greek, gods, Deities,  Copyright: 2009, Florida Center for Instructional Technology. File Name: vesta_23154 Description: A distinguished divinity of Rome, and regarded the goddess of fire ad of the hearth. Source: B. P. Holst The Teachers' and Pupils' Cyclopaedia (Kansas City: The Bufton Book Company, 1909)V:2025 Keywords: Vesta,


                                • Domicile in Virgo
                                • Exalted in Scorpio
                                • Detriment in Pisces
                                • Fall in Taurus

                                What are your thoughts?  If you don’t agree, that’s okay; however, do leave a comment and tell me why.  Lets discuss! 😀

                                For about a year now, I have been seriously pondering who Vesta (also known as Hestia) rules and who Virgo is ruled by other than by dear ‘flighty’ Mercury. Yes, it’s time for Virgo to be ruled by its very own planet or protoplanet, to be precise!

                                Vulcan, Ceres, Chiron, and Vesta all crossed my mind; however, after being recently inspired by Emma Belle Donath as well as doing some personal research and contemplation– I decided I’m going with Vesta ruling Virgo and Mercury co-ruling Virgo.  And Vulcan does, in my mind, have some connection to Vesta and therefore – Virgo; however, I do not get the impression that Virgo is at home here.

                                As synchronicity would have it, my Vesta and Mercury are in Virgo and parallel to each other but not conjunct. I also have a stellium in Virgo 8th house; however, Mercury stands alone while all the other planets in Virgo (including Vesta) stand together. This might be another reason I was so passionate about finding a planet to rule Mercury.

                                As with what other Mercurial types have said, Mercury is best suited to Gemini. There’s just something uneasy about Mercury ruling Virgo without Virgo having a home of its very own.

                                Also, with excitement I’m following Dawn’s mission which will reach Vesta in July, 2011.

                                While reading through the website, I was elated to find out that Vesta is no longer considered just an asteroid or comet.  It’s technically and officially considered a minor planet and scientists prefer to think of it as a protoplanet. With research done in 2011/2012 this is likely to get further defined.

                                Symbols of Vesta


                                Glyph Credits:  1-4 ~ 5-8 ~ 9 ~ 10 ~ 1112 ~ 13 ~ 14 ~ 15

                                Wanting to get the symbol right and being too complex?  If that isn’t Virgo’s influence — perfecting, tweaking, and complexity until it’s right — I don’t know what is!

                                Oh, and for good measure, #16 with the color red symbolizing fire, passion, and strength!

                                When I was ready to analyze what Emma Belle Donath had to say about Vesta, I couldn’t find her book so I decided to read up on the myth of Vesta and figure out what she sought and seeks.  And thankfully that happened because after writing all the keywords and phrases (below), I was amazed at how well it fit Virgo and a side of Scorpio.

                                Scorpio is known for its sexy self but there’s another side to Scorpio, also to Vesta and Virgo.  To fully ‘get-to-know’ Scorpio, Pluto, Virgo, or Vesta, every word (logos) must be heard and investigated because their depths are often hidden.

                                Scorpio, Pluto, Virgo, and Vesta are detectives of one type or another and they detect all manner of things. The Vestal Virgins detect the flame and ensure it doesn’t go out unless in ceremony once a year.  And while they do this, they are hidden.

                                Because they understand and live a life of “hiding”, they can detect and see you clearly even when you think you’re not hiding too.   To meet detective-types head-on, to know them, you must be like them.  Put yourself in their shoes.  Be a detective too.

                                Having said that, be sure to have integrity and a good reason for getting to know Scorpio, Pluto, Virgo, and Vesta or you might get into more trouble than expected.

                                The following functions and wants are divined from the myth of Vesta.

                                Vesta ‘s functions:

                                1. training of initiates
                                2. apprenticeship
                                3. secret knowledge
                                4. divinity
                                5. spiritual separateness
                                6. aestheticism
                                7. Utopian existence
                                8. innocence
                                9. following regulations for safety
                                10. forgiveness
                                11. central nervous system (the nucleus)
                                12. physical discipline
                                13. conscious presence
                                14. shyness
                                15. severe truths
                                16. vigilance
                                17. having purpose
                                18. feminism
                                19. otherworldly
                                20. physical health
                                21. serving others, society
                                22. paranoia or fear of becoming impure
                                23. represents truth, purity
                                24. right living / just causes
                                25. responsible for society
                                26. methodical service
                                27. burning passion
                                28. work over pleasure
                                29. wholesome foods
                                30. holy foods
                                31. sustenance
                                32. trusting in the process
                                33. minimalism
                                34. divine birth
                                35. very late or never birthing
                                36. obsessive work
                                37. minor tasks that have a big impact

                                Vesta wants:

                                1. service
                                2. purity
                                3. dryness
                                4. chastity
                                5. to hide from impurity
                                6. a higher mind
                                7. physical sacrifice
                                8. ritual
                                9. severity
                                10. order
                                11. remembering
                                12. social distance
                                13. the hiding of the sexual self
                                14. self-denial
                                15. spiritual intercourse
                                16. hard work
                                17. commitment
                                18. integrity
                                19. rules followed
                                20. attention to detail
                                21. solitude
                                22. devotion

                                Vesta Rules the 6th house

                                • Who serves us
                                • How we serve others
                                • How we take care of our health
                                • Submission
                                • Duty: Do we want to cheat on our partner or employer? Does work get in the way of good sex or fun?  Can we have fun at work? Doing what’s right even if what’s wanted is wrong.
                                • Vocational training
                                • Daily chores and tasks
                                • Esteem
                                • How we achieve comfort, feed, and take care of our bodies
                                • Animals that can be used in service (the Donkey is Vesta’s totem animal — a work horse)
                                • See more about the 6th house

                                Thoughts, Tidbits, and Notes:

                                • On May 10th, one day before Mercury was released, “Dawn Observed Vesta with Camera and Spectrometer”.
                                • March 29, 1807 Vesta was discovered in the constellation of Virgo
                                • Vesta’s formal name is 4 Vesta and in numerology , the number 4 represents (among other things): earth, planning, organizing, compartmentalizing, and teaching.
                                • Vesta looks a bit like the shape of a brain / skull.
                                • Vesta and Virgo are not asexual or lacking sexuality, in fact they have deep passion and it’s a sacrifice to cut that off until 30 years of service has passed.
                                • The Vestal Virgins were High Priestesses (Scorpio) and were very much desired (Scorpio) because they were so unobtainable. Scorpio connects to the secret knowledge, spiritual intercourse, feminism, etc. of Vesta as well. Scorpio also wants the pure unadulterated truth. And there was some Vesta myth that suggested the Vestals were not Virgins at one point but rather seen as a fertility symbol.
                                • Vesta is a the daughter Saturn (Capricorn) and Opis.  Opis’ children are interestingly: Jupiter & Neptune (both ruling the 12th house), Pluto (I’m attributing Scorpio as exalted in Vesta), Juno (whom I’m likely to attribute to Libra), Vesta, and Ceres (whom I’m currently connecting to Cancer and/or Taurus).  Could Opis rule or be connected to Taurus? “The Latin word ops means “riches, goods, abundance, gifts, munificence, plenty”. The word is also related to opus, which means “work”, particularly in the sense of “working the earth, ploughing, sowing”.”
                                • Spends the longest
                                • Pluto likes to throw out the trash. So yes, Scorpio can get polluted but it doesn’t like impurity either. That’s why Scorpio really loves the integrity and honesty of Virgo. With the myth, some Vestal Virgins had sex when they shouldn’t have and so they either got whipped or buried alive, underground (so the story goes).
                                • Six (the house of Virgo) Vestal Virgins kept the eternal flame going (see also, Olympic flame).
                                • While Vesta’s various symbols are to represent a hearth with fire coming out of it, it also looks like the wheat associated with Virgo the Virgin. Or at the very least the wheat can become bread through baking it (with other ingredients, of course) in the hearth. 😀
                                • Vesta’s animal is the donkey, a productive work horse.
                                • There are 16 symbols of Vesta that I could find.  Perfection, anyone?
                                • Virgo squares Sagittarius and given Jupiter pushed Vesta out of orbit and into the asteroid belt, leading to its lack of developing into a proper planet and Jupiter sucking up the area.  It’s no doubt they are squaring.  But no worries, Virgo forgives and Sagittarius forgets.  It’s all good in the end. 😀
                                • Carol Barbeau says: Vesta represents the sacred flame and high Priestess energy. She began as a worshiped energy as a Vestal Virgin energy. IN pre-Hellenic times Vesta was associated with unmarried temple priestesses who acted as channels for descent of the Moon goddess during sacred sexual rites. These priestesses healed through sexual energy as well as more traditional herbs and were thought to be the first surgeons and doctors in ancient times. The moon energy was honored for visions, psychicsm and also the energy related to prophecy as well as a time to bring down sacred healing energy. By Roman times Vesta Priestesses and this energy had shifted to the more chaste vestal virgins who foreswore their sexuality for spiritual commitment. By this time the male energy had moved into healing and much is suggested at this time that these women were still powerful but were now put behind the scenes but even more powerful.
                                • Vesta’s main festival is in the sign of Gemini — Vestalia, as observed from June 7-15 — Um, how Gemini and Mercury! ;P
                                • Vestalia to Vesta (Roman festival)…
                                  June 5 – Festival of Sancus
                                  June 7 – Vestalia to Vesta begins, holiday for fishermen (Pisces — more like the fishes day off!! — Opposite Virgo!)
                                  June 8 – Vestalia to Vesta continues, festival of good sense
                                  June 9 – Vestalia to Vesta continues, defeat of Crassus by the Parthians commemorated
                                  June 10 – Vestalia to Vesta continues
                                  June 11 – Vestalia to Vesta continues, Matralia to Mater Matuta, Festival of Fortuna, dedication of temple of Concord commemorated
                                  June 12 – Vestalia to Vesta continues
                                  June 13 – Vestalia to Vesta continues, Quinquatrus to Minerva
                                  June 14 – Vestalia to Vesta continues
                                  June 15 – Last day of Vestalia to Vesta, Quando Stercus Delatum (all the trash from the previous festivals is thrown into the Tiber)
                                • With Taurus in fall, it would suggest that Venus couldn’t handle the austerity of Vesta. Taurus lives for pleasure, fine things, and there is very little with Vesta, except for enjoying pleasure because you are in service.
                                • Any “horns” seen in a glyph or symbol are supposed to represent stylized fire.
                                • “The rites of Vesta ended in 394, when the fire was extinguished and the Vestal Virgins disbanded by order of Theodosius I” from Wikipedia page.
                                • Vesta is a minor planet, it didn’t get formed into a full sized planet.  With that, we might get a sense that Vesta is humble and unsure of herself.
                                • Vesta will be in the constellation of Capricornus (my ASC) during my birthday. 😀
                                • The signs carry out the plans of the planets.  It’s my opinion that Virgo and Scorpio do this best.
                                • Tarot card: Virgo is assigned to the Hermit card and Scorpio is assigned to Death.
                                • Hopefully I’ll have some time to come back and do a “mini cookbook” on Vesta through the signs.

                                So, that’s my take on it.
                                What’s yours?

                                Artist: Wenzel Hollar (1607–1677)

                                What Others Are Saying

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                                A Whiter Shade of Pale, Sarah Brightman

                                A Whiter Shade of Pale, Procol Harum